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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #20 on: December 09, 2013, 11:20:52 AM »
I knew this is trouble... :o I'm excited to see what'll happen next :yes
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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #21 on: December 09, 2013, 03:16:24 PM »
Of course it's trouble, it's in one of my fanfics xD


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #22 on: December 11, 2013, 11:58:11 AM »
Chapter: 7
Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


“We need to keep Rec out of the Valley until you have decided a course of action.” Tyra stated, walking beside her Longneck-friend.

“The moment you tell him he should not enter, he will just to find why he should not.” The Longneck in question answered. “Not to mention he will no doubt pick up the scent-trail sooner or later. Sooner if his son’s sniffer is any indication of his own.”

“Very much sooner. Rec’s is even better than Chomper’s.”
Tyra looked at the valley-wall in concern. “He needs but to near the path you took in and he WILL know.”

Grandma Longneck groaned. “Can’t you take him on a long hunt or something like that? Anything to buy us time.”

“I can try that. But I cannot promise you anything.”
Tyra answered. “You saw how he was when White Star only got insulted.”

“Oh yes…”
The Leaf-eater sighed in defeat as the Meat-eater made for the nearest exit. “I remember that only too well.” She turned her head to look at her back, where among the many Fast Biter-scars was a ring of deep puncture-wounds: Rec had bitten her there, driving his teeth almost to the bone. It still hurt at times, sending sharp pain down her back powerful enough to have her collapse on the spot. It had devastated the Sharptooth when he learned of the damage he had done to her.

She walked down the slope to the valley-floor slowly, looking over to the Rock Circle where several grown-ups were gathered.

Then her head turned to the new arrivals, where Tria was talking to a dark-blue Clubtail. Where was the black Clubtail?

“That I would ever see the day where a Leaf-eater made friends with their enemies.” The voice came from beside the path, its’ owner hidden by several trees.

“They are no enemies.” Grandma answered, turning to the source. The black Clubtail walked onto the path, looking up at her with surprisingly blue eyes.

“They are the ones we should fear.” He countered, looking to where Tyra had disappeared to. “Though not always the ones we do.”

“Do you?” She tilted her head.

“One, only one.” He admitted. “The one who gave me this scar.” He lowered one side of his body, showing her his stomach. Three long scars ran from its’ center to the side. “He tasted my blood and I fear he will come back for more unless he was killed somewhere along the way.”

“That might well happen.” Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she studies the marks. “Though I cannot fathom why a Sharptooth would take on a Clubtail.” ëLies!’ her mind reminded her. ëYou know full well why Rec would.’

“Sharpteeth are much like us, as you no doubt found out already.” The Clubtail returned to a normal position again. “His mate was killed. You can guess the rest.”

“So you are the one…” She couldn’t stop herself from breathing.

“Who?” He had heard her soft whisper.

“The one who killed the first mate of the male Sharptooth residing outside this valley.” She told him.

The Clubtail said nothing, looking at her with an impassive face.


That smell…

Memories flooded his mind. Anger flared anew as hate poured through his every vein.


His massive body trembled as he scanned the air anew.

No doubt…

His daughter, dear child of his first mate, watched him in concern.

NO doubt…

He turned to the Valley, coming face to face with his second mate.


Her face spoke volumes, her wide eyes hiding nothing from him.


His roar echoed for miles in either direction, shaking the very mountains.


The two females cowered from him, fear making them back away from the one they held so dear.


He remembered the sight of his mate only too well. He remembered the taste of the blood of her murderer equally as well.


And he wants more. He wants his flesh.


His walk to the Valley is slow, but nothing shall escape him now. Nothing will stop him now.


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #23 on: December 11, 2013, 01:07:12 PM »
Oh my god! *_*

Can't wait to see what's happening next :lol
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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #24 on: December 11, 2013, 01:29:17 PM »
CAKE!! That is what will happen next  ^-^

And I'm not even kidding with that xD


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #25 on: December 16, 2013, 06:01:22 PM »
Chapter: 8
Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


“Is that him?” The black Clubtail softly asked.

Grandma nodded, not looking at him as her eyes scanned the rocks above them.

“Then it seems I finally pay for my crimes…” He breathed softly, a serene smile on his face.

“You are oddly calm about this.” The Longneck turned to look at him, her tail twitching.

“I have been waiting for this.” He answered. “Though it grieves me to leave my nephews with their mother.”

“What?” Another roar, female this time, shook the very ground with its’ intensity after the female Leaf-eater spoke.

“I should fear Sharpteeth, yet I fear my family…” He mused, looking from the rocks above them to her. “My sister, sweet to all but those in her way… I covered for her, I took the blame for her misdeeds and now I shall die for her crime. And so repent for my own. I should never have joined her.”

“What exactly are you talking about?” She demanded, turning to face him fully now.

