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Title: Star Fox Vacation
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The Great fox sped through space, headed towards the snowy planet of Fichina. After dealing with trouble in section 12 courtesy of Star wolf, Fox figured it was time for a much needed vacation. His team was much larger now, a result of accepting memberships application from Katt, Fara and a young dog soldier named Rufus, as well as reactivating former members like Miyu and Fay, who were quick to make themselves comfortable onboard the Great Fox, which had undergone renovations to allow for more members. it also had a cafeteria now, and much improved food- Slippy might be a good mechanic, Fox thought, but his cooking left a lot to be desired.

_ Katt entered the main control room, dressed in her pink uniform. " Thanks for getting me a uniform to match my color Fox" the pink cat grinned as she approached Fox."I also have a ski board, so i can shred some some snow mounds in the Western Plateau. what will you be doing Fox?'" "Sending invoices to General Pepper and the governments in Sector 12 for  reimbursement. There's also the matter of cleaning up that race you entered above Solar which ended up in a dogfight' " Hey don't blame me for that, the other racers played dirty!" Katt said.' "besides I won both the fight and the race.' i already have one hot head on my team Katt. i don;t need another." " Krystal and I talked it out' Katt assured him "Good, just make sure something like that doesn't become a regular occurrence. We're pros here Katt, always remember that. a team member does something to make the team look bad, it makes me look bad by extension. I put Krystal in charge because shes got a good head on her shoulders, and she gets along well with others. " Fox said.

"The fact that shes my roommate doesn't hurt either" Katt smiled " What you two do at home and off the clock is your own affair, I don't care if you girls go on shopping sprees or go to dance halls or parties. What I do care about is your conduct while in the Arwing.' Fox said ' "Maybe some skiing and sledding will burn off some of the energy and vigor of yours.?" " Always the leader and pro, eh Fox?" Katt said with a smile' "That's what so endearing about you, that alpha male stuff. Me, well I'm more a loner than anything, but you guys have got such a reputation for being heroes that I couldn't pass up an opportunity to  be a part of it."
"More teammates does mean more jobs, and more coin. It also means, however, more expenses if we have team members go off script." Fox held up a device , similar to the one he wore '"Slippy invented these so that we can keep track of who is trying to contact us,  each teammate corresponds with the first letter of their name and their color.  Yours is a pink K - naturally, Falcos is a blue F, Slippy a green S, Me a red F, Krystal a blue K, Fara a brown F, Miyu  a orange M and Fay a white F" Fox said and he handed the device to Katt .
 Fara stuck her head in  from the door opening" "Katt! Girl Team meeting in Hanger 4. Krystal, Miyu and Fay are already there, they sent me to fetch you. Unless I'm interrupting a dressing down for that Solor race, In which case, Just send her to hangar 4 Fox when you are done skewering her."
 "No Fara, no dressing down, this time. We're on vacation now, and I'm willing to let more slide" Fox replied" Coming! Coming! Katt said, hooking up her device and headed for the door. Fara was the second in command of the girls group, and wasn't afraid to pull rank if needed.
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Star Wolf and his crew had been outmaneuvered by Fox and his crew. The Wolfen with its four sleek crome and red wings descended into at atmosphere of Planet Macbeth. A trail of black smoke following the ahio as it broke through the clouds and spiraled like an ardow for the arid earth below.  Cap’n Wolf steadied the flight controls, but the brakes were being stained, the flaps opened by two tore off, and alarm filled the cabin with “Alert! Alert! Alert!” Wolf growled, “Come on darling! Pull yourself together!” The ship went into a severe spin, Wolf grabbed the controls and tried to steady it, he got the nosecup and zoomed past rock formations and cliffs, he desperately looked for a place to land, that is crash land. He saw a pocket of water and rock, that was the best bet. The Smoking Ship fell like a dagger into the pool of water, the smoke and fire wuenched like a steel blade hotly tempered being doused in liquid. The ship sunk at first, then bobbed and came back to surface. Wolf opened the cockpit, the glass alude and then aprung backward. The Grey Wolf in his ebony flight hacket grabbed a pistol from hus side arm. Leaping from the nose, he swamp ashore and found hinself among minerals, in the distance he saw mining structures of grey metal and bown, and great crawlers carrying minerals and hoisting machines with buckets full of cargo.
Wolf growled as he made his journey on foot. He  cane to three miners using laser picks, they had gray scarfs, googles, and most of them were amphibian. Wolf pressed on to the Foundry, there he would find Facility Operator and get repairs to his ship.


