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LBT Fanfiction / Re: A Step too far
« on: July 01, 2020, 01:37:03 PM »
They had heard his words, carried in their direction by the wind. Grandma came to a sudden stop and then turned around to leave once more. She walked just a touch too fast to hide that she was fleeing the scene. Grandpa watched her go even as the rest gathered around his son.

"Ater, is this necessary?" He demanded when he joined the group. "It'll only worsen things."

"And this silence is not?" The younger male counter-asked, his visage softening. "There is so much hate here, father. It hurts me to see mother like this. This is not her."

"Her hate will not lessen with more knowing." It was Tria's grandfather that spoke up. "We both know my sins, Longneck. She will not forgive."

"Perhaps not." Ater sighed softly. "But she might be more bearable."

The Longneck looked at the old Threehorn then, studying him with a gaze of grief and anger. Grandpa too looked at him. "Did you ever regret it?"

"Every day." Came the answer. "There was not a day that I regretted what had happened, not a day where I wished I could have changed it all."

"Tell them if you wish." Grandpa murmured. "But I have a wife to console."

"What happened?" It was Cera that asked the inevitable question for the umpteenth time.

"I cost them their first nest." The old male whispered. "I killed their first-born save for Ater here."

"What?" Tria whispered. "How?"

"Cowardice at the wrong moment." Her grandfather whispered. "It happened when I was still young, barely an adult. The land was still green back then."

He sighed softly. "The herd I belonged to had taken a rest near a fast water. So had theirs." He nodded in the general direction of the elder Longneck.

"There was a lower section at the water's edge." Grandpa mused as he remembered that time. "It was sheltered with thorny bushes and steep sides. It was unlikely that Sharpteeth would be able to get down it or try to cross the water."

"Both herds let their children play there." The old Threehorn added. "It was safe for them. Then came a day when I strayed from my herd. I was attacked by a pack of Fast Biters. In a blind panic I fled: there were simply too many for me to take on. I intended to get to the herd, have their numbers offer me protection."

He fell silent briefly. "I went the wrong way. In my panic, they had managed to cut me off. So I took a second option: the river. It was such a wild one, I knew they would not be able to cross it after me. I was not even certain I could cross it, for that matter. But anything was better than to be eaten. Or so I thought. But the edges near where we were, were steep and high, save for that one spot where we let the children play."

He turned his blind face to Grandpa. "I thought none would be there, I hoped it. I barrelled straight through it and managed to cross the river. It was only when I reached the other side I realized something: there had been children."

He shuddered. "They were trapped with the Fast Biters. Having lost me, they attacked the next best thing: the hatchlings they found. The youngsters screamed for help, but I was frozen in fear and horror."

"But Grandma did hear." Grandpa whispered. "She told me she heard the children cry for help and rushed there."

"I saw her. She was quick…" His remaining eye pressed closed. "She could do nothing. She was too big to fit down into the lowered part. She could only watch helplessly as the Sharpteeth killed them all… and then she noticed me. I will never forget her eyes when she realized I had been there the entire time, in fact had been the reason that sanctuary had turned into a dead-trap and had done nothing."

He turned his blind eyes to Ater. "Only one child managed to by-pass the Sharpteeth and reach safety, though badly wounded. The others were slaughtered."

Ater nodded sadly while looking at his many scars. "Mother was devastated. Three complete clutches, reduced to one survivor barely clinging to his life. She feared I would succumb to my wounds, but despite that she left me with her sister. Only later did I realize she had gone to kill the ones responsible. Including the Threehorn that had caused the tragedy."

"Yes…" He lifted his front-leg, resting it briefly against the horrible wound on the side of his face. "I barely escaped her and for weeks, I was followed by a pack of Fast Biters who were just waiting for me to succumb to my wounds. But I survived. By then I was completely lost. I joined another herd, but never saw my own family again…"

"It took her Cold Times before she dared try have another nest." Grandpa looked away, towards where his wife was standing. "For a long time, she was hostile against any Threehorn we encountered. For many changes of the Night Circle, I feared I would lose her to grief."

"You weren't there when it happened?" Littlefoot hesitantly asked his grandfather.

"No." He shook his head. "The route we used to take back then got treacherous shortly after the stop at that Fast Water. We always send a couple of males ahead to check its' safety. I had been one of the males send out that year. I only found out what had happened when I returned several days later."