“Ask my sister, the one everyone thinks my mate: where are the children I had to watch and she took? Where did she cast them down the ravine in our valley? Who killed the pale-green Sharptooth and who took the blame and died for it?” He softly said. “Ask her why I am considered such a troublemaker and draw your conclusions.”

The ground shook beneath their feet. Rhythmic impact-sounds reached their ears.
Grandma shuddered at the hissing. She came face to face with the three grown-up Sharpteeth as she turned, Rec’s eyes burning with fury. White Star stood beside him, teeth gleaming in the light of the Bright Circle. Tyra stood slightly behind them, shaking her head lightly at the Longneck.

“Go, Longneck.” The Clubtail stated. “Let me die for the lives lost because of me looking the other way. Let them have their vengeance, even if I am not the dinosaur they truly want.”

She had protected Threehorn’s family, going so far as to challenge all three of those before her now, but that had been different.

As the Longneck moved aside, the Sharpteeth closed in on the Clubtail. As she walked away, eyes pressed closed, they toppled him. And as she turned to look at them, they killed him.

A shudder ran through her body as she watched Rec and White Star tear into him like they were possessed. Tyra instead backed away some, walking up to her.

“He caught the scent.” The Sharptooth said. “I am sorry.”

“It can’t be helped.”
The Longneck turned away, looking into the Valley at the sound of running footsteps. Chomper came to a sudden stop, his eyes widening at the sight of his father and sister. “This was supposed to be.” She added, not so much for Tyra, but for the young Sharptooth.

His jaw quivered, but he nodded slowly.

She walked into the Valley once more, the youngest Sharptooth trailing after her. She should return to the other grown-ups and tell them of this and indeed she felt the severe need of her mate’s closeness… She turned and walked the other way, aiming for the field where she had last seen the female Clubtail.

“Where are we going?” He asked her after a bit, following her through the forest covering much of the Valley-floor.

“To the new arrivals.” She answered. “I need to get some things straight.”

“What things?” He kept following her, worry in his eyes.

“Things I hope are wrong.” She looked at him briefly. “You should warn the others about what has happened.”

“I think the roars of Dad and Sis already did that.” Chomper looked away briefly, clearly not sure what to think about all this.

“True.” She nodded briefly, walking around a tree in her path. Her scars rippled as she moved, the shadows drawing patterns on her grey skin.

They entered the field, which was mostly empty since many dinosaurs had fled out of sheer instinct. Tria was gone, no doubt returning to Topsy’s side once more.

“He is dead, I take it?” A dark-blue Clubtail looked at them, her children having disappeared.

“He is.” Grandma stated, watching the impassive reaction of the other female. “Your brother is dead.”

Here the grey eyes of the smaller Leaf-eater widened and then she smiled in disdain. “He told you.”

“Was it true?” The other Leaf-eater countered.

“Everything for my children.” Anka stated. “Are not all mothers like that?”

“No.” Tosa snarled. “No, only you.”

“That explains why it was so easy.” The Clubtail turned away. “Their own failure, you know…”

She had entirely too much to deal with these days. She was too old for this, far too old.

ëWhat was that about?’
ëDifference of opinion.’
ëThat normally doesn't result in you stepping on dinosaurs.’
ëIt normally did not go this far.’

A grown-up Clubtail’s back is capable of shrugging off almost anything. Fast Biters? Meh, what was the problem? Greater Sharptooth? As long as they don’t reach the belly: whatever… Fully grown Longneck? … Might get problematic…

Chomper’s eyes widened to near impossible sizes as the armored back gave way under the two feet crashing onto it. He stepped back as blood splattered the grass. He shuddered when seeing the body being flattened under the weight of a grown-up Longneck.

His family, in search for the Longneck, couldn’t believe their eyes.

Grandma Longneck walked away to the nearest exit, blood coloring her two front-legs red. Of the six on the field, she was the only one moving.


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #26 on: December 17, 2013, 05:15:35 AM »

What's going on with Grandma?!? :wacko
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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #27 on: December 17, 2013, 05:34:17 AM »
Sometimes, when people can only feel horror, they lash out at that which horrifies them.


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #28 on: December 23, 2013, 05:56:30 PM »
Chapter: 9
Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


“Get your brother out.” Rec ordered White Star. “Tyra, follow her. I want to know why she suddenly started stepping on dinosaurs.”

“On it.”
His mate turned and followed the trail of the Longneck. White Star ushered Chomper away. He was unresponsive, staring straight ahead as she nudged him to the nearest exit.

The older male waited until his family had left before leaning down to inspect the Clubtail. He immediately realized that there would be no way that he’d be able to take the blame for this.

He took a deep breath, the smell of blood cloaking nearly everything. But he had the keenest sniffer out of his entire family, able to pick up who had walked somewhere days beforehand. If there was one smell he would never forget, it would be the one surrounding White Star senior after she had been killed.

