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Title: Blue Door Inn from Shadowlands haunted places
Post by: Daddytops2009 on May 02, 2010, 02:50:15 PM
The two Rainbowfaces they took to Blue Door Inn that laid in Massachusetts, as Fievel Mousekewitz and his family was on their summer vacation there.

As the two dinos entered the inn, was Fievel's father saying “Welcome! I want you to stay tonight, as our family are seeing strange things at night!”

Then was the male Rainbowface asking the mouse “What strange things?”

The mouse he said “Some kind of blue light, and we are the only one that saw it through our window last night!”

Later that evening was the two Rainbowfaces using a cam, who stood in their room.

Nothing happened that evening, until the dinos they got awoke by someone saying “I'm cold!”.

There was a little, blue and pale ghost like thing outside the windows, as the dinos got the thing with their cam.

Suddenly was the ghost boy screaming and shrieking loudly, and it said it was cold over and over.

The guests awoke in the inn, but the ghost went away.

That next morning, were the Rainbowfaces putting the cam recording into a PC in their room.

The female Rainbowface said “There's the ghost of the boy on the video! I wonder what happened to the boy that always said he was cold!”

As the Rainbowfaces decided to stay another night, was they using their cam again.

Late at night was the Rainbowfaces awoke, as the ghost of the boy was in their room.

The ghost said “I'm cold!” again, as the Rainbowfaces asked, but with no response.

Soon was the pale boy vanishing into a wall, and it did not come back.

After the Mousekewitz family had seen the cam recording, was Fievel saying “We had been here twice in this inn, and this ghost always came up at night!”

The male Rainbowface he said “We could not help the ghost, so we are not spending another night here!”

Later that day, was both the dinos and the mice leaving the haunted inn, but the ghost boy would not leave it.