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
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Chapter 3

Tria gasped at that, rushing over to the children herself. Ducky’s mother quickly made way for the horned dinosaur, her face being a touch too close to stabbing-height of a mother who had different priorities to aiming now.
“Why would you do that?” Grandma Longneck demanded sharply as Chomper’s mother readjusted herself, clearly intending to stay in an attack-ready position.
“Give me one good reason why I ought to let her keep it!” The dark-grey male countered angrily, having shaken off the discomfort of Littlefoot near-blinding him. “You are back, there’s no need for it.”
“I thought you objected to causing death.” Pterano landed on the female Longneck. “These stones can’t just be removed like that.”
“Which is why I tried to stop you!” Littlefoot called out, even as his grandmother headed over to him more calmly than Tria had. The older Longneck reached down, pressing her head against her grandchild’s to calm him down.
The tall Sharptooth towered over them all, red eyes narrowed. “Perhaps we should have taken the offer to remove these for the children before resettling here...”
“Hindsight is usually annoying.” The male flyer looked down on the children in question. “We should do some explaining however, Grandma. What would have happened had Littlefoot not had his own abilities to slow him down?”
“It certainly seems so.”
“Dear?” Grandpa looked between the Sharptooth and his wife, feeling somewhat confused as to how exactly they understood each other. After all, they had not been alone together for that long.
“Let’s move this to the stone circle.” Mrs. Swimmer gently lifted Tricia on her mother’s snout. “This will be a long story, depending on how elaborate we’re going to make it.” She led her son away from the scene, her family following hesitantly.
Old Threehorn almost looked like he would refuse, but the fact that his family did follow her meant he had little choice.
“I wonder if we’d ever have a calm Cold Time?” Littlefoot couldn’t help asking when his grandmother lifted him onto her back as Pterano flew up to make space for the youngster.
“Never.” Grandpa chuckled softly, walking between the two elder females. “I only hope that this will all be worth the trouble.”
“We’ll see about that.” His mate muttered, eyes narrowed a touch as she looked at the dark-grey form ahead of them. “At least we’re all back again?”
The talking took the better part of the rest of the day, old Threehorn being as accepting and accommodating as usual. Tellingly, Tria was surprisingly quiet as that all went down.
“Out of curiosity, are things alright?” Tyra had semi-ambushed the pink female.
“He tried to tear out his daughter’s stone… of course they are not.” Tria looked up at the light-green female standing nearby.
“Threehorn, I might not be the most social dinosaur, simply because Sharpteeth are not social, but even I can tell it’s more than that.”
Chomper’s mother snarled. “Don’t make me get Hadria or the old Longneck.”
“Things are not that bad, I assure you.” The Threehorn settled down on the grassy hill. Confirming the other’s suspicions, the rest of the family was nowhere near. For the time-being, Tricia would stay away from her father until he calmed down about things. Cera had promptly declared she’d stay with her sister. Tria meanwhile had almost retreated to her mud-pools, staying with neither of them.
“Pull the other one, please.” Tyra’s eyes narrowed. “If there’s one thing I am good at, it’s catching fear and all those other emotions that would make for good prey-targets. You are afraid of your mate, Tria and I’m pretty certain it wasn’t just because he nearly killed your daughter. Why?”
“You are not going to leave until I talk to you, are you?” Blue eyes met blood-red.
“Of course. You lot do so appreciate talking. I was in the circle as well, even if I didn’t understand half of it myself.”
The Sharptooth settled down beside her, shifting a bit to get comfortable on the hilly bit of the grassy field. “Talk to me, Threehorn. I will get one of the others if you won’t. Or worse, my husband will come over demanding I get back to him.”
“He’s just being himself.” Tria mused. “Which everyone can tell you means he’s distrustful of anything strange and which he is simply unused to. Heavily traditionalist and stubborn.” She looked up into a nearby tree, where Pterano had been sitting ever since the Sharptooth had come upon her. It was a given that he’d probably inform the Longnecks the moment talks here ended. She had felt their gazes on her during the entire debacle at the Stone Circle… “Which means this entire thing is beyond what he knows how to deal with. He is distrustful of me… of all of us, I guess, but me in particular.”
“Which is why he wanted to bring your daughter back to her… original state?”
The other female supplied.
“Yes. He… doubts we are who we were before this entire mess.” Tria sighed in defeat. “It’s… painful to have him state that to my face. I’m just happy the girls had fallen asleep before that went down.”
“He has serious issues, I swear.” Pterano’s voice floated over, carried on a gentle breeze. Tria seemed not to hear, though he could tell that Tyra with her predatory hearing had caught it.

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It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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It's Party Time! / Re: LBT Hangman
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It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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EYYY, that's the thing :3

Your turn :)

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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Then NO.  :yum Close tho  :bestsharptooth

T H E / A _ O _ I N A T I O N / _ A U L T

correct: E, A, T, I, H, N, O, L, U
incorrect: R, The Abomination Fault,

guesses left: 8

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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The Abomintation Fault?

Errrr... did you typo? Cause I am unsure :C

LBT Fanfiction / Re: A Step too far
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The dark-coloured Longneck staid in the Valley, wishing to reside with his parents for however long it took his fancy. None could stop him, despite everyone knowing that it would only grow worse for Tria's grandfather the longer all three staid near him.

He took to brief and sneaky visits to the watering holes well away from where the Longneck-family had their main spots of presence. Despite this, they did run into one another soon enough.

Luckily for all involved, Grandma had regained her equilibrium and despite glaring at him at intensities rarely matched, she held back from attacking. It was then that the Valley saw exactly how close the two elder Longnecks were: her calm demeanour reflected in her mate, just as her fury had done during their first meeting.

None were with them. None saw what happened at that small pond in the very outer corner of the Valley. But they heard it, and they did so well. Her voice echoed among the stone walls that protected their sanctuary, accusing him of cowardice and malevolence.