He did not like what his memory was telling him: you hunted the wrong one, though close in smell, he was not the one you wanted. The Longneck stole your kill.

It was over…

He shook his head, filtering the smells to find what he was looking for. Ah, there it was…

The dark-green Sharptooth simply stepped over the body, following the faint scent.

The plants rustled as he walked through them, not hiding his movements in the slightest. He found the trail leading him to the Rock Circle.

The reaction when he appeared was amusing. It was easy to tell who had lived in this Valley longer and who had only just arrived. He ignored them, following the trail.

Why did it have to be the Threehorns all the time?

Tria looked up at Chomper’s father, the young Clubtails just behind her together with her adopted daughter. They had asked their mother if it would be okay to visit some of their friends and she had sent them with Tria to meet them.

“So it’s over?” Littlefoot asked, his speech having a Leaf-eater accent shining through, unlike his grandmother’s.

“No.” Rec shook his head. “Or perhaps yes… The Clubtail is dead.”
The children that knew the language looked down sadly, the rest following their move.

“Littlefoot?” Rec tore his eyes from the two young Clubtails to look at the half-grown Longneck.

“Yes?” Littlefoot looked at him questioningly, shuddering lightly when his eyes strayed to the Sharptooth’s mouth.

“Tell these Clubtails they are alone now.” Rec ordered, one of his tiny hands pointing at the young ones behind Tria. “Their parents are both dead.”

The Longneck blinked once, twice and then softly breathed some words in Leaf-eater.

One of the young Clubtails screamed something… and charged.

Rec easily evaded the attack, stepping over the young one.

“Grandpa wants to know what happened.” Littlefoot said as Tria gently but firmly pulled the Clubtail back.

“What is there to know? They’re both dead, nothing will change that.” Rec looked to where Grandma Longneck and Tyra had left the Valley.

“How did they die, for one.” Cera spoke up, standing beside her father.

“I killed the father. As for the mother…” It should not be this hard to say those words. He took a shuddering breath. “It should not be this hard to tell you her fate…” He hadn’t even realized he had said this out loud until Ducky asked him why that would be so. “I have said many things I hated myself over: I mocked a dear friend and insulted her dead child to goad her into attacking me…” He looked at Grandpa Longneck and Bron, both of whom were dependent on another’s translation to understand him and therefore did not know what he had just said. “Those words burned in my throat, but I find these do even more.”

It was impossible not to see the change coming over Littlefoot as the Sharptooth spoke. Rec looked impassively as the collected nature of the young one was at odds with his desire to make the Sharptooth pay for those words.

“Remember who of us is the better fighter.” Rec stated. “Your grandmother already avenged your mother. You would only die trying because I will defend myself when attacked, even by you. Snitch on me later, young Longneck. There will be enough grief without adding that old one to it.”

He strained with his emotions, that much was obvious. His teeth gritted together. But he managed to remain calm: certainly an admirable feat.

“Who killed her?” Ducky demanded in his stead, resting her hand on his flank in support.

“Tosa. Her name was Tosa.” He managed to ground out, bracing himself for what was to come. Even if Littlefoot never was told, his grandfather would recognize the name immediately.

He hadn’t expected half of the reaction he got. One moment he was watching the youngsters, the next moment he was flying. He grunted in pain when he crashed into the stone forming the Circle, glaring at the heavily breathing Longneck.

“Well, he definitely packs a bigger punch than his wife.” Rec struggled to his feet, hissing at the other male. He roared at Grandpa, not willing in the slightest to have the Leaf-eater beat him around.

Grandpa answered in kind, closing in on the Sharptooth with fury burning in his eyes. His tail grazed the other’s side, forcing him to jump back to remain safe.

“Longneck, forgive me…” Rec breathed, jumping back once more. There was no way anyone could calm down the furious Longneck now. He had to act.

He hardly used this particular move, his legs objecting to the forces he forced them to endure every time he did. But right now he needed to bring a Longneck down, and preferably before said Longneck brought him down. He crouched lightly, shooting forward under the swinging tail and then propelled himself upward with all his might. His leg-muscles screamed in pain as Rec flew through the air, aimed at the old Longneck’s side.

Neither of them saw the memories flashing through Littlefoot’s eyes.


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #29 on: February 09, 2014, 03:54:25 PM »
Chapter: 10
Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me


He wanted to scream, he wanted to run forward and stop all this. But he couldn’t…
Littlefoot could only stare as the Sharptooth landed on his grandfather’s back, driving his teeth into the back of the other. The grey Longneck roared in pain as the Sharptooth used his powerful legs to thrust himself off of him.

The earth shook when Rec landed, but he didn’t wait until he had properly regained his footing, instead shooting forward and ramming the Leaf-eater in the side.

