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Title: Around the Folf
Post by: Nick22 on August 10, 2015, 02:59:56 PM
marita  crawled to a stop, her tail dragging behind her. around her, large dunes sprawled in every direction. marita fumbled feor her phone and tried to get a signal ' no bars ' damn it ' she muttered. She slowly got to her feet ' ans began calling out ' Rose! Marie! Can you hear me..' she kept calling out, her voice fading into the distance ' before finally she heard a faint response.'  marita ran towards the sounds before seeing a figure run towards her over the sand. as it got closer marita recognized the figure, it was Marie. marie  reached her and the two girls hugged. Marie pulled away and put her claws on her knees.' where the heck are we? she panted. " i have no clue. I'm not getting any reception on my phone. and its hot. we need to find rose and get out of the desert.' marita said.
 the girls began wandering through the desert, calling out Roses name. Finally, they found her, sprawled out in a depression between a couple sand dunes. the dunes provided a small amount of shelter from the wind and was cooler than the surrounding area. rose had sand all over her, and looked miserable. ' what kept you girls? She said weakly. I've been trying to text you...' " Phones dont work out here '  marita said as shghe took a seat.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora wandered in a dazed stupor from the crash site. The events she had just lived through weighed heavily on her sanity, and she was struggling to keep from hyperventilating and shutting down. Her thirst was the only thing keeping her going.

Then Mother Nature decided to add a sandstorm to help her keep motivated. Tearing a strip out of her nurse's outfit to cover her snout, she squinted her eyes shut and stumbled blindly through the vicious lacerating sand in no particular direction.
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: Nick22 on August 11, 2015, 09:41:51 PM
the sandstorm soon blew its way over the desert and towards the deprression wherwe Marita marie and Rose were sitting.' the clouds moved rapidly over the desert and was boring down on them. '  What the heck is that?' Rose cried. " Its a sandstorm " Marita said ' a big one. we're not safe here. the wind will tear up the dunes on the one hand the temperature will drop a lot , on the other hand we'll be scoured by the samd and wind, it'll be like rubbing your face with sandpaper. not fun.. ' marita whipped outr her phone again, praying to whatever deities there were to let her get a signal..' ok. ok! i have two bars..' bringing up the map.. ok.. down to one bar.. theres a town.. about .. 6 miles from here to the southeast. Bus- al' ghar. lets head southwest as quickly as we can..' marita turned off her phone- it had lost connection again anyway.' and she got up off her seat. ' that storm wil be herein a few minutes. we need to move..
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: aabicus (LettuceBacon&Tomato) on August 11, 2015, 11:55:57 PM
Flora continued stumbling blindly, until she couldn't take it and collapsed on the sand. Covering her face in her hands, she tried and failed to keep what felt like gallons of sand from filling her lungs grain by grain.

And then it was over. Flora looked up in shock. Because she stopped moving, the sandstorm passed over her, leaving her buried up to her neck in a brand new dune. "Ahhh!" she gasped in surprise, then grimaced when the course sand filled her mouth instantly. Spluttering angrily she wiggled and thrashed and freed herself inch by inch. She was more sand than folf when she finally freed herself. Her face felt badly sunburned and her nails were splintered raw from clawing free from her burning prison. So she kept walking, wishing with every step she had procured a less-tight outfit in her escape from Kalis' warship.

The trip was survivable only due to it being twilight, the sweet spot between the parched daytime and frigid night. Nevertheless after what felt like an eternity her footpads were raw and her tongue was swollen from thirst. This might be the end... her heatstroked brain thought with alarming calmness. Saved from Kalis only to feed the vultures...will vultures even find me? I'll probably just be a skeleton if they do, there's nobody and nothing for miles...

These thoughts were suddenly dashed from her mind when with wild shock she realized there was something up ahead. Glinting in the fading afternoon light, she made out curved rooftops and gleaming steeples...a town?

Is it a mirage? she thought with wonder. Is it delirium? It didn't matter. Increasing her pace with reckless fervor, she sped towards her only hope of getting through the approaching night alive.
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: Nick22 on August 12, 2015, 12:48:02 AM
Marita  and the others had only made it a few hundred feet before the storm had hit them, despite the wind, searing sand and low visibility the trio slowly made their way towards the southwest. the storm blew over finally after what seemed like hours. all three were coverd in sand, blood dripped from scratches in their face, and was absotbed by the sand that clung to their fur. finally, the outline of a city appeared on the horizon ' Bus Al ' gahr' marita said, relief oin her voice. ' we'll just find an inn, there and crash for the night. Hopefully they'll have enough creds.."
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora could hardly believe it when she stumbled into this unknown city and the buildings didn't melt away in the wind. "It's real!" she breathed in shock. "A real city!"

She dropped to her knees, tearing up in relief. Then she got back up almost as quickly because the stone tiles paving the road were still blistering hot.

Hobbling to a cheap motel called The Oasis, Flora approached the register and silently hoped the clerk spoke English. "Please, can I have a room tonight?" she begged. "I don't have any money but I just survived a sandstorm and I'm so tired! I'll do anything, I'll wash dishes, I'll work off my debt! Just one night!"
Title: Around the Folf
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the clerk- who was a camel- looked at her and sized up her attire.. ' well you do look like hell. tell you what. ' we will have some guests checking out  in an hour or so. once they check out i'll give you a room. For now,the dining room is open. so go grab yourself some food and drink, you definitely look like you need it. i'll charge the cost to your room bill." the clerk said ' your name please?' he said pulling out a book, and flipped it open to an empty page.
Title: Around the Folf
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"My name is Flora..." She mumbled, only realizing afterwards that she should have given a fake name, as she clearly wouldn't be able to pay her room bill. "Thank you sooo much...I promise I'll work the debt off somehow, just let me know anything I can do around the hotel..." She glanced at his nametag, but it was written in the Arabic alphabet so she didn't know how to pronounce it.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora " the camel repeated, writing it down on the ledger. 'welcome to The Oasis madam. i'll let you know when the room is available. Masad over there- he motioned to a parrot perched on a perch. ' will show you around the hotel.'
 marita  and the girls entered the city. leaving tremkks of sand mixed with blood on their wake. ' marie tried to wipe some of the sand off of her, her throat was dry and every time she coughed sand dribbled out of her mouth. 'wh-where to, Marita" Marie wheezed." i dont know' Marita said. " Just look for an inn, any inn will do." rose was wipeng her face fre of the sand, all three of them looked like something out of a zombie flick.
Title: Around the Folf
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"Thank you..." Blushed Flora,  crossing over to the Mcaw. This wasn't the service she expected from an Arabian hotel, she'd always heard that on this side of the world business was full of haggling and nitpicking down to the penny. But she couldn't well be scammed if she had no money. Maybe he had a crush on her...

Or the Mcaw's going to knock me unconscious and steal my organs, she thought, but she didn't care. She needed somewhere to sleep.
Title: Around the Folf
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follow me please' the Macaw said in a thick Arabic accent " the dining room is this way.  sample as you like, your room will be billed once you finish and enter it. Unless you are expecting friends? But no matter, that is between you and them.' the macaw entered the dining room and guided the folf to an open table,  the room was about a quarter full of guests, mostly camels altghough there we a few dogs and human families as well, all dressed n local attire. they paid little attention to the newcomer, and NMasad paused at a open table ' please sit here. theres water in that pitcher."
 marita  looked around the street, it was late now anmd she was exhausted . for the last 15-20minutes or so they had been looking for anything that looked like an in, but with no luck.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora looked with alarm at the food. She couldn't pay for the room and was certainly skipping town, not to mention she was starving, but she suspected that they would hunt her down and kill her if she flaunted her bill before dashing. Not to mention the food was bringing up uncomfortable memories about Titus... "Ummm, maybe I'll eat later, but right now I just kinda want to shower and fall asleep." She rubbed her sunburnt arms and winced. "Also, maybe some Aloe Vera, if that exists out here..."
Title: Around the Folf
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after stumbling around the city some more. Marita spotted the sign for the Oasis and led the girls inside.  Rose dug into her dress and pulled out her creds card ' a room please' she said looking at the clerk ' If you have rooms available." the camel opened the book, ' how many are checking in?'
 3  Rose said . the camel swiped her creds car then handed it back to her ' i have a guest who is looking for a room, but has no money. would you mind, letting her stay with you? i cannot afford to eat the cost of a room and meals if she has no money to pay..
 well.. rose sighed ' it depends on who that  person is.. ' Her name is Flora. outsider, looked really beat up. i'm having the bellhop show her around..'
- Marita started ' Flora? wait.. how did she.. nevermind. we'll let her stay with us once we find her. I'm Marita, Thats Rose and Marie."
 sign your names here ' the clerk said, handing marita a pen. Marita put her name in, then handed it to Marie, who signed, then Rose completed the trio. " room 18 will be available in 20 minutes' the clerk said ' just up the stairs to your right.
 the rooms should have supplies in the bathroom ' the macaw replied to Flora.
Title: Around the Folf
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"ohmygodohmygod thank you!!!" Flora rushed into the air-conditioned, carpeted room and collapsed on the only bed. She sighed loudly and contentedly as she sank into the fluffy covers and a small pyramid of sand trickled out of her dress and onto the floor at the base of the bed. She almost fell asleep right away, but the aforementioned sand was giving her rashes in almost every joint.

Spurring herself back to her feet with Herculean effort, Flora staggered into the bathroom and shed her clothes immediately. Running the bath as hot as it went, she sank into the bathtub and sighed as the water pooled around her and coaxed the grit out of her fur.
Title: Around the Folf
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You're welcome the macaw said before the door was slammed in his face, and he turned to head down the hallway when he saw three female dogs walking towards him. they were silently counting the room numbers. " Excuse me sir" said one of the dog ' we're looking for room 18 , please."
 " well its this one. its well occupied. i just had a guest named Flora inside..' Yes.. shes.. staying with us, for the evening " Marita said.' ah.. excellent.' Masad said, unlocking the door with a master key, and letting the girls in.' call downstairs if you need anything. good night ladies ' he said' closing the door behind him, and headed down stairs.
 the sound of the bath running was audible, but the girls were more interested in settling in. there was only one bed, but it was a large one, enough for 3 people, or 4 if the squeezed in tight. marie brushed off the sand flora had left on the bed as best she could, the three of them were sandy as well. Rose got a garbage bin and place it on the ground and one by one the girls wiped as much sand and grit off their dresses and out of their fur and into the garbage. between the 3 of them, they filled the bin nearly halfway once they were finished. ' yuck ' Rose said looking at the mess in the bin, ' cant believe all that was on me..'
 marita took off her dress, and set it on a chair, ashe triered to lie down on the bed but there was still a lot of sand in her fur.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora used the entirety of the little complimentary bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. She scrubbed every inch of her body until it was raw, then lathered herself in soap and shuddered in pleasure as the stinging dulled her nerves and let her mind off the sand rashes. She soaked a towel and pressed it against her calloused feet, scrubbing her paw pads until they were swollen with water. Occasionally she'd change the spigot to cold water long enough to take some long deep draughts; it was the greatest water she'd ever tasted.

Almost an hour later she stumbled out of the bath, took one look at the towels and muttered, "fuck that I'm going to sleep." Opening the door and walking into the bedroom, she noticed with abject shock that were three people on her bed and fell over with a spooked "Yeep!!!"
Title: Around the Folf
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hi Flora' rose said from the bed as she heard the door open and saw a nude hot pink folf come out. ' i see you managed to cross our path again..I'm Rose, if you remember.  "
could you put a robe on please? Marie said ' not that i dont admire the feminine form- you've got a good sized bust, by the way- but usually you cover your goods when coming out of the shower.
- marita looked at Flora. " hey Flora. dont worry, we're not going to kick you out of here. you'll be sharing this room with us for the evening, which includes dinner. don;t worry, we've got enough creds for all 4 of us to get a meal in us.. since right now I'm very hungry- don't know about you" she said. 'we're just resting for a bit after trekking through that sandsquall. we basically filled an entire garbage can, with sand from out outfits.
Title: Around the Folf
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"I huh I ju uh I whu you whu huh?" Flora babbled, wide-eyed and fur standing on end. "How did where did what did you doing here?"

She scrambled to her feet in surprise. "I'm sorry, I just didn't think anyone would be in here!" she stammered, blushing and covering her privates. "Especially not you three!"

She grabbed the towel from the bathroom and quickly wrapped it around her waist. "How did you get here?" she asked, nonplussed. "Where did you come from???"
Title: Around the Folf
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Marita got up from the bed and headed over towards Flora. "we got stuck in the desert, and wandered our way into town. Wasnt fun, AT ALL as for getting in here ' she waved a room key at flora this is our room.. well its your room too, we're sharing it."
Rose got up from the bed and headed towards flora." Don't be afraid Flora. You're safe with us ' She said giving Flora a smile.
Title: Around the Folf
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"I mean of course I'm safe but I just didn't expect I mean I was in a warship and you were all gone and I got the shit beaten out of me and then Lily healed me so I guess I wasn't alone but I thought everyone else was gone forever and now you're here and--" Flora could not stop babbling, her hysteria from the desert was reasserting itself.
Title: Around the Folf
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rose put her claws to floras shoulders' come on Flora  relax..' she said softly, and repeated the request  as the  babbling folf went on and on about torture chambers , and people getting their heads blown off and terminal velocities and explosions and various other ramblings, and rose finally cut her off by kissing her. Roses dark red lips  found Floras dark red lips, and the great dane slipped her tongue into Floras mouth. both marita and marie were surprised by Roses move, they hadnt expected her to kiss Flora, on the other hand, the folf had been rambling on and on and on about all sorts of weird stuff and perhaps talking her mind off of - whatever nioghtmare she had been through was a good move.
Title: Around the Folf
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"--Ulp!" Flora's ears perked and whatever she was saying died as the Great Dane slipped her tongue into Flora's mouth. Her eyes widened as Rose's tongue scraped against her own, and she felt a warm feeling throughout her abdomen as she finally got to experience a genuine kiss. The sudden tonsil hockey was such a surprise that for some time Flora could only stand stock still and reciprocate.

But as Rose explored her mouth, she grew more bold, and reached to cup Rose's breasts. Flora shuddered as she ran her fingers along Rose's soft skin. Without her hands to hold it up, her towel unraveled itself and fell to the floor.
Title: Around the Folf
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Marie got up off the bed and headed towards the bathroom, giving Rose and flora a wide berth. ' Since you girls are, um, BUSY, i'll go take a shower. Hopefully there'll still be hot water left in there. I'll leave some hot water for you marita, I promise. Assuming theres any..'
alright' marita said. ' i'll .. look out the window and try and get a glimpse of where we are.. don't worry about the water, a bath is a bath at this point too me, i could care less if it is lukewarm.."
 rose felt Flora touch her breasts and she moved her claws down floras side, brushing off dirt and grime floras bath hadnt reached  . Floras fur was soft to the touch, and so was her lips. Rose began to massage Floras tongue with hers more forcefully, and moved in to press her body against Floras. tan and pink breasts bounced off each other', and the scent flora was giving iff was becoming more powerful. rose had had many sexual experiences at the electric sheep, and she was starting to get into her routine, firstly subtly rubbing her breasts against her partner - in this case Flora-, the next step would be kissing her partners breasts.
Title: Around the Folf
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Hands shaking, Flora slid her hands down Rose's dress and dug her fingers into Rose's butt. She pushed her tongue into Rose's mouth, but her legs were shuddering with excitement and she let Rose remain in control of the speed and flow of the foreplay. Her erection, freed from the towel, pressed itself against Rose's stomach, the light brush causing the folf to moan loudly in pent-up anticipation.
Title: Around the Folf
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rose felt the soft rub of Floras member against her stomach, slowly she let flora work off her dress and undies, revealing her goods to her. for another few minutes Rose grinded her body against Floras feeling her move her hardening part down towards her privates ' it was then Marita cut in' ok, girls thats enough. don;t want you spreading goo all over each other. she said firmly ;' Rose pulled away with reluctance, breaking the kiss and panting heavily. ' better now?' she said to Flora in between gasps.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora's nerves were on fire as Rose let her remove her clothes. She hungrily watched as the Great Dane presented herself to her, the first time somebody met Flora halfway towards consummating. She could hardly believe it, her mind was cooking up a thousand different ways Rose might be about to pleasure her...

Then Marita ground it to a halt. "We're...we're stopping?" She exclaimed. "But I' horny...I feel like I'm about to explode!" Desperately she grasped for Rose's arm as the Great Dane pulled away, but she was too slow and was left alone standing in the middle of the hotel room shaking all over.
Title: Around the Folf
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flora, if it were solely up to me, we'd be still going' Rose said ' but i promise you, soon, we'll finish what we started. you're a heck of a kisser, and i enjoyed this little romp.. just.. get your clothes back on, and settle down for a bit. we'll kiss again later, i promise ' she said giving Flora a smile.
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora felt incredibly pent-up. "I...uh...okay..." As her excitement forced itself to simmer down from the peak of anticipation, her body was racked with a turgid fullness that dropped her to her knees. It was a feeling she was familiar with (after all, her sex life has been an endless series of getting blue-balled at the last minute), but she'd never had it this intensely before. She saw fuzzy shadows in the corner of her vision, and had a brief moment to reflect on how tired she'd been before the events in this hotel room...she realized she was running entirely on rapidly-fading adrenaline right now...

Her vision faded, and before she knew it she collapsed face first into the carpet.
Title: Around the Folf
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Rose sighed as she  bent over to pick up the unconscious folf ' should have let us finish marita the girls been holding back a lot of tension..'' well rose i didnt want to see a hump show- that i didnt pay to see' Marita smirked,' or wasnt involved in.' ' jealous, girlfriend?' Rose said, a smirk running across her face. ' hey, we're not married after all, i can have sex with other girls- and guys if i so choose..' you've had plenty of it Rose, that was your gig after all.' marita said 'you want a piece of this? marita said, holding the unconscious - and naked- Flora up so marita could see all of the folfs features ' wait.. ios that a.. ' yep. she has working breasts AND a pecker. so, conceivably, she could get you pregnant and you would still be a lesbian. course i'm not sure what you call it ' a dolf- or dog -wolf' marita said ' but shes part fox... a fodolf, fox-dog-wolf..' Rose said.'but why are we even discussing potential kids..?'
- because she has a working male part. she can impregnate us, while i cant get you pregnant or vice versa. cause of that we possible rose.. we'd have had 4-5 kids by now..' ' we'tre not in any financial position to have a family Marita, we barely can afford what we;ve got, and we have marie pitching in. 'if Flora stays with us, that 4 girls helping out.' maria replied.' she sighed ' put her n the bed, i'l go see if theres any smellibng salts in the bathroom.
 Marie was soaking in the tub, which was  discolored from all the sand and grime she was washing off of her ' the bottles of shampoo were empty, so washing her fur and cleaning it out wasnt an option.' theres no shampoo in here' she called out ' So Flora used it all' marita said as she went though the drawers in the counter. 'Is rose still french-kissing her? 'Marie asked "no, i made her stop. it was getting pretty heavy.' rule of thumb at the electric sheep was, you never stop people making out, you let them finish first. To do otherwise was bad form. naughty naughty Marita ' marie said . 'did you ever make out with Rose Marie while you worked together?" no, although we had noticed a mutual attraction between us. i thought she was beautiful, and she admitted to me that she thought i was lovely.  we did kiss, though, a couple weeks after we started, after we clocked out for the night, in one of the  'private' rooms. a couple tongue rubs, a few boob squeezes, and that was it. she went downhill really fast and i was switched to bartending. if she hadnt been hooked on biproxytol, i think we would have had sex at least a few times. but her breath was terrible and she owed me quite a bit of money. a quarter of her paycheck, before the place burned down.  you rescuing her quite literally saved her life, she was going to get fired if she didnt straighten up. and since had nothing e,lse going on i followed you. You've become quite the friend Marita. I can see why Rose loves you.' Marie said.' so how do you feel about me? marita asked ' well.. I.. love you' Marie admitted."i know you and rose have a history but..' well i think rose is going to be quite busy tonight with flora, so.. theres going to be some you and me time.' marita said as she finally found the smelling salts.
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Flora didn't resist as she was placed on the bed. Her passed-out slumber was heavy and dreamless. Her body was a bit slower on the uptake than her mind was, however, and she was still very clearly in the later stages of sexual excitement. Slowly her state graduated from unconscious to semi-conscious, and her mind was filled with lucid dreams of an intensely emotional nature.

Mumbling incoherently in her sleep, she turned her head back and forth and occasionally moved her legs in a running motion, quietly questioning and conversing with unseen entities.
Title: Around the Folf
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marita  came out of the bathroom and came over to the bed  . she reached out and reached the smelling salts under Floras nose=- or tried to, as the folf was tossing and turning. ' hold her down Rose, shes half-asleep and moving too much for me to give her the salts..'
_ Ros pinned the folfdown with both paws, her paws sliding up and down her body as the folf turned underneath her ' mariyta finally managed to get a good shot of the vapors under Floras nose.
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"Mmmm....mph?" Flora mumbled sleepily. She tried to stretch out, and looked with unfocused eyes at nothing in particular as she slowly returned to consciousness. "I uh..." She realized with alarm that she was being pinned down in a bed by two naked women. "Oh...uh...hi...good morning?" She was still rather discombobulated and wasn't 100% sure she wasn't still dreaming.
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Morning? you've only been asleep for maybe 15 minutes' Rose said a smirk nonetheless on her face. i've.. talked Marita her into joining when we resume our romp.. ' you ever been tag-teamed before? i have, nothing beter then getting frenched by one person and fondled by abnnother at the same time.. so.. whjat do you say?' she smirked.
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"I..." Flora didn't dare herself to speak. Her flytrap was figuring things out quicker than her brain and was quickly rising to the opportunity. "...yes, okay! Let's do that!" She looked with equal parts eagerness and disbelief at the ample supply of female flesh suddenly presented to her. Is this it? she wondered in a daze. Am I FINALLY about to lose my virginity?
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marita and rose got up off of flora, allowing her to rise up off the bed. ' marita i'll kiss flora then you start to fondle her. after 5 minutes, we'll switch positions. do whatever you want to her from behind. we'll be exploring a lot of each other..' Rose said " well i promised marie she and i would have some fun time while you and flora made out. ' alright, i see. we'll just have you kiss her then, maybe some foreplay tops. Maries really interested in you then?" shes interested in you as well rose' marita sad as she moved behind Flora.' she told me that personally."
 Rose kised flora on the lips and threw her arms around her neck
 mArita wrapped her arms around Floras waist and pressed her breasts into the small of floras back.
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Flora gasped in surprise as she felt Marita's breasts rub along her back. Almost as quickly she barely had time to react when Rose's mouth was against hers again, causing her breasts to rub against Flora's. So many breasts... Flora rubbed her tongue against Rose's, still playing it safe so as not to risk doing anything to cause it to end prematurely. The sensations were indescribable and left her panting with anticipation.
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Rose and Marita made love to Flora with passion throughout the night and the hours pased swiftly. marita was the first to stir  the next morning and got out of bed."
 Marita changed into fresh attire and wenmt into the tooms kitchen to throw together a quick breakfast.
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Flora continued snoring loudly from the tangled mess of bedsheets inhabiting the space between the bed and the bathroom wall. Marie, Rose and Marita had been able to get a spare blanket ordered via room service and share the bed for the night.
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Rose stirred from bed, and found herself entangled with flora in the sheets. the memory of what they  had done l;ast night, the foreplay in tandem, and the exploring of every inch of floras body by her, came back to her in a flash.. Rose had mated with Flora first, or rather Flora had mated with her. rose had sensed that flora was holding in a ton of repressed desire, fortunately finally mating with someone had allowed much of that to ber rekeased. after the first first nervous , unsure of folf and Great dane , Rose had become the partner severeal more times during the night, until finally she had switched to marita. Rose sniffed the air and recignized the smell of cooking food. she looked over at the far end of the bed, Marie was still fast asleep. "Must be Marita cooking them , she said groggily.
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When Rose moved, she lightly brushed Flora, and the folf instinctively scooted further away from her and tumbled out of the bed, taking the sheets with her. Her head banged against the wall and she ended in an upside-down pose on the floor that left her neck in a crooked position under the bed. But still her only response was an abrupt snore and some subconscious wiggling to attempt in vain to free her trapped hands from the restraining sheet.

Eventually she finally woke up from the feeling of both arms and a leg having fallen asleep. "Huh?" she muttered, temporarily trying to remember how she got where she was. "How did I...?" She remember the desert, the warship, and lots of painful walking. She had gone through more exertion in the last 24 hours than anything she'd ever experienced in her 17 years of life. Even now, the last night was something of a blur.

Until she remembered that there women involved. "Rose? Marie?" she started, finally succeeding in freeing herself from the sheets and stumbling to her feet. All of her extremities began tingling something fierce. She realized the girls were in the tiny hotel room kitchen. "Hello?" she mumbled, wandering into the kitchen. "What long was I asleep?"

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look who finally woke up' Marita said turning and looking at flora, and a smile came on her face.' you've been asleep for nearly 8 solid hours, its almost 11. and congratulations, you're no longer a virgin. you did say last night that you had never had relations right/ well now you have, and i'm curious? how are you feeling about that?
 rose was sitting at the small table drinking a thin cup of coffee' care for some coffee Flora. i dnt drink coffee much but today i'm drinking some.
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"I'm still exhausted...and starving..." Flora murmured sleepily in response to Rose's first sentence. "The desert really did a number on me yesterday..."

And then Marita continued talking.

Flora's eyes flew open in shock. "Wait, we did--? We had--?"

She racked her brain wildly. "I can hardly remember last night!" she exclaimed. "Everything's a blur past the part where I staggered out of the desert!" She looked in a panic around the room, then at her flytrap, then back at Marita. "I really....we really...What did we do??? I'm...not a virgin any more?"

A mix of every possible emotion flowed through her at once and left her head spinning in shock. She almost fainted. And slowly little tidbits came back to her. Taking a shower...passing out...smelling salts...someone rubbing breasts on her... "I...must have been so tired I...can't remember the sex at all..." Flora realized slowly. "How long did it take? What happened?"
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well in total we had sex for at least 4 hours, a couple 3ways but for the most part it was you and rose.' Marita said. ' basically we did everything, french kissing, breast licking, blowjobs, you name it, we did it. for your first time, you did really well. you fell asleep almost immediately after we finished.
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"I...I gave..." Flora's mouth hung agape. "Four hours...?"

She stumbled back to the bed and sat down, grabbing herself by the head try and counteract an intense dizziness that overtook her. "Holy crap..." she breathed. "I lost my virginity for four fucking hours and I can't even remember it?" She felt a little sick to her stomach. "How many times did I cum?" she asked, flopping backwards onto the bed and only then noticing how damp it was.
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quite a few times, considering you mated with rose and me several times. you were pretty submissive, and i say that as someone who is pretty submissive in bed' Marita said. ' don't need a blow by blow recap' Marie said ' i'm trying to eat breakfast here. anyway whats the plan for when we leave this place?'
- the girls needs a reminder Marie, she doesnt remember hardly anything of last night, and the ' first' is always special.' rose replied.
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"Christ..." Flora muttered quietly, staring blankly at the ceiling. She couldn't believe she'd slept through her first sexual encounter, and a threesome no less. "I don't...feel any different," she admitted. "I mean, maybe it would have been different if I'd actually remembered it, but being a not-virgin kinda feels exactly like being a virgin..."

She got up and the blood rushed to her head. "God, I'm starving," she realized. Grabbing a plateful of the breakfast Marita had cooked, she scarfed it down in huge gulps and quickly realized it wasn't going to be enough. "I'm heading down to eat the complimentary breakfast," she announced, grabbing her robe from the floor and cinching it around her. "Thanks for making food, but I'm going to need a lot more than what this hotel room had in the mini-fridge."
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just leave us some food when you're done' rose replied we'll be down in a few minutes after  we finish eating up here..'
- marita wolfed down her food and put her plate away. truth be told, she had enjoyed the previous night, pity flora didnt remember it, because Marita sure did.
- marie poured herself a glass of milk and nursed it.
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Flora rushed to the dining room to make maximum use of the complimentary breakfast. She poured mix into the waffler, put two bagels into the toaster, and started brewing a cup of coffee. The first thing fully prepared was a bowl of shredded wheat, and she consumed it hungrily while waiting for the hot food to finish.

She had just returned her hot items to her table and was dipping her knife in a butter packet when she was approached. "Excuse me, madam," the waiter interrupted her, coming up to her table with an apologetic look. "We recieved a complaint from another table as to how you ate your food."

"You what?" Flora stopped, halfway through buttering her bagel. "Who?"

"The Breakfast Club would like to ask that you use proper manners when eating." The waiter motioned to the table. "They're offended that your fork and knife are not placed to the left of your plate, and your napkin's not in your lap."

Flora blinked and looked around the room. "I'm sorry, where are they? There's nobody else here."

"They're eating in another building. But they're still offended that anybody could dine without the same ettiquette standards that they follow," the waiter explained. "We really must insist. No more spilling drops of milk on the table either."

Flora wiped up the milk, placed her napkin in her lap and straightened her silverware in the correct spots, still confused. "Is, uh, that good? Why are they getting a say in how I eat?"

The waiter bowed his head. "That should suffice for now." He departed, leaving Flora nonplussed and with cold food.
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Marita, Rose and marie soon joined flora down at the breakfast wing. Rose grabbed some hot oatmeal. while Marie and Marita grabbed bagels and juice. ' this place has a decent spread' Marie said coming back to the table with her plate full of food.  the girls had a collection of juices and milk for their drinks, all laid out in prim and proper order.
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"Hiya!" Flora waved the girls over to her table. "Over here!"

She downed the rest of her breakfast and instantly got much more cheerful than she'd been since entering the hotel; a bit of the original Flora was shining through thanks to finally being fed and rested. "What should we do now? Let's explore the town! I've never been so happy to be alive; I'm going to do everything I want to!"
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let us finish eating first, then we'll go exploring " Marita said " But at least you're excited. me, i'm just going to enjoy these waffles. didn't have much to eat yesterday, or the day before come to think about it."
 I'm interested to seeing how far we are from the next town. This town seems to be very small ' Rose said as she drank her milk. Marie was munching on a muffin.
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"Okay!" Flora bounced in her seat. "Just don't eat too messy though, or we'll get in trouble. Like, BIG trouble. I don't really understand it, must be a culture clash or something."

She grabbed a banana and bit into it without removing the peel. "We schould shee if they haff any schtrip joints!" She said excitedly, talking with her mouth full.
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Strip joints? this is Arabia, Flora they dont HAVE strip joints ' Rose said. ' very conservative area you know.. and this is a small town anyway from the looks of it. we'll just look for the local bazaar, and see what we can find. just dont buy whatever you set your eyes on.. we dont have tons of creds to our name after all, and we have to stretch things betwen the 4 of us.."
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Flora stuck her tongue out. "I don't have any credits period!" She looked down at her bathrobe. "But I'll definitely need a change of clothes." She wracked her brain for any knowledge of Arabic fashion and fell only on American stereotype. "Ooooh, can I get a burqa and a whole body dress? I want to fit in with the locals!" She clapped her hands in excitement.
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i dont think they have burqas around here' Marita said ' we'll get you something.. something.. you'll be able to see out of ... we'll go shopping in a few minutes ' she said as finished eating her breakfast.
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"Okay!" Flora slumped down in her seat. She was already bored of breakfast, with their rules. As the girls continued to eat, Flora caught herself zoning out observing the patterns of the tabletop.

She realized that her foot was on someone else's. Rather than withdraw it, she playfully danced it up their leg, tickling them with her toes and wondering if they'd say anything with the others around. She suppressed a giggle, trying to gauge from their expressions who she was playing footsies with.
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Marie smirked as flora fiddled with her toes.' you still have a lot of sand inbetween your  toes' she said to flora ' and you need to clean them.' she added, as she pushed her feet against Floras. she finished eating and pulled away from flora ' alright girls ! Lets go shoping!" marie grinned.
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"Hey!" Flora giggled. "Its not my fault Marie was hogging the shower. Though if she's interested, I'd be game to share it with her next time..."

She leaped up. "Let's go shopping! Lead the way Rose!"
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Hmm.. so you want to.. bang in the shower?' a smirk spread over Marie face, her red lips parted in a smile' well Well.. Alright, after we finish shopping you and i can have some fun.. Consider this your first 'real' experience, since you dont remember last night.. Anything goes, lets say..." She finished as sje got up and heasded for the opening which lead to the hotels enterance.' so whay sort of stuff would you like Flora/ as a souvernir from this place?
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A grin spread over Flora's face at the idea. "Okay! Yeah, that lines up with what I was thinking...I think I still consider myself a virgin. After all, if you don't remember your first time, it doesn't really count right?"

She looked at the city. Most of the buildings were unmarked. "Do you think they have a clothing store in this town? I really want to check out the local fashion." She glanced again at her small bathrobe. "Are you sure they won't stone me for showing my ankles or something?"
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no, this isnt the 700s ' Marita said as  she followed Marie out ' they dont stone you for  nor covering up. now if you are completely naked and prancing around, they do take offense to THAT. so, keep your clothes, and we wont have to run out of the town ducking rocks.."
 i'm just looking for a good  change of attire ' Rose said ' something thats affordable..'
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Flora tightened her bathrobe to make sure it didn't show anything. "Okay," she nodded in agreement. "Are you guys going to pay for my clothes? Cause unless they accept labor, I don't have a lot to offer."

She stepped outside. The ground was hot and gritty, but her pawpads were adequately calloused from her prior trip through the desert that she could barely notice.
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Of course we'll pay for your clothes- within reason- Marita said as they crossed the street ' did you bring any with you, or was it just the stuff you had on?
 i'm thinking something simple for the 4 of us . nice.. but not too expensive' Marie said.
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"Just that horrendous nurse's didn't even fit." Flora pulled her hair out from inside the collar of her robe. "My last real outfit was back in Cairo. Man, it's hard to believe that was just over a day ago..."
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well all we have is what brought with us. so a fresh set of clothes for all of us is needed. we'll try and keep them under 200 creds each, or 800 creds max.' Marita said " so try and find something for yourself Fl;lora that you like that isnt too expensive..
 they walked around the town, looking for a good clothing store, but most of the stores jut sold fruit or baubles..
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"That should be fine!" shrugged Flora. "How much could a burka cost anyway?"

After twenty minutes of wandering without luck, Flora's feet were starting to burn. She looked around for pedestrians. "Let's just find someone and buy their burka. Hey you!" she waved at a lone female walking down the sidewalk. "You there! Can I buy your burka? I'll give you 200 credits for it! Oh, and your shoes!" she remembered, shifting her feet uncomfortably.
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the woman gave flora a dirty look and shouted something at her in Arabic before walking rapidly away.. clearly she was not interested in selling her her burka..
 just get to a store Flora and stop pestering onlookers! ' Rose said. fibally they found a clothing store which sold various local attire.
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"The hell's her problem?" Flora folded her arms and scoffed. "That wasn't even a lowball, I was overpaying!"

She followed Rose excitedly into the clothing store. "Oooh!" she jumped in excitement. There were clothes of all sorts. She immediately raced around the store grabbing anything that tickled her fancy.

"Where are the changing rooms?" she asked the cashier brightly. She looked at her three comrades. "Anyone want to share a changing room?"
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there is only one changing room per gender. this is a small store the cashier said '; you will have to take turns.' she aded pointing to the back of the store. the female changing room was on the left, the males on the right. " you can go first' Marita said kindly to Flora. i still have to find something in a blue color.
 marie picked out a purple dress and Rose a light green one.
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Flora scampered into the back and later busted out the door wearing this:


"What do you think?" she beamed. "I look so elegant, and it's only 6 thousand dinars!"
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6000 dinar? rose said.  whats a dinar?' its the local currency,  its about 1/1000th of a dollar' Marita  said  6000  dinar equals 6 bucks. since there are 10 creds in a dollar. 6000 dinar is about 60 creds. we can easily afford that. Nice find Flora.' the totals for the 4 girls dresses came to 450 creds, with Marita and Maries outfits going for 100 creds each, and Roses costing 190.' the clerk gave the girls bags to hold their dresses, and the girls left the store ' so where do you girls want to go next? marie asked. " back to the hotel?
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"I'm hungry again!" announced Flora, leaving the store and flaunting her new outfit to the the first pedestrian she saw. "I don't think the hotel does free lunch, we should go to a restaurant! Maybe Mediterranean," She thought about the concept. "Is it even possible to go to a Mediterranean restaurant when you're in the Mediterranean? What do the locals call it?"
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we're in a desert. the Mediterranean  is hundreds of miles to the wst of us- and in any event we dont have the creds to  go eat a fancy dinner ' we have.. ' marita ran some up an app on her phone ' we have 3050 creds left. so we are going to have to stretch that money as far as possible..
 well if they are in dinars ' marie said thats only a few creds'
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"Hey, it's your money, beggar folfs can't be choosy folfs," Flora shrugged. "But I really need to pee, and I kinda want to eat, so pick something." She crossed and uncrossed her legs urgently. "Though I can just find a bush if push comes to shove. I'm good with anything, honest!"
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we'll get lunch back at the  hotel. we'll have enough creds to gran some pita bred or something.. now' i'm in a frisky mood.. why dont we go back to the room..  Maries f voice dropped to whisper and she leaned towards floras ear and have a nice long kiss?
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Flora's eyes lit up. "Okay!" she whispered right back, unable to keep her voice from cracking in excitement. Quickly she followed the dog back to the hotel room and wasted no time in sprinting into the bathroom.
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Marie closed the bathroom door  behind her as she entered. ' well flora.. girl today is your lucky day' she said in a confident voice as she strode towards the pink vixen, her eyes focused on Flora , gazing at  the pink shawl the folf was wearing, which completed every part of the folfs pink body except for the dark red of her lips, which were as crimson as Maries own. maries purple attire moved as she approached Flora. what do you say we have a 'little.. show and tell' first' she said, as she wrapped her claws around flora and ensconced her in a hug.Maries claws slipped under Floras shawl, her left claw stopping at her bra the right moving down her back towards her tail. Marie was almost nose to nose with flora, their lips achingly close together yet far away from a kiss.
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Flora was halfway to the toilet when she saw Marie striding towards her non-too-subtly. "Ooh, are we...?" Her eyes widened, and she had barely a glance at her previous objective before Marie's hands were on her. Flora gasped as Marie's cupped her breast and another stroked her butt. Already? "That's...really fast," Flora smiled quickly, placing her hands on Marie's chest and gripping with an excited shudder. I can pee afterwards... She wasn't going to miss her first sexual encounter where both partners were fully conscious.
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shall we do this here, or wait until we get in the tub ? Marie said and she began working off Floras bra with her claw and she felt the folf begin to fondle her breasts. "  And do you want tongue to start off, or not? Two questions to answer i guess. ah.. what the hell lesss talk, more liplock' she leaned in and kissed flora on the lips the red lips locking together as the girls began undressing each other. Marie slipped her tongue into Floras mouth.
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Flora trembled with excitement as she slipped Marie's bra. She was already hard even before Marie had slipped her skirt off. "W-Whichever..." she stammered, unable to take her eyes off Marita's crotch. "T-tub would be nice..."

And then Marie's tongue silenced any further words. Running her hands down Marie's flank and grasping her butt, Flora fought to keep her excited panting from interrupting their makeout session.
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Marie finished undressing flora, revealing her lower body, and climbed onto her, feeling her body against her, her murmurs smothered by Floras lips locked with her. Maries wrestled with her, each girl for a moment atop the other, the cold floor sending a brief shiver down Maries spine. marie ended up atop Flora, her eyes gazing at the folfs face.
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Flora blushed instinctively as her remaining clothes were removed. Quickly she pulled Marie's pants until they slid to the ground and the two were fully exposed to each other.

But Flora didn't have long to ogle before Marie was on top of her, locking lips and leaving her nether region's very close to Flora's...

Then they switched places and Flora found herself straddling the Golden Retriever. Shimmying forward, Flora dug her palms into Marie's breasts and shoved her erection between them. Her every fiber yearned to start thrusting, but she wanted to give Marie a chance to look at her womanhood.

"You'll be gentle...right?" she flushed bright red.
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Ah.. so you have both male and females parts ' Marie said, looking at floras member, now resting against her breasts " well you arent alone there, a lot of girls who frequented the Sheep had both. we didnt care, so long as they paid, actually  Rose said they paid her the best for sex. Oh.. and as for being gentle..' marie leaned in and pressed  her nose to floras breasts ' as gentle as you want baby. you've got a good package. and i'm expecting .. a couple deliveries ' she said, and began to lick Floras breasts.
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"I, uhh, I mean," Flora stammered, trying to figure out how to politely note that female-wise she had secondary sexual organs at best, but her explanation died in her throat as Marie's smooth breasts slid back and forth across her erection. Any intelligible words turned into a high-pitched moan and she peaked her back, closing her eyes and focusing on the sensation of Marie's gentle caress. As the dog's tongue scraped across Flora's nipples, the folf shuddered and dug her claws into the bathroom carpet.
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marie liked Floras chest for a few minutes then gradually began to make her way up towards Floras mouth, kissing her neck throat and chin, before finally locking lips with the folf, and caressing Floras tongue with her own. Marie slid back on the carpet, her claws gripped at floras tail, murmuring as she french-kissed Flora. as she did so her nethers now stretched below Floras.
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Flora panted heavily, her nerves overstimulated, her muscles felt coiled and ready to spring. Marie's hands, tongue, and breasts were all rubbing Flora at once, and Flora felt extremely hot...

