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Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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A chapter story where each chapter has a new plot. But the overall story summary is two sibling praying mantises and their rivalry that will always bring on a sweet moment in the end. This is one of those stories I wrote for the sheer fun-ness of it, so enjoy the spazziness of my mind's creation.  :DD


Summary: 2 Mantises+ 1 Cookie= 1 Pissed off Mantis

Chapter 1

"Gimme!" The tiny mantis Hisoka yelped, hopping up and down with arms held up, trying the grab the object of interest from his older sister, Harmony. But the larger mantis showed no signs of sharing and even went a step further. Smiling playfully, she held out the cookie as if offering it to her little bro. But when he tried to snatch at it, her more experience reflexes allowed her to lift the food thing out of the youngster's reach. "Gim-"

"Oh no, little Hisoka. Baby mantises can't eat this stuff." Harmony interrupted. Hisoka stomped his front right leg and glared with his large chibi eyes.

"Why not?!" He demanded an answer. Harmony held in a laugh at her sibling's attitude before continuing her game, practically holding the object in his face.

"Because it's too much to handle. So good and delicious and tasty a-"

"MINE!!!!" Hisoka lunged for it, but Sister Mantis saw it coming and once more jerked the cookie away, laughing and about to take a mocking bite out of the treat. The toddler insect's eyes widened. "NO!!!" He lunged again and climbed onto his sister.

"Get off, pipsqueak!" Harmony yelled playfully, thrashing half-heartedly. This was all still fun and games for her. It's awesome being the oldest, you get to constantly remind your siblings that you're the one in charge. And she's female, so she'll be larger than all her brothers throughout their lives, something she's bound never to let them forget.

"I'm no pipsqueak!" Hisoka...well....squeaked, trying his best to grab that cookie! He's never had one before and he so wanted to try it! He so wanted to HAVE IT!!! Plus, Harmony had it and whatever she has, he tries to steal and vice versa. Harmony is just a heck of a lot better at stealing his things than he was with hers. Again, that older sister superiority... She kept laughing even as her brother managed to take the cookie because he was so small compared to her that she could easily hold him up too. Hisoka clung stubbornly to the food, trying to yank it out of his sister's grip without any success. "I want it!" He shot.

"You can't have it!" Harmony shot back in a more amused tone. She lifted the cookie (and her brother's dangling form) up and down, over and over. A thoughtful look came to her. "You're so light for a nymph. You need to eat more..."

"I will if you gimme!!" Hisoka persisted, still clinging on to the cookie like his life depended on it. With such a stubborn grip, he'll make a great predator someday. Though, at the moment, Harmony will never admit that! Or admit the fact that, out of their hundreds of siblings, Hisoka was her favorite.....Well, maybe she'll admit it if one adds the three words 'to pick on' after 'favorite'.

"I'll give it to you if you say the magic word." Hisoka was quick to respond.

"No!" The dreaded magic word; he'd shudder in horror if he wasn't busy attempting to steal the cookie, 'attempting' being the key word. Harmony smiled.

"You sure? 'Cause it's soooo good and tasty beyond bel-"

Hisoka couldn't take it anymore. "Please!" Harmony wasn't done yet. Oh no, the torture had one more classic step to go.

"Please what.....?" Hisoka glared cutely at her and she just kept that triumphant smile. Her victory was sure. Finally, after five minutes of that staring contest, Hisoka fidgetted and muttered incoherently. Harmony's smile widened and she said in a sing-song voice. "I can't hear you."

"PLEASE GIMME!!!" Hisoka screeched. Harmony shrugged.

"Okay." Letting go of the cookie, she watched as Hisoka scurried off under a mushroom nearby with his prize and took his first bite......

"BLEH!!!....Ewwwww...." Harmony laughed as Hisoka threw the cookie away in disgust. Mantises don't really like cookies, she knew that all along...But Hisoka didn't. Ahhhhh, her prank for the day ended in success. Victory, unlike the cookie, tasted so sweet.

