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Title: Warriors-I've Been Sucked In
Post by: Nahla on February 18, 2014, 04:05:10 AM
I've recently started reading the Warrior Cats series,I heard so much about them I went and borrowed a few of the books from the library. First I thought I won't even bother to finish one and oh god-I read all of the first  one in a day,I could not it down...I've joined the fandom....Nahla is now a LBT,TLK and WC fan now. It is a childs series in mind but really it's not,with war and blood it good for older people to. I suggest giving it a try,you might like it or you might hate it. It's ongoing to,characters are born,they live and die so it not just same characters living on if you mind *Picks up WC book and begins reading again* xD