She felt a flash of deep dread when she felt contractions bubbling up from within her abdomen. Not already! With a strained cry, Flora arched her back and gritted her teeth as she rode out an intense orgasm, splashing all over Marie's front.

The intense feelings seemed to last forever, her entire lower body tensed up as wave after wave of pleasure stripped the energy from her. "I'm...sorry..." she panted, dropping to her knees and looking with alarm at the mess she'd caused. "It was just so...intense...I...couldn't control myself..."
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well. thats what the bath is for . Cleanup ' Marie said floras exertions clinging to her fur, as she goit up and climbed into the bathtub before turning on the water.' how hot do you want it?' She asked Flora with a smirk.
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Flora staggered to her feet. "Hot's fine," she said, distracted. She tried to harden up again was was still limp. Her legs felt like jelly. "I'll do better next time...just got a bit excited..."

She blushed, embarrassed. She hadn't wanted to orgasm before even penetrating Marie, but her brain just got os excited at the prospect of imminent sex...Is there something wrong with me? she wondered bitterly. How could I screw that up right at the finish line?
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dont be embarrassed or beat yourself up" Marie said to Flora' you're new at having sex, so you'll make mistakes. thats why its good to have someone to practice mating on. usually you have a girlfriend to teach you such things, but i'm guessing you didnt have that .' Marie grabbed the soap bar and began cleaning herself of the goo. ' don;t worry, once I'm cleaned off. I'll make out with you until you're ready to try again. shouldnt take me more than a couple minutes. by the way flora you have a very nice form.  good sized breasts, soft kissable lips, everything a girl could want in a girlfriend.
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"Okay..." Flora flushed red, stumbling into the shower. Her breasts were B-cups, she always thought they were small, but Marie was presumably better equipped to make that call. Grabbing the shampoo, she started lathering Marie's hair. "You're really hot too. Very large breasts...I was just many sex partners have you had?" She asked the golden retriever shyly. "If you don't mind me asking."
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Quite a few. I did work in a strip club after all. Did both boys and girls, although truthfully the one I had the most hots for.. was Rose.' Marie blushed as Flora worked the shampoo into her hair." Girl's really hot, sad thing is she had a bad drug addiction at the time , which really made her a pitiable wreck.biproxytol is a real nasty drug, it can easily kill you if you take too much. Rose got lucky, one, that I was around to keep her from ODing, and 2, Marita managed to get her out of there.. in case you are wondering which gender I prefer. well, would I be swapping tongue with you, if I like guys more?' marie smirked.
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Flora smiled nervously. "Why don't I count as a guy though?" she asked. "You know...I was born a guy. That's why I've got a...flytrap...and all. I'm not really a girl..."
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breasts, mannerisms, fur color, all the features of a girl-minus the malehood.  from my experience, theres a spectrum of what we  in the business called 'co-sexes' or bi-sexs. people that have both gender parts. many of them tend to chose their feminine side, and act on that. you are acting on your female side,so despite your male rod. you are a female. thus this sexual encounter between  us is counted as homosexual not heterosexual. So.. ; marie reached forward with her paw and strioked floras breasts ' you ready for round 2?
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Flora smiled as Marie explained why she was really a girl. It was nice to hear confirmation from someone on that front. Then her hand flew to her mouth when Marie groped her and offered a round two.

"Already?" Flora looked down in shock as her flytrap slowly answered Marie's question for her. "I didn't...know guys could be ready to go again so quickly..." She started stroking Marie's breasts and pressing closer. "Sure..." Flora purred.
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" it doesnt take much to get guys aroused." marie said leaning over and stopping the water. that done, she felt Flora fondle her. marie leaned in and kissed flora passionately on the lips, slowly easing her tongue into the folfs mouth. marie wrapped her arms around Flora and began to straddle her their privates inches away from touching. marie felt Floras member get harder and harder.
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Flora shuddered as her erection pressed into Marie's stomach. If it weren't for Marie's tongue filling her mouth she'd already be panting again. Taking charge, she pushed her own tongue past Marie's and explored her lover's mouth. Her hands slid around Marie's waist and straddled her buttocks. Her mind raced as she wondered what the Golden retriever would do next...
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marie murmured as Flora began to kiss her back passionately and felt the folfs tongue deep in her mouth. she broke the kiss a stream of reddened saliva falling into the tub as their crimson lips separated. ' you're good ' Marie said, feeling floras stiffness just below her belly button. i i think its time for some suckling ' she smirked , as she moved down floras front towards her breasts ' marie opened her mouth wide and pressed it to flora right breast, taking in as much of the breast as she could and began to suckly hard on it.' She murrmured as she did so feeling the tension between the tw lovers, as floras members slipped close to her privates.
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Flora gasped as Marie's lips closed around her breast. Moving forward, she pressed Marie into the shower wall and rubbed her erection against Marie's crotch.

Sliding her hands down Marie's sides, she gripped her lover's waist and excitedly attempted to penetrate her. She grew slightly concerned when she had trouble locating the opening. There it is...I think? Her mind raced as she felt mostly sure she'd just slid in. "Am" she asked, blushing at having to ask what felt like a stupid question.
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No..Not, not yet..' Marie said pulling away from Floras breasts, lipstick stains circling  Floras tit.' here ' she pressed against flora and felt her member slid inside her up to the shaft, and tensed ' NOW, you're in " She grinned to Flora staring slightly downward at her , marie was a couple inches taller than the folf. Marie panted ' How do you feel?
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Flora gasped with shock as she felt a district increase in pressure. She was in! Grasping Marie's butt for support, Flora stood there quivering, letting the warm dampness of her partner's nether regions rub all around her member.

Slowly she began sliding in and out, her breathing grew heavy and she couldn't keep embarrassingly high-pitched yelps from punctuating her thrusts. Eyes wide, she stared in a state of shock at Marie's bobbing breasts, hardly believing she was actually having sex with someone.
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Marie kissed Flora passionately feeling  the folf's member moving back and forth inside of her. she grabbed on to Floras sides and pressed her breasts to floras moabibng as the kiss continued.
 marita and  Rose were looking at a local map, trying to find a place to head to next, after Mare and Flora got don with their ' shower' ' well we're running low on ceds so we'll have to find something of value to barte with , with the 4 of us ' Rose sighed as she loked at the map
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Flora returned the kiss, simultaneously panting with embarrassingly high-pitched gulps. Her nipples pressed into Marie's breasts and her eyes were squeezed shut as she focused on the feeling of ramming Marie's pussy again and again.

It felt awesome, but Flora was secretly worried that she wasn't going to be able to finish. Her backside was distractingly cold from being outside the shower stream and her legs were feeling like jelly from supporting her weight while keeping her balance. Think sexy thoughts... she tried to will herself to orgasm. Think of pornos...big, muscled naked men...imagine we're fucking in a big, sleek, powerful car...She glanced at Marie's face, lips still locked with hers. For a moment, her mind tried to imagine Marie was Emilena, but that made things more awkward than sexy.

Pretty soon her panting slowly edged away from husky and more into exhausted. She kept slipping out on accident. "It feels...really good," she moaned truthfully, gulping desperately for air and pausing momentarily to splash hot water on her butt. With a flash she realized she'd slid out and quickly jammed it back in.
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I'm glad you are enjoying it' Marie said pausing for breath as Flora slid out again. she gripped onto the folfs rear and tensed, it was cold to the touch.' what do you say we finish in bed huh..' she smirked before feeling the folf reenter her and felt floras lips relock with her. marie felt secretions drip down her leg and mixture of hers and florsa from the sex  they wee having. marie broke away from flora and smiled. so, want me to blow you/ she panted.
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Flora's heart skipped a beat. "B-blow me? As in..." her imagination filled in the blanks. "Yes, let's do that!" She gave her lover's breasts one last squeeze and quickly stepped into the stream for one last drench of hot water. Shaking herself off like a dog, she grabbed towels and handed one to Marie.

Drying off quickly, she winced as the fabric scraped against her chafed privates, but the rawness wasn't enough to dampen her excitement at trying something new.

Walking into the other room, she blushed as she realized she was flashing Marita and Rose. "Hey girls," Flora smiled shyly. "We're, uhh, taking the fun to the bed, if you two are okay with that." I guess it's nothing they haven't already seen...
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we were wondering when you two would finish' Marita said  with a smile ' just finish having sex in 15 minutes  or so, alright. we're headed towards the next town. its 12 miles away so it's going to be quite a walk.."
 Marie turned off the water and drained it, seeing tuff of pink and tan fur float towards the drain. she got out and dried off herself off a bit with the towel.. She folowed  Flora back into the room, covered only with a towel.
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"That's cool," said Flora, barely registering what Marita said. She was far more interested in Marie's half-naked form walking into the bedroom. With barely-restrained excitement she laid down in the bed and spread her legs wide, shivering in anticipation. Her erection had returned to throbbing full mast.
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care to join us/ mMarie smirked to the other girls. ' i'm thinking after she and i tae turns sucking each otherm, that you two could join in. we'll take turns doing her.. but for now.. this bitch is mine to bang.' marie smirked threw her clothers off and climbed onto flora. she moved her mouth close to floras face then moved it down towards her privates finally hooking onto floras member.
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Flora couldn't help it, and let out a throaty groan within seconds of Marie's lips making contact. Stiffening her legs and digging her nails into the pillow, she panted heavily and couldn't resist watching with wide eyes as Marie worked her magic.

She smiled weakly at Rose and Marita. "Yeah, you should come join us..."
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marie moaned, as she continuerd working on Dlora, the bed creaked as Marita and Rose climbed onto it, both looking intently at Flora. time to start some foreplay' Rose smiled, and she reached out and touched Floras right breast. Marita fondled her left. feeling good? the pair smirked.
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"Yes..." breathed Flora. "Feels good..." She stretched her legs and shuddered as Marita and Rose stimulated her other erogenous zones. Her breathing grew heavier and that series of embarrassingly high yelps started as she got more and more sexually excited. If this keeps up, I'm going to cum so quickly...
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rose leraned in and kissed flora fully on the lips, while marita put her mouth to Floras breast. marie pulled away  coughing as she left a trail of saliva on floras member." girls/' She waas going to blow me next! she complained as she saw mmarita and Rose busying themselves with Flora.
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Flora felt Marita's lips press into her nipple and Rose's tongue enter her mouth. Curling her toes and rolling her eyes back into her head, she panted raggedly as her nerves overloaded with sensation.

Suddenly she felt it building up inside her.With a high-pitched squeal she dug her nails into the bedsheets as her orgasm crested through her and shot all over Marie's face.
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marie gasped as flora released on her. damn girl, you were really pent up' she said getting off off the bed and going into the bathroom to clean off her face.
 rose pulled away from floras mouth, a string of reddened saliva falling away as the dark red lips broke apart. rose moved down to suckle on Flora right breast, and both great danes suckled on her for a few minutes. rose and marita then kissed, their  dark red lips locking together near Floras bnreasts
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Flora panted languidly, her tongue lolling off to her side and her chest heaving contentedly. "That...was awesome..." she panted, eyes half-lidded and cheeks rosy red.

As Rose and Marita continued working themselves out over her body, Flora decided to get in on the action. Reaching around both of their backsides, she fondled both of them and watched them make out hungrily, focused on the minute differences in their curves.
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for the next 15 minutes Marita and Rose made love, using Flora like a rug, grinding back and forth across her stomach. the girls were more interested in each other then noticing that flora was fondling both of them during this.  finally  Rose broke away, fluid from her and Marita dripping onto Flora " wow.. its been aawhile since we did itlike that.."
_ since college if memory serves Marita said as  Marie came back into the room ' Done having fun. Then lets check out..
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Flora had taken the time Rose and Marita were using her as a prop to recover from her orgasm, and was capable of hoisting herself to a seating position.

"How long's it gonna take you girls to pack?" she asked. "I've got literally no luggage, Imma just chill here on the bed and watch TV till it's time to go."

After roughly fifteen minutes, she was languidly surfing through dozens of Arabic-speaking stations in a fuguelike trance, tongue lolling flaccidly down her jaw as genres and actors and graphics sped by all punctuated in a rapidfire tongue she couldn't understand.

So when an English-dubbed commercial came on, she immediately stopped flipping channels despite it appearing to be a generic pharmaceutical infomercial.

Genetics is the backbone of our humanity, it began, showing a 3D representation of the double helix. Our society flourishes and our species controls the world solely due to our genes. At Sartonic Labs we are dedicated to the preservation and study of humanity's finest blueprints.

Shots of photogenic scientists working with complicated and microscopic machinery. We've accepted genetic material from the finest human specimens across the world, and have spent billions of dollars unlocking the theoretical limits of the human body, and making those limits a reality.

"Woah..." muttered Flora, watching the biopic with glazed-over eyes. "They pay people thousands for their genetic material...hey, you think they'd want mine? I mean, my body's absolutely amazing! Perfect in every way." She didn't feel like mentioning it was due to her having the psionic power to gradually adjust her phenotype; she didn't want her new friends with benefits to turn on her like everyone else did when they learned she was a freak.
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marita soon packed and the girls left the room and checjed out.
( several hours later)
 the four girls reached the outskirts of the city, which was bigger thanthe one they had been in ' Look for a place to spend the night ' marita said to Flora.
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Flora panted loudly, staggering into the new city. But her mouth opened even wider when she glanced in awe at the sprawling metropolis in front of her.

This city was far more industrial than the previous, and Flora felt a tremor of nervousness even thinking of trying to barter out a room...after all, she didn't even speak Arabic, and she couldn't count on getting another impossibly nice hotel clerk like last time.

"So, like, for the time being we're probably gonna sleep in this alleyway," she finally admitted to Rose, Marita, and Marie after a few fruitless hours of trying to ascertain what the hell various signs were trying to say. "It's not claimed by any of the gangs, at least none that I've seen. And you can flip the dumpster top over and shield yourself from the rain, in case there's any of that."

She fished a metal pipe out of the dumpster and used it to fish through the contents, looking for anything interesting. "Any idea what direction Sartonic is?" she asked the others. "The sooner I can donate genetic material, the sooner we can have enough money to afford a hotel room."
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we have enough- barely- for a cheap motel ' marita said." i'm staying is some alley. anyway..' she gathered up her things and walked gown towards a stall.'[ come on. we're not spending the night in some dingy alley.' she pulled out her phone ' the nearst hotel is 5 blocks down on our left..
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When they reached the hotel, Flora asked the clerk, "Do you have a map of the city?" She tried to give a polite blush, but her nervousness gave away that if she didn't find a form of income, they would probably be unable to pay their hotel tab upon checking out.
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theres a map over there ' the clerk said after the 4 girls sighed in ' room 63, its up the stairs' he said handing Rose the key.
 come on Flora lets go take a peek' marie said to the folf.
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Flora walked over to the map. She could see the city and many different routes, spindly roads and alleyways with Arabic writing everywhere. She was only able to recognize Sartonic Labs due to the recognizable insignia under their name; a circular eye with a horizontal line through the middle.

Grabbing a piece of paper out of the hotel printer, Flora sketched the route as well as she could. "I'm going to head there now; can't waste time when we'll be broke if tomorrow rolls around and we want to buy another night," she told Marita. "Can I have some money to buy food on the way?"
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mo, we're coming with you. yopu'd get losdt otherwise ' Marita sad ' besides er'
re running low on creds as is. we have enough for one night.. and.. well thats about it..
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"Okay!" Flora led the way down the street, skipping merrily.

After a few hours of being hopelessly lost, she somehow managed to wind up at the Sartonic Labs. It was a towering building with white marble walls and a scarcity of windows.

"Hiya!" she beamed at the receptionist.

The receptionist looked at her with and air of condescension. "Can I help you?"

"Umm yeah, my name is Flora, and uh...I saw your advertisement on TV." The folf shifted her feet uncomfortably. "I was thinking of trying to qualify as a donor."

The receptionist tossed her a datapad dismissively. "Fill this out and you'll hear back from us within one month."

"A month? But--!" Flora's protest died in her throat when the receptionist, who was wearing a nametag saying 'PILAR', shot her a glance of pure ice. Resigning herself to the possibility of future income, Flora began filling out her personal information. Until she hit a snag. "Ma'am? My species isn't listed in the dropbar."

Pilar cocked her glasses. "What? What's your species?"

"I'm a folf," Flora smiled weakly under Pilar's unfriendly gaze.

Pilar narrowed her eyes. "Folf don't exist."

"Not normally, no..." Flora answered, "but neither does pink fur or...uh...other weird things about me."

Pilar took the datapad back. "Are you genetically modified? How old are you? And why..." she suddenly frowned, "Why did you mark 'sperm sample'?"

"Heheh, that's...uh...the other thing..." Flora blushed.

Pilar masked a look of alarm and sat up. She looked over Flora, silent for several seconds. "I, uh...need to go in the back for a moment."

Flora looked at Marita with bemusement as Pilar left them in the waiting room. "What was that all about?" she asked the Great Dane.
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well you're.. unique.' marita said  as she wabed a few creds ' they pay people wh refer donors hee too. so we've got a few creds to ourse;ves. let me take you out to dinner. My treat?' she said with a smile.
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Flora's eyes brightened up. "Sure, that sounds love--" she abruptly cut off when the receptionist burst back out of the door.

"Miss Flora, you've been fast-tracked to the front of the line! If you come with me please." Without another word, the woman grabbed Flora and led her into the inner recesses of Sartonic Labs.

The receptionist led Flora down a pristine white hallway filled with tinted windows. She finally opened one of the labs, where a tall raccoon in a business suit motioned to a seat in front of the center table. "Hello, I'm Dr. Van Der Merwe. Please, sit down," he ordered congenially.

Flora acquiesced, staring around the room in awe. The walls were dotted with storage lockers, gestation chambers, and various gleaming chrome machines.

Van Der Merwe tried to refocus her attention on him. "Are you comfortable? Could we get you anything to drink?"

Flora nodded eagerly. "Ooh yes, please! Do you have juice? I'm parched from all the walking!"

The receptionist nodded and left the room, and Van Der Merwe discussed the task at hand. "Miss Flora, you did an admirable job filling out our questionnaire, but you must understand we still have some questions about your unusual appearance. The scanners reported no indication of gene therapy or augmentations in your body."

"You scanned me?" gasped Flora. "Where? When?"

"As soon as you walked through our door." Behind Van Der Merwe the receptionist briefly returned, handing Flora a chilled can of cranberry juice.

So Flora told the doctor everything he wanted to know. Starting with her early life as a male gray wolf, to the time in boarding school that she started developing the mental ability to alter her appearance, to redesigning herself as a pink-furred female and fleeing her old life out of fear of prejudice.

"Very fascinating..." breathed Van Der Merwe, jotting notes down on his clipboard the whole time she spoke. "Untrained psionic manifestation...that's a rare occurrence, especially for a non-gecko."

Flora gave an awkward smile. " I qualify to donate sperm?"

"Even better." Van Der Merwe handed her a map of the facility. "We'd love the chance to be able to analyze you on a more permanent basis. We have private apartments in our staff quarters and we're prepared to offer you a rent-free room. Food, utilities, and various recreations are included." For the last one, he pointed out a gym, pool, and indoor garden on the map. "In return, you'll agree to a series of tests we'd schedule at regular intervals, focusing on various aspects of your mental, physical, and genetic state."

Flora looked over the paper, mouth hanging open and thoughts swirling through her head.

"I understand if you need some time to think about it--" Van Der Merwe started, but Flora immediately interrupted him with "Where do I sign???"

   *   *   *

"Hey girls!" Flora exclaimed excitedly, bursting into the waiting room. "Guess where we're sleeping tonight?" She excitedly showed them the map of the facility. "Sartonic says we can live with them while running a bunch of tests on me!"
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how much are they paying you? marita asked Flora, as marie and rose followed her down the hallway ' i'm hoping you get a good amount of creds. goodness knows we need it." she said taking a look at the map- the facility was quite larged and was designed to fit in with the natural surroundings.
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"I get a weekly allowance of 500 credits", replied Flora. "Not much, but considering it comes with free food and water and electricity, I can spend it however I want. Or save it up for the future. Credits are worth a lot more out here."

The receptionist handed Flora 500 credits. "Here's an advance for this month," she said. "Your room will be ready by this evening. For now, would you and your family be interested in dining at our food court? Tonight's special is Vietnamese."

"I told them you were my family so you get to live in my apartment with me," Flora whispered under her breath as the receptionist pointed them in the direction of the food court.
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Fa,ily huh? well it gets us a place to stay for awhile.' marita shrugged ' so 500 a week, thats 2000 a month , 24000 a year. not bad, considering we dont have much creds right now ' she added as they walked down the hallway ' so what sort of tests are they running on you?'
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"All sorts, apparently," Flora replied as they reached the elevator, a glass-covered gilded pad that hummed powerfully as it rose up the stories. "Running, reflexes...more sciencey stuff like blood samples, IQ tests...they really want to know everything about my..." Flora trailed off. She'd never admitted her psionic powers to the girls. "...about what makes me look the way I do. But they promised that none of the tests are harmful. They aren't gonna cut my brain up or anything."

Following the map, they reached their new apartment on the fourth floor near the futuristic ice machine. Everything was equal parts elegant and practical; the floors were padded with waterproof luxury carpet and the furniture looked easy to clean but was composed of high-quality plastics. A curtained transparent aluminum window showed a breath-taking view of the bustling city below.

The apartment came with a tiny kitchenette, two bedrooms, and a living room with a plushy couch that Flora immediately collapsed on after shedding her outer clothes. "Ummmm..." her tongue lolled happily and her chest rose up and down, covered only in her bra. "Maybe we should just order room service tonight...I think I'm too comfy to go to dinner right now..."
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marita took off her shirt tossing it aside ' hmm. room service .. can wait she said as she climbed onto the couch next to Flora..' Because' she grinned. " you and i are going to be a bit busy' maritas dark red lips parted in a smile and she looked at Floras dark red lips' playing tonmsil hockey. she suddenly leaned in and kissed Flora on the lips, feeling the folfs soft lips locked with hers. Maritas breasts bounced against Flora and the girls began settling into the kiss.
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Flora's eyes went wide as Marita and climbed on top of her. "Oh!" She returned the kiss happily, reaching over and unclasping Marita's bra so her breasts could hang free. Fondling her excitedly, Flora passionately stuck her tongue into her lover's mouth. "Mmmm..." Within seconds, her underwear wasn't doing a very good job of hiding her excitement.
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marita reacted to Flora taking off her bra by reaching under the flof and unhooking her bra in return. she began to masages Floras tongue with her own vigorously, moaning softly as she did it. with her left hand she tossed Flora bra and with her right began to caress Floras right breast. she moved her body slighly so she was directly over Flora feeling the folf's panties slide against her thigh as she diod so. Marita kissed Flora passionately with her mouth open, nibbling slightly on Floras lips as the kiss became more passionate.
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Flora panted excitedly as Marita fondled her and reciprocated with all her energy. Grasping Marita's pants, she unbutton the waist excitedly and slid them down to the Great Dane's knees. Hands trembling, she rubbed Marita's inner thighs and spread her own, sinking deeper into the plushy recesses of the couch.
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Marita broke the kiss briefly and slid her pants entirely off, revealing her panties to Flora " good, you're enjoying this. I owed  you  after all from that bet in Lanthae. so, now you'll get to have what you said you wanted back then. Your balls in my mouth. Course, here i'll be doing so willingly. VERY willingly' Marita smirked as she took off Floras soaked panties, revealing the folfs erect penis.' well well someone is very excited. But first.. " Marita put her lips to Floras left breasts and began to suckle her.
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"You're going to...?" Flora could hardly believe her ears. Before she could digest what Marita was about to do, the older woman was stimulating her again and she moaned in surprise. Arching her back as Marita suckled her, Flora presented herself completely to her lover, allowing her to do whatever she wanted.
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Marita suckled on both of Floras breasts, using her let claws to stroke floras tail and squueze her butt ' mmm. soft and squishy' marita murmured as she moved to floras right breast.' you've got nice tits too, dear Flora.. i'm going to enjoy having you in me.. Marita felt the folf getting more and more excited with each stroke each kiss- marita spaced out her suckling with some kisses , kissing flora passionately on the lips.
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Flora returned the kiss, chest heaving with sensitivity at the amount of attention Marita was giving it. "Mmm, keep talking dirty to me..." she purred, grasping Marita's buttocks and pressing her whole body against hers. Running her fingers up the Great Dane's flanks, she savored the sweat-soaked fur running through her fingers. After so many years of never being close to anyone, this was more than she ever could have dreamed for...
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marita began micving her mouth down floras front passet her lips leaving a trail of kisses as she did so. she kissed both breasts then continue moving diw tqwwards floras privates which were now hard to the touch.. you.. ready?' she grinned her face close to floras nethers, the smell pugent yet arousing..' i take you've never done this before. after i do this. you have to do it to me' marita said pointing to her vagina.
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"I have to...oh!" Flora was currently too turned on to devote much brainpower to the prospect of anything after the imminent blowjob, but she still marveled at the prospect of getting to reciprocate. She'd always been extremely open to providing sexual favors, even if life had always found a way for nothing to ever come to fruition, but she couldn't help but worry that she'd do a bad job due to lack of experience. "Okay!" she exclaimed excitedly. "I can't wait!"
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marita pressed her lips to flora's nethers feelning the folf tense beneath her.  marita let he musk waft over her running her hands over floras butt, and she began to 'blow' flora, sucking lightly , then harder, her mouth opening wider and wider to close more and more around floras member. marita moaned as she ' stimulated flora.
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Flora let out a low moan, arching her back and tensing her muscles. The feeling was incredible, and as the friction continued rhythmically she felt herself get more and more excited. Marita was bringing her a world full of pleasure, and before long she felt her climax threatening to burst. "If...if you keep this up," she panted through ragged breaths, "...I'm gonna cum!"
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marita pulled away and off of flora, leaving  the folf to slowly unclimax. ' you dont come until  you and i are one ' she smirked. ' now.. its your turn to whet your appetite' she said getting off of flora and lying down on her back. ' your turn to be on top too ' she s added
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Flora moaned turgidly when Marita's stimulation stopped and she felt her release slip away. "O-okay..." Rolling over with a wince, Flora took a deep breath and slid her tongue into Marita's inner folds. Running her tongue along the inner walls, she massaged the outside with her thumbs and marveled at how deep her tongue could go.
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Marie and Rose entered the apartment and smiled as they saw Marita "busy" with Flora. not wishuing to disturn the pair, rose went into the kitchen to make herself and Marie some food." marie was dgging out bread from the pantry.
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Flora felt the older woman tense up with each lap. She stretched her tongue as far as it went and  noticed with surprise that it was angled a lot more downward than she’d always expected. How have all those pornos prepared me so little for this?

After some time, she switched to a figure eight pattern, and decided to start exploring. Trailing her tongue up Marita's abdomen, Flora rubbed her fingers along the stomach before finding her way to Marita's breasts. She felt an excited thrill when she brushed the dog's nipples with her lips, giving them her mouth's full attention.

She was so preoccupied massaging Marita's breasts that it was several minutes before she realized with a flash of shock that her flytrap was pressed tenderly between Marita's legs...
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marita tensed as Flora entered her then she leaned forward to grab flora by the face and pull her into a steamy liplock. marita forced her tongued deep into floras mouth and held the kiss as they settled into the lovemaking ' inwardly she was thining flora was doing pretty good for her first time ever doing this. a prono, this was not. then again marta never watched those anyway.
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Flora gasped, eyes widening as her brain caught up to what her body had already figured out. She barely registered as Marita's lips connected with hers, so focused was she on what was happening downstairs. "Mmmph!" she yelped in surprise, faltering for only a single thrust before plowing ahead. Her eyes drew themselves to Marita's bouncing breasts.

It didn't take long at all. "Marita...!" she tried to pant, but Marita's tongue in her mouth rendered her words unintelligble. I'm already about to blow! she thought in a panic, How do I stop??? With little to no chance of stopping herself, she hoped Marita was okay with how little time had passed before the folf stiffened up and groaned passionately as her climax coursed through her in a wave of pleasure.
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Marita moved under Flora so the folf was fully inside her, and it wasnt long before she felt a warm rush as the inexperieced girl peaked. marita broke the kiss briefly 'don't be upset.  this is a learning exoerience. we have all night for me to teach you ' she said locking lips with Flora again and climing on top of her, moaning slightly as she did so.
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Flora gulped for air, her body shivering with emotions as her peak subsided. Wrapping her arms tightly around Marita, she hugged her as hard as she could while the dog climbed on top of her. "This is so awesome..." she gasped, eyes shimmering with tears. "Getting to finally be so close to experience a genuine physical's everything I've always dreamed of..."

She pressed her face into Marita's chest. "Thank you...for everything..."
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well, you're welcome ' Marita said holding Flora to her breasts. ' i'm glad you are enjoying this, because i am too. Romps are fun, and i'm guessing you havent had many of those>'
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Flora shook her head in confirmation (and to get some free marshmellow hell while we she was there.) "I really haven't..." she replied, smiling. "Before I met you three, I've only had one experience I'd classify as a romp." Her eyes lit up in memory. "Maybe I could tell you three about it over dinner..."
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or you could tell me while  we finish our romp ' marita said kissing her passionately. ' so, flora.. talk to me about yourself..' she panted between kisses.
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"Oh, it's too long a story for that," panted Flora back, wrapping her lips around Marita's and pressing her fingerpads into her lover's breasts. "What would you even want to know about me? I've told you everything..." Except about Flora's psionics, and already she was wondering how she was going to keep that a secret forever. After all, they were currently living in a facility that wants to test her precisely because of said psionic abilities, it wasn't hard to imagine that circumstance could reveal her darkest secret to those she loved most. "Before I met Emilena in Corona, I lived by breaking into cars and driving them to new towns until the gas ran out. I'd usually buy fast food with money from the glove compartment and I'd shower at truck stops. I'm lucky I never got arrested..."
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everything. my dear flora. if you are going to be in a relationship with me. you have to tell me about what happened prior. also you;re going to have to identity as fully lesbian, becauses thats what i am. now a personal question. you have the organs of a male in addition to those pf a female, i, of course have fe,ale parts. thus the possibility is there for us to have children. i ask you, my beautiful folf... do you want to have kids? of course i'd be the one to have to birth them..but' marota smiled ' i wouldnt mind that at all.
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"Fully lesbian?" Flora mulled over. "I always was kinda bisexual though..."

And then her eyes went wide when Marita asked the next part. "Kids???" Her flytrap, which had been inching its way back into the warm embrace of Marita's thighs, retreated into its sheath at record speed. "H-have children? Wow, that's--I--really--sudden for a second date, you know?" she stammered. "I--having babies...uh, could I even have kids? My biology's so messed up, I'm not even sure if I'm fertile." At only seventeen, Flora had always been too concerned with getting laid to ponder on the biological ramifications of being successful. "I think I'd ask to have the doctors here whether that's even possible!" she blurted. "Before we plan anything. So, um, question I probably should have asked earlier..." she grinned nervously, "Are you three...on any birth control?"
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girls cant get other girls pregnant. we lack the plumbing for that. so no we're not on  birth control, because since we bang each other, theres no risk of pregnancy. we do have protection against STDs though. we're all clean of that. i trust you are clean as well? marita said.
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"Oh yeah, I'm clean," Flora assured her, still hung up a little about Marita's chosen rationale for not needing birth control. "I was a virgin, you know. Not a lot of opportunities to pick things up, unfortunately." She stretched her arms and shifted her position so Marita was spooning her backside instead of her crotch. "Say, are you hungry?" she asked digressively, "Cause I'm super starving after that workout."

With her attention finally off Marita for a moment, she became aware of the ample fluid stains causing the couch cushions to cling to their fur. "Oh man, we made a serious mess of this upholstery..." She bit her lip as she observed the damage. "Hopefully they do daily cleanings...and don't bill us..."
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i'm sure they have vaccums in here that we could use to clean up ' marita said.' if you're finished ' then go clean yourself off. just dont take more than 10 minutes because i newed to get cleaned too.' Marita said. i'll vaccuum while you go get cleaned up..
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"Okay!" smiled Flora, skipping towards the bathroom. Her heart was pounding in her chest and unable to shake a feeling of foreboding ever since the end of the conversation. She'd needed a break from the lovemaking just to digest this new direction their relationship had taken.

She had been extremely startled by the kids question; the possibility had literally never entered her mind. She practically still considered herself a kid, having lived only 17 years and without ever holding a job or having any sort of responsibility. Was she ready to have kids? Could she even take care of kids considering her financial situation? And whether her mental answer was yes or no, the fact remains that she just blew a load right in the babymaker, and Marita is showing no indication of not wanting the baby if nature takes its course...

She became aware that she was in the kitchen, having taken a wrong turn due to not knowing the layout of this sizable apartment. "Oh, uh, hi gals!" she beamed, face flushing red as she realized she wasn't exactly presentable at the moment. But while she was here... "Hey, do you mind if I ask you both a question?" She lowered her voice so it didn't carry into the living room. "Where do you two stand exactly on the topic of...having children?"
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have a seat flora ' marie said as she entred the kitchen
 we;ve made sandwiches. i'm sure tyour hungry.' as flora asked her quesgtion her faces narrowed in though ' kids, well thats not really come up.. i've always preferred other girls and kid making wasnt a possibility.but .. you have both male and female parts so you could 'father' a child..
 well if you want to have kids, with one of us.. well you'll need to earn an income. kids arent cheap.. at all. try many hundreds of thousands of creds, if not into the millions." Rose said. but i'd be fine with having kids with you ' rose said.
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Flora sat down and took a sandwich. "You all keep saying I have male and female parts, but I don't have a vagina," she reminded. "I was born male and have never had any surgeries, so my body hasn't changed in THAT way."

She bit into her sandwich. It was delicious but she couldn't place the meat. "I'm only asking because Marita mentioned she wanted kids with me." She looked Marie and Rose in the eyes. "Is it true none of you are on birth control? Is that safe? I'm glad you all see me as a girl, but my manhood IS fully-functioning."
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you hasve fully functioning breasts and identify as female, yet have a male package, thus you have both ' Marie said.
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"I breasts might be fully functioning..." Flora blushed. "I don't actually know, never having had kids to...well you know..."

She shifted uncomfortably. "But on the topic of unwanted pregnancies, my, uh, male part is kinda the more pressing concern. If we're going to keep having sex, are you girls planning on taking any birth control?" She glanced out the door at the living room. " Marita?"


There was a light knock on the front door, too quiet for the girls in the kitchen to hear.

"Hello!" smiled a skirted receptionist clerk when the door opened. She was different from the one they'd met in the lobby. She handed Marita an unmarked envelope. "This is Miss Flora's testing schedule for tomorrow. Dr. Ven Der Merwe insists that she must be punctual in reaching the indicated stations, but tell her not to be shy asking for directions if needed!"
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will do ' marita said taking the envelope. she had only opened the dood enough so the clrk could see her face and so she could grab the envelope. " i'll see to it she gets there on time. have a goof evening.' she shut the door bhind the clerk as she left.
 naturally we will use birth control, to avoid unwante pregnancy. Marita as well. the only time we would stop is if we were trying to have a baby.' Rose said.' so starting now, we will start going on borh control. of course that doesnt eliminate entirely the possibility of pregnancy.
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"That's true, but you could always get an abortion worst case scenario," shrugged Flora. She helped herself to a second sandwich. She looked behind her as she saw Marita coming for the kitchen. I wonder if they even sell morning-after pills in this country...

"Hi Marita! Come grab something to eat!"  she smiled.
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Abortions? are you nuts?' Marie exclaimed " No, if one of us gets pregnant by you, we're KEEPING it!
_ Abnortions are out Flora' rose said shaking her head." so put that put of your head. If I get pregnant, I'm keeping the baby.
 got a package fir you Flora Marita said "Directions for testing and a schedule fir tests. you need to be punctual as well' Marita said, going over and starting to make herself a sandwich.' Go get yourself cleaned up' she said to Flora. We'll discuss it after your shower.
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"Okay, no abortions!" Flora agreed, alarmed at the degree of protest the suggestion elicited. Grateful for the chance to change the subject, she quickly took the envelope and opened it. "Hmm, tomorrow begins with a 'circulatory and muscular systems baseline assessment' at..." the hairs on the back of her neck prickled, "...9am...crap what time is it?"

The kitchen clock noted that 9 am was in seven hours. "Yikes, they aren't fooling around," she muttered, exiting for the shower without further ado. "I need to get to bed or I'm going to be exhausted for my first day of tests..."
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Ten minutes later, Flora returned from the shower with her hair in a towel and her fur looking frizzy.

"So I just noticed," she grinned coyly, "that there's only two beds. We're gonna have to double up, who wants to be my cuddle buddy for the night?"
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I will' Rose said "i hope you dont mind if i sleep in the nude Flora ' she said , a grin on her face.
 fine i'll share with marie after i Get out of the shower. Marita said going into the bathroom.
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Flora's eyes lit up. "Sounds good to me!" She couldn't help but stare at Rose's curves, imagining what it must feel like to press her face into those breasts while warm under the covers. Flora had always fantasized of large-breasted women, and of the three girls Rose was the most well endowed.

"So long as you're okay with me being naked too," she said over her shoulder with a smile, exiting for the bedroom. "I'll be in bed getting comfy..."
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Girl, i'm used to seeing girls naked. comes from being a former stripper. you see lots of tits and packages, and more than a few times those are on the same customer. you're not the first girl packing both guns, as we say in the business, that i've seen. those girls tipped well too, because they liked having a fling wth someone who wasnt flipping at at their member. if i hadnt been badly hooked on biproxytol at the time. i likely still would be doing that. biproxytol is not a drug you want to get addicted to, lets just say that ; Rose said getting into bed with Flora.
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"Mmm, you lucky girl..." purred Flora, snuggling closer to Rose under the covers. She pressed as much of her body as she could into Rose's soft curves. "I wish I'd had that many lovers...of all shapes and sizes..."

She wasn't particularly interested in being subtle; already her hands were getting very grabby and her body was shuddering with excitement.  "Do you ever miss getting to be so sexually active with so many people?" she asked. "A new person every night...sometimes multiple...?" Flora's hands bushed Rose's ample chest. "All the partners you could ever want..."
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we had to have protection, of course ' rose said stroking floras butt and tail. didnt want any stds or pregnancies on the clock. we didnt have insurance for that sort of thing. sand truhfully i was drugged up most of the time. its not a job you can do for 40 years, once you get past 35, they dump you for younger models..' rose reached over and pulled out a condom and worked it onto floras member ' don;'t want to run any risks from our flng, now do we' she smirked.
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Flora's eyes lit up as Rose brought up protection before she had to. "No, we don't," she agreed, climbing on top of Rose and pressing their lips together. For some reason, she felt way more comfortable taking charge with Rose. Maybe it was the older woman's level of experience; after having so many lovers, Flora knew there was little she could do wrong that Rose wouldn't have seen before.

Her pawpads pressed into Rose's breasts and her whole body relished the feel of Rose's skin. She trembled at delight from the feel of Rose's hand on her butt. "I think you'll be beautiful even after 35," she panted, taking only a breath's break from the kiss. "You're gorgeous..."
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When Rose didn't resist, Flora slid her member in between her legs, groaning softly. For some reason Rose was a lot warmer than Marita was, and the soft bed and fluffy blankets only made the experience better.

Flora was also able to last a lot longer. Smiling unashamedly, Flora pressed herself against Rose and thrust away. She was too sleepy to really register the passage of time, but somehow that added to the dreamlike quality of their lovemaking.
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rose kissed flora passionately as they made love, drawing moans from the folf as roses dark red lips locked with floras dark red lips continouosly. rose suddenly flipped flora onto her back and climbed on top.. rose softly ran her claws along floras back then moving to her front.
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Flora panted heavily as Rose took things to the next level, increasing the pace and speeding up their thrusting rhythm. Flopping obediently over as Rose took control, the folf stretched her arms and let her tongue languidly loll out of her mouth limply as she felt Rose's hands play along her body. The blankets clung to her sweat-slicked fur and the friction was sending her nerves into overdrive.

Suddenly she felt it building up within her, the tightly-coiled sensations of release bubbling up through her abdomen and sending all of her muscles contracting. Unlike with Marie and Marita, Flora ignored it and merely continued enjoying the sex. She neither tried to achieve the coming orgasm nor delay it, and to her immense satisfaction this caused the buildup phase to prolong itself, simmering just under the surface until Rose's thrusts drew it out of her. With one final moan Flora had the longest climax of her life.

"Ohhhhh man..." Flora locked her knees instinctively when it was over. "Don't tell the others..." she muttered weakly, "but you were far and away the best..."
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well ' rose smiled ' i've been doing this sort of thing for're good, for someone who hasnt had much sex. very soft kissable lips- the redder the lips the more kissable they are- good sized tits, and you've got a decent sized pecker. not the biggest one i've had in me, but a nice size. now, for a cool down period. i'm going to kiss you in the lips, and hold it for awhile. you wanna french m,e. thats fine, whatever cools you down afterwards. now.. here we go. ' rose reached out, grabbed floras face and pulled her face close to her and kissed her fully and firmly on the lips.. for now.. Rose kept her nmouth closed as the liplock started. she would open it only i response to Flora.
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Flora happily returned the kiss. She enjoyed the cooldown period greatly, letting her heart rate return to normal and just enjoy the sensation of her body pressed against Rose's. She didn't stick her tongue in Rose's mouth, simply because it seemed too much work for such a relaxing afterglow.

