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Tale Of The Three


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I had started writing a Dinotopia fanfic sometime ago. I hadn't continued it in a long time. I began writing the story after some chats with Malte regarding Dinotopia. The story itself involves an aggressive dolphinback arriving on Dinotopia.

The story will focus on just 3 characters, though other characters will appear.

The 3 main characters are:

Darcy: Dolphinback. She washes ashore of Dinotopia. She has an aggressive streak and isn't afraid of sticking up for herself.

Richard: Dinotopian. Richard is the first nativeborn Dinotopian Darcy runs into. While having good intentions, Richard has trouble controlling his temper.

Elijah: Dolphinback. He's the main antagonist of the story. Elijah hates the dinosaurs and believes he must save the islanders from them.

Here's a link to the story:

Criticism is welcome.