Still giggling, she turned to walk away. "Now you know next time, pipsqueak. Never mess with...." She trailed off when she heard sniffling and she turned her head to find her little brother sitting there silently, crying his eyes out with accompanying hiccups. Okay....She can be a mean sister with the teasing and pranks and all, but she's not completely heartless. She did have sympathy for her siblings on occasion and this was one of those occasions....Sighing, she wandered over, knowing just what will cheer him up.....

A few minutes later, brother and sister were sitting side by side under the mushroom, happily sharing and nibbling on a tastier cookie: .....A large cockroach......


Big Sibling Moral: It's good to harass your little brother/sister! Makes those cute, bonding moments even sweeter!

Little Sibling Moral: Don't be in a hurry, you might not like what you get; sit and wait (and shed a few tears) for the yummies to come to you via your big sister/brother!

Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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This was a sweet chapter, literally and figuratively. ^^

I love the last part of the chapter,
A few minutes later, brother and sister were sitting side by side under the mushroom, happily sharing and nibbling on a tastier cookie: .....A large cockroach......

Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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This story was made for the cuteness of it and I'm so glad that you thought it was sweet, and a bit funny too! My work is complete.........until tonight when I put another chapter.....then my work will be a bit more complete *dramatically puts on sunglasses* :lol:

Thank you for reading and commenting!! *hugs*
Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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*gasp* Oh no! Not the sunglasses! :lol

I thought the chapter was sweet. I love how Harmony loves her brother, even though she won't admit it. Nice job!

Heh, cockroaches....
Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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Yes, fear the sunglasses! *cue my menacing evil laughter of dooooooooooom which follows!!!* Fwee-fwee-fwee-fwee-fweeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Here's the next chapter!!


Summary: Baby Mantises+ Scary Stories= .......I dunno; I can't do math!!  :p

Chapter 2

"....And they never knew what happened." Harmony finished up her first story. Around her, she had the attention of her little siblings, multiple chibi eyes on her. One of her baby sisters raised a claw. The larger mantis smiled. "Yes?"

"So what happened?" She asked. Harmony gave a playful scoff.

"I said they never knew, didn't I? It's the end of that story." She told them, much to their disappointment. They wanted more. Hisoka spoke, not bothering to raise a claw like his other sibling.

"Tell us another one! A scarier one!" He demanded. The other youngsters nodded fervently in agreement. They weren't the least bit tired, despite the late hour. Harmony wanted them to sleep; that's why she was telling them these stories, in the hopes that one of them might make a good bedtime fairy tale. Apparently, it was not working.....She sighed.

"Alright, just one more story, and that's it okay?" She told them. Although they clearly did not like that, they nodded and Harmony cleared her throat and thought for a moment. She didn't have a new scary story for them; she used them all on other nights....She'll have to make one up on the top of her head, although it would help if one of her baby brothers wasn't sitting on the top of her head. This shouldn't be too hard.... "Okay, it was early evening, in a forest called....." She looked around for a moment. "Leaf Utopia......" Stupid, but it'll have to do. "And in Leaf Utopia, there live a mantis."

"Is the mantis a boy or girl?" One of her sisters asked. Harmony paused.

"A boy. And his na-" Harmony was interrupted by the baby on her head, leaning down to her face.

"What's his name?" He asked. Harmony smiled at this, only a little annoyed since she was just about to cover that subject. She looked around again.

"His name was....." Her gaze stopped on Hisoka. "Pipsqueak Hisokie."

"Hey!" Her favorite brother exclaimed, knowing full well where she got that name from. He crossed his arms and pouted, wondering if he was going to like this story or not. Probably not. After all, it was Harmony telling it...No doubt she'll make up something stupid....