"Your breasts are the largest I've ever gotten to touch..." she whispered excitedly, running her fingers along Rose's cleavage to prove her point. She hadn't even pulled out yet; even her flytrap was relaxed and enjoying the warmth.
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i've touched bigger breasts than mine' Rose saod softly kissing Flora again on the lips. yhe was a slight gush as their bodies untangled, and rose gently slid her tongue into Floras mouth and lovingly massaged the folfs tongue with her own. Rose had enjoyed the lovemaking, she thought flora, woth more seasoning would make a fine lover for her. Rose enjoyed romps with marita- for obvious reasons- and Marie- but Flora offered many new possibilities.
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"Lucky..." murmured Flora sleepily. With Rose on top and taking more control, Flora was finding her brain less and less conscious. Without even noticing, her eyes were closing, her muscles were relaxing and the sensations of being pressed against Rose were slipping away to the similar contented feelings of a relaxed dreamscape.
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RoSe kissed flora euntil she was certain that the girl wasnt actually awake then she pulled away to the other side of the bed, to give the folf space to sleep.
She was soon asleep as well
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Flora didn't remember dozing off, but her next conscious thought was the apartment phone ringing in a polite but shrill jingle. Groggily crawling over Rose, Flora awkwardly grabbed the receiver and mumbled a confused hello.

"Good morning, Miss Flora." The warm but authoritative voice of Dr. Van Der Merwe filtered through. "I apologize for disturbing your sleep, but it's 9:30. They're waiting for you in the circulation lab..."

Flora's eyes flew open. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" she stammered. "I'm on my way over RIGHT NOW!"

"Well, don't hurt yourself in your rush," the doctor advised, but Flora had already leaped out of bed. Looking around the room wildly, she located her clothes in the living room and hesitated before putting them on. They were dusty, stained, and had been purchased for five dollars from a pawn shop. She'd literally make a better impression in a Sartonic bathrobe until she could buy new clothes.

Seconds later she dashed into the hall wielding the instruction pamphlet and clad in a fluffy white robe adorned with the Sartonic logo on the breast.

Several minutes later, she reached the circulation lab and, huffing and puffing, dragged herself through the door.

GOOD MORNING , greeted a robotic voice; Flora couldn't tell if it was automated or just heavily filtered. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CLOTHING AND ATTACH THE NODES ACCORDING TO THE DIAGRAM .

It was referring to two printouts of a genderless human's front and backside. A number of circular sticky nodes were sitting on a small table beside a large treadmill, and Flora did her best to place them on her body to match the image.


Flora was not in the mood to do more running, so her steady and manageable pace was pretty pathetic, but nevertheless after fifteen minutes the voice seemed pleased. It ran her through several other basic exercises, from push-ups to jumping jacks to cherry pickers. Then a television turned on and a smiling female trainer demonstrated different yoga poses for her to hold.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH , the voice finally affirmed, as Flora left downward dog for the last time and dragged her sweaty self off the mat. THE CIRCULATION BASELINE TESTS ARE COMPLETE. SHOWERS ARE AVAILABLE TO THE LEFT, PAST THE BATHROOMS. WHEN YOU ARE READY, PLEASE PROCEED TO LAB 31 FOR YOUR HORMONAL EXAM.

The shower was public, but luckily it was empty when Flora took hers. She wondered what sort of folk she'd see if she were ever to walk in when someone was using it. She showered the bare minimum and left for Lab 31 as soon as possible; after starting off late she didn't want to keep whatever staff member was handling her physical waiting.

But even though she was prepared for anything, it was nothing short of abject shock that crossed her face when she walked in and saw who was waiting for her. "Kojurro???" she gasped, observing him in a Sartonic labcoat and a nametag. "What did you get here?"
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Kojurro smiled at her ' Flora! what a surprise! its a lonmg story. these guys found me lying in an alley, and treated me while running tests on my body. turns out  i have some weird disorder that stops the bleeding of cuts 5 times faster than a normal person. Odd that. so what bring you to Sartonic?' he smiled patting the open seat next to him.
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Flora swallowed her surprise, not wanting to look flustered in front of someone she'd known from before. "My story's pretty long too...Kalis captured us, and tortured me in his warship, but Lily saved me. Marita, Rose and Marie found me in the desert, and the four of us have been trying to get by ever since. Sartonic is interested in my psionic powers," she admitted. "See...I never told you guys this, but...I've always had the ability to alter my appearance as it grows in. It's why my fur is such a weird color. "

She looked at his outfit. "Did they hire you? Cause they're treating me like a lab rat. Not that I'm complaining, of course; they've been super hospitable, some testing is a small price to pay. Speaking of which, how are we going to do this..." she read her printout of today's tests "reproductive system analysis anyway?"
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as an intern yes . its a job, and in 2 months i'll become full time kojuuro said ' as fr your testing it will involve taking samples of your semen. theres a girl who volunteered to assist you in that. you'll have to kiss her until you release enough semen for us to analyze. after that. we'll measure the size of your privates, and check to make sure they are healthy.' Kojuuro said.
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Flora's pupils dilated. "I...uh...okay," she stammered, flushing furiously red. "I'm, uh, ready than you are." She tried to smile nonchalantly but her mind was still spinning. "And, uh, when she is. What's her name?"
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Her name is " Kojuuro flipped through a sheet of paper " Emma, and shes an 18 year old vixen. Very pretty, and open-minded too. you'll be her first kiss, ever. So theres that as well. she;ll be here in 10 minutes.
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Flora sat down in the proffered bench nervously. "18? That's...almost my age..." She looked around the room nervously, wondering if she needed to hold a catching container or something. I think I'll just leave everything to them... she finally decided before opening her mouth and possibly saying something dumb. They're employees, they must be prepared to handle everything.

She couldn't help but wonder about Emma. As an eighteen-year old, she'll be the first time Flora had ever kissed someone also in the teens. For some reason this made Flora all the more nervous that she might embarrass herself, not the least reason of which being that she'd never met Emma before. It was going to be a rather intimate interaction for Flora's first impression...
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A few minutes later a yound red colored vixen entered the room. she  had bright green eyes pale red fur, an ample chest and the darkest red lips flora had ever seen." Hi, um. you must be Flora. I'm Emma, and well I'm supposed to um., Stimulate you. i think is how the doctor put it.. But Um.. I'd like to chat first, if thats ok with you ' she said.
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Flora's eyes widened, but she quickly recovered and kept her jaw from slacking open. "Um, er, hi! Yeah!" she said brightly, probably too chipper. Tone it down! "Yeah sure, we can talk! I'd love to talk!" She held out a shaking hand. "Hi, I'm Flora!" She already knows your name is Flora... her inner voice groaned. "Though you already knew that, didn't you?" she tried to recover, sweat pooling on her forehead and a toothy smile plastered on her face.
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i'll leave you two be ' Kojuuro said as he got up." Um.. Could we have a couple glasses of water. just to sip on while we talk" emma asked. ' sure, sure ' i'll see if we have bottled water if not i'll get some from the fountain. be right back."
 kojurro headed out the door  and closed it behind him.
_ so flora tell me a little bit about yourself ' i'm 18, just turned 18 last month in fact. i'm the youngest of 3, have two older brother Matt and Morris , Matts 4 years older morris is 3. i needed money so I could go to college.. and well the job description was vague. I've.. never kissed anyone, so i don;t know where i am on the spectrum sexually . i wont tell my parents the details, thats really my business.' emma said.
 A Nurse was showing marita marie and rose atround campus, each of the girls was holding a large brochure compl;ete with map ' we've been testing special clients here for more than 10 years..' the nure said ' marie was starting to tune her out , she sounded like a tour guide.
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"Wow, you're going to college?" breathed Flora. "That's so cool...I've always heard awesome things about college...drinking and partying all night." She couldn't draw her gaze away from Emma's face, especially her bright green eyes. "I, uh...never graduated any school myself...always been kind of off the grid."

Emma probably didn't need to know about the drug dealing, car stealing, or the laundry list of other crimes she committed while with Emilena's gang. Flora decided to switch gears and focus on her powers instead of her backstory. "I can change my appearance however I want just by thinking about it." She realized Emma would be expecting a demonstration. "It doesn't happen instantly, the new stuff has to grow in. That was how I became a girl though..."

Flora blushed. "Never kissed anyone, huh? Well, I hope you aren't expecting tips from me. I'm not super experienced myself, always been kinda unlucky..."
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so you've never been to school? did you start an apprenticeship somewhere or something Emma asked " i hear those pay good, but i wouldnt know.. and yeah i've never kissed a girl.. um.. if you'd like to go out something so we can do stuff together and maybe  kiss as normal people do. i'd be up for that..' emma shrugged.' yeah i'm trying to become a model, for clothes.. need a degree for it.
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"A clothes model? That's awesome!" Flora smiled. "Um, I used to do nude modeling for Corona U on the side. It was a nice supplementary income. It was probably the closest I've ever been to being in school too, come to think of it."

Her head was spinning. Was Emma...asking me out? It sounded like she just asked me out. "Yeah, I'd love to hang out and go places!" she exclaimed. "And kiss! As normal people do! Wait, would people around here be okay with that?" she suddenly amended. "Never heard great things about Arabia's acceptance on homosexuality."
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We're in Arabia, Western Iraq in be precise' Emma said " So you did nude modelling?  how long did you do that? Did you get asked out a lot? How was the pay? thats not something I'd.. um consider doing.. my girls are reserved for someone special, not just for anyone to ooogle or touch..' she said covering her chest with her arms.. ' so.. once we get done with this.. would you be free to do something.. we're pretty isolated here, and as long as we dont start french kissing openly in public i dont think people will care if we hold hands while in public.
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"No nobody asked me out while I was modeling, they were all older than me. College kids you know..." Flora replied. "I just took my clothes off and stood really still and they drew me, sometimes painted. They weren't supposed to interact or talk with me cause it might distract me from staying perfectly still."

She checked her schedule. "I've got some more tests later tonight, but after this one I have the rest of the afternoon off! We should totally do something after!" she smiled.
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so they just drew your body for art class. well a job is a job' emma shrugged ' hmm.. what sort of thing could we do? something fun.. Go for a hike a suppose.."
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"Mostly. Maybe a few videos here and there...but those weren't exactly university-sanctioned..." Flora fidgeted. "Oooh how about a swim?" she suddenly suggested, brightening up. "Is there a sauna or a pool? It's been so long since I had a good swim, and all this desert's got me missing the water more than ever."
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well there might be an oasis nearby, whether natural or manmade. Emma said.i'd be up for a swim ' she said ' arabia is murder of my fur, i've got all sorts of split ends ' she sighed. ' so how did you realize you had powers.. was it just something you were born with or..? i'm pretty normal, well i'm taller than my mom, and my moms pretty tall. for a girl that is..
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"You're not normal, you're drop dead gorgeous!" Flora blurted out, then immediately turned an even darker shade of fuscia. ", I mean, to answer your question, it started when I was in an all-male boarding school. I was a grey wolf at the time, but I'd always wanted to be a vixen... then my body started responding to my inner desires and I slowly developed curves and lighter fur..." Flora bit her lip remembering the fear that had eclipsed that time. "It was terrifying. I got so scared that people would judge me, or hurt I just...ran away," she remembered. "Really far away. I never saw anyone from my old life again." She forced out a casual chuckle to pretend she'd fully recovered from the old history. "Puberty's a bitch, huh?"

She listened as Emma spoke about her mother. "So you've really never kissed anybody?" Flora asked. "I mean, no offense but you're a  bombshell. Guys must have been crawling all over you."
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Ii.. well wasnt one of the popular girls at school. i was a late bloomer.. here ' Emma pulled out a picture that showed a teenage vixen about 15 , with large braces a flat chest and a thin shirt- and showd it to Flora.'that's me from 3 years ago. I was.. well I was forced to join band instead of cheerlead. that should tell you how i was in the looks department. you're beautiful.. i mean 3 years ago someone like you would have never given me the time of day. I've only grown into this is rally the past 3 months or so. You.. were able to literally change yourself, from a wolf to a fox! you were able to do.. well what every teenagers wants! To change how they look! you were able to do that.. to change from a guy .. to a girl..You ever think about changing back to a guy wolf?' Emma asked.
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"I tried!" confessed Flora. "Right at the beginning, I fought my transformations as hard as I could!" She sighed. "But I had no control, so they kept operating off of my secret desires, ignoring how inappropriate their timing was. Nowadays I can control it a lot more, but there still needs to be an element of desire. And I don't ever want to look like my old self again." She smiled. "I like new me."

She continued on the subject of Emma. "So, you weren't a loner by choice? You're a sight for sore eyes now, how have you restrained yourself the last three months? Is that why you've grabbed such an...intimate...sort of job? It's just weird that a nurse who kisses people for sperm donations has never been kissed."
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well I didnt KNOW this gig would entail playing tonsil hockey with another girl!' Emma said a bit flustered' "I just thought, maybe that I would have to help , test your reflexes or something like that. nope I have to let you stick your tongue down my throat until we can test your ' equipment'  I only found out you'd be the one I'd be assisting last evening.. very last minute switch you see. originally my first kiss would have been with a yak from South America, but he left the program 2 days ago so they switched .. and.. i need the money. model school isnt cheap. but , well you're really attractive, and you've got magic powers, so in many ways I got lucky."
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"Pfft!" Flora giggled, "if those were really your options, I guess you did get lucky!"

She leaned forward. "I'd say I'm pretty lucky too..." her eyes twinkled, "otherwise I bet I'd be snogging Kojurro right now, and you're a hell of a lot cuter!" She slid her robe off so it draped on the back of the bench. "Guess we should get this going..." she tried to say nonchalantly, even though her heart was racing, "we shouldn't keep Kojurro waiting too long..."
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JKojuuro entered the room a few seconds later, carrying two large cups of water ' sorry t be so later girls had to find a bubbler that was working..' he said before seeing Floroa unrobed " Er.. I'll. just set these down here and dim the lights so you girls have some privacy.. the tube over there is for catching the sample. just stick it on there once she;s stimulated dully.' i'll be back in an hour..' he said setting the water down and heading back out..
 uh.. keeping your robe on please.. i wanna do this step by step, if thats ok Emma said blanching as she saw Floras breasts exposed.
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Flora paled when Kojurro appeared and Emma asked her to put her robe back on. "O-okay!" she stammered, face paling with embarrassment. She scrambled to dress herself and almost dropped the robe in her haste. "Sorry, sorry!" she squealed with embarrassment to the vixen. After so much time with Rose, Marie, and Marita, she'd forgotten that normal people were less okay with nudity. "Um, er, I...will just let you say when things begin from now on..." she apologized in a small voice, filled with shame.
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its ok. i just wasnt expecting you to show me your goods right off the bat.. thats not something i was Expecting Emma Said " I mean. We'll be showing each other mostr of ourselves. have to, if we want to get that sample. so.. lets chat a little more, and then i'll kiss you. just a regular kiss, no tongue, at least right away..'
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"That's okay...I shouldn't have done that..." Flora blushed, still beet-red and unable to meet Emma's eye. "I've never really been with 'normal' people, I'm pretty uncultured. Living off the grid you know...don't know any manners at all...but I won't do it again, promise."
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Its alright. you didn't know any better' emma said kindly. ' we all make mistakes. so. i'm guessing you still have male parts. i'mm guessing your transformation to girls wasnt complete..
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"Well, no I mean, there's only so much you can do when you're tweaking yourself from the inside, no surgeries or anything," Flora chuckled, relieved for the subject change. "Biologically I'm still completely male, just...curvier. But I'm okay with that, I more enjoy being treated like a girl when I'm walking around in public with clothes on, you know? The male role's pretty fun in the bedroom. Though it's a large part of my lack of success in that department," she admitted.

She bit her lip. "That doesnt...bother you, does it?" she asked tentatively. "I've met a lot of people who weren't okay with it."
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you're not completely a guy though. normal guys dont have fully functioning breasts' emma pointed out. ' Guys have no breasts and a pecker. girls have breasts and no pecker. so.. you;re a girl, with both male and female sexual organs. hermaphrodite, in other words. i take it you like being treated as a girl etter, so for simplicitys sake, we'll say you're a girl. which would making the kissing we are going to do same sex- lesbian to precise. so.. you want to touch tongues pbefore we start kissing. you stick out your tongue i stick out mine and we rub them together. i'd.. like to try it out if thats ok. only ru;le is. no trying to slip your tongue in my mouth.well until I say you can.' emma said..
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Flora realized the kissing was about to start, and eagerly nodded. "Okay! Sounds great!" She acquiescently stuck her tongue out. It felt kinda awkward, letting it hang there in open empty space, but she kept her eyes closed and tried to find some romance in the anticipation. Remember she's a professional...don't worry about looking embarrassing, it's not like you've been remotely suave up to now...
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Emma crossed over to the bench and sat down next Flora, and smoothed out her thin prink dress. As she did so she saw Flora close her eyes and stick outt her tongue. emma took a deep breath turned her body to face flora and leaned in close.  Floras face grew closer and  her pink tongue stuck out from those dark red lips, as Emma lips came with range of Floras, Emma stuck out her tongue, at first Emmas tongue just lightly brushed floras sat the tips, but as Emma moved in closer, her tongue made full contact. this was not a tongue lashing as seen in some film, it was a nervous slow uncoordinated tongue kiss from two really inexperienced girls, they were actually licking each others face far  more than they wre touching tongues. Unlike Flora Emma kept her eyes open
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Flora jumped slightly when their tongues collided. Emma wasn't forceful or controlling like Rose and Marita were; she almost seemed as awkward as Flora was. Flora remembered that this was Emma's first kiss; with a jolt of shock she realized that she was actually more experienced than her partner for the first time.

But still, Emma had been very clear that things moved at her pace, so Flora kept her tongue submissively reacting to Emma's, and her hands stayed by her side. She made sure not to do anything to prevent Emma from progressing at her own pace.
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as the tongue lashing continued Emmas lips closed upon Floras. at the first contact( and soft brush) emmas tongue reteatd into her mouth anmd she made stronger contact, feeling Floras mouth againmst hers. Emma keep her left hand in her lap but her right moved to touch floras left arm. emma murmured as she settled into the kiss.
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Flora felt Emma progress to hand- and lip-contact, and acquiescently assumed a more active role in the kiss. She felt a subdermal thrill when Emma's hand brushed her arm and kept her lips pressed against Emma's, giving Emma complete unrestricted access to whatever part of Flora's body she wanted.
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emmas moved her arm up to Floras shoulder to brace herself , and began kissing flora passionately, as the kiss moved past a minute, Emmas mouth opened while nibbling on floras lips and her tongue slid briefly into floras mouth. realizing what was going on., emma took a deep breath and began to massage floras tongue with hers inbetween locking lips with her.
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Flora’s eyes flew open in surprise when Emma’s tongue entered her mouth. She quickly reciprocated, brushing her lips against Emma’s while still allowing the vixen to maintain control.

“Mmmmm…” she breathed, getting into the passion of the kiss. In a burst of emotion she almost got her hands into the action, but had to will herself to remain submissive. For a folf who let Marita, Rose and Marie dominate the flow of the lovemaking, she was having to remain surprisingly restrained with Emma. She was just getting hungry for the good stuff.
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After nearly 3 full minutes, emma finally broke away, Floras tongue slidings out of her mouth I.. Uh' her face grew redder as she realized what had just happened. not only had she just had her first kiss, she had also french kissed for the first time ' so.. um.. how did i do? for my first , I mean/ She asked Flora as Emma moved away from her and to give the folf a bit of personal space. Emma clasped her hands together in her lap.
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Flora panted loudly when the kiss broke. "You did awesome!" she beamed encouragingly. "Very receptive!" She genuinely did enjoy Emma's eagerness, not to mention the mental excitement at being Emma's first gave Flora her own motivation for the kiss to go well. "It's a shame you waited so long to start giving nookie, cause a lot of boys in your past missed out." She smiled crookedly, hoping Emma didn't think too hard about what she just said. "But its lucky for me, cause otherwise I wouldn't have been your first..."

She leaned forward. "If you're looking for tips, I think you should use your hands a lot more. Kissing is awesome,  but it's just one aspect of foreplay. You should focus on exploring your whole partner's body, not just the tongue." It was kinda exciting for Flora, being the knowledgeable partner for once.
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ALright' emma said nervously " this next kiss I'll.. touch your chest.. I suppose. um. third kiss we'll undress completely..after all i'm here to get a sample from you  . so.. here we go she said  leaning in and kissing Flora on the lips.
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Flora liked that idea, and excitedly returned the kiss, making sure not to seem too eager. She had to let Emma retain control after was interesting being with someone more insecure than the older women in the apartment. Flora wanted to make sure Emma had as good a first time as Rose had given Flora.
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Emma settled into the kiss and began to passionately masage Floras tongue with her own. Her hands moved up to the hem of Flora's robe and  began to untie the robe, gradually revealed the folfs breasts. once the breasts were partly visible Emma gradually began to caress them with her claws, feeling the soft, supple and warm breasts bebnath her claws. each passing second , a bond was forming between Emma and Flora, the king you form with a significant other.
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"Mmmmm..." Flora murmured happily, closing her eyes and letting Emma expose her. She relished Emma's touch; she had a gentle hesitance that none of the other girls had. "Mind if I reciprocate?" she asked during a short lull where they caught their breath. Her robe had draped lower and was hanging on her shoulders.
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Su-Sure' mma said nervousness in her voice. i -i hope i'm doing ok' she said as she ran her hand over Floras right breast.."I.. i think I'm enjoying this.. to tell you the truth.. I.. never thought i'd like kissing another girl.. as much as i'm enjoying kissing you..'
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Flora smiled and reached out to massage Emma's chest through her pink dress. Her fingers pressed into soft warm skin. Emma's breasts were springier than Flora's despite being much larger; Flora suspected it had something to do with living most of her life braless. "I never thought I'd kiss someone my own age," she whispered back, smiling, "you're probably the first teenager I've ever had as a real friend." Hands shaking, she slowly slid Emma's dress straps over her shoulders, letting her dress pool around her waist. Then she excitedly made to undo Emma's bra, excited to see her ample bosom in its full glory.
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emma helped flora work off her clothes, and worked off floras robe exposing floras breasts to her and he breasts to flora ' nice rack' she said 'good siz and softness' she said blushing.' i'm glad to have met you..' she said.
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"Not as nice as yours!" blushed Flora. She'd always thought her breasts were smaller than average, but Emma would never have that problem. Her chest was huge, rounded and perky despite being weighted down by gravity. Trembling with excitement, Flora clasped her hands around them and pressed her fingers into their soft skin. She re-engaged the kiss, enjoying the multiple points of skin-to-skin contact. Without a robe to hide it, her erection fully betrayed her enthusiasm; she hoped Emma wouldn't find it too odd.
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Emma threw her arms around Flora as the girls resumed kissing. Emma pressed her chestto Floras, and pinned Flora against the bench, emma began to ran he hands down floras back, feeling floras fur beneath her hands. she stroked floras tail feeling the folfs puffy tail through her fingers. she hadnt notices floras privates as she was busy snogging flora, emma placed her tongue as deep into floras outh as she could, and loked down at the folf and the makeout continued.
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Flora's hands trailed down to Emma's butt as the vixen pinned her against the bench. She was still consciously making sure her privates didn't rub up against Emma, since she wasnt sure if the girl would be pleased or disgusted by them, but otherwise Flora relished the feeling of their bodies pressing against each other.

She was amazed at how turned on she was right now; the anticipation of waiting for Emma to begin the "collection" act was tantalizing.
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After another minute' Emma broke the kiss and went over to collect the collection device. having done so,  she   came back over to Flora " This might sting a little ' it er.. shouldnt take more than a minute to fill' she said as she clamped on the device.
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"Eep!" Flora yelped in surprise when the device was attached; it looked like a long thin tube, hinged lengthwise when open, but at the moment it was clasped around her flytrap and rapidly venting the air out. She gulped nervously as the suction got tighter. "Errr, what happens now?" she stammered. "Do we need to turn it on or...?"
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its forcing you to release, by building up pressure.  course the pressure should already be there since i stimulated you' Emma said.' once you start filling it up, it shouldnt take more than a minute to fill." once its full, i'll slide it off of you.. and we're done.' She said.
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All of a sudden the device began vibrating, causing Flora to pant in surprise. The sensation was unlike anything she'd experienced before, very subdued but increasingly impossible to ignore. Like Emma explained, Flora felt her orgasm brimming slowly, building in intensity at an agonizingly slow rate, and she slowly degenerated into her embarrassingly high-pitched yelps, squealing pitifully as the machine worked its magic on her. She was sweating profusely and clutching Emma for support when her climax finally reached its brimming point, sending her muscles contracting and lasting almost a full minute before the machine beeped that it has obtained a full sample.

The vibration stopped and Flora instinctively crossed her legs tenderly. "Oh my god..." she murmured, resting her sweat-soaked head on Emma's shoulder. "That was...intense..."
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Emma renmoved the device and  slid a top over it as she did so Kojurro came back in ' good! you got the sample. i'll take that to the lab for testing ' He loked at his watch. ah you have 20minutes before the session ends . so if you want to spend some more time ' getting acquainted' you are free to do so.' he said as he carried the device out of the room. he closed the door behind him, and emma began getting dressed again.
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Flora slipped her robe back on. "I guess I'll see you soon," she smiled at Emma. "According to Kojurro's schedule, he needs to give me a physical after this. Do you know if there's a place I could buy a phone? Then we could reconnect at the Jacuzzi once my physical is over." She gave a sideways grin. "I'm glad you took my...unusual well as you did. Most people are surprised, or at least feel the need to comment on it, but you took it stride. Guess that's why you've got this job, huh?"
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theres a phone store on the second floor' emma said ' thats where i got my phone. decent price too. i. uh. didnt look at your member, i was focused on your face, which is very nice to look at. gawking at your member would have been awkward.
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"Fair enough", blushed Flora. She had shown no such restraint herself. "I'll check out the phone store. Thanks for everything Emma, super glad I got to meet you."

Flora wasn't sure how to keep her voice casual, and was hoping desperately not to make another embarrassing mistake as Emma was leaving. Is this what having a crush feels like?, she wondered to herself. Emma made her feel this weird desire, this longing to be accepted. It was something she'd never felt with Marita, Rose, and Marie. She wanted Emma to see her as an equal.
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well, we have a few minutes. you wanna makeout one more time? Emma Asked I'm up for it, if you like.' she blushed ' cause.. well i really enjoyed doing this with you.. and we do have 20minutes before you have to go to your next appointment.. ' oh.. ' she pulled out a pirece of paper and wrote on on it. i'm in room 113 floor5. and thats my number 353-177-9800/ so.. just give me a call when you wanna do something.
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Flora took the paper excitedly. She'd never gotten a girl's number before. "Sure!" she said excitedly. "Though you know you can't use your job as an excuse any more, since we're all done," she teased, before leaning over and resuming a new kiss with Emma. This time she was more forward since Emma seemed to be more comfortable with herself.
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emmas claws fund their way to floras breasts and as the kiss moved past a minute she began working off floras clothes. ' emma was enjoying the kissm, the feekll of her lips locked with floras the scrape of floras tongue against hers and the feel of her breasts pressd to Floras. emma was starting to consider flora and friend and not just because of the testing.
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Flora's eyes lit up as Emma stripped her robe off. Quickly moving to reciprocate, she dexterously unbuttoned Emma's shirt and bra and slipped them around her waist. Still making out passionately, she gauged that Emma was receptive to her advances and so she removed her dress entirely.

Before long, they were standing arms wrapped around each other with their clothes strewn in a wide pile around them. Flora felt herself wishing that the kiss could last forever.
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Emma massages Floras tongue with her own, their tongues moving back and forth into each others mouths, her hands wre pressed tightly to floras pink breasts feeling the folf .'flora.. when we go to my apartment.. i want you to have sex with me. as much as you like however you like..because flora.. this has been the most fun i've ever had i had no idea making out could be this much fun.. she whispered betwen the kiss ' i want .. more.. and you've been an xcellent partner so far..' emma then moved mouth down towards floras right nipple and began to lick her there with her tongue..
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Flora blinked excitedly, floored at Emma's offer. "I'll head up there as soon as Kojurro is done with me!" she whispered excitedly. Pressing her hands into Emma's buttocks, she pulled their bodies closer together. "I've also never had this much fun kissing someone..." she admitted. "I think I... really like you..."
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Hmm. Feelings mutual' Emma said and began to suckle vigorously at the folfs pink breasts. If you had told Emma a hour previously that she would  not only kiss another girl but fondle her breasts with her mouth, she would have looked at you like you were  from Mars. Yet.. here she was, fully naked with another girl, who was not only reciprocating her advances but had indicated a strong physical attraction to her.Emma felt Flora squeeze her tail, and a shudder ran through her.
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As their fooling around grew more intense, Flora grew bolder with exploring her lover's body. Reciprocating Emma's breastplay with some tongue action of her own, Flora also ran her fingers down Emma's flank and fondled between the girl's legs. "You get me so hot and bothered like this and I'm gonna have an embarrassing boner during Kojurro's physical," she teased jokingly.
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well, now we wouldn't want that.. now would we? Emma said betwen kissing floras breasts. emma moved her mouth up to floras and the dark rd lips locked together once more and emma pressed her body forecely against floras. emma felt her breasts bounce off flora and moaned as flora's member rested against her abdomen.' this.. is something i'm been looing for emma thought.. but... without another girl? Could i really be a lesbian?
- kojjurro entered, to find the girls making out in the mude on the bench' um.. sorry to break up the frenching, but flora you are due for your physical' he said tapping his clipbioard
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Flora smiled as Emma pressed closer. Emma had such an eager attitude, Flora loved how she felt like the vixen was just as excited as Flora to blaze new trails in her love life and mature into seasoned lovers.

Then she peeped in surprise when Kojurro entered the room just as suddenly and with the same unfortunate timing as last time. "Oh my, I'm sorry to keep you waiting doctor!" she exclaimed, standing up abruptly. "I guess I'll see you soon, Emma," she smiled warmly, migrating from the bench to the exam table which covered in a thin sheet of rolled hygienic paper.
Title: Around the Folf
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Emma got dressed again and straightened her headfur.. ' er.. yeah..i'll... i'll see you later Flora.. just call me once we're done and we'll go get something to eat.. or something.." she aded as she walked past kojuuro..'so , now that the job is done, when i will get the creds for doing this?' 2-3 days I think.' Kojuuro said' you agreed on 500 creds right/ 5000 creds, was what i was offered' Emma said "oh.. well i'm have to go check. but you should get your money in that time period. thanks for your help miss emma.
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"I'll let you know!" said Flora cheerily as Emma left. "So, what did this physical entail again?" She asked the doctor, quite pleased with herself that despite Emma turning her on so intensely, she'd managed to retain at least the dignity of being flaccid for her follow-up exam. "And you can start whenever you're ready, Kojurro..." she assured him.
Title: Around the Folf
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a general heal exam, testing your strength, weight and general health ' the doctor replied ' we'll start with your hearing..' he pulled out a box full of stethoscopes.' then check to see about your privates and chest.
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"Okay!" Flora acquiesced. When Kojurro started prodding various parts of her body with the stethoscope, she took deep inhales and exhales like she remembered doing as a kid for the doctor.
Title: Around the Folf
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good' the doctor said ' ears are clear of obstruction, tongue looks healthy, as do lungs' forgive me' he pinched her chest and felt it ' good' no lumps..' now for your scrotum ' he felt down there ' again, no lumps.. ' after 15 minutes he stopped ' a;tohht every loks like its in order..
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Flora shifted uncomfortably as Kojurro palpated her testicles for longer than she thought a doctor would need to locate any warning signs, but when he announced they were healthy she felt a wash of relief. It had been many years since she'd had a physical, the opportunity not really presenting itself while living on the fringes of society, so she was quite pleased to hear nothing had manifested since her youth. "Awesome," she grinned. "Sounds like I get a clean bill of health! Thank you Kojurro!"

She glanced at her robe. She now has a few hours break before her next test, and she was suddenly feeling very hungry. She resolved to obtain a cell phone and some food before heading upstairs to see Emma. "Is there anything else, or can I see you later?" she smiled at Kojurro.
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just need you to sign these pieces of ppr vreifying that these were tests you agreed to' Kojuuro said giving her two pieces of pa[per and a pen ' once you sign them, you'll be free to go..' he said.
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Flora signed them hastily. "See you later doctor!" she exclaimed happily, putting her robe back on and returning the the hallway. Her stomach had that hollow ache that sneaks up out of nowhere, and all she could think of was locating somewhere to get some fast food.

But to her surprise, her shortcut through the courtyard led her across Marita, Rose and Marie at the end of their tour. "Hi gals!" she beamed. "Say, can I interest y'all in some pizza?" she pointed at a small pizzeria with an outdoor patio. "It's such a beautiful day, we can eat outside and enjoy the sunshine!"
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On the patio of the pizzeria, a fox-esque figure sat, barely distinguishable beneath a set of odd, fitted metallic pieces and a dark, sleeveless robe. At Flora's exhuberant outburst, the figure's ears twitched a few times, and he looked up.
Huh... Never seen those girls before.  Wonder if they're the new arrivals I heard about yesterday...
He mused, getting up and walking over towards them casually...
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Flora saw a cloaked vulpine approaching them and waved in greeting. "Hiya!" she grinned. "My name's Flora. I'm new! Wanna join us for pizza?"
Title: Around the Folf
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The cloaked vulpine froze for a moment when Flora noticed him, ears flicking upright as he tensed briefly.
Okay.... So much for subtlety.  How should I play this... Okay, be cool, be cool Yu... Play it cool...
The cloaked figure smiled a little, walking over to the others.
"Oh, hi there, Flora.  A pleasure to meet you.  Name's Yurei.  But you can call me Rei.  And I'd love to, if it's okay with the rest of you guys"
He chuckled a little, smirking some.
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"Of course!" Flora beamed. "Let's go!"

She quickly led the way into the pizzeria, arguably terminating the conversation less politely than she could have, but she was famished and wanted to at least get the seating and ordering happening ASAP.

"Sit anywhere you'd like, darling," the waitress scribbled something in her notebook. "I'll be by to get your drinks in a jiffy, yeah?"

"Oh, I'm ready to order now! I'll have a large slice of vegetarian pizza please!" Flora piped up excitedly.

The waitress shrugged. "Alrighty." She glanced at the others, in case they were ready to order before even sitting down as well.
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Marita motioned to Yurei to take a seat at the stall first ' Hi Rei. I'm M.arita this is rose" rose smiled at him' and Marie. Flora here is our new roommate. full of energy, and very eager. comes with being a teen." she then turned to the waitress 'Ii'll have a diet coke if you have it, but as for pizza i'll need a few minutes to look at the menu..-
 rose took a seat across from Flora, and set the brochures that she had picked up as part of the tour of the facility, down on the table in front of her.' she grabbed one pf the pizza menus and began looking through it.
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Yurei sat down next to Flora, casually flicking a menu open.  
"I'll have some mint tea, if you have any.".
He said to the waitress, leaning back in his chair.
"So, haven't seen you ladies around before.  I presume that you just got here recently."
He chuckled, glancing around a little...
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"Drink for you, miss?" the waitress turned to Flora.

"Hmmm, ooh yeah how about something stiff." Flora glanced at the menu but was not able to immediately locate the drinks. "What's the strongest thing you got?"


"K, that'll do!" Flora turned back to Yurei as the waitress left to grab their drinks. "We got here super recently, just yesterday in fact! Hardly even know my way around. Already took my first tests though, and I'm loving what I've seen so far! This apartment and this gig was really a lifesaver;" she smiled sincerely. "We were in a bad place. What about you? Are you a test subject here?"

She hoped he said yes; she hadn't seen another test subject, and would love a chance to talk to someone going through the same thing as her. She resolved to try and become this person's friend.
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this isnt 20 questions, Flora' Rose said ' let him get a word in edgewise' she laughed . ' Yes we are new to this town ' she said " we've moving from town to town, trying to find jobs.
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Yurei chuckled a little, raising an eyebrow at Flora.  
"Bad place, huh?  Guess it's a good thing you made your way here.  After all, the world would be a lesser place without such lovely ladies in it"
He joked, then seemingly faded and fell through his seat, disappearing for a moment before seeming to pop out of the ground behind Rose and Marita, then repeating the trick and appearing behind Flora.
"Am I a test subject here?  Well, I suppose you could put it that way"
He said coolly...
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"Eep!" gasped Flora in surprise when appearing behind her. "Holy crap that is so cool!" Her mind filled with questions and she had to mentally restrain herself from launching into an excited interrogation; as Rose had warned her, now was merely the time for initial pleasantries. She resolved to keep a lid on her natural curiosity to avoid intimidating potential friends.

The waitress returned with drinks. "Y'all need another minute to look at the menu?" she asked. Somehow Yurei's trick hadn't phased her; she'd been working here long enough to have witnessed the test subjects do plenty of weird things.
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Yurei chuckled, slipping back into his seat with a small smirk.
"It would be, if I could actually keep it under control and not have to wear a device to keep me from falling through everything.  Being able to wear clothes would be a nice change of pace, too."
He joked, then smiled at the waitress.  
"Chicken Alfredo pizza for me.  And whatever the ladies want, too.  I'll cover it"
He replied glibly...
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"Wow..." breathed Flora. "But it's so strong! Even if you don't have control over it, you're like an X-Man. I have the opposite problem; apparently I'm like, barely psionic, so I'm kinda lucky they're even interested in keeping me here."

She brushed the fur on her forearm. "My power is I can change my appearance, but it takes forever for the new look to grow in. We're talking months. But my pink fur, my body shape and...some other oddities...are all natural, I've never have any cosmetic surgeries or implants."
Title: Around the Folf
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Yurei cast an appreciative glance over Flora's body, grinning a little.
"So, that's all natural, hmm?  Well that's a pleasant surprise."
He joked, then, glancing around a bit, undid the upper chest of his cloak and pulling it open to reveal a large, black metal device implanted into the center of his chest, which pulsed faintly with red energy.
"See, you're lucky that your power is fairly minor.  You don't have to worry about it going awry and possibly killing you."
He said, closing his cloak and looking away...
Title: Around the Folf
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when did you get the implant? Marita asked , gazing with interest at it before Yurei covered himself. " i'm guessing it was to control your powers , huh?
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"Hmmmm, didn't think about that," Flora mulled over. "That would be really scary. Good thing the scientists are watching over you."

The waitress arrived with Flora's pizza, and the folf tucked into it ravenously. "Ohhh, thank fuck," she gasped through mouthfuls of dough. "I am so hungry!" Downing an open mouthful with a heavy swallow of beer, she hiccuped painfully but with a sigh of satisfaction. "Oh my god, yes. This is the second-best pizza I have ever eaten."
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Yurei nodded at Marita.  
"They stuck this thing in me after one of the tests went wrong, and they had to cut me out of a ceiling I had gotten part of myself stuck in.  Not a fun experience.  And yeah, it inhibits my powers a bit, keeps them from kicking in involuntarily"
As the food arrived, he turned to his plate with a grin, looking back up at Flora.
"Only the second best, huh?  Well, now you've gone and gotten my curiosity up as to what the best was"
He chuckled..
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Flora grinned back. "Oh, that's quite a story."

So while they waited for the other's food to arrive, Flora told the tale of the time she visited a farm in the middle of nowhere. (
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As Flora recounted her story, Yurei had to stop eating several times, either to chuckle lightly, or occasionally simply stare at Flora with a fascinated grin.  
"Hmmm, well I can see how this would come in second to that much fun...".
He smirked as she finished her tale.  Under the table, his free hand idly sought Flora's lap as he grinned conspiratorially at her...
Title: Around the Folf
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How did your tests go today Flora?' Marie asked as she took a bite of the stuffed crust pepporoni pizza she had ordered ' i Trust everything is in working condition.."
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Flora's eyes widened in surprise at Yurei's touch, but she quickly composed herself and maintained eye contact with Marie. "They went perfect!" she replied happily. Under the table, her bare foot slithered forward to brush against Yurei's shoe. "I met this adorable girl named Emma! She's a fashion model but she's working at the facility to pay for school. I was going to meet her after lunch if you want to come along!" Her toes playfully snuck under the hem of Yurei's robe to tickle his bare skin, but above the table she paid him no heed.
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Yurei chuckled a little, teasing his hand ever closer to Flora's crotch as he grinned at her.
"While I think I'd be hard pressed to find someone as adorable as the ladies in with right now, I suppose it would do me some good to meet a few more people, eh?  I suppose my training can wait a bit"
He said smoothly, teasingly placing a foot on Flora's...
Title: Around the Folf
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Sure, You can introduce her to us' marita said ' Let me guess she was one of those who administered your tests and yu two hit it off? You're getting bettr Flora!' the old saying goes " theres no better teacher than experience' and i'd like to learn more about her" How long has she been working there, for starters?"
- so thats what you mean by fun' Marie smirked as she heard floras story.' Well Well i certainly agree."
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: aabicus (LettuceBacon&Tomato) on April 14, 2016, 11:09:55 PM
"I think she just started work here," Flora pondered. "At least, she said I was the first patient she ever worked with. She performed a very...specific function during my physical, but it didn't feel like one that would require special training."

The rest of her mind was trying to figure out how bold Yurei planned on getting with his hidden hand. He's certainly not one to beat around the bush, she thought with amusement, spreading her legs somewhat and letting the bottom of her robe come a bit undone under the table. Thank god there's a tablecloth...

"Uh, how did your tour of the facility go, Marie?" she asked quickly, fighting to keep her voice level.
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Pretty boring actually" Marie replied as sh took a sip of her drink " The woman who was guiding us had a monotone voice, it was annoying afterawhile, so i tuned her out. Likely missed half of what she was talking abnout."
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Yurei smiled a bit as he felt Flora shift her legs, lightly tracing his hand along her inner thigh and brushing it gently against her balls.
"Yeah, the tours here kinda blow.  Maybe after we meet up with Emma, I could give you guys a more interesting one."
He said with a coy smirk...
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"That would be awesome, Yurei!" Flora nodded quickly but took a slightly irregular breath. "You can show us...all the secret places that they wouldn't on the guided tour!" Her stomach did a belly flop as she fought to mask any reaction to his ever-so-slight stimulation. Thankful that her pink fur masked a faint blush, she grabbed her beer and took a long swig, using the seconds to get her bearings.

