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Random Writings


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Ever-so-often, I end up trying some free writing of neat ideas in my head that I don't want to forget, though I probably won't be working seriously upon.  So this is where I'll put some of my works and practice my creative writing.  So here we go:

   It has been two hundred years since the war between Man and the Animal Nations began.  The purpose behind this war has long been forgotten, but the hatred between the two fronts continues to seethe out of control.  In the past few decades, the war reached a new level with the reintroduction of an ancient power…magic.

With the magic forces learned from practices by their ancestors, the armies of Man formed the MagiCorps, fighting mages who harnessed the science-induced energies to perform amazing feats in combat.  In its beginning, the MagiCorps were forced into reserves, most ending up being used as bodyguards for the bureaucrats.  But all that changed during what was called the Cataclysm Battle, where the Animal Nations surprised the Armies of Man with their own magic-users, known as the Gaia Guard, in a trap that would kill nearly tens of thousands of human soldiers in a matter of hours.  The uproar from the military commanders and the general public forced the politicians to relent and the MagiCorps moved to the front lines.  The MagiCorps were stationed among the ranks as combat support, with a second role to counter the Gaia Guards’ magic if they were to encounter them.  Now the tide has shifted once again into a deadly stalemate, and only a freak twist of fate could bring the favor of war to one side again…

I am Sergeant Kenshi Xios of Delta Squad, 3rd Company, MagiCorp.  I wasn’t the first in my family to join the war against the Animal Nations, but I was the only Magi, a warrior mage.  I wasn’t at first desiring to fight, but as things went, the Armies of Man needed more soldiers to defend our homelands, and I went to the front after the Cataclysm Battle killed thousands, among them all my brothers.  Despite this, I bear no ill will against the Animal Nations, only against the Gaia Guard as they prove the greatest threat to us all.

My unit, Delta Squad, is currently attached to the 12th Trooper Regiment, to counter the Gaia Guard’s attacks and to support the Regiment.  Our squad leader, known only as Captain Orouk, is a typical sort of commander with national pride and a political ire against the Animal Nations.  However, he’s not the strongest compared to other members.  One of which, is our second-in-command, Lieutenant Linda Ohura, a skilled tactician and morale officer of not only our team, but also the Regiment.  She is the most logical-minded, and probably a perfectionist, and gets annoyed when her plans are not followed to the letter.  Another is Lieutenant John Hisack, perhaps the strongest and fastest fighter of the team, but reserved and alone, and would unexpectedly rush into the thick of the enemy.  His fierce rival is Sergeant Yuon Xi Hon, a brash and unpredictable fighter whose seemingly only goal in his service is to “rack up” the highest number of kills of Gaia Guards, and gets vicious with any other Magi who he suspects is trying to contest his record.  The rest of my teammates are considered the rookies and apprentices, with experience from little to nearly none at all.  Corporal Hans Morgenstein, young and eager to live up to his high expectations as a Magi, Private Nagi Yokumo, seemingly more dependent on technology-based powers rather than her magic training, and Private Johann Prince, a cadet with almost no magic powers whatsoever and strung into the squad by a political bureaucrat of a family member.  I seem to stand in the middle of the group, not yet as powerful as some but enough to have successfully beaten and destroyed a small number of lesser Gaia Guards in battle on my own.

Our Regiment’s current adversaries are the Wolf Tribes of the Animal Nations.  They were not the ones to take part in the Cataclysm Battle, but they still possess powerful Gaia Guard that must be dealt with at any cost.  From our experiences, it is believed that the Wolf Tribes may have been pushed to fight the Armies of Man by the Gaia Guard, and any survivors would attempt to seek asylum, if they could be able to survive the onslaught of the human forces or the wrath of the Gaia Guard.  Among the prisoners were a handful of tribal elders who allowed themselves to be captured so their people could retreat in one of the battles.  Many of the elders where taken to internment camps back in our Homeland, but one, known only as Grey Paw, was placed in custody of our Regiment commander, perhaps to root out more information about the Wolf Tribes and the Animal Nations while he’s still alive.  Some of my fellow Magi believed he was more dangerous than he lets on, especially because of his interests in my squad in particular…

So up until now, we continued our campaign against the Animal Nations, across the desolate landscape ravaged by war, and now forever uninhabitable, and soon into their own homeland, where we are certain they will fight back more viciously and tenaciously, and are bound to face the true might of the Gaia Guard itself.  But as Grey Paw once said to me when I first met him, the war between Man and Animal would soon change tides again…but to another, much darker force.  He also said that the only salvation for us all is an ancient power source, once forged to bring about balance of our world, and that it should bring a peaceful end to this  long and destructive war.  But we will soon discover that we would not be the only ones after this source…