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Title: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 02:51:43 PM
The rules of the 2019 award votes will be run essentially on the same rules as the last four years with those who are entitled to vote and to be voted for in the award ceremony need to have joined the GOF at least two months ago, must have posted at least a 100 times and must have been active within the last two months.

Here are the full rules:

The voting process officially opens on Saturday, September 1st. You can find the voting topic here (

Voting for the initial 5 categories will last for 1 month and will close at 23:59:59 on 30 September 2019 (forum standard time)

We understand it is a wall of text, but we would like you to at least read through the rules once before you start voting so that you won't breach any rules.


1)  All selected GOF members listed are invited to participate in the GOF Awards. These candidates have been granted participation on clearing of the following conditions:

A. Have a post count of at least 100 posts
B. Have been active on the GOF within the past 2 months as of as of 8/24/2019
C. Have been a member of the GOF for at least 2 months as of as of 8/24/2019

The list of eligible candidates for this year's awards can be found in the voting status ( topic! If your name is not on that list, you are not eligible to receive an award in this year's nominations. If you find you fulfill the three criteria listed above and still are not on the list, please contact one of the admins about it. We do our very best, but mistakes are always possible.

2)   You are to offer one (1) nomination per category highlighting the nominee's GOF username in underline and/or bold to aid with the tallying process. We strongly advise all participants to vote in every category if possible.
Understandably there may be some areas you are not too sure on if you haven't been involved directly (e.g. the RPG section) or are genuinely unable to select one candidate but we urge you try to offer a nomination if you can.

3)   If you want to be entitled to win an award, you will have to vote for at least 4 out of 5 categories. In case you did not vote in at least 4 categories, you will not receive any awards you are entitled to. The awards will instead go to the member with the second highest amount of votes. If you are not interested in winning an award, but still wish to vote in several categories, you are allowed to do so.

4) If you skip 2 votes in the first 5 categories, you are obliged to vote in the Appreciated Member award in order to win an award yourself.

- The Appreciated Member Award voting will be held after the main 5 categories have been finalized and the awards distributed, since only members who didn't win any of these 5 categories can be voted for the Appreciated Member Award. DO NOT reveal your nomination for the Appreciated Member Award alongside your votes for the initial 5 categories because it won't be counted.

5) All nominations must be accompanied with a few lines or a brief statement as to why you feel your choice deserves the award. It doesn't have to be long, but it should at least help enforce your choice so that it can be counted as valid reasoning. Feel free to express credit to those member you felt were close contenders for an award if you wish. Nominations without explanatory comments will count as a skipped vote, so make sure to include them!

6) If you do not complete all your nominations in one post, please submit the remainder of your nominations in a separate post. Please do not edit/update previous posts, since this will confuse the one keeping record of the votes. We will constantly update your votes and will not go back to check older posts once votes are cast.

7) We discourage voting for yourself in any given category for the awards. if you genuinely feel that there are no other eligible candidates who deserve a specific award then you are permitted to vote for yourself in 1 category only. Voting for yourself more than once will count as skipped votes. In case a tie in number of votes comes up, the candidate who did not vote for themselves automatically wins the award.

8) The candidate who gets most votes for an award will be permitted to add one of the drafts of the award to his or her signature. The candidate with the second most votes can choose one of the drafts of the awards after the winner has chosen his and can call himself the runner up! Runner ups must have at least one third of the votes the winner had and cannot use the same banner as the winner. Runner ups do not have to state that their award is a runner up, they can be just as proud as the actual winners.

9) In case two members get an equal amount of votes and are both entitled to either the award or a runner up award there will be a tiebreaking vote. These will be held after the main voting and before the Appreciated Member award voting. This final tiebreaker will decide who wins the award.

And lastly, we would like to remind you all that the awards are here for fun. Any activity that could be considered ruining the fun will disqualify you from the awards and might even result in a harsher action if necessary. Here is a list of what we find unacceptable: We want all of you to have as much fun as possible and we can only assure that if you help along yourself.

Thanks for reading. If there are any other questions feel free to post them below :)

- The main categories for this year's Awards are as follows -
~Fanart Award
~Feedback Award
~Friendly Member Award
~Proactive Award
~Role Play Gamer Award
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:32:30 PM
For your convenience I have provided the descriptions of what each award entails:

Proactive Member Awards:
The Proactive Member Award is meant for those members who are most active if it comes to get new stuff started at the GOF. This includes for example those who make good suggestions for new board sections which have been carried into action or to those who managed to organize activities involving several members of the GOF, but also those who started new LBT webpages or any other LBT related projects which are not quite to be included in the term fanart.

Role Play Awards:
The Role Play Gamer Award is to be voted for by the participants of the RPG sections of this board. They are to vote for the one who is contributing by writing the most interesting contributions to the RPGs. The frequency of the contributions, and the sheer devotion to RPGs are other points to be rewarded with this award.

Fanart Award:
The Fanart Award is for the member whose fanart is particularly appreciated by the members of the GOF for their style, content, and / or simply subjective taste. The fanart award is meant for the kinds of art which is made by a single artist, rather than in a group effort, and which is primarily based on the artists own work rather than a new combination of the work of others. This includes drawings, paintings and LBT figures.

Friendly Member:
The Friendly Member Award is to be issued to the member whom the majority voted for being the most friendly and easygoing in general interaction. It is meant to be a reward to those who contribute to making the GOF a hospitable place through sheer kindness, for those who make people feel welcome around here. Because of the great abundance of generally friendly attitude in the GOF, which makes a decision very difficult, the vote for this award can also be based on individual acts of kindness you experienced from members of the GOF.

The Feedback Award is meant to give credit to those who give credit to others by responding to their posts of fanart or projects. Getting reactions to fanart and projects may help artists to further improve their work and it can also be a strong motivator for the artists to create and to post their work in the first place. Both the kindness (flaming is neither helpful nor permitted nor existed in the GOF) and the helpfulness (it is easy to tell somebody that all is perfect, but it is more helping to tell artists if you see room for improvement or be precise on what exactly it is that you like about their work) of feedback as to let the artist know what the author thinks about his or her fanart are to be taken into account.

Appreciated Member:
Without the constant input and value of our members here at the GOF, we never would have lasted so long, nor would we be as active and prosperous as we are today without their contribution. There are many of you who keep the GOF going every day through your input and you deserve to be recognized for this too. Therefore the "Appreciated Member" award is to be voted upon after the decision for all other awards has been made. Only those who were not elected for any of the other awards can be nominated for the Appreciated Member Award.
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:33:45 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Proactive Member Award
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:34:20 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Roleplay Award
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:34:58 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Fanart Awards
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:35:29 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Friendly Member Award
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:36:00 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Feedback Award
Title: Re: Draft: Forum Awards 2019 Rules, List, and Drafts
Post by: rhombus on August 24, 2019, 03:36:35 PM
Here are the draft banners for the Appreciated Member Award