"What were some of the places you saw on the guided tour, Marita?" she asked, as her foot rubbed the back of Yurei's leg.
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Yurei chuckled a little, stroking Flora's shaft experimentally as he grinned over at her.  
"Oh, you bet I'll show you the parts the staff would NEVER show on the guided tours.  Not like I blame 'em.  They're of little interest to the general populace, after all."
He smirked, shifting a bit to contain his excitement at the feeling of Flora's foot on his leg...
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Flora's heart was racing and sweat was pooling on her brow. Under his massaging grasp she quickly felt herself getting hard. I hope we don't stand up to go on this tour soon... she thought nervously.

She shot a glance at Yurei and noticed his shit-eating grin. Having fun, are we? she thought mischievously. Enjoying making me squirm? Let's see how YOU handle yourself! Shifting her own hand under the tablecloth, she slid it between the folds of Yurei's robe to find out how much clothing he had on underneath.
Title: Around the Folf
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it was just a general tour of the facility ' Marita said. " its a big place, at least several miles in area. Needed a beter tour guide though." She turned to Yurei. " and how long have you been here Yurei, if i may ask? And.. you can stop playing footsie with Flora at any time you know' She smirked.
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Yurei chuckled nodding at Marita.
"A few miles? This place is the size of a small city, and that's just the above-ground parts!  I've been here for...huh, almost six years now, and I haven't even seen the whole place properly!"
He smirked, then gave a small shrug with his free hand.
"And I have no idea what you're talking about with footsies.  I'm not doing anything of the sort~".
He added, the well-fitted pants he wore tightening further at Flora's touch...
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Flora brazenly kept up the footsies, though taking care to make less noise. Trying and failing to slip her fingers into Yurei's waistline due to how tight his pants were, she bit her lip in surprise when the waitress appeared from somewhere behind her without warning.

"Let me take those plates," the waitress commented, placing receipts on the table. "You pay these up at the register when you're ready. Any of y'all need refills?"

"No, I'm good," Flora said hastily. Did she see anything??? She returned her hand to her own lap, realizing that with lunch finishing, they were likely going to stand up soon. "Er, do we wanna do that tour now, then?" she said, smiling and hoping to maintain a straight face while Yurei continued stimulating her privates with impunity. She was getting more hot and bothered the longer it went. If he doesn't stop soon, I'm going to embarrass myself so badly...
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"Flora, why dont you call your friend -- Emma, wasnt it?- and have us meet her at a place of her choosing. there should be a public phone near the entrance." marita said getting up and heading towards the counter to pay.
_ we're good thank you. the food was good .' Marie demurred to the waitress.

_ So Yurei what made you decide to come to this place? was it recommended to you? Rose asked him.
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Yurei chuckled a little, using his free hand to pull out a small cell phone and hand it over to Flora, grinning.  
"Here, you might want to use this instead.  Little... Easier."
He teased, rubbing his foot against Flora's as he circled her tip with his thumb, smirking idly as the waitress left, turning to Marita.
"Recommended?  Heh, you could say that.  Got placed here by some doctors after my powers started going somewhat out of control.  Guess they were afraid I'd get seriously hurt if it kept up."
He joked, tail flicking a bit behind him...
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora took the phone. "T-thanks Yurei..." She didn't know if she dared calling Emma in the middle of being stimulated. But at least it'll give her an excuse to not stand up right away... Taking the slip of paper out of her pocket, she shakily dialed the number.

"Hi Emma..." she said when the other picked up. "It's Flora! We're down at the pizzeria in the courtyard. We met another experiment called Yurei, he's going to give us a tour of the facility. Wanna join us?" She tried to sound chipper, but something of a moan got caught in her throat at the very end. She realized she was leaking pre-ejaculate on Yurei's hand, and the thought left her flushing ruby red, so badly she feared her pink fur wouldn't be enough to disguise it.
Title: Around the Folf
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so, yurei, how much do you get paid to let them run tests on you? 1000 creds a month?' Marita asked..
 hi flora.. well I'm kinda in the middle of something.. my place is kinda a mess..' Emma said " Yurei huh? .. sounds like an interesting guy.. anyway I'll see if i can make it down there,. Could you give me like 15 minutes? i need to freshen up a bit any way..
Title: Around the Folf
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"T-that sounds good! See you soon!" Flora hung up. Fifteen more minutes of this? I can't take that! "I, uh, need to go use the bathroom!" she stammered, wrapping her robe around herself. Cinching her belt tight, she hobbled to the restrooms, trying to keep herself from panting with pent-up lust.
Title: Around the Folf
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Yurei shrugged.
"Closer to 1500 a month, plus they pay for my living here.  Helps that I've involved myself on a project of theirs, though."
He chuckled, standing up and shifting his robe slightly to make sure everything stayed hidden.  
"Anyhow, I think I'm gonna hit the can real fast before I give the grand tour."
He added, stretching a bit...
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: Nick22 on April 23, 2016, 02:21:30 AM
1500 is a good amount of creds' marita said ' and they give you a place to stay, which is nice too..' she stopped at yurei got up to use the bathroom. ' just.. um.. dont take too long.. because i want to see as much as possible before nighttime..'
Title: Around the Folf
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Yurei grinned.
"Aww, but the nightlife is the best part!"
He replied as he made his way towards the bathrooms, smirking to himself...
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Fifteen minutes later (, Flora came skipping back to the table. "Is Emma here yet?" she asked excitedly. "It's around the time she was going to show up, right? I hope I didn't miss her!"
Title: Around the Folf
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man you mjust have really had to go' Marie xsaid ' 15 minutes usually means diarrhea or something like that.. and she hasbnt arrived yt, but..' marie scanned the crowd and saw a wixen in a red dress coming towards them. here she cmes, I think" she sm,iled as Emma came up " Hi. Um is Flora-- oh there she is. Hi Flora, sorry I'm a little late. place was in worse shape than i thought. May I Join you ladies? i havent had much to eat.' emma admitted
_ Not at all, please have a seat" Marita said " i'm Marita, thats rose and thats Marie. Floras told us that you're a new assistant here.. or.." Intern really. i was hired to help in running tests on Flora' Emma said taking a seat next to Rose and across from Flora." So far so good..'; she smirked' i havent cut off anything of Floras thats very important."
Title: Around the Folf
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Flora grinned. "No trouble at all Emma! Glad you could make it! There's one more of us named Yurei, he's in the restroom right now, but he's the one going to give us an unofficial tour of the facility. You should grab a slice to go, their vegetarian pizza is to die for!"

She pinched the shoulder of Emma's dress. "Oooh you look so pretty in this! What fabric is that?"
Title: Around the Folf
Post by: Nick22 on April 24, 2016, 11:19:54 PM
its cotton ' nothing really to get excited over.. as for pizza, well i'll just have a slice of pepperoni. stuffed crust, if they have it..' she said. i'll get it boxed to go, i suppose if you are all headed out..
Title: Around the Folf
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Just as Flora mentioned him, Yurei made his way back over to the table, grinning broadly.  
"Did I hear someone mentioning me over here?".
He joked, nonchalantly pulling up his chair with a small chuckle.  He gave a cheerful nod to Emma, smirking a bit.
"And you must be Emma.  A real pleasure to meet you.".
He added suavely, leaning back in his seat a bit...
Title: Around the Folf
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you must be yurei. charmed ' emma said.' i'm just here to say hi and meet some of Floras friends" she said as the waitress brought her a menu..' a dietcoke and a dtuffed crust pepperoni.. to go please' emma requested.
Title: Around the Folf
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The waitress brought her a triangle cardboard box containing a large slice of pepperoni, as well as the drink. "The gentleman asked that it be put on his bill, so you're good to go," she nodded.

"Thanks Yurei!" Flora smelled the aroma of spiced pepperoni. "Can you eat while you walk Emma? We should get this tour started!"
Title: Around the Folf
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well thank you yurei. next time you need a drink, i'll get it for you. well, within reason. I'm not made of money"  she laughed" i'll try , Flora. Pizza really is supposed to be enjoyed sitting down.. Its not like fries, which you can eat on the go..
Title: Around the Folf
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Yurei smiled a little, giving a nonchalant wave of his hand.
"Oh, don't worry about it.  It's the least I can do, honestly.".
He said lightly, grinning languidly.  
"Now, what sorts of sights would you guys like to see around here?".
He asked, humming a small tune to himself.
Title: Around the Folf
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"Knowing the sights is your job, silly!" giggled Flora. "I haven't seen anything except my room and the insides of various labs. How about you show us what residents do for fun around here?"
Title: Around the Folf
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Yu grinned, giving Flora a playful wink.
"Hey, just wanted to know what sorta sights you wanted to see is all~".
He chuckled, then pulled his phone out and began thumbing through some things.  
"Oh, hey, while we're on the tour, I think one of my friends would love to meet you all, so we'll take a quick detour, alright?"
He asked, sounding somewhat more serious...
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"Awesome!" No time like the present to meet someone new. As they walked, Flora couldn't help but wonder what sort of person Yurei would choose to hang out with. He was such an oddball himself, she doubted they'd qualify as normal.
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Emma got her stuff and followed flora and Yurei out of the diner. she casually sipped on her soda as she flowed the lead group..' so you girls friends with dlora?' she said ' yeah we've known her awhile ' Marita said.'nice girl, she really id..' Yeah i got a good sense of that while running.. tests on her..
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Yurei smiled at the group, leading them to a large, secured door.
"Right, so, I suppose I should warn you guys that this area's a bit off-limits to the general populace, so don't get too shocked by what you see."
He said, looking around for a second before slipping into the ground.  A few seconds later, the door clicked open, swinging soundlessly to reveal a dimly-lit cement hallway.  Yu smiled a little and gestured behind himself.
"So, uh... Welcome to the specialized containment wing".
He chuckled nervously...
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The dreary cellblock looked like a prison-style hall, with reinforced transparent windows into each cell. The cells were nice but the atmosphere was sterilized and the lights were kept low.

"Wait, so there are test subjects in these?" stammered Flora. She crept close to one. "Subjects like us? Did they do something wrong?"
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Yurei nodded a bit.
"Yeah. These are specialized holding rooms for psionics whose powers are considered dangerous to others.  Among others, I know at least one in here's power is..."
A muffled explosion sounded through the cell hallway as Yu flinched a bit
"He can cause things to explode."
He said, gently placing a hand on Flora's shoulder.
"Trust me, it's for peoples safety.".
He said gently, as he made his way down the cellblock...
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So these are the ones who'd be a danger to society if allowed out. Charming.' Marita said. rose got quick glances of the some of the various occupants through peepholes- one was drawing complicated formulas on the wall.  another one was tossing a fireball between hands. as he caught it it turned into a snowball, then became a fireball again in the other hand.
 Emma remained quiet as she walked alongside Rose " so which guy did you want us to see Yurei" Emma asked as they walked along.
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Flora was looking at the cells, a feeling of apprehension trickling down her spine. She should have realized that a facility built to house psionics would require a wing like this, but it clashed so harshly with Sartonic's friendly resort-like image that it got her worrying. She was a test subject here, after all. What if her powers ever grew dangerous? Could she one day find herself in a cell down here?"

"Wotcha lookin' at?" sneered a rat when her eyes passed over him, making her jump. Unlike the others, he had a very oddly-designed metallic chair that he was resting in. It seemed to be made of spoons.

"Nothing, sorry!" stammered Flora, backing up.

The rat pressed himself up against the cell wall. "It's not polite, you know. These are our homes. Say you're sorry."


"I'll forgive you this once," he leered. "But only if you give me something. A pebble, a strip of tissue. Anything at all."

Flora shook her head anxiously, backing up quickly.

The rat observed Marita and the others. "Oh, I'm so lonely...All this old man craves is some material possessions. Could you spare me any objects at all?"
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Yurei walked back over, fishing in his pocket for something, finally producing a set of ball bearings as he stepped over to the window.  
"Hey, old man, go easy on 'em.  They're new here."  
He chuckled, opening a small door and sliding the bearings into a small tray, which slid into the cell as he shut the small door.  
"Here, pinched these for ya.  Figured you'd appreciate them."
He said with a smile.  Turning around, he gestured slightly towards the end of the hall.  
"C'mon.  She's down here."
He said softly, smiling faintly...
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The rat's eyes lit up as he palmed the pair of ball bearings. "Aw yes, this will do nicely...thank you," he said gratefully.

Flora couldn't help but glance as he rolled the four (four?) bearings in his hand. Crossing over to his wash basin, the rat poured the eight bearings in and started lying contentedly in it. Dozens of bearings covered him, slowly forming a metallic pool of gleaming silver balls.

Flora finally tore her sight away when they'd gone too far down the hall, and quickly shifted her focus to the cell that Yurei was leading them to.
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At the end of the hall, Yu stopped, knocking lightly on the window.
"Hey, Taga.  It's me.  I uh... Brought some friends down to meet you."
He said, smiling softly as the lights in the room flicked on, revealing a very old-looking female cat sitting in a large, plush rocking chair.  She looked up at the window, and a large, warm smile crossed her features as she did.  
"Ah, Yurei!  So you found time to come visit little old me, did you?  Are these the friends you mentioned?".
She asked, voice weathered and cracking a bit with age as she stood up and shuffled her way over to the window, her long shawl and dress making it look almost as if she were floating...
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So why are you in here , mam? Emma asked " What sort of abilities do you possess? You have to shave  some sort of ability or they wouldnt have put you in here.'
_ Marita took a look at some of the newspaper clipping which were on the wall, many of them were yellowed with age.
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Flora swallowed her trepidation and managed a friendly smile. "H-hi Taga. My name's Flora, I'm the newest test subject here at Sartonic." She didn't want to make as bad an impression as she'd given the rat. Plus with Yurei being so friendly to each of them, they had to be decent people, right? "Pleased to meet you."
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Taga smiled a little, looking at each in turn, settling on Emma once she asked about her powers.
"My, my aren't you the curious bunch~.  I'm in here because my power causes me to devour the emotions of anyone who's around me.  It can be... Very harmful.  But you don't have to worry, this cell keeps me from affecting anyone outside it.".
She reassured, then turned her gaze towards Flora.
"Oh, child.  You don't have to be afraid of me. Welcome to the facility.  I'm sure you'll fit right in, and I think you'll enjoy your stay here.".
She said lightly, as Yurei opened the small window and slipped a few chocolate bars in.  
"Here, Taga.  Bright you a few of your favorites."
He said, and she gave him a warm smile in return.
"You're to sweet, Yu.  You know you don't have to trouble yourself for me"
She said softly..
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so you.. absorb the emotions from other people. so.. are you a vampire? emma asked ' Vampires suck blood.. not energy or emotion 'Marita said to her.' So how long have you been in here? She asked  Taga' Curiosity, you understand."
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Flora smiled and nodded, glad that she seemed to be making a good impression. But inwardly, she wondered whether Taga was as friendly as she seemed. Her power didn't seem that bad, and it felt to her like Taga should be allowed to live normally in the facility, and the fact that she didn't was unsettling.
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Taga smiled softly, chuckling a bit.  
"Oh, I've been in here a very, very long time.  Almost since the place first opened up.  I came here after I realized that my power could be dangerous to others.".
She said softly, delicately opening a candy bar and taking a small bite...
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so you took precautions then. Smart. How many others with.. 'abilities, for lack of a better term, are here currently? Or do you not know that? you have been here, the longest, or nearly so, by your own admission' Marita said, looking at Taga with Interest
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"Why don't you just...control it then?" Flora knew she was being impolite but couldn't resist learning more about someone who had trouble with their powers. "Just don't manipulate people's emotions, and then you could live wherever you wanted instead of...trapped in this cell." She shifted her feet, hoping Taga didn't think she was insulting her home like the rat did.
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Taga chuckled softly.
"If only it were that simple, dearie.  I've tried to keep my powers under control, but if I allowed myself to lapse for even a moment, then they would slip out and endanger people again.  I decided that it would be best to stay someplace where I could work to minimize that risk.  Most of the people here are much the same.  We've willingly agreed to stay here until our powers can be kept in check and we won't endanger people.  And miss, as to how many of us there are, there's a dozen or so of us.  Each of us with abilities that can be very dangerous if unchecked.  But we all are reasonably happy down here."
She said pleasantly, doing a small gesture around herself..
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"So...most of you chose to come down here?" asked Flora, feeling relief wash over here. "You won't forced by the labs?" That was good to hear; her powers were very minor and she was prepared to be more than cooperative with Sartonic in every way.

She shifted her feet. This cell block still unnerved her, but it wasn't as bad now that she'd gotten to know some of the inhabitants a little better.
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fewer than i thought' Marita nodded.' how old are you. if i may ask.?  you look like you re at least 90 years old.
 well i don;t know about the rest of you, but i'm ready to go' Emma said.
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Taga smiled wryly at Marita's question.
"How old am I?  Hehee, I've lost track, to be honest.  I suppose your guess is as good as mine, isn't it?"
She said lightly, then looked over at Emma.
"Ah, of course.  I didn't mean to keep you.  You must have a lot to do and see, being new here.  I'll let you get on with it!  But thank you for coming to visit an old spinstress like me, all of you."
She said, making her way back towards her chair before pausing and turning back around.
"Oh, but, Flora, dearie?  Could you stay a moment longer?  I know you're a bit uneasy, but I promise you'll be fine.  And Yu, no eavesdropping, child!  I swear, you're just like a little boy sometimes.".
She teased, to which Yurei gave a coy shrug.
"Yeah, yeah, Baachan.  I won't snoop this time.  Sheesh, I do it once and you never have let me hear the end of it."
He retorted, leading the group back down the hall, though not before giving Flora's hand a reassuring squeeze...
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Flora nodded nodding encouragingly as her friends retreated down the hallway. "What is it, ma'am?" she asked politely, walking up to the cell door and placing her face against the bars so she could get a good look at her conversationalist. Not knowing how sensitive the talk was going to be, she decided to give Taga the most privacy possible considering the situation.
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Taga smiled softly, shuffling up to the door.
"Please, you don't need to be so formal with me. I just wanted to talk to you about Yurei.  I think he's rather smitten with you.".
She said lightly, then looked a bit more contemplative.
"I just wanted to let you know that, as much as he acts cheerful and light-heated, the poor child's been through a lot, and tries to carry the burdens all himself.  He means well, though.  And he loves with all his heart.  So please, do take care of him."
She said softly, her voice gentle and almost maternal...
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"A relationship? Already? But we just met..." Flora answered nervously.

She bit her lip at the warning that Yurei wasn't as carefree and content as she thought. "Thank you for the advice," she continued, smiling softly. "I'll be careful around him, the last thing I want to do is hurt anybody." But if Taga was right (and as a psionically-powered empath, Flora was inclined to believe her), Yurei is going to have to be patient. Flora wasn't yet comfortable entering into relationships with anybody beyond the 'friends with benefits' level. And even then he's going to have to share with Marita, Rose, Marie, and Emma for Flora's time...hopefully she'd be able to make it all work.

Sexual relationships are complicated... she thought with unexpected despair, feeling a slight knot in her stomach.
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Taga placed her hand on the bars, smiling gently
"Oh, dearie, I didn't mean it as something so serious.  He cares about you immensely, but I don't believe he'll try to make anything more than that until you two know each other better.  But thank you for listening to a doddering old lady like me.  It's just that, when he looked at you, I could feel something from him that I hadn't felt in a long time.  He's been so very closed off since... Well, it's not my place to say.  I think that you two will be good for each other.  So please, don't despair."
She said gently, giving Flora a small smile...
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Flora returned the smile. "Yurei's a good guy. I like him a lot and I hope to get to do a lot of fun things with him. So I'm glad he's got your vote of confidence. It's good to hear from someone who knows him really well." She put her hand over Taga's. "I'm sure we'll come visit you a lot," she added brightly. "Yurei seems to have a lot of friends down here! I've got to run finish my tour, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know you better."
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Emma waited for Flora by the  wing entrance, hoping she would not take too long..
- so whats next on the tour Yurei' Riose asked '  will you show us your flat? She asked.
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Flora headed back towards the exit, but stopped when she crossed the cell containing the old rat, who was still enjoying a ball bearing bath. "Ummm, hello again," she added, determined to make a better impression before she left. "Sorry about before. I'm new, learning how things work around here."

"Same deal as before," he said dismissively. "I'll forgive you when you give me something."

Flora rifled through her pockets and found only the scrap of paper containing Emma's phone number. Tearing a decently-sized blank portion off the bottom, she let that flutter through the bars. "How about that?"

The rat's eyes lit up. "I'll wallpaper my room with this!" He said excitedly. Leaping out of the bath, he grabbed the paper excitedly and began twirling as white confetti sprung forth from his hand.

Flora took that opportunity to leave while she was ahead. "Hi all!" she said brightly when she found them waiting outside the cell block. "I think I got the rat to like me. Now, where are we going next?"
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Yurei chuckled some, giving Flora a wink.
"Heh, I was thinking I could show you guys the entertainment district!  Shopping, arcades, you name it!"
He said with a coy grin and wink to Flora.
"After all, I figure you guys would like to know where to get some neat threads and some fun."
He said jokingly...
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Flora's eyes lit up. "Ooh, sounds good!" she exclaimed.

She could hardly contain herself during the walk to the entertainment district. "What part should we go to first?" she asked as it drew close.
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Yurei chuckled a bit, giving Flora a smirk.
"Well I was figuring I'd let you take the lead, shop around.  I'll tag along, follow your lead and pick up the tab.  I mean, if you'd like."
He said with a smile, doing a sweeping gesture towards the large, open promenade...
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The receptionist looked up. "Destination?" she asked as she saw the sextet of them heading for the exit to the lab.

"Oh, we just wanted to see the city...if that's alright of course." Flora shifted her feet.

The receptionist looked at her bathrobe, which wasn't doing that great with all the wear and tear. "I hope you head to one of the clothing stores first," she commented, printing out 5 day passes in the form of little wristlets, like the ones in hospitals. "Keep the bracelet visible at all times; and if anyone asks you're legally required to inform them of your position at Sartonic Labs."

"Position? What's mine?" asked Flora.

"Test subject."

Flora nodded in understanding, and then left the lab to return to the city she'd only seen during the day. Despite this, she couldn't have been prepared for the flurry of lights and activity. Flora gasped at the thriving Indian nightlife outside the facility. There seemed to be more people on the streets now than during the day. The weather was chilled but the smell of food carts, the heat lamps in bazaars, and the bright sparks of glowsticks punctuating the gloomy streetlamp-lit streets turned the city into a haven of warmth and light among the endless expanse of desert.

Flora excitedly ran to the nearest bazaar to see what they were selling. She saw rows and rows of scarves; fine silky garments studded with gems and brooches. "Are these real diamonds?" she asked excitedly.

"They are 24-carat," the shopkeeper nodded. "Five dollars each."

"Five dollars for scarves with real diamonds?" gasped Flora. "That's insane! Ooh if only I had the money!"

The next shop has shish kebabs grilling behind a clear plastic screen. Flora's stomach rumbled, and she asked against hope if there were free samples. The kebab guy laughed and said no, so she moved on.

Her first actual purchase came when she bought a pair of shorts from a street vendor. "I'm feeling a little exposed out here in just a robe..." she admitted to her friends as she slipped them on in an alleyway.

Sounds further down the alleyway intrigued her, and she left the beaten path to find children playing Kick the Can  in a more residential district. "Can I play?" she asked excitedly, but kids merely took their game elsewhere, giving her weird looks. They did forget a glowstick, so Flora claimed it and returned to the main streets looking slightly less out of place with her new acquisitions.

"Oooh let's get some fireworks!" she exclaimed excitedly when she saw some men holding out rows of them on a stand. "This is so cool, its like nothing is illegal! Can we get weed out here?"

While they watched, one customer who was smoking a cigarette picked up a firework and examined it. The shopkeepers urgently demanded he put it down, but the cigarette got too close and as he dropped it in fright, it ignited, causing the entire stand to go up in smoke. Flora and the onlookers cheered at the brilliant display of color and streaks of light that lit up the sky as the owners and customer ran for their lives, cursing loudly.

"Does this happen every night?" Flora wondered in amazement as she continued drinking in the activity and excitement around here. "It's like a completely different city at night. This is so incredible...."

They were almost back at the lab. She gave Yurei a crooked smile. "Well, I've pretty much led the whole night, like you were hoping. Was there anything you'd wanted to see before we head back?"
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Yu chuckled a little, giving a small, noncommittal shrug, while keeping his hands hidden behind his back.
"Well, I come down here a lot, so I've been just about everywhere.  Though, if you ladies are into arcade games, there's an especially nice one a few blocks from here.  Free games, and some really cool music, plus a dance floor.  Bu~t before that..."
He chuckled, showing that he had gone and grabbed a selection of the scarves Flora had been eyeing earlier, as well as a to-go box of kebabs.
"Figured I'd grab these for you.  The scarves are for all of you, so I figured I'd let you four pick the ones you like."
He said lightly, smiling broadly.

Smooth, you idiot.  Blowing money because you like a girl.  AGAIN.  And you know just how this'll end, too.  You'll end up alone again, just like before.  After all, she was right about you.  You're not worth anything to anyone, and especially aren't something a person could love...

For a brief second, Yurei's grin faltered, but he quickly tried to brush his thoughts aside, returning to his normal smiling demeanor...
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"Oooooh!" squealed Flora excitedly. "I want the purple one! No, the silver one, it's got garnets! Are these garnets?" she asked the seller.

"Since there is no refunds, I'm comfortable telling you that they're all glass," he replied with a snicker.

"Well purple it is then," Flora stuck her tongue out at him and threw it around her neck. "Goes with my fur. And let's do arcades!" As someone who lived most of her life completely broke, video games were always out of her budget, though she'd always been interested in them when she was a boy.

She entered the venue and quickly decided on the one with two burly men punching each other to death. "Who wants to get their ass kicked at Street Fighter 7?" she challenged Emma and Yurei, determined fire in her eyes.
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Yurei grinned slyly.
"Oh, a challenge?  Well, I dunno, I find challenges much more fun when there's a little wager involved.  Care to make it a bet?"
He teased, rolling his neck and bouncing a bit to the sound of the music...
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Flora's eyes narrowed. "What you prepared to wager, mister?" she grinned competitively.
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i'll play.' Marita volunteered ' so street fighter huh ' you'll likrly beat me. i stick to PC games ' she said." whats the wager?' She said " something simple, perhaps?
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Yu chuckled.
"Tell you what.  I'll let you and Marita duke it out first, give you a practice round.  Now, when I win against you, I'm thinking I'll give you another tour, this time of one of my... Favorite parts of the city.  Now if you do win... I'll do absolutely ANYTHING you'd like.  Sound good?"
He shot back, giving an equally competitive grin, then throwing in a sly wink...
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"Deal," Flora smiled. She quickly deposited the coins to get a match and picked M. Bison, a military man with an awesome hat and cape. She waited for Marita to pick her character, as the counter counted down to begin the fight...
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Marita selected Ken, from the choices available " alright Flora if I win, you have to kiss me on the lips, But if I lose, I have to kiss you. Best of 3, alright?' She smirked.' Sound Like a deal?
 Emma was warching the game with interest' You ever play video games?' Marie asked her " No, not really, i would watch my brothers play though . what about you?' no, never was into video games, was more interested in dolls growing up."Marie admitted ' i'll just watch, if its all the same.
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"You're on!" Flora agreed, as the game flashed: Round one...FIGHT!

Flora immediately leaped forward and punched...or tried to. Her character crouched, then ducked. She hit another button and M. Bison jumped. Ugh, how do I hit? she thought, hitting buttons intently as a bead of sweat formed on her forehead.

But unbeknownst to either girl, Marita had picked the easiest character to play in the game, and after three rounds M. Bison slumped to the ground a thoroughly defeated loser while the announcer congratulated Ken on his victory.  "You got me..." admitted Flora. Stepping forward, she pressed her mouth against Marita's, lips trembling only somewhat at the injustice of how badly she'd lost.

As she came out of the kiss, she looked at Yurei and bit her cheek defiantly. "But I'm not gonna lose to you, Yurei! I was just warming up!"
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Yu smirked, lightly cracking his knuckles as he took his place, before leaning over to give Flora a quick smooch on the cheek.
"Well then, giving you a bit of luck won't hurt, will it?"
He teased, tail flicking a bit...
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Flora quickly dropped the coins in and picked a new character. This time she went with Poison; she wasn't sure why, but destiny was telling her she had a connection with this character. "I don't need luck," she challenged aggressively. "Pick your poison..."
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Yu stuck his tongue out, flicking through a few fighters before settling on Yang.
"Poison chosen~.  Hope you don't mind seeing another side of the city~"
He retorted, tail lightly touching hers for a moment...
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Flora gritted her teeth as the game announced Round one...FIGHT!

Jamming the joystick forward, Flora growled as the character ducked and combat-rolled. "Goddammit..." she muttered as Poison tried some grappling move that wasn't the basic punch she was hoping for.

Occasionally she landed a kick or something, but for the most part the only real trick she figured out was dodging Yurei's attacks with a spinning jump. Flora had lived a teenage life almost void of video games of any type so even things as basic as movement were struggles, much less combos or timing counter-attacks. At times she suspected Yurei was going easy on her, but it didn't matter because after three painful rounds Posion lay crumpled in the corner while the announcer praised Yang for an almost flawless victory.

Flora couldn't stop a pent-up growl from escaping her throat. "Fucking christ!" she burst out, almost punching the machine in frustration.
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Yurei smiled a bit, reaching over and giving Flora a friendly, one-armed hug.
"Hey, easy there.  That wasn't half bad!  You're a quick study, and I bet in a few weeks you'll be kicking butts and taking names.  As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna call this a draw and give you a free pass to do whatever you want to me.  Plus, you and I'll take a tour of my favorite part of the city.  Sound good?"
He said amicably, tail rubbing itself against Flora's...
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As Flora felt her blood pressure return to normal she realized she was making a bad impression on all her friends. Taking a deep breath, she counted quietly to ten to get a hold of herself. "Sorry sorry...I'm kind of a competitive sort..." she admitted. "You don't need to pretend I wasn't awful. I got my ass completely handed to me."

She glanced at the exit. "Looks like we're going to that place you wanted sometime soon. Probably not tonight, I think everyone's getting tired," she glanced at Emma in particular, who was showing signs of exhaustion. "We should probably get back to the labs. Is there anywhere else on the tour, Yurei?"
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Yu smiled, rubbing Flora's arm lightly.
"Nah.  Well...not on this tour, at least~"
He teased, grinning coyly.
"But I do mean what I said.  You get one free "Yurei'll do anything you want" pass."
He added, straightening his hair a bit...
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its ok Flora " you tried your best' Marita said patting her on the shoulder in consolation " here' the dark red lips locked together and Marita kissed Flora flush on the lips. the great Dane put her tongue gently into the folfs mouth and massaged her girlfriends tongue with her own. Emma blushed  as she watched the kiss. Marita however acted as if this was not a very big deal, and no one outside the group paid much attention. the kiss lasted for 15 seconds before Marita pulled away' Make sure you give Flora her tongue back, the girl needs it' Rose smirked.
 You just kissed her right in front of everybody. Smack on the lips' Emma said and Marita looked at her" Emma dear, if you love someone, and are comfortable in your own skin, then snogging them in public is expected as a matter of course.PDA, my dear, or Public Display of Affection. Of course there are limits. we're not going to makeout while au natural of course, they frown upon that here."
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Flora's pent-up resentment from the game evaporated as Marita suddenly French-kissed her in front of everyone in the arcade. Her heart skipped a beat and time seemed to stand still as Marita gave her a much more passionate kiss than the one Flora gave after losing to her at Street Fighter.

Flora's face was beet red and she could only stammer gibberish for almost half a minute after Marita broke the kiss. "Guess you, uh, don't mind that I lost to you then?" she babbled, crossing her legs and wrapping her robe more securely around her. "Between you and Yurei, I just got all the prizes we bet regardless..." Part of her felt emberrassed at how openly Marita had just displayed their love in public, but she was right, there's nothing wrong with public displays of affection...was there?
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Yurei had begun to make his way towards the arcade door before Marita had kissed Flora, turning just in time to catch the tail end of the kiss.  For a moment, he froze, then turned and slipped out the door quietly.  As he made his way back towards the labs, he chuckled bitterly to himself.
"Hah...way to go, Yurei.  Way to set yourself up to fail again... Maybe she was right.  Maybe I'm not worth anything..."
He said softly to himself, kicking a small stone as he walked...
"Maybe she was right"?  No, there's no maybe about it.  All you are is a freak and a monster.  Not like anyone could ever love something like you.  You don't even have a right to be alive, and definitely don't deserve happiness.  You're nothing but a tool and a mistake.
Yurei kept walking down the path silently, quietly blinking back any trace of tears...
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" Yurei?' where are you going?' Marie called out as she ran down the trail after hm " You said that you still had some things to show us ' the retriever said giving  Yurei a smile. ' and you're a better tour guide than that woman who gave us the official tour. she was boring as dry paint.."
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It felt like Flora barely had time to blink and two of their number were gone. "Err, where'd everyone go?" she asked. She glanced at the exit of the arcade, completely clueless as to why Yurei and Marie had dashed off so quickly. Already they were out of sight. "We...going somewhere else?"
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Yurei turned, quickly regaining his composure and smirking some.
"Heh.  It's getting late, and I'm sure you guys had plans for the night, and I'd hate to get in the way."
He said with a small, halfhearted chuckle...
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we don't have any plans ' Marie assured him" Come on, lets go get some dinner.. my treat.' She smiled at him. 'don;t worry about Marita. shes always been open with her affections, shes planted kisses on me like that on more than one occasion. Girl believes in public snogging what can I say. don't read anything into it.  Doesnt mean  that flora doesn't like you, or that you have to compete with any of us for Floras affections. Your relationship with Flora is between you and her. we'll know about it, of course since we're a small close group, but you want to take her out on a date, none of us are going to stop you. we're fine with it, in fact. next time you  see Flora, snogg her like Marita did. that will ease matters on that score.
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"Uh, hello?" Flora slowly came walking down the trail, looking confused. "Guys...?" She hadn't noticed their location due to the darkness; they were halfway between the labs and the city, and the faint dim of the city streetlamps could only do so much this far into the lonely desert dunes. "What happened...?"
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Yu chuckled sardonically.
"Nah, it's fine.  Really.  You guys go on ahead.".
He said lightly, shaking his head a bit...
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maybe yuri had to head home to do something that he forgot to do' Marita said ' we'll catch up with them' Emma assured her.
_ Come on Yu, I insist. lets go get some food.' Marie said firmly' any place you would recommend?
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"Well, we're going to be back at the lab soon enough...I hope they're not still in town." Flora and the girls had walked right past the pair in the dark. "Do either of you have Marie's phone number?" Flora asked Marita and Rose nervously. She didn't like the idea of her friends going missing out here in the desert.
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Yurei chuckled softly, shaking his head.
"Honestly, I don't have any suggestions.  Plus, I'm kinda tired.  Think I'll just head home and crash for the night."
He said firmly, turning and heading towards the lab again...
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Alright we'll pick you up in the morning then. say 8 am..' Marie said.

- Yeah i have her phone number' marita said pulling out her phone and checking first to se she had reception, which she did. marita pulled out maries Number and dialed.
_ marie head her phone ring and pulled it out ' hi marita!  where am i? Oh I'm with Yurei, hes headed back home to get some shut eye. ' i think  you probably passed us as we were walking. just head to an inn or something and I'll meet up with you.
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Flora nodded. "So Yurei's okay and y'all are staying in a motel?" she asked. "We could probably make the lab, you know. It's like ten minutes that way."

She glanced at Emma. "I'll walk you back to your room if you want Emma," she smiled. "Sounds like everyone's going to sleep."
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Yurei turned and gave a small wave to Marie, heading back the way he had been going.  
"Right, then.  I'll... See you then."
He said softly, chuckling slightly...
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Flora started in surprise when she saw Yurei emerge from the lamplight. "Yurei, there you are!" she exclaimed. "Where did you go? Is everything okay?" Leaving Emma's side, she darted forward to her best male friend to check on him and maybe get an explanation for his behavior.
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Yu turned at the sound of Flora's voice, expression barely changing.
"Oh.  Hey, Flora.  I just... Forgot something is all.  Figured I shouldn't leave it here over night."
He said coolly, barely making eye contact as he kept walking...
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"Oh, okay..." Flora bit her lip. She could sense something had changed since they last spoke. "Um, you wanna meet up sometime? Emma asked me to come to her room tonight, but tomorrow I'm free. We could, like, go for a swim or something."
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Yurei shrugged noncommittally, barely breaking his stride.  
"Sure.  Whatever.  Wouldn't want to get in the way, though."
He said flatly...
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"In the way?" Flora put her hand on his shoulder. "Hey, you wouldn't be in the way. I like spending time with you. I'd totally hang out with you if I could, I know you wanted to show me the red light district tonight, but Emma just...asked sooner. That's all." She tried to give a reassuring smile but she doubted he could even see it in the dark. "I can make time for you both, trust me."
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Yurei looked at her hand for a moment, and then pushed it off his shoulder.
"It's fine.  No need to worry about me.  You go and have fun."
He said, voice momentarily icy as he walked off...
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Flora gave up the chase and just stood there, blinking in surprise at how that conversation had gone. What is his problem? she wondered. Everything was fine at the arcade, he even won the video game, and then...what did I do wrong?

She slowly made her way back to Emma. "So, um, do you still want to go to sleep? I'll walk to you your room," she asked hopefully, the prospect of getting lucky marred only somewhat by her continued attempts to figure out what she'd done wrong with Yurei. He knows I'm not his girlfriend, right? I thought we both understood that just because we fooled around in the bathroom, I've got time commitments to my other friends...
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i think its my fault ' Marita said ' I think.. when i kissed you Flora , he didnt take it well.i didnt mean to hurt his feelings, of course..but .. i think i did. Tomorrow, spend the day with him, we'll make do, looking around the complex..
 i'm a bit hungry' Emma admitted ' i'd like to get something to eat first, if thats ok."
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"Who knows," shrugged Flora. "Yurei's my friend, I'll talk to him later. I need to find a way to make sure he's comfortable with the situation." She noticed they'd reached the lab. The night receptionist let them in. "Hey is there anywhere in the labs that are open this time of night?" she asked.

The man shook his head. "Sorry, the restaurants close at around ten. But you are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare your own food. The are pantries with basic foodstuffs like bread, rice, and pasta. Don't take too long though; eleven o'clock is curfew."

"Curfew?" asked Flora.

"All test subjects and unauthorized personnel are required to be in their rooms with the doors locked by eleven. Roaming the hallways is not permitted and there are punishments for being caught out after hours."

Flora gulped. "Thanks for letting us know." They had about 45 minutes to prepare their food and get back to their rooms.
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In another part of the residential area, Yurei sighed and chuckled to himself as he stepped into an elevator, hitting the button for one of the uppermost floors.  However, as the elevator began to move, Yu allowed himself to phase out, slipping through the floor and descending into a set of old maintenance tunnels beneath the facility.  Making his way down the dark, cold concrete halls, he finally turned and stepped into a caged section, filled with a variety of broken parts and miscellaneous other things that had been tossed aside.  Shutting the mesh cage behind him, he made his way over to the corner farthest from the door, where a thin, worn blanket sat.  Laying down and curling up against the wall, he slumped for a moment before repeatedly smacking his head into the metal pillar forming the corner.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid!  Thinking that I even had a chance with someone like that... What the hell came over me?  Yurei, you goddamned idiot... Why don't I just learn?  Some... Thing like me isn't something anyone could ever like, let alone care for!"
He muttered, head slumping down against his chest.
Heh... I hate to admit it, but I guess all my naysayers were right.  That I'm just a damn fuckup who ruins everything...  Guess that means my family was right about me being alive, too.  Not like I ever really doubted that, though...
He thought bitterly, picking up a shard of glass from the floor near him, holding it and turning it over in his hands a few times, then tightening his grip on it until it drew blood from his hand.  Still clutching it as tight as he could, he pressed the edge of it to his wrist, drawing it across and leaving a jagged gash along his arm.  He stared at the crimson welling up on his wrist and chuckled a bit.
"Heh... Why not do that a few more times... Just end it all here with all the other broken, useless things..."
He said softly, staring at his reflection in the piece of glass...
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Flora led the way to the kitchen. She wasn't particularly hungry so she simply poured herself a bowl of cornflakes with honey and sugar.

She tried and failed to stifle a yawn. It had been a long day, and she'd gotten quite a few unexpected workouts while making new friends. Hopefully Emma didn't take too long preparing food, they needed to be in bed by lab shutdown.
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Emma came in a few minutes later carrying a pair of stuffed sandwiches ' Hope you like Meatballs" she said handing a sandwich to Flora. " we'll eat this, and thenm head to bed, I think" She smiled.
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"Thanks!" The sandwich wasn't microwaved, which Flora usually did when making meat sandwiches, but this let her eat it faster because it didn't have to cool. Flora was only a little hungry, but the sandwich turned out to be perfect for that since it wasn't very filling. "Sounds good to me," she smiled.