Those that were close enough heard him defend himself... against the accusation of malevolence. He did not deny the cowardice.

The voice of her son sharply cut through his excuses, repeating the accusations and adding some more of his own: murder.

To the horror of the listeners, the old Threehorn did not defend himself, falling silent as the younger Longneck confronted him.

Word of that reached the Threehorn-herd soon thereafter. Murderer, Littlefoot's uncle had called Tria's grandfather, coward, Grandma had screamed at him. Neither had been denied.

"That can't be true." Tria breathed, looking at her father with wide eyes. "He wouldn't..."

"I sincerely hope he wouldn't." The older male murmured, but there was fear in his eyes. His father had not denied the accusations. Why had he not done that?

Even Pterano had not been called a 'murderer' for all that he had done...


It was equal parts bravery and foolishness, he thought as he regarded the young Longneck that confronted him. His nephew, only child of all his siblings glared at him. He demanded answers all refused to give, all for the sake of a friend.

Why should he care for a Threehorn? Because this youngster did.

"Very well, I shall tell you." He answered, eyes lidded. The black male walked away into the direction he knew the Threehorns were. His tail lazily swung from side to side.

He was like an omen of death, his scars reminders of something terrible.

The Threehorns looked at him in surprise when he appeared, youngster in tow. "His mother was a dear sister of mine, for her sake I answered his request. You wish to know what happened? Very well, so be it."

He towered over them, blocking the Bright Circle of touching them with her light.

Appearing in the distance, from opposite sides came the other three, drawn here by this weird meeting.

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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T H E / A _ O _ I N A T I O N / _ A U L T

correct: E, A, T, I, H, N, O, L, U
incorrect: R

guesses left: 9

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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T H E / A _ O _ I N A T I O N / _ A _ _ T

correct: E, A, T, I, H, N, O

guesses left: 9

It's Party Time! / Re: Word Association
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It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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T H E / A _ _ _ I N A T I _ N / _ A _ _ T

correct: E, A, T, I, H, N
incorrect: -

guesses left: 10

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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T _ E / A _ _ _ _ _ A T _ _ _ / _ A _ _ T

correct: E, A, T
incorrect: -

guesses left: 10

LBT Fanfiction / Re: A Step too far
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A stranger came to the Valley a few days afterwards. It was a lone black Longneck – similar in shade to Cera's father – with a pale grey underside in a pattern strangely reminiscent of Grandma Longneck's and scars littering his body. When the children met him shortly after he had entered, they thought he had been attacked recently.

He assured them his scars were old, begotten in a time where he had been even younger than they had been. They marvelled at that, but refrained from asking: several of them looked like Sharpteeth tooth-marks and similar wounds.

"Oh, I have been a loner for a long time." He told them at their question. "Herds are not for me."

"Then... why did you come here?" Cera asked, eyes narrowed lightly. Something seemed off about him. He had reacted worse to her than he had to Chomper and he was the Sharptooth here! Thankfully he had mellowed quickly, though there was still a hateful glint in his eye whenever he looked her way.

"To rest from travelling everywhere on my own. And I heard rumours I wanted to investigate." He answered, looking over the valley. "Though this place is marvellous enough to warrant a visit all of itself."

They agreed whole-heartedly with that. In the distance a cluster of Longnecks could be seen. Bron was also there and he seemed to be in deep discussion with the other two.

To say that seeing them came as a shock to the stranger was an understatement.

They likewise froze when noticing him.

"Well, finally showing your face again?" Grandpa finally broke the silence. "And why do I feel like you got some more scars since last time?"

"Is it my fault Sharpteeth find me irresistible for some reason?" The stranger countered. "Also, really? Is that how you greet me?"

"Yes." Grandpa rolled her eyes. "I am certain it is a better greeting than you gave your nephew."

He gestured to Littlefoot with his head.

He squeaked in answer as the black longneck turned to him with more interest... and a look that was heavy with many, many emotions.


He was their eldest, Littlefoot soon learned. A hatchling from their first nest, though the mention seemed to hurt them. His grandmother was quiet while they were together and all too soon they took him aside.

The black male – named Ater – seemed far colder towards Cera afterwards, his eyes now burning with... hate? They realized that whatever problem Littlefoot's grandparents had with Tria's grandfather, it also applied to his uncle. Even when his father could not tell them what was going on.

The next day Cera told her friends that Tria's grandfather had nearly gotten a heart-attack when she told her family that Ater had arrived. It seemed like he knew that the son had as big a problem with him as the parents before being told.

Once more Littlefoot tried to find out what had happened, but none were willing to give an answer.

As all this was going down Cera had to 'enjoy' the endless arguments of her family wherein the old Threehorn insisted they just let him leave the Valley and the rest was vehemently against it. She was less than thrilled with those going on and on forever even well into the night.

The Valley grew tense, with three Longnecks after him, the old Threehorn disappeared almost completely from the main grounds. But he could not hide forever.

It's Party Time! / Re: Hangman
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_ _ E / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

correct: E
incorrect: -

guesses left: 10

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