Harmony laughed softly and continued. "Pipsqueak Hisokie was the most annoying mantis in the whole forest," -She smiled at Hisoka's protest- "but he was also one of the bravest...for a nymph." Can't flatter him completely; what kind of sister would that make her? "So to prove how brave he was, he wanted to go into the dark center of Leaf Utopia. The other mantises and other bugs told him not to, since any who enter is never seen again. He didn't listen. His wise, intelligent, good-looking kickbutt older sister named Harmonious told him not to either." -Enter eye-roll from Hisoka- "But did he listen?"

The nymphs looked at each other and shook their heads in union.

"Of course not, 'cause he's a hard head. Anyway, he told everyone that he'll be back the next morning and not to worry about him as he went right into the dark center. And you wanna know what happened to him?"

"Yeah!" They all said, excluding Hisoka, who was grumbling. Most of them had no idea Harmony was just making this up as she went along and thought this was all a true story. They can learn something important from this...

"Well, he was wandering about. So far, nothing was scaring to him. Pipsqueak Hisokie laughed to himself, thinking how stupid everyone must be if they believed there's something wrong with this place. I mean, sure it was near pitched black and the weak moonlight made the bare branches look like a giant spider's claws and the giant thorns were as sharp as a wasp's stinger, but those were nothing to be afraid of."

With her description, she was getting more intent attention from the youngsters. This must mean she was getting good and she was determined to get better, give them a story they'll never forget...She knew just the method with an audience this young.

"So he went further in and spotted a glistening web; he couldn't resist getting closer. The web was abandoned, so there was nothing to fear from a resident spider. Close enough, he examined the shining thread and beautiful designs when suddenly he felt a push from behind so strong that he stumbled into the web. Looking behind himself, he saw nobody. He looked all around, still nobody. But he was sure he felt a push. He wasn't going to let terror take over his mind though. Had to be a rational explanation. Maybe it was a camouflaged insect nudging past him or a tiger beetle going by, since they move so fast, you can't see them till they stop. Untangling himself, he shook off and went on his way, forgetting about that accident."

She paused to see if she still had her siblings attention. Yup, definitely. Even Hisoka put aside criticizing of this insulting story to pay very close attention. Good....

"Next, Pipsqueak Hisokie felt thirsty, as he hasn't drunken anything all day. Who knows, maybe he'll find a treat at the puddle as well, like a mosquito larva or something. Anywho, he bent down to drink and felt cold air blowing past his antennae. He paused to look around. Nobody. 'Must have been the wind', he thought, though he found it strange that the rest of his body didn't feel it. But when he bent to drink again, he saw a strange reflection in the water, showing a figure behind him. He turned around and......"

"Nobody was there?" Hisoka asked curiously, but somewhat uneasily. After all, the character was basically him....Harmony smiled, deciding that now was her perfect chance to get a little detailed with the gore.

"Nope. It was the ugliest looking mantis he'd ever seen, all mangled and torn. Heck, it was like its shell has been skinned from its body. It was missing an eye, so there was nothing but an empty bleeding socket. You can see its mush of organs in its abdomen and the whole body was quivering and red and dripping blood..." -At this rate, the little ones were getting frightened, whimpering and huddling together. But their attention never faltered- "The creature lifted its arms high, every movement jerky with a spray of fluids. Pipsqueak Hisokie was so started and terrorized that he fell backwards into the water, but when he opened his eyes again...The creature was gone without a trace.

Breaths heavy, he looked about trying to calm himself down and think through this. 'It must have been my imagination,' he thought. 'Must be seeing things'. Even though this has never happened to him before. Trying hard and still shivering like a frightened cricket, he decided that he's not so thirsty after all. Standing he felt the water was strangely warm and somewhat sticky and thickish...When he looked, it wasn't water anymore. It was pure blood. You can guess that he dashed out of there very quickly.

He wanted to go back home, only to find that he was lost. He has to spend the rest of the night in this horrifying place. So, he tried to busy himself with finding a place to sleep, only...."

"O-Only.....what?" One of her sisters asked shakily. Harmony smirked and continued.