She borrowed Emma's phone to call Rose and Marita. "Guess you're gonna head back into town to find Marie and her hotel, right? You two have fun with that. Tomorrow we might head into town and find you, and we can all explore together during the day."
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Actually, the three of us are headed back to the apartment for the nioght" Marita said . " Marie caught up with us after you left with Emma. Have a good night, i'm sure we'll ran into you girls tomorrow. Good night Flora' Marita said and hung up the phone.
 Rose was in the apartment kitchen making a late night cup of tea befiore headed to bed. Marita took the left bed, Marie the night. Tonight rose would sleep with Marita. ' i'm hoping tomorrow we'll get to see much more of the Complex. Yurei showed us a bit, but not all of it, I'm sure' she said to herself taking a sip of tea which was strawberry flavored
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After a particularly memorable night, ( Flora's eyes snapped open at exactly 5 am. She had no idea why she woke up that early; she never woke up that early, especially not after an insane workout like she'd gotten she'd gotten last night. And why was her heart beating so fast? Was it love?

No. It was anxiety. Flora sighed silently. Now that she'd had a full night for her thoughts to marinate and the fire in her loins had been sated, she needed to resolve the situation she'd found herself. She'd gone from zero lovers less than a week ago to five, a staggering multiplication she'd hardly had time to come to grips with. And already these various lovers were coming to blows out of desire to spend time with her. It was a less pitiable problem than her previous forced chastity, but she didn't want to make anyone happy. But how much more can one folf do?

Not much, she admitted wistfully. And that's when an insane idea popped into her head. For several minutes she lay perfectly still, chest and legs pressed up against Emma's, almost hoping the vixen would wake up and remove any chance Flora had of exploring this idea of hers. After all the bed was quite warm, and there's no chance Flora got a full night's sleep. But finally she gathered up the willpower to extricate herself from the covers. She needed to resolve this soon as possible, for everyone's sake.

Hoping Emma didn't mind if she borrowed some clothes (her robe was in dire need of cleaning), Flora slipped on a skirt and blouse, blushing somewhat at how feminine her outfit was. Emma was definitely more girly than Flora, she didn't own a single pair of jeans or a T-shirt.

Flora slipped into the hallway and quickly retraced her steps to the part of the labs where Taga lived. Quickly she located the elder rat, who had indeed made good on his promise and decorated the walls with slips of white paper.

The man was sitting in a meditative stance, and cracked one eye open. "Hi. You're...awake early," Flora remarked politely, smiling awkwardly.

"I'm meditating. And you're interrupting," he answered simply, reclosing his eye.

"I'm sorry about that. If you want--" Flora started, but the man cut her off.

"No, its too late. Meditation is like a souffle; interrupt it before it's finished and it'll deflate before your eyes." The man got to his feet. "But I'll forgive you if you've brought me another gift."

"To, uhhhh, duplicate?" Flora gulped. "I might have. But I wanted to know a bit more about it first."

The man frowned. "I am not an exhibit on a guided tour!" he protested, folding his arms.

Flora sighed and fished around the pockets in her blouse. Locating a spare button sewn into the hem of the skirt, she pinched it off with her claws and passed it over. "I just want to get to know you a little. What's your name?"

"Marly," he replied eagerly, snatching the button and turning it into a short stack within a millisecond.

"And Marly, is there a limit to what you can duplicate? What happens to the original?" she asked.

"Duplicated items shouldn't stay apart for long," Marly replied, spreading his arms around his relatively barren cell. "Else I'd have decorated this place a hundred times over. I always re-merge everything before 24 hours pass. I can always tell which is the original." To demonstrate he selected a specific button and used it to flip the others along the ground like a game of tiddlywinks.

"Have you ever duplicated a living person?" Flora asked, mouth going slightly dry.

"Oh, of course. I used to charge people for the privileged." Marly flipped a button into the washbasin. "Got a little too successful, that's how I wound up here."

"What used to happen to those people?" Flora urged.

Marly began to detect the urgency in her voice and cocked an eyebrow. "Something tells me this isn't just innocent curiosity." Flora shifted her feet. "Those days are behind me, I assure you. But to answer your question; there were no complications, most of them loved it and I re-merged each of them within 24 hours. I got a little bit richer, they walked away happy, and I never asked questions."

"Please do that to me!" Flora burst out. "I need to be in two places at once! My friends are counting on me!"

"Girl, don't be daft." Marly duplicated a new set of buttons due to flipping all his old ones into the basin. "Management would know it was me in a heartbeat. I could get in a lot of trouble."

"I'd stay away from myself," Flora urged him. "And I'll bring you a new trinket every time. Both of me would! You can even make requests!"

Marly chuckled and shook his head. "I desire no particular items more than anything else," he assured her. "If you're hoping to sweet-talk me into this, it won't work. And have you considered not splitting apart your very essence just for the benefit of other people? Surely you don't me to tell you that's a bad idea."

"There must be something you need," Flora pleaded. "Something you'd never told anyone. This is your chance. I'll help you. We can help each other."

Marly paused. "You're making a mistake," he grumbled. "But there is something you can do for me." He held his hand out. "Deliver a message from me to Taga. Don't tell her it's from me."

Flora stuck her hand through the bars. "Deal!" She expected Marly to shake it, but instead he tapped her palm lightly, and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. Flora grunted and covered her eyes, and when she looked again she was staring right into her own eyes. Another fully-fledged Flora, dressed in the same blouse and skirt.

"Oh my god!" Both Floras gasped.

Marly nodded approvingly. "Damn, that was a good one. I surprise myself sometimes, even got all the clothes right."

"Wait--" said both Floras, planning to ask who was the original, but then both broke off when they interrupted each other. Both looked at Marly, then at each other, then their jaws dropped open as they realized they were sharing identical thoughts.

Marly chuckled. "Here. Let's get some talking turns down. It'll settle out after that." He held his button up. "Smooth side up, lefty talks first, bumpy side up, righty. capiche?" He flipped the button. All three watched as it landed.

"So I get to talk first?" one of them said.

"Wait, I thought I was left," the other protested.

"Then why didn't you talk first?" the first asked.

"Cause you're in the way so I couldn't tell what side the button landed!"

"Ladies," interrupted Marly. "You're welcome. The less time you spend together the better the memories will be, trust me. And you've got a deal to follow through on." He glanced at left Flora. "You leave first. Go do your things. Other one, you can leave in like fifteen minutes, after delivering my message. Meet back up here by tonight and I'll rejoin you and put this all behind us."

Both Floras nodded, and the chosen one headed back up the hallway. Returning to Emma's room, Flora removed her clothes, put them neatly back in the drawer, and resumed her spooning of Emma. I hope other me has fun with Yurei today...
   *   *   *   

Meanwhile, the other Flora walked over to Taga to see if she was awake. "Hello?" she said softly. It was far darker at this end of the cellblock, and Flora couldn't even tell where the older woman was, or if she was awake.
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As Flora approached her cell, Taga's eyes lit up from the corner.
"Ah, it's you again, Flora.  Or... Should I say doppelganger of Flora?"
She chuckled, gliding her way up to the glass with a smirk.
"What brings you to visit little old me today, hmm?"

Down in the maintenance tunnels, Yurei slowly cracked one eye open, glancing around for a moment before getting up, checking to make sure that the bloodstains from the previous night weren't too obvious.  Finally satisfied nobody would notice them, he slipped over to the elevator, phasing into it and riding it up to the floor his room was on.  Once inside his room, he quickly made his way over to the bathroom, pulling out a set of long bandages and some antiseptic, which he quickly used to clean the set of cuts along both his arms.  Wrapping both arms from mid-forearm down in the bandages, he nodded a bit, heading to his room to grab a change of clothes.  Flicking through his closet, he picked a red and black version of his outfit, slipping into it and nodding a bit as he made his way back out the door and towards the elevator...
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"Hey!" protested Flora. "What's that supposed to mean? I'm still Flora, the other one's the duplicate!"

She balled her fists, then realized she was disrespecting her elder. "Sorry, sorry..." she amended hastily. "How'd you even know I was split? And, uh, I've got a message for you. From a...secret admirer. They say, 'Hi Taga. How are you doing?'"
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Taga chuckled lightly, grinning at the folf.
"Oh, it's as simple as your emotions, dearie.  They're ever-so-slightly different than when you're whole."
She said, humming a bit as Flora delivered the message.
"Hmm, oh is that so?  Who'd have thought a little old spinster like me could have an admirer.  You tell him that I'm doing well, and I hope he is, too."
She said, a faint blush on her cheeks.
"Oh, and Flora?  Don't worry.  Yu will never be able to tell the difference."
She added teasingly...
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Flora committed Taga's reply message to memory. "You know I'm doing this for Yurei, right? He doesn't like how I'm spending time with other people, so now he'll have a Flora all to himself." Her eyes clouded. "You told me to help him, I'm a bit worried for him. Maybe he just needs someone who can literally give him constant attention."
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Taga shook her head.
"Oh, dear.  You should never do something for the sake of someone else.  And I dare say you misread Yu.  He's not the type for anger or possessiveness.  Most likely, he was trying to avoid causing you trouble, and running scared because of it."
She said gently, shaking her head softly.
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"Maybe..." replied Flora, not wholly convinced. Taga hadn't seen him last night. "Well, I'm off to see him now, so we'll see what happens. I've only got a bit before I get merged back, so I'll talk to you later."

She returned to Marly on the other side of the cellblock. "She says, uh, she's doing well, and hopes you are too."

Marly smiled dreamily from behind tiny stacks of buttons. "Thankye, lass. That'll be all, I'm sure you've stuff to do."

Flora quickly hurried to the upper levels. She was thinking of what Taga said. "You should never do something for the sake of someone else..." Well that can't be a hard and fast rule, otherwise nobody would ever help each other. She was convinced she was still doing the right thing.

Checking with the receptionist, she learned the location of Yurei's room and quickly darted over to it. She bit her lip. It was almost 6am, he was probably asleep.

She knocked anyway. She was pretty tired herself, maybe he'd be down to sleep together.
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emma  by this point was awake and making herself breakfast.  she figured that flora had left to get some more tests run on her. her mind ran back repeatedly to the night before, all the passion and kissing the pair had shared. Emma had pinch herself a few times to be sure she hadnt dreamed it. ' the toaster popped up the bread she had been toasting breaking her out of her reverie.
 marita stiorred from her bed, which she had shjareed with rose. the pair had shared a few deeop good bnight kisses the night before and wakuing up next to Rose was the feeling that always left Marita feeling happy about hersel;f.
 rose  was fliping through the channelas on the tv, looking for someting other than promos for the testing lab or various programs in arabic.
 Marie was loooking through her  knapsack, deciding which attire to wear that day.
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Flora was shocked when she opened the door and found Emma making breakfast. "You wake up at 6am?" she exclaimed. Her mind started spinning, trying to come up with a justification for her being awake this early. "Err, how did you sleep? Good morning!"
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morning. i'm normally an easy riser. comes with your school day starting at 7 am, and living a half hour away from it. so i had to get up at 6  and  that habit became engrained, and even now i wake up around 6.  how did the tests go? Emma asked. ' i mean i'm assuming you are up this early because of one examination or another.
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"Oh, yeah, the...uh, circulatory test went well!" Flora stammered. "Everything's normal. You got school, huh? That sounds cool. What classes do you have today?" She knew what Emma actually meant by her school comment, but it would distract Emma to have to supply a correction. Flora suddenly realized she was still wearing Emma's blouse and skirt. "Er, sorry for borrowing your clothes. I didn't bring a change of my own from last night." Grabbing a bowl from the cupboard, she poured herself a bowl of cereal; she'll reimburse Emma soon, but right now she was really hungry.
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i dont have class. i'm saving up to go to college remember" emma replied.' so, why dont we go hang out with your other girlfriends so more today? Get to know them better at least." Emma said. ' she laughed as she saw the clothes Flora was wearing ' so thats where they went. eh, keep it. I can get more clothes once my paycheck comes in tomorrow ' Emma said.
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"Sounds good to me. Maybe they'll be interested in going swimming!" Flora finished her cereal and washed the dishes in the sink, including the ones that were there previously; washing the host's dishes is one of the ways a guest can show appreciation for their hospitality. "Yesterday's adventure in the desert has made me miss the water even more than before!"
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Yurei's ears flicked as he heard the knock on his door.  
Who could that be...?  Not like anyone knows my room number... Or cares...
He thought to himself, getting up off his couch and making his way over to the door, peeping out to see Flora.  He mentally panicked for a second, quickly straightening his clothes before opening the door.
"Oh, uh... Hey, Flora."
He said softly...
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Flora smiled nervously. "Hi Yurei!" she smiled. "How you doing? I know it's super early, but I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful trip into town last night. We're you still interested in showing me the red light district later today? Cause I'm totally down!"

She shifted her feet, wondering if he was going to invite her in or simply answer her question and politely close the door. She'd left his options open so as not to intrude on his privacy.
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Yu chuckled slightly, smiling a bit.
"Oh, uh...Heh, you're welcome.  I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  And uh... If you still want to, sure thing.  I mean... I'd love to show you it, then."
He said, grinning shyly at her as he stepped aside.
"D'you wanna maybe come in?  It's pretty early, and I could maybe make something to eat or whatever..."
He chuckled a bit nervously...
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well, i'll definitely be up for swimming ' emma said ' i mean the place here has a pool,. but you only get 30 minutes at a time, and you cant undress while in the pool. we'd need a private pool for that." emma said giving flora a glance. ' i had a wonderful time last night , by the way.i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.
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Flora breathed a sigh of relief and accepted Yurei's offer. "Not gonna lie, had a tough time sleeping last night," she yawned as she stepped into his room. "Which is why I finally said screw it and came down here. Hope you weren't asleep or anything."

She glanced around his room. "Wow, it's...a lot neater than I expected, not gonna lie." she noted approvingly. "I've been in my room less than a day and it already looks worse than yours."


Flora smiled and wrapped her arms around Emma. "Last night was awesome," she replied, kissing Emma lightly. "It made me so happy, and I can't wait for it to happen again." She smiled. "As for swimming, guess I'll have to purchase a bathing suit. Bikini bottoms are kinda revealing for me, I might have to rock a Speedo and hope I don't look too silly."

She glanced at Emma's wardrobe. "Unless you've got bathing suits for me to borrow. If you do, would you be okay with my trying them on and seeing if they fit me?"
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Yu smiled awkwardly, giving a small nonchalant shrug.
"Well, heh... what can I say, guess I'm a bit of a neat freak, I guess."
He chuckled, quickly hiding his wrists behind his back.  
"So, uh...sorry about last night.  I was... It's a long story.  And uh...Nah.  I tend not to sleep a lot."
He stammered a bit...
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i think i have a few bathing suits ' Emma said. ' try them out see if any fit. they're in the bottom drawer there ' Emma said. "If none fit well, you'll have to go out and buy a couple. Say do you have any of the girls numbers? I'd like to talk to them about that pool idea"
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"Yup!" Flora recited Marita's number as she she'd her clothes and examined Emma's selection of bikinis. Finally deciding on a nice black one, she donned it and presented herself to Emma. "What do you think? I know the crotch is a little...bit of a bulge, but it's not too noticeable, is it?"


Flora placed her hand softly on his. "Hey, calm down," she smiled, "I don't mind. We all have our off-days, and this is really new for me too. I'm going to work on showing more concern for your feelings, so that won't happen again."

She sat down on his bed. "Today is Yurei today. I've got a completely free calendar and I'm ready to do whatever you want, go anywhere, try anything..."
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Yu sat down next to her, smiling a bit.  
"A day with you all to myself, huh?  That sounds... Nice."
He said gently, before smiling coyly and pulling Flora down onto the bed with a smirk
"Always wanted to do this~"
He teased...
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"Hey!" Flora giggled as Yurei pulled her onto the bed. "Always wanted to, huh?" she said jokingly. "You mean since we met for the first time 24 hours ago, silly?" She warmly snuggled him back; she'd been in desperate need of cuddles since she and Emma were too tired to have any after their marathon sex session last night.
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Yu smiled, lightly nuzzling into Flora's neck.
"Well, you ARE the most beautiful girl I've ever met, you know."
He teased, holding her close and murring softly...
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Flora giggled and gave him a light kiss. "You're flattering me!" she gave him a light kiss. "I'm not sure I even qualify as a girl, youve seen what Im packing. Don't let the skirt fool you!"

Said skirt wasn't doing a great job hiding her excitement, and she wondered if she should remove them before anything untoward happened; they weren't her clothes after all.
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Yurei smirked, rubbing his hand along Flora's chest.
"Oh, I never flatter.  Just tell it like it is."
He chuckled, his other hand rubbing just above her crotch.
"And I still think you're a girl.  Just packing a bit extra is all~."
He teased lightly, nuzzling along her neck affectionately...
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"Well, I'm glad you can see me as a girl even without my skirt," Flora's eyes lit up and she started heavily petting him back. She was extremely relieved to see he was so congenial; he seemed to have completely forgotten about last night. Pushing her advantage, she attempted to slide her hand into his pants. "Cause if I'm reading the signs right, I might slip out of these clothes soon enough so we don't make a mess on them."

She massaged his crotch. "Or maybe I'll keep them on. You're in charge today." Her eyes twinkled. "It's all up to your desires, oh captain..."
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Yu smirked and traced a hand along her body appreciatively.
"Mmm, feel free to slip out of those, lovely~.".
He teased, nipping her neck lightly as he ground against her...
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"Your wish is my command!" Flora excitedly slipped her clothes off and pinned him underneath her. "Gonna meet me halfway?" Sliding her hands lightly under his shirt, she traced her fingers across his chest. "I like to see your body too you know..."


Flora gave Marita a call. "Good morning! We were thinking of going swimming at the pool! You interested in meeting us there?"
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Sue Flora! That sounds like a lovely idea. we'll bring our bathing suits, and a light light, so we can nosh on something, inbetween laps in the pool. i hope this place has a hot tub' Marita Replied." why dont we meet in, say 30 minutes?'
 No you're fine. i dont ever notice the bulge that much ' Emma said earnestly
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"Sounds good! Can't wait!" Flora hung up on Marita. "I'm going to head down and reserve our spot!" She told Emma, grabbing a towel from the bathroom rack. "Want to make sure we can get in, will probably also buy my own bathing suit from the shops so I don't have to keep borrowing yours." Emma's hips and curves were so much larger than Flora's that the bikini was barely staying on.
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' we'll bneed to get you some clothes that actually fit ' Emma smiled.' your breasts are three sizes smaller than minem at least.' and overall yiou arent as curvy as I am."
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The pool was indoors, a large white-walled rectangle that smelled strongly of chlorine. A Jacuzzi sat in a raised portion of the room, and a sign next to the empty lifeguard tower noted that the lifeguard came on duty at 10:00, an hour from now.

Flora knelt beside the deep end and nodded approvingly at the water's temperature. The pool was cold but not chilled, perfect for this sweltering desert environment. She resisted the urge to dive in immediately; she said she'd wait for Emma, Marita and the other girls to arrive. So instead she sat in the corner, watching the ripples and munching on a Pop-Tart from the vending machine.
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Yu blushed a bit, shyly licking his lips as he traced down Flora's sides.
"Oh, do you now?  Well, then,I guess it would be rude of me to say no~"
He teased lightly, lifting his shirt slowly...
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Flora licked her lips hungrily, pressing her breasts up against his waist and sliding over him daintily. "You're so muscular..." she purred. Yurei's chiseled form was such a refreshing change from all the soft-skinned girls. "I'm so excited to be in bed with a real man," her eyes glinted. "I want you to take control of me, have your way with me." Her hand slid into his pants. "Make me your plaything..."

Suddenly she noticed the massive bandages on his wrists and let out an involuntary peep. "Oh my god, are you okay? What happened?" she gasped.
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Emma came up to her a few minutes later wearing a pink bathing suit." Ah, you beat me down here, i was going to get us bot breakfast before the girls joined us, she said taking a seat beside Flora and dipping her toes in the water.. say.." She grinned , since no one else is around, you want to go into the jacuzzi?
 rose  came up to them carrying a box of doughnuts which she had bought at a local shop  which catered to the clinic. " Morning Girls. I got doughnuts " She opened the box revealing 24 doughnuts with a variety of toppings and filings. Take whatever you like, Just don't eat the jelly-filled ones. this are MINe" the Great Dane grinned. marita went into the Jacuzzi and turned it on, and bubbles began to fill the hot tub.
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Yu looked away as Flora noticed the bandages on his wrists, fidgeting slightly.
"I-it's...I um...It's nothing...just..."
He shook his head, leaning in to kiss her softly, pulling her close
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Flora still worried, but acquiescently embraced him and buried her tongue in his mouth. Massaging his chest, she couldn't keep the anxious thoughts rushing through her mind. Both could have been an accident. But he's not acting like it...

She unbuttoned his pants and hurriedly massaged his crotch. I need to make sure he's happy...if I give him the most mindblowing sex possible, he'll be better... Sliding her body along his chest, she flashed him a coy smile. "You know, nobody's ever taken'penetrative' virginity, if you know what I mean...if you've got any lube, I'd love for you to do the honors...right now..."
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Yurei smirked, grinding against Flora's hand a bit as he stroked along her back.
"Oh, is that so?  Sure you wanna give something that important to me?"
He teased, moaning softly as he quickly flipped himself and Flora over, lightly kissing at the back of her neck as he reached over to one of his bedside tables...
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"I want to...because you're worth it, Yurei." Flora gritted her teeth in anticipation, for once wishing his junk was a little bit smaller. "Just...try to be gentle..." She propped herself on her elbows and knees, fully presenting her hindquarters to him.

At least she knew he was STD-free; before coming to his room, she'd had the labs test both her blood and his semen stains on her robe. It was pretty embarrassing, but worth it. Otherwise, there's no way she'd be allowing him to bareback her, especially this early in their relationship.
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Yu smiled softly, lightly tracing his hand along Flora's hips.  
"Oh, don't you worry about that, Flora.  After all, since you're going to give me something so important, I plan to make it special for you, too..."
He said, slyly trailing kisses along her back as he stroked up to her crotch...
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Flora shuddered as Yurei stimulated her sensitive nether regions. For her part, she was trying to get some sort of stretching preparation by tightening and relaxing her sphincter, but she doubted it would help. Maybe I should have prepared a bit before jumping into this, she worried, but her only choice now was to trust Yurei. "J-just take it slow, at first, please..."
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Yu chuckled softly, placing a teasing kiss just at the base of Flora's tail, smiling softly.
"Oh, I promise I will, Flora.  I wouldn't dream of hurting you."
He said reassuringly, slowly nuzzling down to her butt with a soft murr...
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Flora peeped in surprise. "Wait, did you just...? Are you going to...?" she squealed in surprise. "Nobody's ever done that to me before either..." Nonetheless she found herself relaxing and giggling at how his nose and snout fur tickled. "Guess today is a lot of firsts for me..."
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Yurei chuckled softly, placing a soft, affectionate kiss on Flora's pucker with a soft purr.
"Well, I want to make sure this experience is wonderful for you.  You're a goddess, and you deserve nothing but the best."
He said gently, blushing and taking a few deep breaths of Flora's scent...
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Flora's mind was whirling. Is he actually gonna give a rimjob? Maybe I'm reading the signs wrong. She had no idea that somebody could want to do that, but part of her had always secretly wanted to experience one. "Do you...want me to clean it out first or anything?" she asked, just to be safe. Even if she's overthinking how far he plans to go, it's a valid question even for anal.


"Awesome!" Flora grabbed a chocolate-frosted donut excitedly. "I'm going to take a quick dip in the actual pool first, then let's jacuzzi!" Considering her goal was to cool off after spending so much time in the sweltering desert environment, she wanted at least to soak her body in the refreshing cold water. After finishing her donut, she took to the deep end with a hypocritical "Remember not to swim right after you eat, Emma!"

Taking the diving board at full bounce, Flora careened through the air at a speed that surprised even herself. The elasticity of the board sent her arching dangerously into the middle of the pool, which was luckily still deep enough that she decelerated before hitting the floor, though it was close.

She came up gasping for air. "Cripes! Careful with that board, it's scary springy." Swimming for the ladder, she was halfway there when she realized her breasts felt a "Aah!" she gasped when she realized Emma's over-sized bikini top had completely slipped off her from the dive.
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Yurei grinned, his tongue flicking lightly along her crack.
"Mmmm, you're fine just how you are, Flora.  Every..Single...bit of you is absolutely perfect."
He said reassuringly, punctuating the last bit with slow, circling licks around her entrance...
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Emma laughed as the bathing suit flosted near her '  Well, girl we are defintely going shopping after this. you need an outfit of your own. mine..arent going to the job, clearly. just get out and head to the jacuzzi. the bubbles will cover your tits for now.
 marita and turnerd on the ' rainbow bubbl;es' feature, which covered the jacyzzi with a variety of colors.  Rose  set down the box of doughnuts on a benmch and climbed into the hot tub opposite Marita.
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Flora peeped quietly, her brain having trouble handling the sensations. Unlike most of the other sexual activities she'd tried in the past few days, she had never really given much thought to this one, so she had no fantasies to compare it to, and so far it wasn't comparing to anything she'd felt before. It felt oddly uncomfortable, far more taboo than her past relatively vanilla activities, but it felt like that feeling of doing something forbidden was part of the allure.


"Guess it's nothing you girls haven't seen before," Flora grinned, slipping out of her bikini and into the jacuzzi. Keeping her hands outside the water so she could have a second donut soon, Flora directed her attention to Emma. "Hey, you should tell the girls a little about yourself. You haven't really had a chance to meet them without distractions like Yurei's tour." For her part, Flora planned to keep silent for a bit, let her girlfriends talk among themselves and get to know each other better.
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Well, I guess i start talking with Marita first  I suppose.  you're are the eldest, right? Emma asked ' Yeah, by a year.' Marita said " but no need to start talking about your backstory until we are all in, and the bubbles are flowing ' Marita said motioning at the pool.
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As the girls left the pool area ( Flora ironed a kink out of the small of her back and grabbed the final donut out of the box. "Looks like I got a blood test coming up," she commented, glancing at her phone, "It'll only be a minute. Emma, are there any cool locations or events happening at Sartonic we should check out today? I'm feeling explore-y."
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well, theres the  Blueberry festival which is.. ' the garden sector of the grounds.. I have a map.. but i left it in my room ' emma said.
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Flora's blood test went well, and thirty minutes later she emerged with a smile on her face. "This place has a garden? Let's do it!" She glanced at the map. "Oooh, a rooftop garden? How do they even keep that going in this climate? Let's go!"
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Lots and lots of water I take it' Marita said as they began walking toewards the gardden which was on the 12th floor of a building, which sold earrings and other jewelry which was too expensive for the girls, so they could only look. Emma made her way to the stairs, as Marie looked longingly at a jade necklace.
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Flora led the way to the elevator and hit the highest button. "Huh. This only goes up to the 12th floor. Guess we'll need to take the stairs to the roof," she commented. She glanced at Emma. "What sort of thing happens at a blueberry festival? Is it all about fruit or what?"
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Well, theres all sorts of things made of blueberries- jam, pies, sauces, and so on.. but theres more there than just blueberries, theres other festivals there, we just came during the blueberry festival" emma said with a smile as the group headed towards the stairs.
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Yu murred teasingly, stroking Flora lightly.
"Mmmm, my goodness do you make cute noises~.  Wonder what would happen if I..."
He trailed off, placing a slow, deep kiss right on her butt, tongue slipping into her a bit with a low murr...
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Flora squealed shamelessly. It felt so...wrong, what Yurei was doing, but it also felt so good. She yelped in surprise as he probed deeper. She couldn't keep a furious blush off her face; it was embarrassing being so exposed to someone in such an intimate and taboo way. She didn't dare to talk, not sure what she could say. Instead she just curled her toes and closed her eyes, surrendering her other senses and focusing on the indescribable feelings Yurei was causing her to feel.


The rooftop garden festival was relatively subdued, due to it being midday; Flora suspected that as it got later and the desert cooled down, the festival would grow more active. On the bright side this meant they had almost unrestricted access to all the events and stalls, which were mostly showing off exotic treats like fruits, seeds, and delicacies.

Flora gasped in wonder at a speckled orange-purple fruit. "What's a...pluot?" she said curiously, reading the sign.

"It's a genetically-crossbred fruit!" the man exclaimed. His labcoat suggested her normally worked as a scientist at Sartonic. "It's a hybrid plum-apricot, first created genetically back in the early 21st century. Only recently have we created fertile self-sufficient orchards."

"It's...a hybrid?" Flora grabbed a pluot and studied it. "Like me..." she bit into it and her eyes lit up. "I think this is my new favorite fruit!" she exclaimed, causing the shopkeeper to chuckle. "How have I never heard of these before?"
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because its a rare hybrid, and we don't have it back home ' Marie said, as she looked around at the various foods and plants, many of them strange-looking hybrids.' marita loked in her purses for some creds, but was only able to scrounge up about 50.
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Flora squealed instinctively as Yurei continued pleasuring her. It wasn't a sexual activity that felt like it could end in orgasm, more of an experience to enjoy as she lost track of time. But as her fur became matted with sweat, she began to worry that her sphincter might get overstimulated and too sensitive for what comes next.

"I...think it's ready..." she murmured back to Yurei, casting an excited look over her shoulder. Her muscles felt loose, and despite his girth she felt like he'd more than prepared her for the upcoming penetration. "I don't want to cum, I think it'll be better if I'm still horny when you stick it in. Just please apply lube, and then it's all yours..."


Flora took another pluot for the walk and continued observing all the events of the festival. "Okay, I picked the pluot stand, your turn to choose an activity!" she said to Emma, throwing her arms around the vixen playfully. The pluots had put her in a particularly good mood.
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Well we could go over to that fruit weighing stand ' Emma said motioning to a table wth an array of simply gigantixcc fruits. each one looked like they weighed at least 500 pounds- thats a lot of pies." waterberries? Marie asked skeptically as she read ' a micing of watermelon and strawberries..
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Yurei smirked lightly, pulling his tongue out and lightly nuzzling up Flora's back, grinning.
"Mmm, well then, I'll try to make you cum too~."
He said lightly, placing a soft lick along the base of her ear as he reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a small bottle of lube, spreading the cool gel over Flora's butt...
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Flora's heartrate quickened, and she prepared herself for the moment of entry. "Don't worry about me," she panted, "this is your reward. You can get me off after you've had your turn..."


"I wanna try a waterberry!' Flora exclaimed, stepping forward, but the booth owner stopped her.

"These are for the weighing contest. they are not for consumption."

"Do you have any that ARE?" Flora asked, eyeing the alien fruit with relish.

"They have been mostly made into pies," the man gestured to the table. "150 credits apiece."

Flora looked at her friends. "What do you think? kinda a bummer we can't try them first to be sure we even like them..."
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the pies were huge, but emma pulled out her creds card ' we'll take 2' she said to the stall owner ' and he produced 2 big pies after the creds transfer went though ' Marita was handed the pies to carry and  the girls continued  walking around, looking at other stalls.
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Flora wrinkled her nose after a single bite. She'd never been a watermelon fan, and unfortunately waterberries didn't have enough strawberry to cancel out the flavor.

A few hours later, they'd seen everything there was to see at the festival. Flora was feeling a little drunk from the number of booths offering alcoholic samples. "Thank god for--hic!--the drinking age being sixteen!" She grinned as she found somewhere to sit down. "This festival was awesome. I wonder how late it is, maybe we could go do something out on the town."
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its 915" emma said  loking at her watch " we could try going around some more, or head back. Up to you Flora.' We're fine with doing a bit more shopping " rose said, and she wrapped the remaining pie for later. " Depends on whats open at this point."
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Yurei smiled a bit, leaning in to teasingly lick along the base of Flora's ear.
"Mmmm, now now.  I want this to be a reward for both of us, sweetheart.  After all, someone as lovely as you deserves nothing less~"
He teased, slowly pressing his tip into her as he reached around to stroke down her chest...
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"Yurei, I'm glad you're thinking of me, but it's been..." Flora checked the time on his bedside alarm clock, "...almost three hours, and you haven't even stuck it in yet. I mean, if you're nervous, I don't want to pressure you into anything, but really, I think my body is as primed as it could possibly ever be."


Flora yawned as they left the festival. "I dunno, I might be tuckered out." She also didn't want to possibly see her other self with Yurei in the city streets. "Maybe we should head back to the room. See if there's any good movies on TV. Our bed can fit five, right?"
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Sure It can fit 5, just don't expect much personal space " MArie said . Emma, as our guest, can have first crack at the remote. First hour is yours " she smiled at the teenage vixen, who smiled back at her.. " i like  shows that show off clothing emma sauid " I watch them and imagine myself wearing them.. course its just a dream..
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Flora led the girls back to her apartment. "Bed party! Get cozy everybody!" She tossed Emma the remote. "Also hope y'all don't mind, but I'm done being dressed in this desert heat." Peeling her clothes off, she took the spot dead center on the bed.
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" taking the best seat for yourself, eh?' Rose smirked, as she climbed onto the left side of the side. Emma climbed in, next to her, Leaving Marie and Marita to take up the right side. " i'll pass the remote down once I'm done" Emma said, Smirking at Floras bare form. " Couldn't wait to drop trou Flora? Well you've certainly got self-confidence.."
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"Mmmm, why would I want clothes when I'm surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous girlfriends?" Flora snuggled into the little spoon position, pressed somewhere between Emma and Rose. "Cause nobody gets to date me unless they're okay with heavy cuddles..."
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Emma Smirked " so this is the "wild side " the girls told me about.. She said as she wrapped her arm around Flora, and Rose reached behind Flora and Pulled Emma Closer." Well Flora does have good taste Rose said " she found you, Emma , after all." I take it Flora's not the only one interested in me, then?' emma said, and a smile pl;ayed on Rose's dark red lips. " OF Course not Love. I don't french girls that don't like frenching other girls, although truthfully Girls tend to be more open to same -sex relationships up through high school graduation than guys - "Gay until graduation" is a real thing" Rose said " with me, I really didnt realize I was gay until I started dating Marita, once we were in a relationship , it just.. felt right, you know?"

 Well, Flora was my first kiss ever, and you girls are numbers 2 through 4. I'm glad you girls have been so welcoming and accepting " Emma Said." Who's next with the remote after you? Rose asked "That would be Flora " rose said. "Well emma, I think you and I will be busy during your hour with the remote." Rose said" oh, Flora and I have had sex before, so you wont be the first girl i've made love to" emma said shooting Flora a grin " But I've got a LOT more experience in making love than she does " Rose said."Once you've had a whiff of my flower, dear Emma, you'll want more."
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Considering Rose and Emma were laying it on thick but had both elected to sit on either side of her, Flora suspected her body was about to be used as a sexual prop, like what happened with Rose and Marita in the hotel room. Well, there are worse fates...stretching her back and purring, she simply continued cuddling Emma, too content to worry about what was on the television or going through her bedmates' minds.
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Care to join us Flora?' Emma Said to her" don't want to leave you out girl" She said honestly.." i mean it.' shhe said muzzling Flora Warmly and Giving her a hug.
 I'll go get some popcorn girls ' Marita said as she got out of the bed. " any partocular flavor ypu girls wanmt?
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"Don't worry about me," Flora yawned. "Been a busy day, and besides, this is a good time for you to get to know each other better." She snuggled closer. "That being said, I'm not getting out of the way so I hope you're okay with me making myself comfortable on the bed..."
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oh, you're fine right where you are, and no, this time you won;t be a prop for a makeout' Rose said as she stroked Flora's fur.."  What sort of shampoo do you use flora? Whatever it is, you need to let me use it, I have split hairs all over, but you dont have a split hair anywhere on your head>' she asked.
 Might just be the difference between foxes and dogs ' emma said ' Foxes dont have split hairs very often.' she explained.
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"Recently? I use whatever the hotels have in the little bottles." Flora nuzzled Emma. She was rapidly falling asleep, but wanted to at least stay awake long enough to ensure Rose and Emma got along without issue.


Other Flora was falling asleep. Her face and chest were slumped into the blanket and a thin bead of drool was dribbling onto the covers as her butt remained shoved invitingly in the air.
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Oh, so Just a regular shampoo then/ that keeps it simple " emmsa Said and she kissed Flora passionatey on the lips, throwing her arms around the folfs neck. Emmaslipped her tongue into Floras mouth and murmurred happily in the process.  Rose watched the makeout with interest.
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By miraculous coincidence, both Floras fell asleep at the same time.
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Rose tucked flora into bed, and wiped off the drool from her pillow. " poor girl must be absolutely beat." she said to herself. " I'll let her sleep. The coauch will do for me tonight " she said as she made the fold out bed on the coach.
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Many months later...

Natalie Parker reached her massage parlor at 9am, as always. She quickly turned on the neon Open sign and crossed to the computer to check her appointments. She wasn’t the most highly-requested masseuse in her area, but she usually got two or three appointments a day.

Today, however, she saw to her mild disappointment that there was only one appointment on the books. In thirty minutes, she’d be seeing three new customers, two female great danes and a vixen. The vixen was newly pregnant, so they wanted a massage that specialized in prenatal therapy. Well, she could certainly do that. They’d not specified an end-time either, so hopefully they would enjoy themselves and stick around for long enough to make her drive to work worth it.

Then Natalie saw the addendum, and one of her eyebrows raised. They want a happy ending? Not usually the sort of customer to ask for one of those, but I guess money’s money…

* * *

 Marita drove the car down the road. “ almost to the  massage parlor, girls “ she said with a smile. “ How’s the back seat, Emma? Comfortable enough for you?’ she said looking in the mirror at the beautiful vixen lying down in the back seat. “We got you a surprise as well’ Rose said, a smile on her dark red lips. “ It cost a bit more. But well, you’re worth it girl”

 Emma nodded, with a small smile. “I’m excited to see what it is. Thank you both so much!” Inwardly, she was wondering what they could have gotten her that would require such a far drive out of town. They weren’t even in the same city as Sartonic anymore.

She focused on the desert environment outside the car as it zipped past. This could be a great chance to get to know Marita and Rose better. She’d get so caught up in work that she never thought to visit them at their apartment. But part of her worried she wouldn’t have enough interesting things about her to keep them interested, considering they’re into wild girls like Flora.

“  You’re very welcome Emma.  Anything else you’;d like? This is an “ Emma gets whatever she wants ë day, because you always give expectant mothers anything they like. You know, to avoid pregnancy-fueled rants” Marita smirked.” sky’s the limits, love. You want to go see a flick? Dine out? Play scrabble? Name it, we’ll do it for you.”

“Hmmmm…” Emma thought for a bit. “Let’s turn on some music. What’s your favorite genre of music, Rose? I pretty much like anything except country and rap.”

ë You and me both girl. Can’t STAND country, with all the sappy stuff about the wife running off with the dog. Bleeech” Rose said.’ But I love the oldies Emma.  Eagles, Aerosmith, Queen. They get my inner karaoke going.’ “ She’s got a damn good singing voice too’ Marita said,. “ Girl can sing opera, for goodness sakes.” stop, Marita. I’m not Aretha Franklin’ Rose protested.” You get to pick the station Emma.’ she smiled.

“You should sing Rose!” Emma urged, smiling. “I want to hear your voice!” She listened as Marita thumbed through the channels. “How about the first song Rose recognizes, we stop and listen to her sing?”

Deal” Rose said “ as Marita stopped on a Queen Channel “ Warm up the Pipes Girl. Next song is “ Who Wants to Live Forever”  Rose began to take a breath and began to sing - and she was.. incredible ë There’s no chance for us .. It’s all decided for us” Rose sang with a crystalline, clear and tender voice. Marita listened with a big smile on her face.

Emma smiled as she listened to Rose belt out the song. If she’d known the lyrics she’d have sang along, but as it was she simply enjoyed having their company. “You’re a natural!” she laughed. “You should have been a pop star!”

“The opportunities just didn’t present themselves when I was younger”Rose said. “ Maybe one day, i’ll take a chance to go into a recording studio and sing for them, but for now  other things take precedence. I’m basically a housewife to this chick’ Rose smirked as she pointed to Marita.”Now, of course, there’s caring for you Miss foxy” She shot Emma a grin.” Flora’s in no financial position to do it, and Marita’s jobs pay well, even if they are hush hush.”

Emma smiled. “Thank you both for all your support. Really, it means a lot to me.” She patted her stomach, which was beginning to show whenever she wasn’t wearing a baggy enough shirt. “It’s good to know I have so many people supporting me!”

 Well, you need the support, Emma’ Marita said with a smile..” so, the day is yours. Anything goes. Literally anything. Whatever you want to drink or eat. We’ll get it for you. Want to watch something on TV, our remote is yours.   Need that baby  bump massaged, let    us know. And as Flora has likely told you, We are very open-minded about things of an intimate nature- let us know if you have any fetishes, we’ll be glad to fulfill them. We’ll do anything for a girl as lovely as you are Emma. Name it honey, the world is your oyster.”

Emma flushed red as a beet at the forwardness at Rose’s remarks. “I’ll let you know if I really have a hankering for something,” she replied hastily. “Um, I’m a little inexperienced in those ways...maybe you’d like to suggest something? I’m pretty open-minded myself, I’m prepared to try anything really.”

Well, how often have you French kissed?” Rose asked.’ Marita and I really enjoy it, it’s one of the things we do when we  begin a romp..and well, just because you have a bun in the oven , doesn’t mean you stop being able to have sex. The desires, needs and passions are still there, along with all the extras that a pregnancy carries with it.’ and if things get too hairy between you and Flora you are always welcome to crash at our place.'
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So what do you say Emma? " interested? Rose said " if not, we understand. Totally up to you. " dont pressure the poor girl , Rose" Marita said, a grin forming on her face all the same. " you're an open book Rose. When you like something, you show it."
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Emma couldn't decide, she was never good at making decisions...but after mulling over her decision, she decided that she could decide, and decided yes. "I decide...yes!" she decided loudly, smiling at her decision.
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Yurei sat in front of his computer, resting his forehead on his hand.  Staring at the lab results from the latest batch of the project he was working on.  Sighing, he shook his head and slumped back in his chair.
"Ugh, damnit... Still causing unpredictable spikes in power activation..."he
He muttered, closing out the files...
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From his bed, Flora stretched languidly. "Something the matter?" she muttered, blinking sleep out of her eyes. She rolled her head and looked sleepily at the bathroom. She kinda had to pee, but not enough to actually drag herself over there and leave the warm covers...

