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Title: Episode list from YTV
Post by: Noname on February 26, 2007, 03:13:19 PM
Copied from's episode list page:

1 - The Cave of Many Vocies
While exploring the Secret Caverns to find Chomper a new cave to live in, the kids accidentally create an opening into the Mysterious Beyond that is discovered by the fearsome Red Claw and his Sharptooth lackeys. Meanwhile, an insecure Ducky implores her offbeat friend Ruby to teach her how to “talk big.”

2 - The Mysterious Tooth Crisis
When Chomper loses a tooth, he becomes afraid that his entire body may fall apart. Meanwhile, Cera is disappointed to discover that her special outing with Tria is a trip to a mud pool.

3 - The Star Day Celebration
Ruby’s first Star Day (her birthday) in the Great Valley has Ruby missing her family. But when the other kids decide to throw a surprise “Giving Ceremony” to make Ruby feel better, their secretive preparations result in Ruby feeling even lonelier!

4 - The Canyon of Shiny Stones
When Cera accidentally loses Tria’s favorite shiny stone, Cera is determined to go to the Canyon of Shiny Stones to find a replacement. But the journey will take them past Smoking Mountain – a volcano that, according to Petrie, doesn’t like fliers!

5 - The Great Log Running Game
Ducky discovers how to balance on a floating log while running. Soon Chomper, Ruby and Petrie are all trying to balance on logs - with hilarious results. But when Cera tries to prove that Threehorns are the best at the game, she gets swept away by the fast water! Can the kids’ new log balancing skills help save Cera?

6 - The Meadom of Jumping Waters
Ruby and Chomper tell the other kids about a place where water jumps out of the ground, and they head out on an adventure to see it. Meanwhile, Petire frets that some tree stars Spike has eaten will bring them all bad luck on their journey.

7 - The Brave Longneck Scheme
Littlefoot’s longneck friend Ali returns to the Great Valley. But her new friend Rhett turns out to be a braggart. When the kids try to prove Rhett isn’t as brave as he clams, their plan backfires. Suddenly, the longnecks believe Chomper is a threat to the Great Valley!

8 - Escape from the Mysterious Beyond
The kids accidentally stumble out of the Secret Caverns and into the Mysterious Beyond, where they’re confronted by Red Claw! An earthshake traps Ducky and Chomper on a ledge with Red Claw’s Sharptooth lackey Thud, who is pinned down by rocks. In the end Chomper and Thud discover which of them is the “bigger” Sharptooth!

9 - The Legend of the Story Peakers
When Grandpa Longneck’s old friend Saro comes to visit, the kids discover that Grandpa used to be a legendary Story Speaker. But Saro is upset that Grandpa doesn’t want to be a Story Speaker again. Can the unlikely duo of Littlefoot and Chomper help prevent the Great Longneck Stories from being forgotten?

10 - The Bright Circle Celebration
Petrie is very excited about the Bright Circle Celebration. But Cera thinks it’s silly to thank the Bright Circle for shining. Cera and her dad steer clear of everyone preparing for the festivities. But when a fire threatens to destroy the celebration, Cera and her dad try to help out. But have they arrived too late?
Title: Episode list from YTV
Post by: NewOrder on February 26, 2007, 03:29:25 PM
Hmm... looks like they've previewed the 10th episode.
Title: Episode list from YTV
Post by: Noname on February 26, 2007, 04:02:28 PM
I know; this marks three holidays;

1. Nibbling day (movie XI)

2. The Great Day of the Flyers (kind of a holiday I'd imagin; movie XII)

3. The Bright Circle celebration (next episode)

Plus, they have their "star days"/ "hatch days."

I suppose a holiday could account for unusual behavior that would be needed to advance the plot, or give an episode a central event.