"Only he wasn't alone. The creature was back and this time, it won't be going away. Back home, Harmonious heard a screech from inside the dark center. It was Pipsqueak Hisokie. Needing a rescue, she got a firefly to light the way and the strongest bugs she can find and together they went into the dark center to search..."

"Did they find me?" Hisoka asked, hugging a leaf that served as a blanket. Harmony was inwardly amused that he would say 'me' instead of 'him'. He must really be getting into this story.

"Oh, they found him alright....But let's just say that you had to be good at jigsaw puzzles if you wanted to see all of him. There were only pieces, each with its shell skinned off. Knowing it was too late, everyone was forced to go back home. All the local bugs say that the creature had killed him and used his shell for itself like the humans wear those bunches of colorful spider webs. Pipsqueak Hisokie would've been fine if he just listened to his big sister. Take a lesson from this and always listen to what I tell you. Is that clear?"

The babies nodded, whimpering and tearful, especially Hisoka.

"Alright, now time to sleep..."

Normally, mantises slept alone, but this night, Harmony found herself covered in terrified youngsters finding comfort in her presence. Especially Hisoka, who clung to her tight and snuggled all through the night. His big sister didn't mind at all......


Big Sibling Moral: If you wanna tell scary stories, be prepared to have a few layers of living blankets.

Little Sibling Moral: Big sisters/brothers make good pillows!

Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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AHHH!!!! More math!

I found an error here.

Had to be a rational explanation.

There had to be a rational explanation?

Good chapter. I like the morals.  Nice one. ;)

Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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Math is evulz!!!!  :lol:

There had to be a rational explanation?

Nah, that's just the way Harmony speaks. A lot of my characters don't say 'extra' words, because that's how I speak myself. :DD

Here be another chapter of awesomeness!!!


Summary: Chapter Summary: Brother Hating Boyfriend+Boyfriend Hating Brother= Uh oh....

Chapter 3

"Move it, maggot." The large Flower Mantis, Miguel, said in a hostile tone, pushing little Hisoka aside so he can get by on his search for Harmony. The baby mantis got up and hissed at him defiantly as Miguel turned to glare at this little bugger who would barely pass as a snack. "Watch it, worm. Or else."

Hisoka wasn't fazed and stuck his little tongue out at the much larger insect. He never liked the fact that his older sister was dating this guy. Not only was he a total jerk when she's not around, but Hisoka could so tell that the other male wasn't really into his sibling. As far as the baby mantis knew, it was his job to protect Harmony, no matter how much she tortured him. "Get away from my sister or I'll-"

"You'll what, half-pint? Nibble on my foot?"

Hisoka huffed, but did just that....except it was biting, not nibbling. He showed no restraint as he sank his small but sharp teeth into Miguel's leg and the older mantis jumped a bit, kicking the little one off. The young bug squeaked at the kick, but got up and flared his tiny little wings in a threat. Miguel was about to strike the little guy when a voice came up.

"Hey, what's going on here?" It was Harmony, and she stepped out from the grass, a smile telling the other two that she didn't know of the confrontation. Miguel was quick to take advantage of it and faked a convincing grin.

"Nothing. Just spending some time with your precious little brother." He reached down to tiny Hisoka and petted the little guy's head. The young mantis snapped at the hand and crossed his little arms, glaring at Miguel hatefully.

"No. He called me names and then ki-" He was interrupted by the Flower Mantis, who laughed loudly with a subtle nervous tone as Harmony tilted her head at her brother's words.

"He's just playing. You know little kids, they just love making up stories." He covered and Hisoka scoffed.

"No, I'm no-"

"Okay! Let's go, sweetie. The lake calls." Miguel exclaimed hurriedly, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder and leading her away towards the nearby body of water. Harmony looked a bit confused at first with her boyfriend's rushed exit, but gave a soft shrug.

"Alright." She looked back at her little kin. "Behave yourself, baby brother. I'll give you a treat later if you do."