When Yurei didn't immediately answer she rolled back over to settle into the warm spot of the bed. With Emma and the girls on some sort of road trip to a masseuse, Flora was spending her nights in Yurei's room because it had video game consoles and a shorter walk to the dining commons. Before closing her eyes again, she spared a single glance at the bedside clock. 9 am? The fuck am I doing awake...
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Yurei glanced back over his the chair, smiling at Flora.  
"Ah, nothing.  Project I'm working on has hit a dead end is all."
He chuckled, spinning the seat around and hopping up before joining Flora in bed.  
"Just checking on it while you were asleep."
He said as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, tracing a hand up her leg...
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Flora grinned and snuggled up close to him. "Mmmmm, well, welcome back..." she pecked him on the cheek. "Why are you wearing clothes in bed?" she teased sleepily, "We're not expecting company, are we?" Though that would be kinda cool...I should ask sometime if he's down to try a threesome...
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Yu grinned, shifting back a bit and quickly stripping down.
"Heh, good point~.  And even if we were expecting company, why not give 'em a show, right?"
He teased, pressing back up to Flora with a murr...
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Flora grinned and climbed on top of him. Pressing her body into his, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked him again on the cheek. "I'd kiss you, but I think I've got morning breath," she smiled, "so maybe I'll put my mouth to better use elsewhere..."

With a series of kisses, she made her way slowly down his chest and stomach, before focusing her attention on her favorite part of his body. "You need to stop getting up before me," she joked before her mouth was full, "because I keep planning to wake you up with one of these..."
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Yurei smiled, stroking his hand along Flora's head smiling a bit as his foot teased at her crotch.  
"Mmmm, you know that I don't mind that, Flora~.  Your kisses are just about the best thing ever."
He said, moaning softly as Flora found her mark.
"Mmmm, and if you want to surprise me, you'll have to get up pretty...mmm... early.  Besides, I've been planning a few...surprises for you, too~"
He murred
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Flora increased the pace as her other hand massaged him gently. Hmm, that reminds me... She hummed a low rhythm from the back of her throat, a tuneless sound that vibrated her lips and cheeks as she pushed him deeper into her mouth. It was a trick she’d always thought would feel amazing, and Yurei seemed like a good opportunity to try it out.
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Marita saw the turnout for the treatment center and pulled off ' we'll be there in about 10 minutes girls.   " there wasn't much out here, just a strong of fast food places, where you could get a quick bite to eat. ' You want anything Emma? We can get a burger if you want one..' she said kindly.
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Emma thought. "Hmm...yeah, I think I could go for something," she smiled. "Are there any Mexican places? Flora talks about burritos a lot, and I've been meaning to see one for myself. I've never really understood what they're supposed to look like..."


Flora choked when Yurei's door suddenly came flying off its hinges. Three Sartonic guards marched into the room, rifles drawn. "You," the lead guard snarled, jabbing his finger. "To the brig. NOW."

"What?" She stammered, leaping out of bed and raising her hands in the air. "What did I--?"

"Move it!" One guard pointed his rifle pre-emptively at Yurei in case he tried to stop them.

Flora slinked nervously to the door, tail between her legs. "C-can I at least grab--?"

"I said MOVE IT!" he snapped, eyes bulging. Without further ado, their trio of rifles escorted her roughly out of the room.
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remember that we aren't anywhere near Mexico" Rose said " Given the country we are in , and its culture, you aren't going to find any Mexican stuff here,as for burritos, they are similar to tacos, except they completely enclose whatever toppings are in them. beef, chicken, rice, etc. From what i see, these fast food places are mostly ice cream stops, which rather stinks."
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"Aww, bummer. Maybe another day," Emma smiled. "Cause that sounds super delicious. Maybe we should just get Mediterranean, I know this city's full of those."

She checked her watch. "We've still got time before the massage. It's always nice not having to rush while eating. I wonder if Flora and Yurei are eating right now."


Flora was marched roughly down the hallway, the guards not even giving her time to make eye contact with anyone walking by.

"Flora?" asked Nash, a human test subject heading for the Circulatory lab. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure, I--" she started, but the guard elbowed her roughly in the side. "No talking, no slowing down," he informed bruskly.

Finally they herded her into the brig and threw her into the first available cell. Flora took several seconds to catch her breath, and only once they'd assumed guard positions outside the brig entrance did she timidly stagger to her feet. Shivering in the drafty cellblock air, Flora debated the merits of once again asking for something of an explanation, before a fiery-haired raccoon scientist named Cherlins suddenly marched into the brig. "You've got a lot of explaining to do!" he snapped, rattling her cage bars and sending her leaping backwards in alarm.

"I will! I'll tell you whatever, I promise!" Flora stammered. “Just tell me what about!”

“You thought you’d deleted the security footage,” he leered. “And nobody would discover that you were the one who freed Experiment L1F3. (” He smiled grimly when realization played across her face. “But one of the new test subjects can restore damaged film, and now we’ve got it on video.”

Oh crap… Flora gulped. “I, um…” She took a deep breath. “Okay, yeah, I may have done that…” Her eyes widened and she raised her hands quickly when he drew a silver-barreled taser. “Whoa don’t shoot! I’m sorry!”

“Not yet you’re not!” Cherlins snarled. “Why? Why did you jailbreak the most dangerous experiment Sartonic has ever held? Do you have any idea how valuable she was?”

“Yes, yes, I know…” Flora couldn’t keep her heartrate in check. “I broke all the rules, I don’t really have any excuses. I just thought the way we were treating her was inhumane.”

"We're not paying you to think..." Cherlins growled. “Tell me everything from the moment the two of you left Sartonic, or you die right here, right now.”

“We escaped over the west courtyard wall,” Flora confessed, eyes still locked onto the taser barrel. “We were gonna head deeper into the desert, she promised to take me with her. We headed directly away from the city, hiked for a day. You should be able to follow our path, she kept growing flowers and stuff everywhere she stepped. That night, we slept on some sand dunes, and when I woke up in the morning she was gone.” Flora felt her face redden remembering how L1F3 had abandoned her. “So...I just came back. Pretended I’d spent all that time in my room.”

Cherlins had grown beet red himself. “You are so goddamn stupid!” he screamed in frustration. “We could have furthered humanity and gotten rich at the same time. She could have given us the cure for aging!”

“She wasn’t going to give you anything!” Flora snapped back. “We both know that. You were just going to end up killing her.”

“I guess we’ll never know…” Cherlins shot her in the crotch. Flora’s eyes widened and she screamed as she collapsed to the floor, losing control of all her muscles. “Unfortunately Van Der Merwe says we can’t kill you yet, so we’re just going to leave you here for now.” He didn’t bother to hide the threat in his tone as he deactivated the taser and left her crying and spasming erratically in the fetal position. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Gnashing his teeth furiously, he stomped out of the brig.
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Marita stopped at the nearest fast food join, which was blamed icy Iraqi ice cream. there was a mix of classic flavors,-chocolate, vanilla, twist, met twist oreo twist- with new ones like ' camel's milk,  crescent cream. tigris toffee and baghdad berry. " hmm " lets go in girls. they seem have a lot of choices here> Any preference as to flavor Emma?' Marita asked as she stopped the car and got out.
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"Baghdad Berry sounds berry delicious!" Emma joked as they walked into the ice cream store. "I've been having cravings for fruit since hitting second trimester, that would hit the spot."

She let the girls go first in case they needed more time to decide what flavors to get. Huh, the sky seems a bit darker than it should be, she observed, looking idly out the storefront windows. Considering it's only 2 o'clock...


It was a long time before Flora regained enough motor function to crawl pitifully around her cell, and she spent most of it cradling her family jewels and trying frantically to come up with her next move. She'd always avoided Cherlins because she'd heard horror stories from any test subjects that worked with him, and now he was out for her blood. Can Yurei bail me out? she wondered, glancing at the pristine white walls of her cell. Odds are good they planned ahead for ghostform or any other psionic power. But if he can talk his way past security, he could slip me something...

Crawling to the front of the cell, she staggered to her feet using the bars as a crutch. She could see the guards were still standing at attention outside the brig, armed and stonefaced as before.

I don't think I'm going to be able to rely on Yurei this time. She looked around. Her cell contained only a sink, toilet, and cot bolted to the wall. Not a lot to work with...
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Marie went up to the counter to order her ice cream, she settled on a regular hiot fudge sundae with lots of whipped cream. Marita got oreo mint twist, in a dish and covered its in nuts , whipped cream and sprinkles. Rose got Tigris Toffee in a cone. ' anything you ladies want to drink?' Marie asked.
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Emma shook her head. "I'm trying to avoid sugary drinks or alcohol. Just drinking water until she's born," she patted her stomach. "Or he? The doctors seemed a bit confused on that part..."

The clerk handed Emma her ice cream and she started enjoying it. "Should we eat while driving to the masseuse, or keep eating here?" she asked. "We've probably got time for both, but we'll be cutting it close if we stay here..."


Cherlins glared at the cheerful wolf fixing the potted plant he’d knocked over while walking through the door. “Dr. Kojurro. What the hell are you doing in my office?”

“Walter! It’s been so long, how are you my friend?” Kojurro beamed, showing a wide mouth of teeth. “You’re always so busy working with your experiments in the quarantine section, you’ve haven’t come to any of our department’s good old-fashioned sitdowns in months!”

“I hated those; I just wanted the free beer, but eventually it wasn’t worth listening to everyone’s idiotic banter.” Cherlins narrowed his eyes. “Speaking of which, please leave.”

“Of course, I don’t mean to bother you...” Kojurro turned to leave, and Cherlins had halfway refocused on his paperwork when the wolf abruptly spun around and continued “...BUT there was something Van Der Merwe wanted me to tell you. If I could request just a minute of your time…”

“Van Der Merwe is in Denmark meeting with shareholders,” Cherlins raised an eyebrow. “As you damn well know.”

“Exactly! And that leaves you in charge of the base! And Van Der Merwe explicitly told me to inform you if anything unusual happens in his absence." Kojurro bowed flamboyantly. "And, well, to that effect I must report that we’re getting the strangest weather readings any of us have ever seen.”

“‘Weather’ readings?” Cherlins checked his email, and only then noticed several panicked emails from other personnel at Sartonic. “Strange how? Are we talking humidity, temperature, atmospheric phenomenon?”

“Yes. To all of those.” Kojurro leaned over his desk and pointed to a specific email. “I can’t be any more specific because none of it makes sense. It looks like we’re about to be hit by a tropical storm, a mudslide, a tornado, a heat wave, a cold wave, an earthquake, and a snowstorm. At almost the exact same time.”

Cherlins’ eye twitched. “But--but--we’re in the middle of the desert!” He burst out. “We never get any weather. And it’s meteorologically impossible for all of that to even occur at the same time!”

Kojurro nodded in agreement. “It certainly requires urgent investigation. Hence why we’re all being rather pushy with requesting your orders.”

Cherlins read the document over again. “Don’t do anything,” he finally decided. “Sartonic is more than built to withstand any and all of these. I’ll have the maintenance crew reinforce windows, but otherwise I’d rather we focus our energies on finding out what’s causing this extreme weather to manifest.”

He hit the button to summon Sartonic’s elite security guards. “Because whatever it is, we need to capture it.”
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We can eat on the way' Rose said, as she headed out of the  restaurant carrying a tray full of large sodas and a large cup of water for Emma. ' Alright , girls we have about 20 minutes or so to eat our lunch ' Marie said looking at the clock on the dashboard and taking a soda, she had eaten about a quarter of her ice cream.
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Emma nodded, eating her ice cream as they returned to the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "Could you roll your windows up?" she asked the driver as they hit regular cruising speed and raindrops started soaking the upholstery. "This is just bizarre, getting rain at this time of year. But it might actually improve the massage, honestly. Rain makes such a peaceful, relaxing sound when it patters against glass."


Flora bit her lip as her claw scraped against something metal for the umpteenth time. She was trying to pick the jail lock like she'd seen Emilena do, but it was proving just as impossible as she'd expected.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cherlins glared as he appeared from the other side of the brig. Apparently there was a second entrance.

"Nothing!" she stammered, leaping backwards and covering her crotch defensively.

"M-hmm." Cherlins folded his arms. "I came for the complete list of Experiment L1F3's powers."

"Uhh, mostly just plant-growing stuff..." Flora curled into the furthest corner of the cell. "And making things older or younger. Oh, and growing all those vine-tentacles. Also she turned my nipples into flowers that one time, but somehow they got better--"

"What about weather alteration?" he interrupted. "Especially once you two were outside the lab."

Flora thought. "I don't remember anything like that. Why?"

"There's a..." Cherlins paused to think of the right word, "...very unusual tropical storm coming our way. Our sensors are detecting her psionic signature from it."

Flora's hair stood on end. "She's coming back?" She leaped up. "Let me talk to her! I might be able to get her to stand down."

Cherlins laughed. "Stand down? We don't give a crap about her standing down. Sartonic isn't worried about some measly storms. But..." He held a pen and short written agreement through the bars. "If you promise not to run away, we could use you as bait. You help us draw her out, and then we can re-capture her."

Flora's eyes widened. "I..." she took a deep breath. "Will I be fully pardoned?"

Cherlins narrowed his eyes. "Only on successful recapture of the specimen."

Flora gulped. "...Okay." She raised her hands to take the contract, then squawked in alarm when he took the opportunity to tase her in the nuts again. His laughter was still ringing in her ears as he walked out of the brig.
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Marita pressed a button which rolled up both the front and back windows ' This is strange. Deserts usually dont get major storms, but this one looks like its gonna be a whopper ' Marita said ' We;d better get to massage place and pronto. Dont want to be caught on the road if part of it floods. ' So everyone eat your ice cream, quickly, theres a bag by Maries feet for garbage." Marita said, she had eaten most of her ice cream already. marie took a sip from her sida. Outside the rain began falling harder and harder.
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Emma finished her ice cream and tossed the cup in the designated bag as they pulled into the massage parlor parking lot, right on time. "I'll go let the masseuse know--oop!" She gasped in surprise as she stepped out of the car door and slipped on the slick ground, but caught herself in time. Within seconds her skirt and leg were soaked with ice-cold pelting rain. "I'm okay! Good lord..." She covered her face and stumbled to the door.

Natalie Parker looked up from the receptionist's table as Emma entered. One look at her belly told her that this was the client. "Miss Maple! Welcome!" She hurriedly grabbed the girl a towel.

"Where on earth did this storm come from?" Emma wondered aloud. "It was bright and sunny this morning!"

"The weatherman's been wondering too," Natalie nodded to the silent television in the waiting room, where a panel of meteorologists was discussing the breaking weather alert. "Luckily the rain won't bother you in here." She smiled. "Head into the back. You get yourself dried off, feel free to remove as many clothes as you feel comfortable, and lay facedown on the massage bed." According to the booking, her handlers would be covering payment and negotiating the details of the transaction. "I'll be with you shortly."

The two Great Danes were parking the car. Natalie waited patiently for them to arrive; to avoid being stiffed, she usually requested that new customers paid half in advance.


Cherlins looked out the window at the darkened stormclouds closing in on the base.

"Sir," reported Kojurro, "every window in the base has been reinforced, as ordered."

"And not a moment too soon..." Cherlins murmured. He stood up and closed the blinds. "All personnel have been locked safely indoors. Now we just wait this out."

"Should we plant Flora in the courtyard?" Kojurro asked.  "We're running out of time to use her as bait before the storm hits."

Cherlins shook his head. "First I want L1F3 to realize how fruitless her little storm is." His eyes steeled. "Get her really desperate and frustrated. Then she'll be ready to walk into any trap we set."

Kojurro nodded. "Assuming her storm is really as weak as you claim...she is the first experiment to escape from Sartonic in over fifty years."

"This time she won't have help on the inside," Cherlins growled. "I swear if that folf tries anything, I'll shoot her myself."

Kojurro gulped.
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Marita and rose entered next folowed by Marie, the rain was starting to come down harder and harder, even though they had parked close to the fromnt door they still r4ecieved a drenching. marie tossed their garbage away in a bin close to the front door and Marita approached the front desk ' Hi! We're the Miss Maple Group. I'm Marita, I'm here to pay for the massage " She said to Natalie who was standing behind the counter ' Now you said half in advance, right, lets see, that would be 600 creds. " Marita said pulling out her creds card.
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Natalie Parker to put a CLOSED sign on the door. "Absolutely not letting any walk-ins today," she quipped, locking the door. "They'd be insane to go outside in this weather anyway."

She smiled at the pair. "600 is fine, of course, with the other 600 upon completion. Pleased to meet you, Marita. I'm Natalie." Wiping rainwater from her shoulder, she activated the cash register and cleared the purchase.

"You know," she smiled. "With this weather, you might be stuck here a while. If either of you wants a massage once I'm done with Emma, I'll drop the price down to 950 per person." That was only slightly cheaper than her normal rainy day discount anyway, and it would make her trip to the office today slightly more worth it. "Heck, for only 700 flat I'll give you two an open massage room and you can take turns on each other."


The wind whipped the trees in the courtyard violently, uprooting several of the smaller saplings. The wind howled with anger as rain battered the beleaguered station.

Cherlins stood in the main lobby, watching the tempest outside through reinforced glass double-doors.

Kojurro walked up behind him. "Things are holding. For now..."

"What do you mean, 'for now'?" Cherlins asked, not breaking eye contact with the storm. "We should be able to hold this out indefinitely."

"Well, uh, the lightning seems to know all the right places to strike. We've lost our auxiliary generator, and the storm has completely disrupted outside communications. We can't contact anybody."

"We shouldn't need to contact anybody, goddammit!" Cherlins balled his fists and whipped around to glare at his fellow scientist. "Why are you all treating this storm like it's anything but our best opportunity to recapture--?"

His tirade was cutoff when the lights in the room suddenly flickered on and off. "What the hell?"

Kojurro quickly tuned his radio. "Ummm, not getting signal." He gulped. "I'll go check main power. The storm shouldn't even get that far."

"Yes, go do that." Cherlins sighed as Kojurro and returned his gaze to the windows.

And then it hit him in the cheek.  A single solemn drop of water. The smallest of cracks had formed in the largest skylight in the lobby.
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We;'ll take the 700 and give each other massages '  Marita said handing Natalie her creds card ' Which room would you say is the best for massages , of the ones you have?" she asked. Rose and Marie sat down in a couple chairs near the doior trying to dry off as much as possible.
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Natalie threw Marita a keycard and a bottle of oil. "Take the one down the left corridor. There'll be towels and extra lotion in the cupboard to the right of the door. And make sure you clean up after yourselves." She headed for the hallway to the back rooms. "Since y'all paid for a full four hours, I don't think you have to worry about finishing before I'm done with Emma..."


Emma found herself in a small room very similar to the one Marita, Rose, and Marie will soon be seeing. She blushed as she remembered what Natalie said about removing her clothes. Deciding to keep her underwear on, she slipped onto the bed and nervously lay down face first.


Cherlins bolted for the exit to the lobby as glass shattered from the skylights and frigid, pelting rain started pummelling the linoleum floor. The raccoon dove through the double-doors startling the maintenance worker performing routine checks. "Get this door sealed!" Cherlins commanded urgently, as the door waved erratically in the tornado winds.


Elsewhere, Kojurro was tiptoeing through the maintenance corridors. Most people were holing it out in their apartments, and he didn't hear anything except the pitter-patter of rain. He reached the primary power supply and quickly scanned the room. Everything seemed okay--

He suddenly leaped backwards as a heavy spark emanated from the primary generator. "What?" he muttered, drawing a flashlight as the room was plunged into blackness.

Another flash sent him covering his eyes. quickly donning rubber gloves and removing his labcoat, so that only his rubber-soled shoes would touch the sides, Kojurro leaped onto the generator and slowly climbed up the side.

His first sign of trouble was when driplets of water kept hitting him in the face. "We're far too deep for the storm to reach down here..." he pondered to himself. "What's else is around here anyway?"

His nose hit the ceiling far sooner than it should have. This close, he could see the ceiling was almost bowed with how much weight it was under.

He hit the radio. "Rico!" he asked the security guard on camera duty. "What room is right above the primary generator?"

"Mmm, let's see. Uhhh...a locker room." Kojurro heard fingers typing on keys. "Oh, my god! There was a rupture in the ceiling! That room is literally filled with water!"

Kojurro realized was Life's plan was at the same moment an earthquake sent the entire foundation rumbling. Jumping with ninjalike reflexes, Kojurro barely absorbed the damage of a huge fiberglass ceiling tile smashing into his face as an entire locker room's worth of water collapsed on top of Sartonic's primary generator.


Flora yelped in surprise as the room shook from a freak earthquake. What the hell is happening out there? she wondered, leaping to her feet as a massive crack in the floor sent her bed tumbling into the earth. Scrambling for the far wall, Flora tumbled to her knees as another shock wave rocked the entire room.

She could hear screams from elsewhere in the labs. It was becoming all too clear that Cherlins had under-estimated the effectiveness of Life's hybrid storm...
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I'll Give rose a masage first , then Marie ' Marita said as the three of them gheaded t the room, listed o the keycard Natalie had goven them. Marie carried the large bottle of lotion in her claws as they reached the room. The Room door slid open with the use of a key and the heavy smell of incense wafter out , hitting their nostrils.
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Emma looked at the bed and gulped. She'd never had a professional massage before, was she really supposed to remove all her clothes? She decided to keep her underwear on just for decencies' sake.

She had finally laid down facefirst on the massage table when she heard Natalie enter the word. "Oh my. Dear, you're supposed to put the towel on over your legs," she chuckled.

Emma peeped in surprise. "Sorry!" she tried to stammer, but the massage table pillow did a good job making it unintelligible.

"Not to worry," Natalie couldn't keep a playful tone out of her words as she draped the towel over her patient's backside and lathered her hands in warm oils. "You're in good hands. Just close your eyes, and let your cares drift away..."


Kojurro's vision slowly returned as he vaguely heard someone shouting his name. Groaning, he rolled out, and somebody started helping him to his feet.

"Doctor!" the technician repeated, splashing him in the face. "Wake up! We've got to leave this section!"

Kojurro stumbled to his feet. "Ugh..." His head was killing him. "What happened?"

This whole section is flooding!" the technician helped Kojurro walk. Behind them, the massive puddle from the now-ruined power generator was pushing them out of the room. "But careful touching any water; I saw two electrified puddles while making my way out."

Two floors later, Kojurro bid the technician adieu and met Cherlins outside the lobby. "Walter. What are you...?"

Cherlins was overseeing two workers soldering the door shut. "Lobby has been compromised," Cherlins reported grimly. "News on the primary power supply?"

"It's completely dead." Both men stopped talking as the lights flickered. "Walter, I think it's clear we don't have this storm under control. It's only going to get worse."

"To hell it is!" Cherlins growled. "We change plans, she'll think she has the advantage. We can't back down now."

"What? Are you insane? She's has the advantage!" Kojurro protested. "If we don't convince her to parlay, her storm is going to kill everyone in this base!"

"Your opinion has been noted and logged," Cherlins replied coldly. "but I'll be the judge of that. Now leave."

"You're making a mistake, Walter," Kojurro warned, but the raccoon angrily waved him out of the room, refusing to hear another word.
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There were two guards blocking the hallway to the infirmary. They were Cherlins' most loyal of guards, and Kojurro knew it. They weren't going to listen to reason, so they needed to be eliminated.

"You ready, Nash?" he muttered into his satellite brick phone.

"I, uh, think so..." his partner in crime answered nervously. "I'm in position to extract her at least, if the guards weren't there."

"Well, I'm going to give you that shot. Start the countdown." Kojurro walked around the corner and revealed himself. "Evening, gentlemen," he curtsied to the guards.

They moved to block his path. "Nobody's allowed in the infirmary," the smaller one grunted.

"I am but a scientist," Kojurro pointed out. "What could I possibly get up to? I just need a moment to speak to the prisoner."

"Too bad." the larger guard folded his arms.

Kojurro sighed. "Very well." With lightning-fast reflexes, he drew a katana from under his labcoat and brandished it.

Both guards quickly drew their firearms. "The hell is that?" the smaller one snapped.

"This?" Kojurro grinned wickedly. "This is an Heirloom Kibagami katana. Its shattered blade was obtained through hard diplomacy with the American border patrol, and its handle through blackmailing a pair of old friends who never wanted to see me again. I reforged it through a painstaking process that required the most delicate and powerful smithing machines Sartonic could buy!"

He pressed a button on the sword's hilt, causing it to instantly shatter. "Whoops. Note to self; next time I reforge the Kibigami katana, avoid the vibrate function."

Both guards opened fire, and Kojurro sprinted as fast as he could back down the hallway, dodging bullets with the reflexes of a ninja.


The storm raged on. Critical systems were shutting down one by one. At one point, the lights flickered off in Flora's jail cell, and they never came back on.

Flora sighed. She'd spent most of her hours fitfully sleeping in the furthest corner from the no-longer flushing toilet and wondering if anybody was ever going to rescue her or bring her clothes or food. She had no idea what was happening outside beyond what little she could see of the hallway, but she could tell things were bad.


She suddenly sat up in alarm as someone burst into the hallway. "Stay away from the door," Nash warned, pouring some sort of substance on the lock and handle. Lighting a match and tossing it at the coated metal, both averted their eyes as the entire chunk of door superheated and melted into slag.

"Nash, what are you doing here?" Flora asked, wasting no time in hopping gingerly over the molten puddle and escaping her imprisonment.

"Things are bad out here, Flora. But it's only going to get worse." Nash handed her a hooded bathrobe and peeked outside for sign of Kojurro. "Put this on and try to keep your identity hidden. Most of the faculty are siding with Cherlins, but Kojurro thinks you might be the key to convincing Life to stand down."

"Wait, that psycho plant lizard? She's back?" Flora felt her fur stand on then. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Convince her to spare our lives. If anyone has a chance at swaying her, it's you." Nash activated the flashlight on his cell phone and led the way out of the infirmary.
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Marita was slowly working up and down Rose's back, and trying to ignores the  tensing Noises Rose was making. You've got a lot of knots in your llower back; Marita norted. ' yeah, comes from sitting a lot, and stress. Which is what this trip was supposed to re;ieve. " This trip is mostly about Emma having some fun, before she has her baby. After that, its all diapers, little sleep and rest." Marita said. 
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Nash and Flora didn't get far before reaching the gym. The room was completely dark, so both were sprinting at full speed not bothering to stay silent, when a zippo lighter turned on and both gasped in surprise. "Who's there?" a voice snarled.

"It's just me!" Nash stammered. "Nash Browns and, uh," he glanced at Flora, "Taga!"

"Taga?" the person stepped forward. Flora recognized a bull from the cleaning staff. "What the hell is she doing out of the quarantine cells?"

"She was evacuated, because of all the flooding!" Nash answered, grabbing Flora's arm and trying to keep her out of the faint light. "But she remembered something important she left in her cell, we're trying to retrieve it."

"You can't," another voice said, one Flora recognized as an older female bobcat whose name escaped her. "The roofs are collapsed up ahead. The hallways are too dangerous to continue."

Several more figures stepped into the light. Nash and Flora slowly stepped backward. "Welp, uh," Nash gulped. "Thanks for the heads up. I'll just, return her to the fortified apartments then..."

"Good call," the bull nodded sagely.

Nash exhaled in relief as they quickly backpedaled. "My bad," he whispered. "We still might be able--"

Suddenly Flora felt someone grab her bathrobe's hood, dragging her backwards. She felt a pair of hands grasp her robe and abandoned it with a terrified squeal. "That's what I thought!" The bull roared. "It's the rogue test subject!"

Flora sprinted into the darkness as the bobcat tackled Nash to the ground. A serpentine test subject came flying out of the darkness and wrapped itself around her head, but she wrestled free and threw him into an ab machine. A woman wielding a pair of weights cut off her escape, so she vaulted over the treadmills and stumbled for the locker room.

She slammed the door shut as somebody smashed heavily into it. The locker room was pitch black and Flora decided to keep it that way, though she paid for this decision when she slipped on a puddle and smacked her shin painfully on a changing bench. Knowing she only had a few seconds, she turned on every shower and climbed under one.

The door swung open and her assailants poured into the room. "Lights are down!" the bull announced to his posse angrily. "Spread out! She can't have gone far!"

"Why's it so...wet?" asked the serpent, checking the floor. "Is this area flooded?"

The bobcat checked in Flora's shower, so Flora pushed her and sent her smashing into the ceramic wall with a strangled cry. Hosing the bull down with the prehensile showerhead, she crawled for the door as the water drenched his Zippo and plunged everyone into darkness. Several bodies stumbled over her in the ruckus, but they slipped off her slick fur.

Flora was hyperventilating with panic when she slid back into the gym. "Nash!" she whispered desperately. "Nash?"

Her ally was nowhere to be seen, and she didn't have time to find him. Sprinting as carefully as she could through the gym, she reached the far exit and flung the door open.

A hallway full of hissing, sparking wires greeted her.
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At the massage parlor, a falling tree suddenly smashed through the front window. The burglar alarm went off, but the storm was far too intense to expect the police to arrive. Not to mention the waiting room was flooding dangerously fast...


Flora heard her pursuers bearing down on her. "Don't even think about it!" The bull warned, realizing she was considering charging into a hallway full of live wires. "You'll never reach the other side alive!"

Flora took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and sprinted forward. Almost immediately she felt sparks whip across her legs, leaving blackened burns in her fur. Something snapped her in the chest, sending her fur standing on end. She swatted her arms desperately as the wires left scalding stripes across her body.

She barely made it halfway down the hallway before collapsing from multiple electric shocks. Her pursuers stood stunned, not daring to follow.

Just when Flora was sure she was going to die, the wires all turned off and fell to the floor lifeless. Weakly, she opened her eyes to see her pursuers fleeing. Wha...? Why are they...?

She heard another set of footsteps. Softer ones, coming from the flooded underbelly of the base. With all of her remaining strength, Flora rolled over to see a plantlike serpentine figure observing her with an unfathomable expression.

Life had found her.
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Emma was enjoying a relaxing massage, but her comfort vanished when the masseuse looked down in confusion at the pool of water at her feet. "What the hell?" she muttered.

Crossing to the door, she opened it curiously, then cried out as it swung open uncontrollably with a torrential flood of water.

"Oh god!" Emma screamed in terror as the water filled the room. "Marita, Rose--!" was the last thing she could scream before the water filled the room with her in it.


"Life..." Flora muttered faintly, feeling herself slipping away.

The serpentine creature finished its walk and stared at the folf lying at its feet. "I hope you don't expect me to save you," it said. "Death is part of the natural cycle."

Flora shook her head. She smiled faintly. "I'm just glad...I got to see you again..." She coughed. "Why did you...leave me? All those months ago..."

Life sighed. "I'm sorry. But your place was not with me." The room shook from a rumble of thunder, sending plaster raining down on their heads. "I am one with all beings. But I cannot favor any one being over another."

Flora shook her head weakly. "That's not what you said before," she struggled to breathe. "You said we could go on adventures together. Be together for all timeless friends."

Life looked away. "That wasn't exactly true," she confessed. "I don't lie easily, Flora, but I lied to you." She sat down next to the dying folf and took her hand. "The truth is, I've grown too old. It's been my time to go, for some time now. I thought...I thought the humans would help me transition."

"...Transition?" Flora murmured weakly.

Life's gaze grew dark. "To the other side. To where all beings must someday go." She waved her hand and tore the roof off of the hallway. Flora gasped as they looked at a brilliant summer sky. They were in the eye of the storm. "But your kind betrayed me. They locked me up and tried to study my powers, to claim for themselves what I'd hoped to give freely." She clenched her fist. "You were the only one who showed any compassion. Any promise. The only one who I thought could replace me..."

Flora teared up. "I didn't want to replace you. I just...wanted to be with you."

"I know." Life sighed. "I realized that. I see now that I must carry these burdens with me for the rest of curse is to never see the other side. To never finish my cycle."

"Well..." Flora murmured, eyes dimming, "I think I'm about to complete my, uh, cycle...and I'd really like to experience the other side with you." She used the last of her strength to take Life's hand. "Relinquish your powers...Give them to nobody. Come with me..."

Life tried to yank her arm away, but Flora held on tight. "What? I can't do that!" she stammered. "This world needs me! It needs someone regulating the cycle of life!"

"Every parent thinks that..." Flora smiled, "but eventually you need to let your children take care of themselves." She closed her eyes. "Let go of your responsibilities. Trust the world to handle itself. Finish your cycle."

Life was silent for several seconds. "I..." She gulped. "I want to do that," she confessed. "I want to come with you. But I can't. The powers must go somewhere."

Flora held her hand tighter. "Then give them to me," she offered. "I know these powers can't be used to heal oneself. I'll die with or without them, and you and I can cross to the other side together...and we'll see what happens after that."

Life placed both of her hands on Flora's. "You would do that for me?" she finally whispered in amazement.

Flora smiled, and her eyes closed. She grew limp in Life's hands. Life took a deep breath and shut her eyes as well. Leaves started growing all over her body. Slowly, they traveled down Life's skin, gathering at her hands, and passed onto Flora.

With nary a sound, Life collapsed next to Flora's lifeless body.
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 the the glaass walls shattered, from the water,  sending emma into the neighboring  stall, where mArita and rose were trying to do a masage. ' Dear Gos_' rose said, hers eyes becoming white as the water rushed in . Marita pushed forward and grabbed  Emma, before noticing a flight of stairs heading upstairs ' Upstairs! Now! marita shourted, pointing . ' Rose was the first to reach the stairs , as the water rapidly started ti fill the room.  the water sent the massuesse into the room as well. Marita reached the stairs and began to climb, glass broke as water rushed in.  the other rooms. theior only hope was to get to the upstairs.. Rose helped Marita carry emma up to the flor where marita began to perform CPR on the vixon, first mouth to mouth them chest compressions.
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Emma’s eyes fluttered open. “Rose...” she whispered, eyes wide with panic, when the whole floor gave a violent shake.

The massage parlor shuddered under the weight of the barrage of water. The walls started cracking. In seconds, the floors would collapse and the three girls would fall into a torrential and very dangerous whirlpool of splintery pulp...


Kojuuro backflipped to avoid a collapsing wall. The storm was getting really bad, and Sartonic’s meager defenses were finally failing. The apartments were flooded, but the occupants had nowhere to evacuate to. Bucketing hailstorms and lightning clouds prevented anyone from seeking shelter outside the facilities, which would collapse in a matter of seconds.

Kojuuro recognized a hopeless situation when he saw it, and decided to die on his own terms. Surrendering himself to the storm, he kneeled down and pressed both hands together in a ninja prayer. He became an island of zen in the unforgiving chaos around him.
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 we need to get out of here' Marita said ' so much for a nice relaxing ' fun time'.' she sighed. ' this place is going to collaose.' rose lifted up emmas head, and pressed her dark red lips to emmas dark red lips. if they were going to die, at least they were with [people who mattered to them, and rose felt one last kiss would be a nice way to say good bye to this life.
 marie stumbled out of the apartment section, the water following her at every srtep, as she moved down the steps she found the water lessening in its intensity. ' of cpourse, hurricanes have eyes ' where there is a brief window of calm , before the second, most potent part of the storm hits.' as she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned she saw, Flora lying on the ground in the mifddle of the hallway, next to what looked like a leafy spriggan.  Marie sank to her klnees next to Flora ' Flira? Flora? Can you hear me ' the golden retrievr said sharply. Flora was cold to the touvch, and marie raised her eyes toewards the heavens .
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Emma returned the kiss, finding comfort in Rose's embrace. She understood how close they were to dying, but she placed herself into Rose's protection. In the end, it was enough to have someone to hold onto.


When Marie touched Flora, she suddenly felt imbued with a great power. Leaves sprouted from her hands, and the storm recoiled from her body. She'd gained miraculous abilities, among them the ability to control the storm and heal the sick or wounded...even ones as recently deceased as Flora.
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marita pulled both girls into her enbrace and resteed her head on roses shoulders.
 Marie gasped as she felt ebergy surge through her, what.. is this?' she said she put her hand back on Flora. this time, she fet a small movement, and slowly she felt floras body begin to warm back up. " Ok.. Ok. you're still  alive ' marie said softly. ' ok.. we need to ge t out here, this place is about to collapse .' She said.
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Emma kissed Marita just as passionately as she’d kissed Rose. She may have found herself in more romantic situations with Rose over the time they’d known each other, but she loved them both equally, and hoped that Marita understood that in the end.


Flora found herself in a black void. Nothingness all around her. Where am I? She looked down. She couldn’t see her body. She couldn’t see anything. Is this what being dead is like? she thought, fighting to keep panic from rising in her chest. Wait...chest?

She could see herself again. And she wasn’t alone. “Flora,” smiled a strapping young fox, cleaner and more handsome than she’d known him in life. “Didn’t expect to see you so soon, but it’s good to see you again.”

“Nairda?” Flora wondered aloud. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m dead,” he admitted. “Died in Egypt, shortly after Foley. Who, speaking of which, is on the way.”

“Wait, so is this the afterlife?” Flora asked, looking at the infinite blackness around them.

“Kinda, this is your afterlife. But you haven’t shaped it yet.” Nairda snapped his fingers, and Flora was suddenly draped in a fashionable white and turquoise dress that perfectly accentuated her fuchsia fur. “In time you’ll make it into whatever you want. Until then you’re welcome to live in mine. I’m a rock star, with millions of adoring fans.” He bowed, generating applause from an unseen crowd.

“Honestly, Nairda, I don’t know how you aren’t bothered that the crowds aren’t real,” a young boy teased, appearing from out of nowhere. “At least my WoW guild is composed of other actual deceased souls.”

Flora gasped, and the youth anticipated her reaction and quickly added, “I’m Foley, by the way. This was me before I got fat. You get to look like whatever age of your life you most enjoyed. I’m not surprised you just look like yourself, to be honest.”

Flora’s head was spinning from all this new information. “What about Hal and Emi?” she asked.

“Emilena hasn’t died yet,” Nairda shook his head. “But she’ll be here some day. Hal’s right behind you.”

Flora turned around to see Hal, wearing his old bashful smile. Tears were running down Flora’s face, and she hugged each of her old gangmates. “I never thought I’d see any of you again,” she whispered joyfully. “I’m so sorry for what happened to you all—“

“No no, you don’t need to mention it,” Foley assured. “Forget about when we were alive. That was nothing compared to what we get now.” He snapped his fingers, and a portal opened to his afterlife, where Flora could see a towering room containing the most high-tech gaming rig imaginable. “Perfect ping, tons of traffic for every online game, nothing ever breaks or needs reinstalling,” he grinned. “It’s fucking paradise.”

Flora stepped forward eagerly. “Yes, let’s play games together! Just like old times!” she exclaimed, but suddenly all four of them felt the same thing. Flora was leaving. “Uhhh, guys?” she asked nervously, as her body faded.

“Don’t worry about it,” Nairda assured as Flora felt herself being pulled away. “We’ll still be here when you get back. And so will any new friends you make along the way.”

“Not to spoil,” Hal added, “But Marita, Rose, and Emma are coming sooner than you think. We’ll keep them company for you!”

They waved goodbye as Flora returned to life.


Flora groaned as she opened her eyes. She felt the pain from her various wounds fade away, until her body was whole. It was an even more comfortable restoration than the times Aurora or Lily had healed her.

She opened her eyes to see Marie. “Marie...” she breathed, looking in awe at the Golden Retriever. “I was dead. You brought me back to life!”

She tried to recollect...had she seen anything while she was dead? The memory was getting foggier by the second...but before it was all gone she recalled a last-minute warning. “Marita and the others are in trouble!” she exclaimed, leaping to her feet. “I...can’t explain...but I think they’re in serious danger right now!”
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Marita gently put her tongue into emmas mouth, feeling the vixens body against her own. the shaking was getting worse and worse, as the water continued to rise.
 great, just great!' marie sughed ' you seem to beb ok, but i have no idea how i'm going to get to the massage shop the girls were going to. they took the car , after all. ' unless thees a car around here that we can, um borrow " MArie said " Come in Flora, lead the way to the garage."
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Flora let Marie help her to her feet. “The garage...” she thought aloud. “I’m not sure if there’ll be a car we can access in the garage. We won’t have the keys.”

