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Title: Should Chomper, Petrie, and Ruby sing
Post by: LittlefootAndAliTogether on January 30, 2015, 10:58:05 AM
Perhaps they could get lost in the Mysterious Beyond for a night and sing "Always There", thinking of their families.  I'd be interested to see what Ruby and Chomper would sing about their parents and also I'd like to see Petrie sing about his mother, his missing father and maybe we could find out something about him, or even Pterano perhaps (Petrie never sang "Always There" in the fifth film (maybe he sang the chorus, can't recall but don't think he did, but never mentioned HIS family.).  Spike has never met his real parents, if they are still around, and so would have the same parents, at least in a way, as Ducky, and Spike doesn't talk much anyway.  

I know, it never makes sense why they are allowed to keep going into the Mysterious Beyond considering that the biggest wisdom of all is "Always Stay in the Great Valley".

Also, it might be best, though, if they were to bring back "Always There" in the series, that perhaps Littlefoot would, for whatever reason, mention Bron or his grandparents and not his mother.  I mean, considering that Chomper is there, I'd prefer that they bring up that really big elephant in the room during a movie.  (In part, the TV Series episodes are about 23 or 24 minutes long.  They couldn't go very far with that line of plot if they brought it up and it might be a disappointment to fans rather than a very big development like it could be if they had more time to build on the ramifications of that, like they would in a movie.)

Also, maybe Ducky could sing about her father this time and maybe Cera could mention Tricia this time or even her missing and presumably dead first mother.    

Title: Re: Should Chomper, Petrie, and Ruby sing
Post by: Gentle Sharptooth on March 08, 2020, 03:21:40 PM
Chomper did sing “Friends for Dinner,” in TLBTV:


He did a pretty good job. Now Ruby would be interesting. I imagine her song would be instructive.