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Title: series in general what do you want to see done?
Post by: novaflare on March 19, 2007, 10:33:18 AM
Me personaly i hope they make some episodes center around the adults and flesh out their charectors a good bit. Unlike the films that obvious had to center around the kids the series can dedicate a few episodes to the adults with out problems by spreading them out over a season.

I also hope thaat they follow the over all story line and flesh it out and explain it more. We only seen this in the star day celebration episode.

Also im hopeing they have more interaction between ducky and chomper. They worked well togather in escape from the mysterious beyond.
Over all i hope they have more pair ups between the various chars in the show like that. But they do need to show more with ducky and chomper and their relationship. The evens in that episode has obviously brought them closer togather.

They could for example in a future episode have one of the flyers going to get those tree sweats to run off the sharp teeth. Referencing the hiddon canyon episode.