She looked at the sky above. “The storm hit so suddenly...I bet there were drivers on the road who didn’t make it home before it ran them off the road. If we could reach the streets, that’s our fastest way to get a working car. When Life and I escaped Sartonic, she used her vines to help us scale the courtyard wall. Can you do the same thing to get us onto the roof?” She knew they could run through Sartonic, but the roof would give them a straight line to the parking lot and shave whole minutes off their journey.
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i have no idea, we'll have to find out' Marie said.' course of the storms ripped up the walls, we can simply walk out through the openingas. you know the way better than i do , flora, lets go. I'm not sure how powerful these powers are, and i'm even sure i can control them, but i have to try. after all, its not like i have an option."
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"Okay, close your eyes," Flora urged. "Concentrate on your inner self. Look for the part that feels new, that you didn't have before." She knew Marie was their best chance of surviving the storm; charging into it without Marie knowing how to utilize her powers would be suicide. "Let's focus on vines, I know Life could make those. Imagine where you want the vines to be, what you want them to do. Trust me, we'll get to Marita faster if you can learn your new powers and keep us alive!"
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Life? whats Life? or should i say, WHO is Life? I'm sorry, but i'm really really confused. and I'll need , like, a ton of explanations here" Marie said ' i mean I've never had powers before, of ANY sort.  So first things first. we can go rushing off, until get at least SOME idea of what is going on..
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"That's her name," Flora motioned to the deceased spriggan. "She died, but you've got her powers. And we'll need them to survive in the storm." She took off sprinting down the hallway, but it was slow going due to the collapsed walls and massive cracks in the ground from earthquakes. "Just, concentrate on growing leaves on your hands. Let's start with that. A nice easy thing," she urged, tripping over a severed I-beam hiding within a murky puddle and going sprawling.
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Kojurro was rushing through the collapsing room searching anywhere for shelter. But he was unable to find any cover sufficient enough. He heard the cracking of beams above him and something heavy hitting him from above. He strained to get out from under the debris to no avail. He heard a roaring sound from all around him then nothing. Darkness enveloped his world.
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Marie focused stretched out her hand to her amazement, vines shot outt of her hands and embeded themselvves into the fall wall, growing together until they formed a lader, a vone ladder to be sure but one that was comfortable.
 Massage parlor.
water drained out of the shop as the water flowed out of the broken windows. ' the entire building groaned, as the sheer downpour had left the building structurally unsound, and liable to collapse.
 Marita looked over in the  floor, she , Rose and Emma were on, the staff, miraculously had found their way up here, they were soaked to the bone, and huddled together under a part of the roof, that moved away from the main building. debris banged again the remains of windows below and the sound of glass falling into the murky water could be heard.
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"Thats it! Perfect" Flora scrambled up the makeshift ladder, shielding her face from the stinging rain as she climbed to her feet on the roof. "Oh man...the eye's closing. We need to get to the streets quickly!"

The wind picked up as she helped Marie onto the roof. "We can make it if we hurry!" she urged, beginning a delicate sprint across the pockmarked laboratory roof. "We'll drop into the parking lot from above the main--"

Suddenly a sheet of solar panels ripped itself off of the roof and flew right at both of them. Flora was blindsided and barely had time to scream as it bore down on her, but Marie had a split second to react...
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Marie threw up her hand and  vines shattered  the panel in half, the wind took both pieces and sent them off in different directions, missing the pair, by inches.'Geez, that was close " Marie said ' lets keep doing " I'll keep throwing out these vines to deflect any other debris that comes our way . I almost feel like a hero in the comics, like Spiderman or something, well with vines instead of Spiderwebs. Oh, and I dont have a costume.  well, time for that later" She said as they continued along the roof.
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Flora covered her head in fear, but Marie's rescue came just in time. "Holy crap, you're getting good at this!" she gasped, stumbling forward. "Sartonic might be paying you as a test subject and an employee after this!"

The two continued their journey across the roof, stopping only occasionally as Marie protected them from flying objects. The wind was getting really bad, and Flora occasionally felt like she was fighting to keep her feet from flying out from underneath her.

"Here we are!" She called out once her sense of navigation warned her theyd reached the garage. "Look around for a weak spot so we can oooop!" The ceiling collapsed under her weight, sending her plummeting into the completely-submerged garage with a splash.

She surfaced with a splutter. "Um, good news and bad news!" she called up to Marie as she tread water. "I didn't fall to my death, but that's because the garage is completely flooded! I don't think we can drive a car after it's been... actually wait, hold on..."

Taking a deep breath, Flora dove underwater. The water was murky with grit and concrete particles, and there was only a little light from the massive hole in the roof, but she got a glimpse of what she was looking for; the Turtle. An armored buggy designed to operate as either a car or a boat, mostly used for transferring supplies from Sartonic to offshore affiliates.

She swam back to the surface. "Sartonic's amphibious vehicle is in here, and it doesn't look damaged! If we could get the garage door open, we could drain it and drive the Turtle to pick up Marita and the others!"

She took another deep breath and dove back under. Most garage doors have an emergency release cord... she squinted, making the most of what little light she had. Luckily, the tip of the cord was glow-in-the-dark. Pushing a floating tool shelf out of her way, Flora tugged at the cord helplessly. It activated, ennabling the door to be opened manually, but despite her best efforts it was too heavy to life on her own.

She breached the surface and gasped for air. “I can’t get the door open,” she panted. “It’s not your typical garage door, it’s really heavy duty. Think you can give it a try? I saw Life once rip a wall out of its foundations with her vines.”
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 Marie gestured and vines shot of her hand , racing through the hole and into the water, vines wrapped around the pull cord asnd marie pulled on it from her position, straining with the effort, a crack appeared under the door opening, as it began to rise, water began to rush out, draining the level of water in the garage. cars moved around, carried by the water, as slowly the level dropped. Marie waited, for the level to reach a certain depth, deep enough to cushion her fall, yet low enough so she wouldnt run the risk of drowning.
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Flora tread water, avoiding various debris as the current carried it out of the room. When there was enough room to breathe, she wedged herself underneath the door and helped push it upwards. “Okay...we’re in the clear!” she panted as the water reached a drivable level.

Grabbing a sunken toolbox and staggering to the Turtle, she climbed through the sunroof and unlocked the doors from the inside. “Just give me one minute...” she murmured, working with a screwdriver and pair of pliers to manually activate the ignition. “There! We’re in business!” She announced as the engine roared to life.

She drove the car under the hole in the roof so Marie could drop down onto it. “Let’s go save our girlfriends!”
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Flora peeled out of the garage as soon as Marie was in the Turtle. "So this thing's pretty armored, we should be able to handle the storm even without your--" she started, but abruptly yelped as a tree trunk hit the front windshield, leaving spiderweb cracks radiating outwards.

Flora swerved to dodge the tree itself, and they could hear the wind howling through the new cracks. They'd completely left the eye and were now suffering the full brunt of the storm. "Okay, never mind, I spoke too soon!" she gasped, shuddering as they careened off a mailbox submerged by the water. "We're probably still going to die."

Luckily it wasn't a long drive to the massage parlor, because Flora didnt even know where half of the bangs and collisions were coming from. She didn't see the upturned sidewalk until it was too late, and the Turtle crashed into it with the screech of grinding metal.

Pushing the airbag out of her face, Flora caught her breath and glanced outside. "There it is!" She pointed across the street at the pockmarked and waterlogged massage parlor. "Less than a minute sprint!" She tried the engine, but the Turtle was wrecked. "We'll have to run. Which is basically suicide, unless you can keep us safe." She took a deep breath. "Lead the way, if you think you can handle it. I'll be right behind you!"
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 marie staggered forward, her claws sending out vines which formed themserlves into a shield-like screen. the wind howleed through the screen, hitting Marie in the face, causing her ees to water terribly. marie managed to reach the entrance to the massage parkor, only to final glass bits of stair cases and debris all over. ' Gawds, what a mess ' Marie sniffed as she saw the sheer mess inside the building which groaned terribly.
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Flora shivered as she followed Marie onto the flooded street. The water went up to their calves, and the pelting rain chilled her to the bone. She winced as something heavy glanced off Marie's screen. The storm felt it was winding down due to Life's death, but not quickly enough that either of them would have lived this longg if it weren't for Marie's powers.

The massage parlor was one of the only standing buildings still on the street, mostly thanks to leaning heavily on a chainlink fence to its left, but it was looking liable to collapse at any moment. The walls were bulging with water damage, the windows had fallen out of their frames and the floors were spongy and partially disintegrated. "Fuck, I hope they're okay in there..." she stammered, wrapping her arms around herself to try and conserve warmth. She really should have grabbed some clothes before they left...

She dropped to her knees as a dumpster bounced down the street and flew just over their heads. "There's no time to waste! I'm going after them!" she shouted, vaulting over the shattered front door and landing awkwardly in the flooded lobby. "See what you can do to keep the building upright till I've got them out!"

Sloshing her way into the back rooms, Flora yelped as she poked her head into a massage room and the wall crumbled into pulpy sawdust at her touch. I don't have time to search all these, she realized, biting her lip and calling out Emma's name.

Then she spotted someone;  a body floating facedown, one hand draped along the stairs leading to the second floor. Flora's heart dropped into her stomach, but once she'd reached them she realized it was the masseuse. She was heading for the second floor! "Emma!" Flora cried out, taking the stairs as quickly as she dared. "Are you up here? We need to go!"

Outside, the massage parlor shuddered. With the additional activity inside, the building was losing integrity, and the walls started falling outwards before Marie's eyes...
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Marrie sent forth  vines from her fingers, catching the falling building as it began to lean, water sloshed out of the windows, a slurry of debris, glass and crumbled walls. the vines grew broader and higher spreading across the entire structure.
 Emma heard floras calling from in the corner where she, Rose and Marita were huddled ' Flora?  We;re up here!' Emma calloed back down. ' we dont have anywgere to go! Marita said ' the entire place is flooded!
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"Emma!" Flora cried, gasping as her foot went through one of the stairs and her leg got caught in the resulting sinkhole. "Auugh! Dammit..." Extricating herself, she limped slowly towards the sound of Emma's voice.

Finally, she rammed the door open with her shoulder to see the three girls safe and least for the moment. But plaster was raining down on them as the building started falling apart. "Follow me!" she panted. "There's an armored car outside. You're right, we don't have time to leave down the stairs...but there's another option!"

Staggering to the far window, Flora pushed it and winced as the glass slid out of its frame without further ado. This side of the massage parlor faced an alleyway, and the alley walls were high enough to completely submerge it with 10 feet of water. "Marie's keeping this place upright, but not for long! Jump!" she urged them, leading by example and vaulting over the alley wall with a heavy splash.
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Emma reluctantly jumped, folowed by rose and marita.  all 3 barely cleared the wall, as behind them the building beggan to collapse with a loud  crunch, as the frame of the building (which wswas basically all that was left- finally gave way..
 Marie released her hands, and watches as the vines magically vanished  leaving the building to finish imploding.
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Flora covered her head as she surfaced, raindrops the size of golf balls stinging her face. "This side, over here!" she spluttered, swimming to the alley entrance leading into the street. It was blocked by a fallen awning, but Flora only needed to wrestle with it for a moment before it broke down and sent all four girls spilling into the street on a slalom of floodwater.

"Marie!" Flora shouted, staggering to her feet and waving frantically. She hoped her fuchsia fur stood out enough to catch the Golden Retriever's attention. "Everyone, head for the armored car!" she urged, helping Emma to her feet and pointing frantically in the direction of the Turtle. It had a concrete divider wedged into its front axle and certainly wasn't going anywhere, but it would serve as protection from the storm.
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Marie waved the 4 girls over, and headed back to the armored car, which was not going anywhere, unless Marie's powers extended to fixing broken things. the turtle would fiot all of them but it would serve basically as an igloo, and igloo with armor plating..  Marie  pulled the side door open and held it open  for the others to climb inside. Marita helped Emma along the vixen wheezing as she reached the Turtle ' Hopefully the baby is ok.' Marita said  ' Its fine. Its  its small enough yet so it doesnt make its presence known. Otherwise i couldnt do a massage. That poor woman!' Emma said ' she didn't make it , did she?
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Flora was the last one to enter the Turtle, slamming the door shut behind them and panting in relief as the freezing winds stopped battering her backside. "Nope," she shook her head. "I saw her body on the first floor. I'm sorry." Climbing over the seat, she hugged each girl in turn. "But I'm so grateful you all are okay," she cried. "I can't believe we got here just in time!"

She wiped a tear from her eye and smiled. "I don't know if you saw, but Marie's a little different from the last time you met her..."

Outside, the wind and the rain pounded against the armor, but the vehicle endured. They were finally safe.
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Yeah, I er got these.. powers ' Marie said as she huddled across from rose and emma. ' Powers? as in those you might see in movies or comic books?' Marita asked " Yeah, kinda like that. she can can create vines that form into ladrs, shields, open doors.. think sorta like Spiderman ' Marie shrugged. ' Its a long story, and even I still dont fully understand it. Flora knows more about it than i do. Ask her."
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"You don't have to keep them if you don't want." Flora was still hugging Emma with glee. "Those powers belonged to Life, an ancient being who'd held them for longer than any of us have been alive. They've been passed down for centuries, and their owner is supposed to protect the earth and everything natural."

She pressed her body against Emma; since neither of them were wearing any clothes, it was the only way to stay warm. "But you never signed up for that," she continued explaining to Marie, "and the powers can be transferred easily. You can either find someone else to carry the burden, or even just let them disappear. Maybe the planet's ready to take care of itself."

She gave Emma a loving kiss. "But on the other hand, it can be kinda fun to have powers. And Sartonic is the best possible place to be if you want to learn how to control them. It's up to you. "
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"I'll keep my powers' Marie decided with a shrug. ' we wouldnt be here without them, and learning about then will be fun. " ' Anyway to turn on some heat?' i'm really cold" marita shivered.  ' we were soaked in the upstairs area.
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Flora extricated herself from Emma's embrace and tried the AC. "No luck, the damage broke the engine, and cars use the engine to generate heat," she reported sadly. "We're stuck here for the time being."

"Everyone should remove any wet articles of clothing and huddle together for warmth," Emma chimed in, thinking back to what she learned while studying to become a nurse.

Outside, the storm was getting worse. Something heavy pinged off the top of their armored vehicle, and the sides shuddered as torrents of water threatened to sweep the car further down the road; only the concrete divider rammed through their engine was keeping them in one place.
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After several strained minutes, the Turtle shuddered in a way that sent Flora falling off her carseat. The force of the water had been slowly dislodging the vehicle from the concrete divider, and it was finally starting to give way.

“Hold onto something!” Flora warned before a terrible screeching sound heralded their chassis dislodging from the divider and sending their car hurdling down the road in a flood of water.

The occupants were pushed to the back of the car, which was a blessing in disguise as the shift in weight prevented the car from flipping and going into a deadly roll. Careening off a fallen telephone pole, the car fishtailed and popped all of its airbags before skidding with a loud crash into the side of a large concrete building.

“Is everyone okay?” Flora stammered, getting shakily to her feet. She glanced out the window. They were pressed against the main wall of the Morrell Financial bank. The water was slowly angling the car away, they had less than a minute before being swept further down the road into a newly-created faultline. “We have to abandon the car!” she gasped, glancing at Emma who was closest to the right door. “If we keep the car between us and the water, we can reach the entrance to the bank!”
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emma pushed out the door to the car and it gave way causing her to spill out of the car landed inside the hole the car had punched through the side of the building. inside  the smell of murky water was everywhere, above them water dripped in from the broken window " so much for getting dry ' Emma sighed ' Come on, we've got more wading to do girls ' Mariita scrambled out next, landing into the water with a splash ' Yuck!" she groaned as she poked her head out,  green slime covering her upper body. ' i look like  the ' thing from the Green Lagoon" " better that then dead ' Rose said simply as she was the next out, and took a look around. they appeared in to be in the lobby of the bank. rows of screened teller booths sat in the corner, where normally a teller would handle your banking. " " Ok' we'll needed to find a dry area to rest and recuperate ' rose said. " and we'll have time to catch up.. and hopefully, find some clothes. " even bank uniforms is better than strolling around in the buff. ' ' there are worse things to see then other naked ladies ' Emma said with a chuckle. ' this isnt the time for modesty girls. we literally have no clothes. might as well as used to seeing butts and breasts. and in my case, a vixen in her sixth month of pregnancy' Emma said "
- just get further in girls before i push the car away;' Marie saud as she  waited for flora to get out. ' just head up the stairs obver there and we can take stock of the situation. she aid before reaching out her paw.
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Flora accepted Marie’s hand and delicately slid out of the car, trying to avoid the green goop and sticking to the flooded portion of the lobby. “Oof...” She exhaled in solidarity seeing Marita’s state. “I bet we can find you a water fountain or a bathroom to wash that off.” She grinned at Emma’s comments about their state of undress. “You won’t hear me complain about us all being naked,” she teased. “I’m always trying to get you all to go to the nude beach. Who wants to wear clothes if you can help it?”

She shook her body like a dog, trying to dry herself off as much as possible. “Whew, we made it!” She exclaimed happily. “So long as we avoid the new hole in the wall, I think we’re finally safe from being swallowed up by the storm.”

She glanced around the darkened bank lobby, shivering in the cold. “That being said, this place was clearly evacuated before the storm hit. We’re probably not going to find anyone else here...”
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Marie grunted and sent out vines against the car dislodging it from the hole. the onrushing water took the wrecked vehivcle and carried it diewn the streety. Well.. thats done ' she sighed as a the vines vabnnished.. ' she turned to Rose ' ok, we need to  give you a secret identity " Plant Girl , or Vinera.. actually vinera sounds cool.  All you ned is a costume. ' Unfortunately these powers dont include creating clothes.thats a different magic line, apparently.
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“Poison Ivy from the comics didn’t always wear clothes, did she?” Flora pointed out, leading the girls as they walked through the lobby seeking warmer and drier places. “She had like a leotard or a dress made out of leaves. Same with Zyra from League of Legends, her leaf bikini was part of her body. Actually, if you practice growing leaves on command, you could have one of the best possible powers to run around as a technically-nudist superhero.”

They reached a bathroom, and Flora tested the sinks to find they were working. “You’re in luck, Marita!” she exclaimed, setting the water to hot and squirting soap into her hand. “Anyone who wants to wash themselves off, this is the time to do it. My last shower was over two days ago, with Yurei, and I’ve been through a lot of unpleasent places since then...”
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we need to find a shower ' Marita said, as she cleaned off her hands in the sink, seeing the green gunk slide off her claws and into the sinjk. Marie and rose did the same in the other sinks, relieved that this still had hot water, and that this part of the bank was dry. outside the gushing out of water through the hole created by their entry. the loud rush drowned out the water coming from the sinks. " hop in the shower flora ' Emma suggested ' like you said ' you've been needing it.'
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"Thanks, but anyone who wants the shower can have it." Flora had finished scrubbing herself down with hand soap and splashing herself clean with the sink. "I want to explore the bank a bit more. There isn't room for all of us in that shower anyway."

She peeked outside; the lobby was still flooded, but the water level had equalized and the back rooms were okay. "I'll be back soon. Anyone who wants can come with!"

She tiptoed through the metal detectors and crept deeper into the building; there was still a chance other storm victims might be holed out here, and she was wary about encountering strangers. However, she grew bolder when room after room was abandoned. The kitchen was out of power, but she was still able to raid the fridge and eat several slices from an old cake. The staffrooms were deep enough to completely muffle the sounds of the outside storm, but she couldn't find any clothes in their closets. I guess this is one of those banks with a 'suits and blouses from home' dress code, she thought wistfully as she walked through another door...and suddenly her fur stood on end.

Sitting before her was a massive, gleaming vault. the door was sealed shut with a large circular lock, big enough that it would take two people to open. Holy shit... She tried it experimentally, but of course it was locked. Hmmm. You know, if we could break our way in, we could claim we were just trying to hide safely from the storm... The vault was on a raised platform, but the rest of the room was lightly flooded due to a hallway connecting to the lobby. A pair of glass-paned receptionist booths led to the safety deposit boxes. If they're gonna keep the keys somewhere, it'll be in there. Flora examined the gap between the glass and the counter; she could probably fit through that, right?

Wheezing and grunting as she stuffed her head and upper body inside, Flora exhaled with an "Oof!" as she arched her back and shimmied a few more inches...then another...then... "Uhhh, gals?" Flora wriggled helplessly, her feet kicking in the air as her hips were wedged in the window. "Someone came with me, right? I need help, I'm...kinda stuck..."
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 Marita entered the room where Flora was. ' what ARE you doing flora? Marita said . ' i dont think they left the  vault keys in there. come to think of it, there isnt anyone else here.So i dont know why you are sneaking around.' marita added as she came up to where Flora stuck ' now the question is: in or out?Do you want to go in there, or  get out"
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"No, I can see them!" Flora protested, dangling her arm over the counter where a rack of keys hung just out of her reach. "They won't go to the vault, but I bet they open the safety deposit boxes. Push me forward, I just need a little nudge!" She struggled fitfully for a couple more seconds before giving up in frustration. "Look," she panted, "there's a killer storm outside and we're fighting for our lives. Maybe someone stored something useful in these? We're not stealing, we're scavenging for survival, like Tom Hanks in Castaway."

But despite her assurances, Flora knew the burden of choice was on Marita. If she wanted to help Flora loot the deposit boxes, or if she decided that was unethical and instead pulled her out of the window, Flora would have to go along with what Marita decided.
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Fine I'll help you" Marita said. 'hold on i'll give you a push' she said gping up to up to floria and oushing on her but. ' just.. squeeze in your gut' Marita said, as she pushed '  and reach for something to pull yourself towards"
- Emma and Marie were trying to clean themselves off in the sink as best they could. ' this stuff is nasty ' Emma sighed as she filled a sinbk with greeen gunk. ' could be a lot worse." marie said.
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Flora huffed and puffed and sucked her stomach in as much as she could. Scrabbling her fingers for purchase, she gasped in surprise when her hips popped through the window frame and Marita’s push sent her flying into the far wall with a crash.

“Nice...job!” Flora encouraged dizzily, stumbling to her feet and rubbing her head. She staggered to the booth’s door and opened it, giving Marita access to the deposit boxes. “There are two keyrings, let’s split up and see what we can find,” she urged, tossing Marita the set for the near wall and crossing to the further one.

The keys were marked, but not with the number of the deposit box, meaning that it was a slow and laborious testing process to find the key that opens each box. The first three were empty; the next contained someone’s will. Two empty boxes later, she gasped in surprise at the set of military medals in a fashionable case. “Okay, we’re leaving this one here...” she muttered, looking in alarm at the different colored ribbons. “Last thing I want is to make an enemy of somebody with this much military history.”

The next deposit box contained the first real score; a handful of glittering gold coins. The next had several rolls of foreign dollars Flora didn’t recognize. “I wonder why they didn’t store these in a bank...” she murmured, nevertheless retrieving and throwing them in a plastic bag with the coins. “Hey, wait, there’s something else here...” With the bills out of the way, she fished out a metal rectangular device with four rows of nine blinking lights. Each light had a name next to it, and a thin black button sat in the center guarded by a removable transpart cover. “What the hell is this?” She raised her eyebrows, opening the cover and experimentally pressing the button.

The device beeped loudly and Flora almost threw it back in the deposit box, fearing it could be a bomb, but then it stopped beeping and died down. <”Results forthcoming,”> a computerized voice informed.

Flora blinked. “Marita, you have any idea what this thing is?”


Kojurro was still lying in a crumpled heap somewhere in Sartonic. He would have been perfectly content to keep doing so, but his tontine augment suddenly activated. Detecting his semi-conscious state, it sent a pulse to his brain asking if he was dying. When the brain didn’t respond, it flooded him with stimulants, causing him to gasp and roll over reflexively.

“Augh! Ugh...” Kojurro rubbed his forehead. “Where am I...?” He looked around. “Goddamn, the storm is still happening? I hoped to wake up in sickbay...drugged out on morphine...”

The tontine augment sent another signal to his brain, seeing if he was alive. This caused his fur to stand on end...every member of the tontine promised never to scan for a status update unless they knew another member had died. He’ll need to return to his deposit box and see which names remained; last he remembered only four of them were still alive after all this time. Tontine augment, he asked, which participant requested the update?

It reported his own name, and he gasped in surprise. Someone had access to his tontine status indicator? He quickly crossed to the nearest window, shattered it with a spinning kick, and fled into the torrential storm. If someone had broken into his deposit box, there was no time to waste.
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i have no idea, best to put it back' Marita shrugged ' better  hope its not a detonator to a bomb or something. lets see what else these boxes hold. Also is there any other way out of there? Or do i have to pull you out the same way?
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"Naw, the door opens from the inside." Flora crossed and pushed the door aside so Marita could enter. She looked at the rectangular device again, then set it aside and continued unlocking deposit boxes.

About thirty minutes later, she'd found a fair amount of valuables among the mostly-useless contents (usually notarized documents or birth certificates) but had to leave a number of items that would be difficult to fence, like passports and land/property deeds. "That wasn't as successful a search as I'd hoped," she admitted. "Most of this is only useful if we find ourselves needing to purchase something. You find anything good?"

She glanced at the mysterious rectangle and jumped when it suddenly lit up. Each of the little lights next to the names was now red, except for one that was blue. She checked the name: 小十郎よしひろ. Hmmm, if we can find a working computer we could translate that to English. Glancing to make sure Marita wasn't looking, she slipped the device into her bag of money. "We should probably get back to the others, see if they're still showering."
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no, let then have their privacy.' maritas said pulling out her phone.. i have an app can translate different languages..  let me look sat that thing..' just for a second.. ' she said running  her phone over the letters ' ok, its Japanese. its a name yoshihiro Kojurro.' marita said. ' wonder why its on that list..' She said  before puling the phone away,. ' Not lets go see if we can find anything and i mean anything to eat.. i wouldnt turn my nose up at a hot dog or a bratwurst ' Marita said. 'she opened the door to the room they were in. ' come on Flora...
the water slowly ran down over Emmas front as she scrubber the gunk off of her with a var of soap. Marie had created a vice screen to replace a yucky , moldy screen had had been in its place before. ity would serve as basically a large , disgusting floor mat. ' Just remember to leave some soap for me.'  Marie said from behind her. the showe area was small as they were real close to each other, emma currently in front closers to the howerhead which was spraying water straight down  and only some was washing over Marie.
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"Kojurro?" Flora asked. "I wonder if he's related to the Dr. Kojurro at Sartonic." Now that they had a name to go off of, she decided to hold onto it. Hopefullly it wasn't actually a bomb or something... Then Marita mentioned food, which broke Flora out of her contemplative ruminations. "Ooh I'd found a room with food! There was a fridge back in the break room!" Flora led the way back down the hallway. "I wasn't brave enough to go rummaging through old forgotten lunches, but there was a partially eaten cake that wasn't bad."

However, when they entered the break room, the floor was now flooded. "What? That couldn't have come from the ground floor." Flora followed the source of the water and found herself at a stairway going up. she followed it, and eventually found herself creeping through concrete corridors straining and shuddering from the full brunt of the storm. The walls were badly leaking, and eventually she decided it wasn't safe enough to continue.

"Bad news," she told Marita somberly, returning to the flooded break room. "We won't be able to go much higher; the bank's ceiling is slowly eroding; water's flowing in from the top floor down. I think we're fine for the time being, but we have to hope this storm doesn't last forever..."
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it wnont last forever, naturally. earths atmosphere is simply not stable enough to keep storms going indefinitely. jupiter which has storms that last for literally hundreds of years, is what you are thinking of. " marita said ' come on, lets go find something to eat. at  this point  "i'l eat just about anything.
 rose had finished cleaning her paws as best she could in the sink. ' just dont hog all the hot water , you two. i'm going to need a shower muself pretty soon. " dont worruy' emma replied . marie and I are almost done..'
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"We've got one more option," Flora nodded. "I saw a vending machine on the upper floor."

She led the way to the staircase. "Be careful," she warned, as water was leaking from the ceiling and the walls were showing signs of disintegration. "Things are a lot less stable up here."

The vending machine contained a decent supply of chips, pretzels, gum, and other snacks. "Oh man, that fish jerky would be perfect..." Flora panted, pressing her face against the glass. "Let's see. If we can find some sort of heavy object to break the glass..." She spotted a potted plant and lugged it over. "Help me with this.!"

The succulent smashed against the vending machine glass, bounced backward with alarming elasticity and making Flora dart out of the way with a startled cry. Simultaneously the floor collapsed from underneath them and sent the plant, folf, and machine plummetting down to the next floor.

"Marita! Are you okay?" Flora called out in alarm, rubbing her hamstrings from the sudden unexpected fall. She'd ended the tumble unharmed, albeit in a crumpled heap and covered in sawdust. "I think I'm okay--whoa!" Abruptly the floor gave out again, sending her plummeting into the lobby with a heavy splash. Luckily the water level was high enough that it completely dampened her landing. "Oof..." she groaned, paddling to the surface. "Good news, Marita, most of the snacks are okay!" she called out, gathering handfuls of the bags. "Get down here!"
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just gran me some chips ' marita said as she came down..
 Emma and marie locked lips in a warm and deep kiss, the  golden retriever sliding her tongue into the vixens mouth as the pair brushed against the vine screen covering the shower. Maries claws moved down from emmas chin and down over Emma;s chest and finally to the bulge in  her belly. Emma moaned in pleasure as she returned the kiss to Marie, feeling her tongue collide with Marie's inside her mouth. after about 5 minutes, Marie broke the kiss, and stared at Emma.. ' you've been wanting that for awhile, havent you? Emma smirked. ' y-yeah actually ' Marie blushed , as Emma stroked her cheek with her claws. ' well, consider this an open invitation for future kisses.' the vixen smiled. 'for now though, lets get out of the shower, because Rose will want some hot water for her shower.  Marie moved the vine screen aside and the 2 girls exited the shower and Rose moved into the space they had just left." thanks for leaving me some hot water girls. just dry off as best you can while you wait for me.' she said with a smile, as Marie moved the vine across the opening to give rose some privacy
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Flora swam to the safety of the stairs, clutching as many waterproof snacks as she could carry. "You're lucky the collapse missed you..." she panted to Marita. "That was terrifying! I may be soaked to the bone again, but all things considered I got off easy."

Collapsing on the marble tiles, Flora got a glimpse of the outside world from the ruined lobby. "It's nighttime...we might want to start considering finding a good place to sleep. That staff room had two couches we could push together to make a bed." She sat up. "Wonder if the others are still showering, or if they've gone off to do some exploring of their own. Should we go check the bathroom?"
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no,we should get the beds set up first .' Marita shook her head. ' theres no question of finding clothes to sleep in, we will just have to get used to each others curves..not that i mind that ' she smirked. ' the sooner we get them set up the sooner we can we get some sleep. we would also get our choice of sleeping spotds as we were first, Emma, rose and Marie would just have to take what was left. last to come, gets whatevers left after all ' Marita said. she glanced at the snacks, which ran from chipds of various flavors,. to fgronala bars,  to packaged fruit pages to  pretzeks ' seems like we have a bunch of snacks to munch on, so thats something at least."
 emma sat near the sink, lettinmg the warm temperture in the room dry off the watr on her fur. Marie was looking at herself in the bathroom mirrir, trimming some over-long eyelashes.  Rose wss humming softly to heself in the shower washing off all the gunk. which swirled around the bathroom drain.
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"Okay, let's do it!" Flora agreed, hoisting herself to her feet. "We're certainly getting our cardio for the day, going up and down these stairs."

Carrying the snacks back to the second floor, Flora walked into the break room and nodded approvingly at the pair of couches. "It's gonna be a tight squeeze, getting five of us onto this double-couch, but at least that'll help keep us warm." It was getting colder as the sun set outside, Flora felt a chill travel through her fur as she and Marita dragged the couches into the corner and pushed them together into a decent makeshift bed. "Actually, this looks pretty big," Flora corrected herself, flopping onto the center with an exhausted sigh. "Oh yeah, I can fall asleep on this. Give it a try!" she encouraged Marita.
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marita climbed in  in next to flora. ' yeah this isnt that bad. ' Cushions are reasonably soft, all we are missing is a blanket to cover us. otherwise we'll just snuggle together and use each others body heat to stay warm.' Marita said as she settled in. ' i dont know about you, but i'm too wired to sleep at the moment. we could have some of those snacks you brought, as whatever passes for dinner.' She shrugged as she reached for some of the snacks flora had piled up. marta picked out a pack of sour cream and onion chips

Rose finished her shower then pushed back the vice screen so she could dry off in the  relatively warm room.
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Flora grinned and grabbed a bag of salt-and-vinegar chips. "This is kinda fun..." she admitted, stuffing her face. "I mean, now that we're not in imminent danger. Just sitting in bed together, eating junk almost feels like a sleepover." She sighed. "Sorry, I know that sounds weird. It's just, I never got to have those when I was young. My parents didn't even let me have friends. This is firing some dendrites I'd long forgotten about."

She flashed Marita a warm smile. "You've kept a really level head through all this. I've seen the other girls looking to you for emotional support. Thanks for helping us all get through this ordeal in one piece."
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you never had a sleeopver?' marita said ' really? Ok, okj, then we'll have a sleepover. so, flora what do you want to do first. Games, chat. or gossip? i would have some sleepovers with my friends growing up.. we would basically use it as an excuse to play games talk hair styles, and fashion. it wsnt until i was  11 or 12 that we started french kissing each other at these sleepovers , the first time i ever did that was with a girl i knew named Kora. she was a lionesss, liked to tell jokes, was real good at video games, and she and i were best friends until we graduated high school.   she went west for college i stayed local. then i got hooked on biproxytol, and that was not a good time for me ' Marita sighed as she fished inside the bag for some more chips,. ' biproxytol is serious stuff. very expensive, very addicting, usually takes loads of treatment to detoxify you. sometimes, however, you can get clean cold turkey. i .. was one of the lucky ones that was able to quit.  its not a proud time in my life and i've only rarely talked about it ' Marita said. '
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"You french-kissed your friends?" Flora gasped. "Is that normal?" She'd noticed that Marita's circle tended to live rather-open-minded lifestyles, but she'd never thought she was encountering people like that at an early age. "Do people normally kiss each other at sleepovers? No wonder my parents wouldn't let me have them." She sighed. "I guess I shouldn't be too hard on my family. I never saw either of my parents, both spent days and nights at work. I have more memories of the maids and cooks than either of them." She finished her bag, crumpled it into a ball and flung it at the trash can, where it fell far short. "Homeschooled, no church, no television or video games allowed... it was just me alone in that mansion all day. Except for my demon of a younger sister, and my older sister who was kicked out of the family before I turned five."

She shook her head to stop the flashbacks. "But enough of that. What sort of games do you play at a sleepover? Let's play some!" she bounced excitedly.
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yes  we did. usually as part of truth or dare. we would only go to that, after all the other games were done.' Marita explained. ' and yes theres some of that stuff at sleepovers. its innocent stuff really, its not like we were fondling each other and strippingoff our clothes or aqnything or anything. at 11 or 12 you're still innocent about the ways of the world. and I was and we were.' marita said. ' As for games we could play.. hmm. 20 questions. you think of something, it can be a name of a person place or thing, and i have 20 questions to guess who or what it is.. other games we could play are charades or pictionary or guess that wordf. those were always fun at our parties..Kora usually won the pictonary games, come to think it she usually won just about every kind of game we played.. so. we made her a judge so that others could play and win ' Marita said with a grin..
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"Damn, Kora sounds like a boss!" Flora exclaimed. "I wish I could meet her. You have any idea what happened to her after college, or where she is now?"

She tried to ponder a good secret item to use for 20 questions, so she'd be ready after they were done discussing Kora.
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Yes actually. shes living in San Diego, where she is a professor at the local college. She teaches archeological history. not a surprise, that. she was always scary smart. Shes single, too busy with work to tie herself down.  now lets see, when was the last time i talked with her? hmm. it was prior to all this.. so, a couple months ago. i have her number in  my cell phone, we've been meaning to reunite but after this recent disaster thats gonna be awhile..' marita said shaking her head. ' Shes great, you'll see quickly why we were so close for so long. ' Marita said ' you want me to call her?' she asked puling out her phone..
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“Sure!” Flora crawled over and laid her head on Marita’s shoulder so she could listen. She couldn’t contain her excitement; this was such a sleepover thing to do, calling friends on the phone to gossip! Maybe sometime in the future, after everything settled down, Marita could take me on a trip to San Diego to see Kora, she thought. Flora had always wanted to see California, but drug-running with Emi’s gang rarely had involved enough time or money for vacationing.
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maritsa dialed the number and  the uimage of a gorgeous lioness  with bright blue eyes appeared on screen. she was seated at a table with a stack of papers in front of her ' Marita! kora laughed as she responded ' so nice to hear from you.. its only been 5 week s 5 days 12 hours andf 17 minutes since you last called.. what exactly have you been up to..' its a long story ' marita began. ' you do realize that is a timeface call. i can see you;'re in the buff ' Kora laughed as Marita blushed . " thats a long story too. the  entire town has been trashed, and our clothes fell apart.. ' and its not like theres a surviving department store in town. " yes i heard about some weird storm out where you guys are. some 'act of god', they were calling it.  it doesnt surprise me that you're involved somehow, you were always the adventurous type.. ' she stopped as she noticed Flora resting her head on marita.. " Oh! a frioend! Marita why didnt you introduce us? Manners dear.. Hi, I'm doctor Kora, professor of archeological history.. as i like to joke to my class, we study history's screwups and hope we dont repeat them . usually i get eyerolls from that line, but it works. and your name is?' kora asked Flora.
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“Hi Doctor Kora!” Flora waved. “My name’s Flora, I’m Marita’s roommate. And yeah, normally I’d be wearing something when I meet someone for the first time, but as weird as this sounds, this storm actually did destroy our clothes. It definitely isn’t a normal storm, we’re still getting to the bottom of it.”

She blushed. “I heard you live in San Diego, that’s so awesome! Have you ever done archaeology work in the Middle East? There’s a bunch of ancient ruins out in the desert near where we live, not sure what culture they’re from though.”
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hello flora nice to meet you. yes the Middle east is filled with ruins. Mesopotamia was after all the first major civilization that we know of. the entire region is covered with ruins from the various kingdoms and cultures that lived in that region throughout history. Babylon for instance was one of the ancient worlds 7 wonders, well at least the gardens were. I've been fortunate enough to do some excavation work at Nineveh, which is mention in the bible , all the residents of that city put on sackcloth and sprinkled themselves with ash to show repentance of their sins before God, so that he would not destroy the city.
  anyway my  connection tells me you are in the Nubian desert in northern Sudan.' Kora said ' the Nubians were great pottery makers, some examples of their work are in the Louvre in France . it was part of the ancient Egypt kingdom in antiquity. "

 you could talk like this all day ' Marita cracked. what are those papers on your desk. ' Kora sighed ' final exams for my class. ' I'm about halfway through them, some of the kids get it, some dont. flora, you're a folf, aren't you, a wolf- fox hybrid? that's so unique, and i love love, love that shade of pink in your fur! its gorgeous!' Kora said.
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Flora beamed. “Why, thank you! Can you believe it’s natural?” She swept her pearl-white hair back, as if playfully modeling. “Marita’s met all sorts of odd characters since coming to live at a psionic research institute. I’m one of the more normal ones, if I do say so myself!”

She grinned. “Best of luck grading those final papers! I bet you’re excited for the quarter to be over, you’ll get a bunch of time to relax and enjoy San Diego. This is the perfect time of year to visit the beach!”
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this isnt quarter papers, this is end of year papers ' Kora said ' in some cases these grades may determine if kids graduate or not. so theres pressure there. this college is quite prestigious and i make good money teaching there.and yes San Diego has its scenic attractions. I love the Zoo here for instance."" she said. ' so flora, how did you run into Marita here? I would imagine she's talked about me a bit, we were after all best friends for many years." Kora said.
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"She did! I've heard all sorts of great things about you!" Flora beamed. "Hope I get to meet you in person someday." She decided she'd better lie than go into detail about meeting Marita while saving the world storming a flying warship. "Marita and I met at Sartonic! I'm also from the United States, actually, but I moved from Cornova to become a test subject. The pay's not great, but the free lodging and chance to immerse myself in a whole new culture has been more than worth it."

She perked her ears at Kora's mention of a zoo. "I've never been to a zoo! What sort of animals do they have at yours?" she asked.
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they have all kinds ' Kora smiled ' lions, tigers elephants, monkeys, some of the rarest creatures on Earth call the San Diego zoo home, and its one the leasding zoos in the world for animal habitat conservation. " she smiled ' it really is a sight to see1"
  marie left the bathroom heading out to find where Marita and flora were . this left rose and Emma alone together to finish cleaning up which they soon did, and followed Marie out the door.
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“Rare species like lions and tigers qualify for zoos, huh?” Flora’s eyes lit up. “As a folf, I’m one of the rarest on the planet, in fact I might be the only one in existence! How much do you think a zoo would pay to have me as an exhibit? I think I could get used to that life!”

She looked over as Marie and the others walked into the room. “Hi gals, we’re on FaceTime with one of Marita’s friends! Kora, this is Marie and Rose, they’re Marita’s girlfriends, and the vixen is my girlfriend Emma!” She scooted to make room on the bed. “I know that’s a lot of names to just dump on you like that.”
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I've heard of rose before' Kora said. " Marita talks about her pretty regularly. "  Hi Kora! Rose smiled ' Hows California treating you? and Is there any chance we could finagle, like, two weeks to crash at your place? we'd gladly pay.." Kora laughed. ' as guests, sure! as renters, thats another story. you'd need good money to live out here ,even for a month. Housing prices just keep going up and up. and a months rent, at my place, is easily 10000 bucks. i can afford it, because my university  pays me very well and covers some of my housing costs. t  As fort San Diego, the scenery is beautiful the folks are beautiful even if most of them have had ' work' done, and its sunny nearly all the time. unfortunately all that drives up the cost of living here. as for how i am doing, i'm doing well. '

She then turned to flora  ' well unique specimens are treated differently , its why they spare pink lobsters, and other rare colored lobsters when they find them. .its a question of whether they would treat you as an outlier within your species.