Hisoka nodded softly with a pout as his sister was led into the grass, Miguel pausing behind for a second to smirk triumphantly at the nymph before following Harmony. The insect child growled a chibi growl, antennae low. He had to show his sister who this guy really is, but how was he going to do that? Miguel was Harmony's first boyfriend and the female was practically blind to his evilness. That has got to end and it's gotta end now, before it gets worse! He shuddered at the thought of having Miguel as a brother-in-Law......That's not a pretty picture in his little mind.

His antennae perked as he was struck with an idea....


"Where are we, pest?" Miguel growled at Hisoka, the baby mantis having led him up the side of the nearby human's house to a window ledge. The youngster hoped his adversary didn't know what this place was. It was Harmony's thinking spot and she went here often when she wanted some quiet time. Hisoka knew her schedule like the back of his claw and his sister should be arriving any minute now. Hopefully, she'll come at the right moment.

Hisoka turned to Miguel and made his adorable chibi growl that was supposed to be menacing. "This is our battle place. And I'm gonna kick your booty!"

Miguel laughed and glowered down at the munchkin mantis. "You can't be serious, aphid." He turned, seemingly about to go, and Hisoka's eyes widened a bit. That wasn't part of the plan! He scurried in front of the larger bug and flared his wings.

"No, I'm serious." Time for the bait..... "I win, you leave my sister alone. You win, I leave you alone. Capiche?" That was the first ever sign of his future accent......But on to the point! Miguel chuckled, but considered it. Finally getting peace from this pipsqueak in such an easy way as to beat him? No problem. He rose his spiked arms and made the first move, lunging half-heartedly as he didn't think his opponent would require that much effort to be subdued.

Hisoka squeaked as he was hit, leaving a few gashes on his little body, but he wasn't gonna give up and held on to his enemy's arm in his own little forelegs. Miguel frowned and shook his limb, rather surprised that this little guy had such a stubborn grip. Doesn't matter. He opened his jaws to bite the bugger, who quickly jolted out of the way so the Flower Mantis would end up biting his own arm. The larger insect cried out in surprised pain and was momentarily distracted. Hisoka needed no more and hastily climbed up the other mantis to the head and yanked his opponent's antennae.

Miguel yelled in more startled pain as the sensitive appendages were pulled back with amazing force. He took a few steps back, trying to grab at the little menace. But something went wrong. He took one step too far and stumbled off the side of the ledge. Hisoka was quick to jump off, his smaller size allowing him to nimbly, despite his injuries, land back on the ledge. With eyes wide in horror, he looked back down and winced at a 'thud'.

That was definitely not according to plan.......

"Miguel!" Uh oh, Sister Alert....He ducked and scurried off the ledge, climbing down while remaining out of sight.


"Miguel!" Harmony rushed to her boyfriend, who she just witnessed making his crash landing. She hurried to the other mantis' side and was quick to check if he was still alive. Yes! He was! Thank goodness....She shook the male insect softly, hoping to rouse him from his unconscious state, wondering all the while how this came to be. After a long moment, Miguel opened his eyes with a groan and sat up, rubbing his head. Harmony looked over him with lowered antennae and a worried expression. "Miguel, you alright? What happened?"

Miguel looked at her for a second before baring his teeth, standing hastily. "Get away from me, woman! You're definitely not worth it!"

Harmony's eyes widened. Was he in some state of shock and blathering nonsense, or was he truly serious? "What....?"

"Everything about you....drives me crazy! Your pesky brother is a maniac and you....All YOU do is girl stuff like talk, talk, TALK! Especially about FEELINGS!!! Guess what, I don't give a crap about your 'feelings', okay? You're just a prize that sure as hell wasn't worth it in the end. I'm through with it, and I'm through with you and your crazy psychopath brother!" He stormed off with a limp, grumbling angrily to himself.

Harmony stood there, feeling tears burn her eyes, hoping he would change his mind and return to her. What happened with him? She was sure they were happy together. They laughed and joked and kissed. Why was this happening? What did she do? After a while, something told her that she wasn't gonna get an answer and she slumped and hung her head, walking off with her long antennae dragging on the ground in pure and aching sadness....