Krystal was in her quarters, her white exposed cleavage arched, and her breasts presses against her neck in a black bra with gold straps as she held herself upsidedown in a pose. Her sapphire hair fell like long locks and her green eyes were shut beneath white lids. She was in a meditative zero gravity state. Her forehead was crowned with a ruby gem that sparkled beneath the harsh ultra violet lamp. It had only been a few months before she joined as a recruit of Star Fox. Her life before soace cadet was a princess on Dinosauria, fighting the RedEyes Clan. It had taken her a while to adjust from her commection to the earth to the coldness of space. Meditating helped her hone her mind and remember her home. Her trancel iek state was intereupted by a page on the intercome, “Krystal to Hangar 4, Krystal report to Hangar 4.” The lids of her eyes opened and her emerald pupiks caught sight of red blinking light on the intercom. Krystal floated to a panel on the wall and pressed it, restoring gravity. She landed on her furry paws. Quickly she got her leather boats and put them on, along with the top of her jumpsuite. She mad all haste to Hangar 4.
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katt and fara were waiting , while miyu drew on a board ' vacation ideas"  ' pity  we dont get vacation more often ' Fara said ' i know thew guys live for the dogfights,m  and they do keep the coin coming in, but i do need a breather from time to time. ' thats what the racing curcuit is for ' Katt said. katt wore a nice pink outfit which matched her broght pink fur.  it was a mix between a normal pilots uniform and something approaching evening wear, but it worked. a smile curled on her lips, Katt was always looking  for fun, rules be darned.
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Captain Wolf let off two shots from his pisotol, the red beams hit the wall of the refinery. Miners came at him with laser pikes and picks, he fired at them causing to collapse with smoke coming off their corpses. Wolf blocked one moner’s puke and kicked him to the hround taking the weapon and throwing it into another that fell in a heap to the ground. This welcome was not unusual for him, all his life he had to claw his way to victory, this was no different. The Grey Wolf scanned with his retinal display, all hostiles were neutralized. He entered the main hall of the refinery to find cowering miners, who had no weapons. Wolf adcended some crude metal stairs to an office above, the entire room glass and lit yellow. It hung like a crane above the workmen. Wolf blasted the door open and found sitting in a chair a pig faced figure. “Please don’t hurt me,” squelled the Operator. Wolf sat down and put his boots of metal alloy on the desk, he pointed his pistol and said, “I need parts for my ship. You’re gonna get em for me, or else I torch this entire facility.”


Krystal made her way down the corridor to an elevator tube. She entered the white oval room which slide shut and sent her down to the hangars. Exiting her sapphire hair swayed and her emerald necklace shimmered under the lights. She found Katt, Fara, and Miyu already in Hangar 4. She took a step and said, “Sorry, I was mediating. What is the situation?” Even though Krystal had telepathic powers and coukd have read their monds, she chose not to because she believed it was controlling, people may or may not say their thoughts, probing is not moral, she had made a vow to her self.
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its girls team meeting, for vacation plans ' Miyu chuckled ' Did you not remember? you're the one who set up the meeting!" she chuckjled. ' when she meditates she clears her mind " Katt said ' literally.  it takes her awhile to come to. I've watched her meditate several times. Roommates, after all. "the pink cat chuckled. " so krystal, we've narrowed down 3 locations for our vacation ' the beach planet Tropica, near solar, the snow plant Pichina, or the water world Aquus, where we can explore the deeps in the Blue marine.' Katt said. " Miyu's putting down the pludses and minuses, and what we will need to bring along if you pick a certain planet." " I for one am in the mood for sun, so  put me down as a vote for Tropica ' Fara said.
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Miners hauked on hovering freighter of grey dirty metal, parts and wires. Wolf Mc’Donnel stood by surveying their loading, a pistol in one hand and cigar in his mouth puffing smike. The terrified miners made haste to load the frieghter which locked the parts in a back square  cube. Wolf puffed some smoke and then put it out on the rocky ground. He came to driver’s side ioened the soor and grabbed the frog driver by the thriat and tossing him out on to the ground. Wolf turned to see the four Frogs in their head wrap caps cowering. “Well, it looks like I am off.” Wolf stepped into the driver side, his metal armor catching on a torn seat cushion. Star Wolf slammed the door and acrivated freighter, but then turned it off. He lowered the window and pointed his pistol at the miners, firing shots of red laser energy. The beams of red hit at the feet of the four frog miners; several blasts shot off caps and googles, proving Wolf’s marksmanship. The miners hopped away in terror as Wolf howled. He then started the freighter and made for the pool and his prized Wolfen.


Krystal gave a smile at Katt’s explanation of her sudden lapse of memory. Krystal stepped towards Miyu, “I am for Tropica. I miss my sunbathing on Sauria.” Krystal felt a pang again over her adopted homeworld. She wondered if Tricky was doing well as presumptive leader, and if the SharpClaw clan was keeping the truce. So much had changed, she had changed. Krystal had gone from being a loner, and subject to her own will. Now there was a hierarchy, a chain of command to follow. She did not begrudge being told by others what to do, but it was an adjustment, as was wearing tight clothing. 
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" we should do  sauria sometime ' Fay said ' Krystal keeps telling how great it is. like thorntail hollow, for instance.' When was the last time you went there, Krystal?' Katt asked. " its been a few years, or so you've told me."So thats 2 votes for tropica ' Fayu said. " one more vote for it and thats where we are going. The guys are going to fichina, or at least thats the first vacation stop."
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Wolf heard the hum of his darling Wolfen. The boosters gave off their green glow, the four x shaped wings shimmered their white and red. A diagnostic confirmed all repairs were successful. Wolf leapt in to his cockpit, activating the coms, his left eye patch rustling as he put his head piece on with its right eye lens. It felt good to be home, to have the controls that allowed him to go anywhere. “I need a vacation,” said Wolf to himself. He cycled through some planets, Fortuna, Macbeth, and even Venom his homeworld. He came to Fichina, a ice world. He had gone there to reconnect with his snow wolf roots, perhaps he ought to pay it a visit. Wolf activated the warp drive, and suddenly the Wolfen disappeared in a green haze.


Krystal stirred, the mention of her adopted world made her involunarily sigh. “It has been two years since I left Sauria. I worry about my friends. The SharpClaw army has agreed to cease hostilities, but the new ceratops goverment is fragile. At times I wonder if I should have remained to help them in the transition.” Krystal was shocked she had said so much. Usually she kept her words to a minimum, still not accustom to confiding in others. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to go on like that.” She felt akward, bearing her worries before others. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust them, it was not her way to share feelings out loud, she preferred to mediate.