 There are other folfs in the world, Flora , you arent unique in that regard , but your coloring is definitely unique. folfs usually range from brown to  black to grey in darker colors, and white to yellow in lighter colors,  although there are few that are red or orange. . with folfs, usually theres magical or psionics abilities involved, it comes with the combination. There's actually a folf at my university, he's a professor of chemistry, and hes pushing to ban animal testing. things like dogs, cats, other creatures and the like. Professor  Fennis is his name. nice chap, his a mixture of gray and black and cream fur." Kora said.  " hes been at the university close to 20 years. 
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"Other folfs?" gasped Flora. Her mind was suddenly alight with possibilities. "Others like me?" She's never thought to do any research into her kind, since she'd assumed she was alone in the world. "Yeah, if we ever visit I'd love to meet Professor Fennis, or any other folfs!" This last sentence was punctuated with an uncontrollable yawn; the adrenaline of their action-packed day was finally running dry, replaced with a weariness stronger than any she'd felt since her first night after arriving in the desert. "I hope you three like the bed..." she mumbled to the three newcomers, blinking sleepily. "It's not much, but it's what Marita and I could make considering the circumstances. We don't have a blanket, but we can snuggle for warmth... also, there's some pretzels and other snacks if you want a bit of food before you fall asleep."
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 hi kora! marie waved to kora ' i'm emma ' emma waved with a smile. ' very nice to meet you, or well, at least get introduced to you.' Pleasure is mine , girls ' Kora said . ' You girls look tired so I'll let you girls get some sleep. remember you ladies are roughly 12 hours ahead of me, so 3 pm here is 3 am where you ladies are. And Marita, dont worry about calkling me.  I'll be in touch, and it will be far sooner than the nearly 6 weks it took you to call me.  Ha Ha. Have a good night, girl. Pleasant dreams. Kora oUt" kora broke off the call, and marita turned to the others.
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"She seemed really nice, Marita!" Flora yawned. "Oh man...I don't know about the rest of you but today is catching up to me." She almost drifted off, but then nature called and she staggered off the bed. "Actually, if you're all done with the bathroom, I gotta pee. I'll be right back."


Kojurro vaulted over a flying car. A tornado was hot on his heels, threatening to drag him to his doom, but he found evermore-hidden energy reserves to increase his pace. Vaulting over a collapsing building, he combat-rolled under a sparking powerline and skidded down a fallen billboard. His labcoat had been long shredded to bits, leaving only his tattered ninja catsuit.

He winced when he landed on a diesel truck and almost slipped on the oil leaking from the ruptured engine. I'm getting old... Gritting his teeth, he twirled with inhuman reflexes to avoid a lightning strike and gasped when the lightning ignited the gasoline and sent him flying from a terrible explosion.

He hit a snowbank and spared himself only a 15-millisecond power nap before backflipping to his feet and continuing his sprint through sheets of stinging hail. It's possible I should have waited until after the storm to rescue my tontine box... He deflected a flying chunk of sidewalk with his fist, ...but too late to turn back now.

His estimated he'd reach the bank by early morning.


Flora returned, a bit too quickly to have made the trip all the way down to the first-floor. "I'm back!" she announced, looking guiltily at the potted plant in the hallway. Washing her hands in the staff room sink, she glanced at the sleeping arrangements. "Is everyone settled for bed? Cause I'm knocking out."
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we're all settled in.' rose said from the right side of the bed. marita and flora got the premium , middle spots. emma  was between rose and flora.  marie was on the far left, trying to get as much room to move around without falling off onto the floor.
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Flora yawned and snuggled into the partners on her left and right. The exhaustion roared up on her quickly, and before she'd even realized it, she'd already fallen asleep.
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emma stirred next to flora, her arm feeling bumb from having it laid on by rose., ' morning girls ' she murmured as she shpook the sleep put of her eyes./ ' do we have any sour cream and onion chips left? i gotta taste for them." she said failing to stifle a yawn.
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It was early afternoon when Flora felt herself rousing from her dreamless stupor. Stretching lazily, she blinked in surprise when someone's calf got in the way of her foot. "...Whu?" She tried to turn over, and found Marita’s chest in the way.

Finally her thoughts started settling as her brain recollected the events of last night, and she remembered she was crammed in a bed with four other naked women. ...Maybe I don't need to get up just yet. Snuggling back in, she settled herself into the curvature of Emma's back, closed her eyes, and just enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun shining through the office window.

Then she heard Emma's question and realized she'd woken her girlfriend up. "I didn't see sour cream & onion," she yawned, "but unless somebody else ate it, there was a bag of cheddar & sour cream Ruffles." Assuming Emma was hoping to leave the bed, Flora rolled over and snuggled with Marita instead. "'Morning," she smiled. "How did you sleep?"
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i slept okay ' Marita said. ' these couches arent exactly meant for sleeping on.' She said as she stretched. ' i suggest we explore more of the bank today.. and if possibble, the rest of the town. see if any clothes stores have stuff lying around.
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"Awesome," Flora yawned. She snuggled deeper into Marita's side. "Do we have to get up right away?" she murmured. "I'm actually rather comfy in the middle. And you're all keeping the bed so warm..."

Abruptly the window shattered as someone rappeled through it, sending a rainbow of glass skittering to the ground and punctuating Flora's startled scream. "Hands off the tontine box, you thief!" Kojurro commanded, combat rolling and coming up to a perfectly balanced Yoga tree pose.

"I don't know what that is!!" Flora scrambled backwards under his murderous gaze, bulldozing over Emma and Marie as fell off the bed with a startled whoop.

"Girls?" Kojurro asked, tilting his head in surprise. "I certainly didn't expect to see you here. Nor to be the best-dressed person in the room..." His nighttime sprint had done a number on his equipment; other than his subdermal augments, his shredded ninja catsuit was the only article of clothing to survive the trip, and it wasn't leaving many of his scratches and surface wounds to the imagination. "Whatever transpired to leave you five in this state?"
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long story kojurro' marita said as she got up off the bed " a very long story. " you dont happen to know of a clothes store where we could find some new clothes, do you?" She asked. " just asking out of curiousity, you see."
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“Most buildings I saw were leveled, your best bet would be the underground floor of the shopping mall. The mall itself was demolished when I passed it last night, but I know it had clothes stores in the subterranean level. Can’t tell you much more than that I’m afraid, I was a bit pre-occupied surviving the storm,” he apologized. “However, we have something far more important to sort out!” He swiveled an accusatory finger at Flora, who peeped in surprise and fell back on the floor. “My sensors indicate you have my tontine box! Hand it over!”

Flora shakily grabbed her sack of valuables she’d looted from the deposit boxes. “Um...would it hold up in court if I claimed I just found this bag on the floor and was totally going to return it?”

“I have no interest in what you do with the rest,” Kojurro assured, withdrawing the black box. His name remained the only one with a green light next to it. He pressed his thumbprint against the same button Flora had before, and the box whirred and opened up. Flora gasped as the box projected a 3d hologram.

“During the Scorched Earth war, I served in the Vulture Scavenger Corps,” Kojurro explained. “I was part of Lt. Raleigh’s squad, we usually competed with the Kibagamis to be the most successful scouting unit in the corps. And we’d probably have beaten them more often if we hadn’t all been backstabbing scumbags. But one day, my squad discovered this map in a ruined museum.” He skipped around the map by flicking his finger. “It showed the route to a fabulous treasure, here in the Middle East. Of course, we were in the middle of a war, and nobody had time to go chasing treasure. Plus, we weren’t in a line of work with great life expectancy.”

He closed the box down. “So we formed a tontine. We would all keep a digital copy of the map, only usable when a single one of us remained alive. It’s been so many years...but I am finally the last one.” Tears stained his eyes.

“Is that why you came to this region?” Flora asked.

Kojurro nodded. “And it appears I wasn’t the only one; it’s highly unusual for this many members of the tontine to die so quickly. Apparently this storm hit much more than just Sartonic.” He regarded the collected girls. “But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you all. I’ll need assistants on this expedition. If you will come with me, we can follow this map and all become rich. A fabulous treasure awaits us!”
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Treasure?' Count us in " marie said " only .. well we'll need clothes and supplies.. and someoine who is good at geograhpy, landmarks and all that.." Marita started to laugh. " We have just the gal for that. or should i say, professor?' She grinned ' Kora is an expert in this field, although I dont think she's been on too many "treasure hunts" she knows a LOT about ruins and artifacts. . I'm sure she'll help us out. we'll need to get some stuff for her while shopping, and well, a general idea of when and where to meet up with her..' She pulled out her phone.. " ok, we are currently in North Kush.. theres an airfield in the north of the city.. hopefully its not completely and utterly trashed. ..'
 "Lets go shopping.. or more accurately, looting ' Emma said ' because much as I have gotten used over the past day or so to seeing your bare forms , ladies, we do need to cover up..not just for modesty's sake, but from protection from the heats sake. This is a city in the desert after all."
 Lead the way, Kojurro" rose said " I'm in the mind for a purple drress and umbrella combo. not quite southern belle, but one with ample coverage of most of my body." The group began heading down the stairs toewawards the bank enterance. Opening the door, however, bropught a quick remindfer that it was about 30 degrees warmer outside than it was inside the bank.
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"Yeah, I'm all for nudism but this is getting ridiculous." Flora scarfed down a bag of stale chips as they descended the stairs for the back door. "There've been other times I spent a whole day without clothes, but never when this much shit was going down around me."

"To be fair, many wartime infections come from dirty cloth getting in wounds. You might be doing yourself a favor considering how many minor cuts and bruises you've suffered," Kojurro pointed out optimistically. "And as for your suggestion Marita, an expert in local archaeology would be a welcome addition to the expedition. This map takes us through several ancient sites, some populated and some not, and I'd love to have an experienced academic telling us what to do."

Flora staggered back when the door opened and a blast of hot air hit them like a truck. "Holy cow! The storm turned into a heat wave overnight!"

"Indeed." Kojurrro held out his hand. "At least the rain stopped. And we all have fur, so nobody will get sunburned."

Flora marveled at how badly the town was destroyed as they hiked towards the mall. At times she spotted a few other people, but everybody was evacuating the commercial district for the residential neighborhoods. Nobody paid the group any heed.

Thirty minutes later Flora was drenched in sweat and her legs felt like pudding. "Can I please drink some groundwater?" she panted, climbing over a collapsed highway fence and shaking her fur like a dog to get soaked hair out of her eyes. "Just a bit. I'm gonna pass out."

"As your doctor, I could never allow that! Don't worry, it's right there," Kojurro declined, pointing at a massive pile of rubble and waterlogged concrete. "I could carry that bag of valuables you stole from the bank, if that would help."

Flora only clutched it closer to her chest. "How can you even tell?" She squinted at where he was pointing. "It looks like every other destroyed building in this town."

"It's easily thrice as large as anything around it." Once they'd passed the faultlines spidering across the parking lot, Kojurro tried to move a boulder without any luck. "I don't think we'll be able to excavate a way to the lower levels," he confessed. "Not without specialized equipment, or a bulldo--"

"Over here!" Flora called, waving. She'd found the entrance to the underground parking lot. "This is a lot more open. Dunno if it goes all the way inside, but we can at least escape the sun!"
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 emma sweltereed as she made her way into the parking lot enterance, or more accurately, what was left of it.  the temperature inside was roughly half that of the outside, so the sweat  dripping off of her quickly cooled and becsame sticky to the touch. ' we;; this is a lot better' Marita said as she entered ' the temperatuire, not the state of the garage. we're lucky its intact enough to hold up the lower flooors . ' we'll need to get inside the mall, and hope like heck the stores are intact enough to sell stuff. " " i dont know about you girls ' marie said , "  but i could  go for a nice stuff drink right about now.." she said wiping swat off of her chest.
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Flora tiptoed her way through the rubble. "Keep your eyes peeled!" she warned. "There's broken bottles there, and I think that's shattered windshield fragments around that upturned car. Lotta crap was blown into this parking entrance and couldn't go anywhere else."

Covering her crotch for protection as she waded her way delicately through crashed I-beams, splintery tree trunks and other waist-high debris, Flora sighed in frustration when she reached the inner double-doors to find they were shut. "Ugggh..." she sighed, collapsing against them. "We're locked out!" she shouted back to her allies after trying in vain to push the door open. "The doors open outward, and all this crap is blocking it!"


Flora's fur stood on end when someone replied from the other side of the door. "Hello?" She asked, dropping to her knees and attempting to peer under the crack.

"Oh god, someone's out there!" the voice shouted deeper into the mall. "Please help us! We're trapped in the mall, there's no way out!"

"Um, I think we might be able to clear the way out..." Flora bit her lip. "Gonna take forever, though..."

"Well, no time like the present!" Kojurro dug his nails into a telephone pole and rolled it sportingly out of the way."

"I guess there are six of us..." Flora sighed. "Hang on in there!" she called under the door. "We're paving the way!"


Hours later, Kojurro and the girls were covered in grime and trash from their dirty work. Flora panted with exhaustion as Kojurro held an I-beam out of the way as she forced the door open. "Come on, come on!" she growled through gritted teeth as a small party of mallgoers and employees rushed their way into the parking lot.

"Oh, thank you and thank Providence!" an armadillo raised his arm to shake the hand of their rescuer, then decided not to when he observed how filthy she was. "We took shelter from the storm, but there was nothing to eat or drink! Do you have any food or water?"

"We don't even have clothes." Flora admitted. "You're gonna want to head for the residential neighborhoods, we saw medical and rescue personnel there." She glanced back inside. "Is this all of you?"

"No, we had...a minor situation." The armadillo shifted his foot and some of the others traded guilty glances. "There was a lizard who kept somehow finding fruit and seeds to eat...but she didn't want to share. We got...desperate...and she fled into the air ducts. We searched for her all night, but she kept slipping away."

"What, were you trying to kill her?" Kojurro gasped.

"Survival brings out the worst in anyone!" a panda defended herself. "I wanted to live. On that note, I'm not spending another second in this hellhole!"

Flora wrinkled her nose as the townsfolk left without further ado. "Well, we better find that lizard girl..." she muttered, taking her first step into the dark and abandoned mall. "Though hopefully in a way that lets her know we come in peace."
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well offeruing her the peace sign isnt going to help. " marita said, shaking off as much grime as possible. here and there light fizzled off and on. some of the lower floors looked almost pristine, but the higher up you went the greater the damage. ' looks like this place had a food court' marita said looking at a still standing kiosk . ' Lets see if anything there still works. ' even if it is only a soda machine. "  marita had her phone out as a quasi flash light to illuminate the floor in front of them, which was uneven .
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Flora gulped as she tiptoed into the food court. “Erm, Miss Lizard…?” she called out. “Please don’t hurt us...we’re not here to kill you. You can come out!”

“Should we split up?” Kojurro asked, grabbing a mop from the ground and brandishing it like a sword. “We can cover more stores that way.”

“Mrrrph.” Flora grumbled, looking at her grit-stained fur. “Honestly, I’d rather find a way to wash off first. They said there’s no running water, so I dunno how exactly we’re supposed to do that…”

"There might be pots or buckets of water in the kitchen,” Kojurro suggested, steeling himself and his improvised quarterstaff.

“I’m not sure you’re sending the right message by arming yourself…” Flora gulped and hopped the counter. But all their trepidation was for naught; she couldn’t even access the kitchen. “The ceiling straight-up collapsed!” she gasped. “And there’s water leaking from the ground!”

“That might explain why the water lines are down,” Kojurro nodded. “That means we can probably repair it, if we bypass the busted pipe...what are you doing?”

Flora was scaling the collapsed ceiling. “I don’t care where it’s leaking from, I want this crap washed off me!” she answered. Delicately, she reached the apex of the blockage and tried to begin her hike down into the kitchen...and slipped on her grease-stained paws and tumbled into the blackness.

"Flora!" Kojurro called. He darted around, but there was no other way into the kitchen. "Are you okay?"
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 Emma was loking around for anything to drink, or the very least wash her hands.. '  marita was aside abnd overturned tablew when she beheld the glow from a large soda machine ' ah this is one of those ala carte olones ' Rose saidv as she  came closer ' its the one where theres loads of choivces.  Lets see if it works.. ' She presed the screen and choose the ' diet option" oh boy! lots of choices. Diet Coke, diet Dr peper, Diet sprite Diet Root Beer.. " wE hit the soda jacjkjpot ' She said. grabbing a cup from a nearby dispenser and filling it to the brim with Diet Coke. ' marita filled a cup with  water and used it to clean her hands and fur as much as possible. Emma put her claws out  to get them washed by Marita
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Flora hit the ground with an “Oof!” and a heavy thud. Groaning softly, she blinked and lay still, catching her bearings.

She heard Kojurro calling for her. “I’m fine!” she replied dizzily, rubbing her head. “Just a bit of a tumble.” She staggered to her feet. “I…woah!” She’d stepped in a wire snare; before she could take another step, a makeshift pulley system flipped her upside down and dragged her into the air with a terrified shriek.

“You assholes want water that bad?” a voice snarled from the blackness. “Then take this!!!” Flora screamed in terror as a hose nozzle shot her in the chest with stinging water. She spluttered for mercy, shielding her face desperately as her assailant stepped into the light and cut the stream. “Wait...Flora?”

The folf gasped as she recognized the blue-skinned desert lizard. “Sharal’tar! What the hell are you doing here?” Sharal’tar was another test subject at Sartonic, and Yurei’s ex-girlfriend. She was one of the few test subjects with more than one psionic power; she could control plants and affect their growth rate, and she could shrink down to the size of an ant.

“Me? I’m trying not to die.” Sharal’tar glared, lowering her hose. “Why are you naked in the mall again?”

“I’ve been fighting for my life too, outside in the storm!” Flora protested, flushing red. "I didn't get the luxury of camping in a basement the whole time."

“Wait, Sharal, what exactly did you mean by ‘again’?” Kojurro asked from the other side of the blockade.

“Oh, she never told you that story? Her dress got caught and eaten by the escalator.” Sharal’tar smirked. “Is that why you came back? You hoping to maybe find what’s left of it down here?”

“Sure, yeah, laugh it up,” Flora folded her arms, trying to maintain her composure despite being bound and hung like a captured animal. “You just tried to murder me!”

“Forgive me, my last 24 hours haven’t exactly been peaches!” Sharal’tar snapped. “It was fucking Lord of the Flies in here, just because they couldn’t understand I was growing the food fast as I could, not hiding it!”

“Wow. Personally, I’m shocked that your award-winning personality couldn’t clear that up,” Flora retorted sarcastically. Then Sharal’tar shot her in the nuts. “Ow, fuck! Hey! Stop it!” she protested, trying and failing to protect herself as Sharal’tar blasted every part of her body in succession. “Jesus, that hurts!”

“What? I’m cleaning you up, just like you wanted.” Sharal’tar dropped the hose after turning Flora into a sopping chandelier of frazzled fur. “Who else is here, anyway?” She pushed the stove aside from where she’d barricaded the side entrance to the kitchen, letting anyone else enter if they wish.
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the door opened and rose entered carrying a large  cop of Sprite '  she stopped as she saw the soaked and clear;ly miserable Flora hung upside down from the ceilimng and then noticed Sharaltar ' Oh.. so your the one we've been loking forward ' I'm Rose.. thios is marie ,  Marita and emma. Pleased to meet you.' Marie used her vine poewers to break up the debris  by crushing the stuff into powder. ' i think i'm kinda getting the hang of these powers '  Marie said before  nioticing that Sharal'tar was looking at her " yeah, sorry, i have these powers ' Marie said slightly embarased
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"Hey Emma. And yeah, I've seen you three around Sartonic." Sharal'tar blinked in shock at everyone's state of undress. "Seriously though, where are *all* your clothes?"

"Can someone let me down...please?" Flora muttered weakly. "All the blood's rushing to my head..."

Sharal'tar ignored her. "You'll all want to follow me," she said. "There are clothing stores deeper in the mall." She glanced in surprise at Marie's vines. "Wait, you're a plantbender as well?" she gasped. "How did I not know that before? I thought I was the only one at Sartonic!"
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they got shredded in the storms' Marita said.  And Maries only recently come into these powers. she hasnt exactly mastered them, but they've saved pour bacon on several occasions. If you have similar powers, Sharal'tar, perhaps you could teach her to control them?  the last time she tried opening a door with them, she tore the door off the hinges>"
Well in the meantime, we do ned to get some clothes and suppplies. oh, and we neeed to get Flora down from there ' Marie said.  She gestured with her clwas vines wrapped around floras legs and with a pull flora was sent sprawling to the ground.

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Sharal'tar winced as Marie's vines snapped Flora's snare trap and dragged Flora into the linoleum. " could definitely benefit from some training. It looks like you're not thinking of them as an extension of yourself; you're wielding them like a whip when they're closer to an extra arm." She waved her arm, and a pair of vines grew from the floor and dangled Flora in the air from both legs. "Like this. Treat them like limbs. I like to imagine I'm an octopus and they're my tentacles, it helps get my brain in the right mindset."

"Come on, girls, do I really have to be the guinea pig for this?" Flora begged, grasping desperately for the ground as Sharal'tar bobbed her like a hook on a fishing line.

Sharal'tar smirked as she acquiescently dropped Flora back to the ground. "Don't worry, Marie, you've completed the hard part, which is summoning and controlling the vines. Now it's a matter of perfecting your technique. Stick with me, and soon you'll be threading needles with those things."

Kojurro crossed to the refrigerator and opened it to find a collection of fruit, seeds, and other organic edibles. "Sharal'tar, I hope you don't mind, but we've had a long day, and I could do for some lunch." He threw some sunflower seeds into his mouth and swallowed them, shells and all. "All things considered, fruit and soda are far better than I expected to find," he noted through a full mouth.
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" I'll be happy to get the training ' Marie said ' Its still freaky, seeing vines shoot out of my claws." She said As Rose went over to the fridges ands helped herself to some watermelon slices. " at kleast theres some food here ' She said. ' thanks for the snacks."

 How close are we to the clothing department?' Marita asked Sharal'tar. " because I seriously nered some new clothes. " i need something that covers up my pregnancy" Emma chimed in. " Something that says ' warm and comforting" something in light blue or pink.' she said.
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"This way," Sharal'tar lead the group delicately through the mall once everyone had eaten their fill.

The mall was wrecked around them. Flora looked in awe at the destruction as Sharal'tar led the way through the ruined buildings. "I can't believe the storm caused as much destruction as it did," she breathed aloud. "How long do you think it'll take to recover from all this?"

"Who cares?" shrugged Kojurro. "We'll be traipsing across the Sahara chasing fabulous riches!"

"You'll be doing what now?" Sharal'tar looked over.

"I said, 'We'll--'" Kojurro started, but Flora covered his mouth and pulled him aside. "We don't want her to come!" she whispered urgently.

"Why not?" Kojurro pushed her aside. "She already mentioned she's going to train Marie in plantbending. How's she supposed to do that if we're off on adventures?"

"But that means...we need to split the money another way!" Flora protested. "I don't want a seventh of my riches to go to her!"

"As the one who owns the map, I get twice as much gold as the rest of you. It's only fair. Except I'll bequeath that bonus share of the loot to Miss Sharal'tar! Now come on, no more of this." Kojurro returned to the group and explained the upcoming expedition to collect his winnings by following the treasure map.

"Whoa. I mean, of course I'm down. Better than sticking around in this hellhole while they rebuild," Sharal'tar shrugged.

"Oh please, don't act nonchalant! You once worked as a mat sprayer to make rent, this is not shrug money!" Flora spat.

Sharal'tar ignored her. "Here we are," she spread her arms in presentation at a destroyed clothing boutique. "Help yourself. Whatever you find's gonna be a bit dusty, but it's better than--literally--nothing."
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  the bountique was , as stated, in ruins, and most of the clothes were trashed as well. pieces of fabric were strewn about,  half of the blouse here, the upper part of a dress there. " Yeah theres nothing here for us.' Marita said picking up what once was a fetching red dress,  but was now shredded into strips. '  We'll need to keep looking. i imagine theres several dress shops in the mall, hopefully between them we'll piece together some outfits..where is the next closest store?'  she asked Sharal ' tar.
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"Hmm, I wasn't really able to sightsee, was a bit busy trying not to die," Sharl'tar admitted. "But there are plenty of stores, we should be able to find something."

"Why don't you donate your pants to someone?" Flora challenged. "You've got underwear on, right? You gonna make a pregnant girl walk around naked when you've got an extra layer?"

"Fuck you, Flora, I don't need to do anything," Sharal'tar flipped her off. "We'll find pants for all of you soon enough...I hope." She glanced down the hallway. Even ignoring the rubble, nothing in the immediate vicinity looked like a clothing store.

"We might find something quicker if I go at my own pace," Kojurro suggested, suddenly zipping down the hall at lightning speed. "You all go left, I'll go right..." his voice echoed down the mall as he disappeared from view.
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Marita peaked into the clothing store and shook her head. ' nothing left of the c;othes but pieces here and theree, plus there debris everywhere." she sighed as they went further and further into the mall, as they went further in , they found tiis part of the mall was intact, even the lights still worked.  ' funny this part of the mall looks like it wasnt even toiuched ' Rose said as they entered a clotrhing store. beautiful dreeses hung on racks, in all the colkors of the rainbow, and best of all, they were untouched.
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"Oh, thank god, we finally found an intact store." Flora sat down without further ado. "I don't think I can take another step." Even Sharal'tar seemed relieved to take some stress off her calves, and found a nice-looking leather coat. "You aren't worried you'll bake to death in that thing?" the folf asked. "It's blazing outside."

"I'm a desert lizard, we vent heat like nobody's business," Sharal'ar reminded. "I need protection from the light, not the heat."

Kojurro returned. "Ah, this is much better than the bath supplies place I located," he remarked approvingly, shedding his fluffy pink robe and locating a dashing white suit.

Sharal'tar couldn't help staring as Kojurro changed clothes. "What happened to his...uh..." she muttered to Flora.

"They were blasted off during the Scorched Earth war," Flora whispered. "Don't ask me how I know that. ("

Kojurro glanced over. "Are you ladies talking about me?"

"Er, yes...about that massive scar on your abdomen!" Flora stammered quickly, and Sharal'tar flashed pale. "Did you get that from your run through the storm?"

"What, this?" He flexed his stomach proudly. "Don't make me laugh, this storm was nothing. I got this while caught in a tornado in Chancellorsville. It was so strong that a roofing tile literally embedded itself in my gall bladder like a knife!"

"Well, um, enough about that!" Sharal'tar interrupted. "Once everyone's dressed, including Flora, what should our next step be?"

"I guess continue rummaging through the mall, gather supplies for the expedition." Flora stripped a mannequin wearing an athletic jogging outfit. "Also we should call Kora, get her to arrive maybe next month. I don't get signal this deep under the ruins."

"Erm, actually, maybe she should arrive as soon as possible..." Kojurro muttered, looking in alarm at his tontine box.

"What's wrong?" Sharal'tar asked.

He showed it to her. "This box was only supposed to activate when one member of my squad remained alive. But look!"

The lizard squinted, then realized the problem. "There are two lights active."

"What?" Flora gasped. "There weren't two before!"

"I know what happened," Kojurro explained, tracing his finger across the newly-lit name. "Presley August was the team field surgeon, and he went into anagathics after the war. He's now a well-respected cryogenicist, an expert at preserving dying bodies with the hope of reviving them in the future when technology has advanced to the point their cause of death can be cured. I'm positive he's doing something to extend his lifespan as well, the guy was old even back in the war days."

Sharal'tar blinked. "So you're saying...?"

"He cheated," Kojurro explained. "When he saw we were the last two survivors, he temporarily put himself into cryogenic arrest. This flagged him as dead, and caused the tontine boxes to spit out the map to the treasure. Which means, ladies, that we are now in a race." His vision steeled. "Dr. August has always been impatient, and now he's rich and connected to boot. If he reaches the treasure before us, I guarantee he will not be interested in sharing it."  He glanced over at Marita. "How soon can Kora arrive? We're now on something of a timeframe if we want to see that money."
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" marita gaped " Hold on, theres someone else going after this loot? Well that would have been info that we could have used some time ago Kojurro.'  first though, we need to get some clothes for everyone then I'll call Kora.  Do you have any idea where this guy is ? Ok, hes rich, and connected, but that doesn't help us in countering him, if we dont have an idea of where he is.  Plus we have to have a good look at your map, in order to know where to start. Otherwise, its the definition of a wild goose chase." she said.  Emma had found the maternity section and found a nice billowing blue dress that covered her belly bulge in a taseful manner.  Rose and Marie also  found nice dresses, in light green and orange colors.  Marita for her part , picked out a bright red dress with ruffles. ' Feel almost like a Southern Belle in in Gone with the wind ' She smirked.
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"You look good, Marita!" Flora congratulated, donning her new jogging outfit.

Sharal'tar clicked her tongue, glancing cringingly at the yellow and white aesthetic of Flora's polyester. "Not to be rude, Flora, but your fur clashes brilliantly with that color scheme."

"Perhaps, but I swear you're all delusional if you think you're hiking through this heat wearing those suits and dresses." Flora adjusted her waist strap. "You all look like you stepped out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure."

"I didn't know Presley August survived until the tontine box reactivated his signal," Kojurro apologized to Marita, flipping the device upside down and reactivating the map. "The cryonics facility he works for is in Montreal, so he's on the other side of the planet. He's probably recovering from his artificial slumber as we speak."

"OK, so how soon until you think he flies here to Sudan?" Flora asked. "Also, is he just gonna fly directly to the treasure?"

"Can't, it's more complicated than that," Kojurro explained. The map generated itself into a hologram, and he moved his finger to trace the route. "You can't just hike directly to the treasure because it's underground. First we need to cross the Sahara Desert until we reach the tiny city Thumarsus. We'll need to collect additional supplies from there, then hike through the blastlands until we reach the ancient ruins of Prusea. From there, we'll need to enter the ruins."

Sharal'tar manipulated the map herself. "It doesn't seem to 'zoom in' to show the ruins as more than an X. How do we use this map once we're inside?" she asked.

"We can't," Kojurro admitted. "Whoever made the map either knew the route from memory or had a separate one for the interior of the ruins. And my squad never found it if there  was one. You're going to have to trust my navigational skills and Kora's knowledge of Prusean architecture once we go inside."

"Well, that's just great..." Sharal'tar sighed.

"You're welcome to drop out if you don't want to go anymore," Flora reminded, sliding over the store counter and trying to force the cash register open.
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so, you are telling us that we're going to travel hundreds of miles to find this place?" emma said. We're gonna need  different clothes then. as while this drreess is nice, it will make me seat something fioerce..' andf the Sahara can  get  up to 130 degrees in places.' Marita said ' i'll call kora once we get out of here. knowing her like I do, She'll be on the first flight to Khartoum.  It'll take about a full day and cost her about 2000 bucks, but frankly she can afford it. ' She smirked. " How long do we have before your old chum finishes his recuperation? I'd like to know so we can make the most of our head start."
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(OOC: Should we do a time skip to when Kora arrives and they can head out?)

"Well, you should have seen a bit of a hike coming, fabulous treasures don't tend to hang around the backyard," Kojurro noted jokingly. "And I have no clue; I'm not an expert in cryonics."

Flora glanced at Emma. "Did they ever cover cryonics in your nurse training? You're the only one here who has a chance of knowing this."

Sharal'tar returned with some backpacks from a back-to-school store. "Here, in case you find any supplies you'll want to bring on the trip," she informed everyone, tossing Flora, Marita, and Rose her extra packs. "Honestly, I suggest we spend the night here, gather supplies, and meet Kora at the airport tomorrow. As much as I'd like to do traditional shopping during the day it takes Kora to arrive, everything within walking or driving distance will still be recovering from the storm and I doubt any shops are open."

"There's a hiking shop near the escalator, right?" Flora mentioned. "It's called 'Alpine Ventures' or something like that. That'd be a good place to get specialized traveling gear and good boots."
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(sure we can do that)
 Cryonics, a little bit. the longer you are frozen, the longer it takes to fully awaken. rule of thumb was for every year frozen, it took a week to recover. 20 years, 20 weeks.  a year is 52 weeks, so 20 weeks would be 5 months or so. How long was he frozen?" Emma asked Kojurro. I agree with Sharal'tar that we get our stuff done before Kora gets here.
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"He couldn't have been asleep for more than 24 hours; his light had gone out yesterday night and reactivated in the morning," Kojurro answered.

"So I didn't major in math, but that sounds like it'd be a ludicrously small recovery time by that ratio," Sharal'tar chimed in.
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 About 27.7 minutes' marita said ' Under a half hour. so the bloke, is been awake for hours already. . You made it sound like he froze himself months or years ago Kojuuro!" she said. ' ah well. it was it is. lets just get some stuff, get some sleep and go and fetch Kora in the morning. "
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(24 hours later)

"Flora, stop sticking your tongue out at the TSA," Sharal'tar chastised.

"They deserve it! I get stopped and searched every time I board a plane!" Flora flipped off a blonde uniformed bunny who resolutely ignored her. "Once I was smuggling narcotics, do you realize how quickly and how deep I had to stuff them up my--"

"Ah-hem." Kojurro cleared his throat and checked his pocket watch; an overly-fancy fashion statement he could never have afforded if he hadn't stolen it from a ruined mall. "That should be the 1:10 arrival from San Diego," he reported as the latest plane ground to a halt and passengers started disembarking into the terminal. "Marita, have you heard from your friend that she made the flight and arrived safely?"

"She better; I paid triple for this caramel ribbon latte." Flora glanced at the only coffee place that wasn't under construction in the aftermath of the airport's reparations. "Prices in airports are outrageous even before everything's only halfway rebuilt."
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 Yes ' Marita replied, as she held a ' Welcome Kora' handmade sign, from a large piece of cardboard she had swiped from the mall. " she was in the middle part of the plane, seat 60B. she brought her notes on ruins of the region, which are quite extensive.  one look at your map piece kojuuro and she'll have a pretty ggood idea of whee to start looking.  ah, here she is now!Kora! over here!' Marita beamed as Kora came up to them wearing attire suitable for the hot desert. ' hi everyone. sorry I'm a hour late. Layover in Milan took a lot longer than first anticipated.. anyway lets see this map of yours Kojuuro I should have a good idea of where to start after getting a good look. " Kora said setting her suitcase and knapsack down.
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"Not out here," Kopurro glanced around suspiciously. "The map is a hologram projected by this black box; it'll draw too much attention to itself in public. Follow me."

"Hi Kora!" Flora extended a hand excitedly. "Nice to finally meet you in person. Let me carry your bag!"

He led the group out of the airport and to their transportation; a pair of covered wagons driven by two camels each. Leading Kora into the closer wagon, he tapped the activation button and the map materialized into form in front of him. "You can move around the map by tracing your finger, and zoom in or out by pinching your fingers like this," he demonstrated.

"I hope she knows anything about the extinct Prusean civilization," Sharal'tar muttered, folding her arms. "Cause I grew up out here and I've never even heard of them before."
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thats not surprising. the Purseans existed over  2000 years ago ' Kora said  "their kingdom was taken over by neighboring kingdoms and their temples and pyramids repurposed, the average person wouldnt know that  a previous kingdom had built them.' she said taking in the map..' this is only the exterior of these areas. i take it that the other part shows the interiors?" she said her eyes twinkling with excitement.  We are going first to a ruin  called Mur Alshul, it was a major Pursean city, built 2200 years  ago, like  with other great cities of antiquity, it was built on the banks of a river. In the desert, water means life, especially since the desert receives so little of it"
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"There is no other part, sadly," Kojurro admitted. "This map was found in America by a team of Scorched Earth scavengers. We're going to have to puzzle our way through interiors to locate whatever we need to find at each location."

"Is there anything you need to purchase in the city before we head out, Kora?" Sharal'tar asked, mounting a camel. "I dont know if Marita told you, but there's another group racing us for the treasure. They're flying in from America just like you, so we should be neck and neck right now."
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no, i've got all i need packed away in my luggage. spelunking equipment, notebooks for record taking, and an camera to record the ruin interior.  you  know fellas this sounds like something straight out of Indiana jones" kora laughed ' now what is important for everyone to know is this: the purseans were moon worshippers. they believed the light from the moon was a gift from the divines.  you'll find crescent, half and full moons in the  glyphs, the full moon meant that area was extremely favored by the gods, half moon meant there was some favor, crescent moon was little favor and the black or new moon meant disfavor. you did not want to anger the gods as they would punish you both in this life and the after life as well. ' Kora said " Lets get going then. the quicker we get to  Mur Ashul the better. . "
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The camels acquiescently started trotting off.

Sharal'tar glanced over at Marie, who was driving the second wagon. "Hey Marie, is everything sticking mentally from last night?" Sharal'tar had spent a good part of their evening in the mall training Marie on controlling her new plant powers. "We covered a lot of ground quickly, so it's okay if you've forgotten some of it. But we're heading into arid desert, and our plant powers become super useful since we won't find many real plants out there. Growing food, creating rope out of vines, creating shade..."

"What sort of gods did the Pruseans worship?" Flora asked Kora. "Did they worship part-animal beings, like the Egyptians?"
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No, they worshiped the heavens, the moon, most prominently." Kora said " you'll see lots of carving showing them with their faces towards the moon in a reverential manner. as i said before, the place that wre most favored by the gods will show a full moon, the places that were considered as cursed will show a new moon or black moon. "
 I'm  doing ok" marie said ' i think i have the rope and shade parts down, the growing food will be a bit tricky. particularly since in the desert most plants require deep roots to reach what water there is.
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It wasn't too many hours before the last vestiges of civilization disappeared over the horizon behind them.

"Now, we need to all be vigilant in rationing our supplies!" Kojurro reminded everyone. "This is a long initial hike through the desert, and we don't want to run out of water or food because it will be very hard to find more. Stay in the wagons whenever possible, because it's going to get very hot."

"Hotter than it is now?" Flora panted. "I'm missing that rainstorm from before already..."

"You say that now, but the night cold will likely be even worse than the daytime heat," Kojurro chuckled. "The desert is one of the most unforgiving biomes, behind the tundra. Which yes, I know, is by definition still a desert."

Outside on the horses, Sharal'tar nodded at what Marie said. "Even I don't know how to procure food out of nowhere," she admitted. "I need to have a few seeds beforehand so I can grow them into a full plant. But with how precious water is out here, it's more likely we'll be using it for combat or exploration purposes more than survival."

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hours passed and soon the ruins of  Mur ashur appeared on the horizon and Kora pointed at them' we'll stop at that central . the skies were turning darker and forboding' I suggest we hurry as it looks like a sandstorm is headed our way. Sandstorms in this region are both massive and deadly.  Marita and Rose folowed quickly behind her. " we need to find shelter before we get hit" Martita said , turning and looking the others in tthe group..
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Flora went pale at the mention of a sandstorm. Her arrival in this region was marked by a terrifying sandstorm that nearly killed her before her adventures even began. "Let's get those puppies moving!" she gasped. "Mush!"

"They're camels!" Sharal'tar snapped back, clapping the reins to no effect. "They move at the exact speed they want!"

Luckily, even the camels noticed the sandstorm and kicked it up a notch. As the caravan crossed the border into the ruins, Kourro gasped in amazement at the wonderful stone structures towering above them, collections of bricks and stones that had been eroded through generations of wear.

"I'm taking us straight into the big entrance!" Sharal'tar yelled into her wagon as sand started peppering her face. They were bearing down on the most impressive structure, a towering ziggurat whose mouth instantly sloped downwards into the earth. "And we're gonna be stuck in there until this blows over!"

"That's perfect!" Kojurro exclaimed. "We're looking for a golden urn! It'll be deep within the temple, and inscribed on it is a map showing where we need to travel after this!"

Flora covered her mouth with her shirt and climbed out of the wagon once it ground to a halt. She squinted into the darkness. "We're going to need light sources if we're going in there," she noted. "Kora, do you have the torches?"
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of course i do" kora said " i have lighter fluid for them as well. This central room, is going to be deep in the center of the pyramid, well underground. plus, theres likely to be intact traps, designed to foil looters. The sands have kept the thing intact, which is a good thing. better watch your step,  handrails were not a thing in those days.' She said as they reached the entrance. sands whipped around them, driving visibility down to a handful of feet.
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The interior of the pyramid was musty. Torches lined the wall, but they’d burnt out millenia ago.

“This is incredible,” Kojurro breathed, holding his torch closely to the walls so he could observe the intricate reliefs showcasing moments in Prusean history. “They really respected the moon, it appears in almost every mural.” He stopped when he witnessed an unusual one showing what appeared to be the sun being eaten by the moon. “Kora, can you read these hieroglyphics? What’s happening in this one?”

Sharal’tar used her vines to brush cobwebs aside as she led the way deeper into the recesses of the pyramid. “It’s getting steep, watch your step,” she advised as the route abruptly tilted downwards.

Before long, they reached a large stone door. “Anyone see a switch, or maybe a puzzle to solve?” Flora asked.

Kojurro shook his head. “There is window up there,” he pointed above the door. “We brought rope, right?”

“Yeah, but Marie and I have something better.” Sharal’tar shrank down to a miniscule size and scaled the wall. It was slow going, but she reached the window and shot her vines down into the beyond room. “I’m detecting floor,” she reported, growing back up to her normal size. “We can keep going. Marie, shoot me a vine, then everyone think they can climb up here?”

“...Maybe?” Flora bit her lip as she gathered Sharal’tar’s abandoned clothes and stuffed them into her backpack.
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that image is that of an eclipse' Kora said. see the moon passing in front of the sun?  This depicts a full eclipse' Kora said moving over  to a nearby relief " the pureans believed that the moon would periodically take a bite out  of the sun, sometimes swallowing it  whole before spitting it back out. "
Marie focussed and sent a vine tendril up to  Sharaltar, in the proces creating a vine ' rope' lader.  ' how far does it go, Sharal ' tar?' marie asked as she began climbing. ' in any event, with the sanbdstorm out there, we're not leaving this place for awhile anyway."