Few hours later.....

Harmony was laying under a mushroom, the same mushroom where she shared that cockroach with her brother. She sighed, ground long soaked with her tears and only drying now because she ran out of tears to cry. She stared into blank space instead, not even a whimper coming from her. Her head laying on her arms, she didn't even acknowledge the rustling of the vegetation nearby. Out stepped a baby mantis who she didn't bother trying to recognize right now. The toddler waddled up to her with a squeak and stopped in front of her.

Again, she made no acknowledgement. It gently poked her. Nothing. It nudged her with its snout. Still nothing.

The baby climbed all over her, trying to get her attention. It was talking in a vaguely familiar voice, but her mind didn't want to understand the words spoken to her. She just wanted to sleep and hopefully, when she awoke, she won't feel pain of heartbreak anymore......


Waking up, she found that it was night and she felt something nestled against her side. Finally, she sighed and turned her head to see her visitor. It was a sleeping Hisoka, and he was curled tight by her, sucking his little claws. But he started waking up with her movements and he yawned, rubbing his chibi eyes and looking at her.

"Hey......You feeling better?" He asked sleepily. She sighed, her antennae still lying limp on the ground.

"No.....Miguel dumped me. I....." She sighed again. "I don't even know why..." She could feel her tears starting to return and she held them back, not wanting to appear weak to her baby brother. But Hisoka knew what was up in her head and he stood, giving a very rare nuzzle.

"You don't need him. He wasn't very nice......" Hisoka employed what was supposed to be the original plan and showed her the wounds Miguel gave him. Seeing her baby brother injured, Harmony was quick to sit up and she held him gently in her arms. It was exactly the kind of reaction the baby mantis was hoping for and he allowed himself to be cradled.

"HE did this to you, baby brother?" She asked, licking her sibling's injuries so they won't get infected. Hisoka nodded and then told her about all the other mean things Miguel did to him ever since they first met.

"....And then, earlier....He kicked me after calling me mean names. I don't like him, Sis....I never liked him....But you wouldn't see his badness...I don't even think he liked you." He finished, leaving out his whole plot against Miguel. Who knows what saying something like that would bring?

Harmony thought about this for a moment. All this time, her boyfriend has been abusing her little brother and she never noticed? She thought of the time she spent with Miguel, really thought about it. Now that she did, she could see all the signs of disinterest he had in her, like all he wanted was somebody there to make him feel good or superior. Well, he'll have what's coming to him and she'll show him who's superior in this situation. She didn't need him for her happiness anymore. Looking down at Hisoka, she smiled a bit.

"I don't think he liked me either. But hey, you behaved when I told you to and, like I promised, I'm gonna give you a special treat." she told him. Hisoka's antennae perked eagerly and he rode on her back as she went out to search for the special treat.....


Later in the night, under the full starry sky and a full moon, Harmony and Hisoka sat on the window's ledge, the human's ever-shifting, multicolored light inside making Harmony's thinking spot glow like it was under the Northern Lights of the Arctic. And although the two mantises didn't talk to each other very much, the bonding can be built on silence. But Hisoka did break it for a second with one statement:

"Tomorrow, I'm going to go back to torturing you, Sis." He had to say that, not wanting bonding-moments get in the way of their true relationship of bullying and sibling rivalry. After all, that's what made things like this so special. Harmony smiled and laughed.

"Same here, baby brother. Same here....."

Then they went back to silence.............With only the satisfying sound of munching from their Flower Mantis treat........


A Big Sibling Moral: Revenge is sweet, especially if you have a sweet little sibling to share it with.....

A Little Sibling Moral: Eating your older sister/brother's evil Boy/Girlfriend is soooooooo satifying.....

Title: Big Sister, Little Brother
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Hey hey hey! What be up?

I liked the chapter. Haha! Migeul got what was coming. *evil smile* :DD.