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It's Party Time! / Re: Alphabet Game
« Last post by Anagnos on Today at 04:26:09 AM »
Saurus Rock: Member Hall of Fame / Re: Award Voting 2020
« Last post by Anagnos on Today at 04:22:59 AM »
Fanart Award:

Flathead770. We appreciate all the artists in the forum, but Flathead has always done exceptional work in his drawings and he is one of the most memorable, which is why I have to stick with Flathead this year. I’m really hoping to see more great stuff from everyone in the years to come!

Friendly Member Award:

OwlsCantRead. Our resident owl has been very helpful to especially newcomers, but also older members. My vote for him is mostly because of the personal discussions we’ve had throughout the year. He has helped me evolve as a person, and I can always count on him to say the right words. The fact that he disregards his own emotions just to lend a helping hand to another speaks volumes about his personality. He has more than earned my vote this year.

Feedback Award:

Rhombus. The main reason I’m voting for Rhombus this year, is that his dedication to reviews has been top-notch. He always goes into detail about the work that goes into making a fictional world come alive in more ways than one. If there’s anything to get better at, he will always speak his mind but remain respectful. I can’t also be the only one to notice that there have been days when he’s done more than one review. If that’s not pure dedication, then I don’t know what is.

Helpful Member Award:

This was one of the more difficult awards for me this year, but I believe she is one of the best candidates for this. I’m sure we all appreciate her alacrity to help out people in their time of need, both in regards to forum and in real life problems. You can always rely on her to answers any questions or listen to any concerns you might have.

LBT Discussion Award:

The Lone Dragon. If there’s one character that TLD loves to chat about, it is Ducky. However, his interest isn’t solely focused on the fan favorite. While most of the conversations he has with other members about the characters are already over by the time I come online, I love to read all of the messages dedicated to character discussions.

Proactive Member Award:

Vojeds. I don’t think that many will disagree with me here. Vojeds certainly has been active to make 32 new emotes for people to use on the forum and Discord server, and all done by using his own free time to give us something great. Because of this I don’t hesitate to cast him my vote.
Saurus Rock: Member Hall of Fame / Re: Award Voting 2020
« Last post by The Lone Dragon on Today at 03:29:28 AM »
Time for my votes.

Feedback Award: SKIP

LBT discussion Award: SKIP

Fanart Award: Flathead770

I maybe a little biased there but no one can deny that Flathead has created a lot of quality art this year for the prompts in pictures and even comics and has finally started doing commissions and each of these drawings have turned out wonderfully which is why I think he deserves the award though I must shout out to Rainbowfaceprotage for her plushie projects and digital art which has also been to the highest quality. Well done to both of you!

Friendly Member Award: ImpracticalDino

Friendly member is usually one of the hardest thing categories to choose from but this year I find the choice to be far easier ImpracticalDino has been a friendly bloke on forum, the GoF discord server and LoD but he has been an extra special friend to me and I am deeply grateful for his friendship which is why I vote for him this year. Thank you and well done!

Proactive Award: Vojeds 

Was their any doubt? Vojeds has been working hard and creating so many different emoji's for the server and the forum. Though I must also give a shout out to OwlsCantRead for helping create The Legion of Ducky (LoD) Discord Server which he has worked hard on ever since it was created. Well done to both of you! 

Helpful Member Award: OwlsCantRead

I can think of no one better to receive this award. OwlsCantRead has helped out a lot this year with proofreading and reviews for fanfictions and has helped me to moderate and run the Legion Of Ducky server which I admit that without his help I would probably have a very hard time keeping it up. Thank you for your help!
Aww, these are nice.

I would like the Mama and flyers banner (minor $3). :cerasmug
Saurus Rock: Member Hall of Fame / Re: Patreon Supporter Recognition 2020
« Last post by rhombus on September 21, 2020, 09:42:50 PM »
Are multiple patreons allowed to have the same banner?

Yep!  Unlike the forum awards, multiple people can choose the same supporter banner.  Thank you all, once again, for your support of the forum!  :)littlefoot
Saurus Rock: Member Hall of Fame / Re: Patreon Supporter Recognition 2020
« Last post by Flathead770 on September 21, 2020, 08:15:43 PM »
I believe you can Stardust as there's more patreon supporters then possible awards. I think I'll probably take the Mo one as well
It's Party Time! / Re: Word Connection
« Last post by RubberDucky on September 21, 2020, 08:14:57 PM »
It's Party Time! / Re: Alphabet Game
« Last post by RubberDucky on September 21, 2020, 08:12:15 PM »
It's Party Time! / Re: Alphabet Game
« Last post by The Chronicler on September 21, 2020, 07:50:46 PM »
It's Party Time! / Re: Word Connection
« Last post by The Chronicler on September 21, 2020, 07:50:20 PM »
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