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Title: DVD releases
Post by: Kirben on March 10, 2016, 08:41:23 PM
I'm looking for the perfect DVD release of the Land Before Time series on DVD, but I'm wondering if it actually exists. I currently own the DVD releases from Germany which have the complete series in the correct order, and offer English audio. But one episode (9 - Escape from the Mysterious Beyond) uses hard coded subtitles, which are only in German. Were there any other episodes using hard coded subtitles for the Sharptooth characters?

Researching online, the only DVD releases that seem to exists are:

Themed sets:
6 themed DVD releases in USA (Cropped)
6 themed DVD releases in Australia, France, Spain & UK

Complete series releases:
Complete series released over 13 volumes in Germany, offering English & German audio. Followed by DVD repacks of 6 episodes (18 episodes only), and a complete series repackage been released soon.
Complete series released over 6 volumes in Sweden, in Swedish only. Followed by boxed set containing all six DVD volumes.

Have I missed any other DVD releases?

On a side note, was the series produced in High Definition?
Title: DVD releases
Post by: Kirben on April 21, 2016, 09:57:46 PM
I rewatched the complete TV series, and only that one episode (Escape from the Mysterious Beyond) was effected by the hard coded German subtitles.

The complete series was just released in Germany, basically a repackage of the previous 13 discs:
In einem Land vor unserer Zeit Episoden 01-26 - Die komplette TV-Serie [13 DVDs] (

An all region DVD player, that can play the PAL format is required though.