That was all he did…

Rec distanced himself from the old Longneck, now protected by his son-in-law. He hissed as pain shot through one of his legs. He hated jumping SO much. How others had perfected it as a hunting-technique was beyond him.

The haunted look in Littlefoot’s eyes surprised him. The young Longneck did not even move as his grandfather struggled to his feet again. It was only then he remembered what Grandma had once told them about her daughter’s death.

“I have not killed a Valley-resident yet and I have no intention of ever starting,” His deep voice tore the Longneck from his shock. “And I take no joy in any suffering, but I just have caused it.”

“Why is that name so shocking?”
Cera demanded softly, turning from watching the old Longneck to staring at the Sharptooth.

“Of what it means.” Rec sighed in sadness. “Of whom I condemn with saying it.”

“I do not know anyone by that name…”
Ducky said.

“You are lying.” Warped by nothing short of intense hate, Grandpa Longneck’s voice silenced everything around them. “You. Are. Lying.”

“I wish I were.” Chomper’s father breathed, voice permeated with enough grief to even alert the non-Sharptooth-speaking dinosaurs to it. “By the lives of my family, I wish I were, Longneck. But I am not: Tosa has killed today. And I cannot say why…”

It would have been more merciful to kill him outright. Grandpa Longneck collapsed, face blank of all emotions and his eyes staring into those of the Sharptooth towering over him.

The sun drew long shadows as the two looked at each other. Their eye-contact was only broken when Rec turned to leave the Valley, walking with a slight limp as he did so.

The pain in his chest was unbearable, perhaps even worse than the one he had had when he believed that Grandma had died. No… Nothing could top that pain, but this one came dangerously close.

“Papa Longneck?” Bron nudged him. “Who is Tosa?”

“You know her… you all do…” The old male pressed his eyes closed, praying that this would all just turn out to be a nightmare. “Merely under a different name: Grandma Longneck. Grandma killed that Clubtail.”


“You’re not going to tell me why you did that, are you?” Tyra broke the silence, studying the Longneck she was walking beside.

“Not unless I am certain.” It was the first thing Grandma had said since leaving the Valley. “You should go back.”

“And have you run around here alone? I don’t think so.”
Tyra shook her head. “Where you go, I will go.”

“Even if that means never returning to the Valley?”
The Longneck looked over her shoulder briefly. “I killed someone, Tyra, that is not something we can just forget. Precedents show that I would not be welcome in the Valley anymore for at least several Cold Times.”

Tyra said nothing, clearly thinking. “Would that even count for you?”

“Yes. What are rules worth when we make exceptions?”
Grandma sighed softly.

“Where are we going now then?” Tyra changed the subject, looking around her.

“The forest that burned down recently.” Came the answer. “I need to check on something there.”

“The ëI am certain’-part?”
Tyra realized.

“Yes.” That was the last they spoke, descending into silence afterwards. Even when the Great Circle went to sleep, they did not stop.

There was little left of those that had not survived the flames. As Tyra leaned down to inspect the remnants, Tosa walked on into the forest of burned trees. Ash whirled up at every step, coloring her legs black within moments. She looked around, searching.
When the Sharptooth looked up again, the Flattooth was climbing a narrow path up a mountain-side.

“What are we doing up here?” Tyra asked when she joined her friend on a plateau at the top of the path.

“Can you help me remove these?” Her friend counter-asked, gesturing to some trees that had fallen over. Unlike those down in the valley, these had been spared by the fire, but they carried no leaves: they had been dead and possibly rotting for quite some time now.

“Why do you want to move them?” Tyra studied them.

“Because of what I fear is underneath them.” Grandma hooked her head behind one of them, starting to roll it away.

Tyra shrugged and helped, clamping her jaws around one of them and carried it over to an empty spot. After three more by each of them, Grandma looked into the hole they had made.

Her face turned into a fury-filled mask. That fury was quickly evaporated by grief and she turned away, unable to keep looking.

Tyra looked at her in worry, and then looked into the hole herself. She hissed in horror, her blood-red eyes widening to near impossible sizes. Then she turned to the Longneck.

“What in the name of everything that is good and important am I looking at here, Longneck?” She demanded, her voice slightly rising in sheer disbelief at the sight that had greeted her when she looked into the hole as she spoke. “What am I looking at?” She screamed.

“You’re looking at the reason you wanted to know…” The Longneck answered, head low and eyes fastened on the ground. “My reason for starting to step on dinosaurs.”


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Vengeance of Love
« Reply #30 on: June 05, 2015, 10:08:19 AM »
Chapter: 11

Copyright: © characters and places by United Pictures; © Plot and OC by me

Author's Note: Jezus crust, someone should have told me I had forgotten to update this!!!


"That does not explain what that is!" Tyra screeched, pointing with one of her tiny claws at the opening. "I do not see a connection between that and the Clubtail!"

"The Clubtail made that."
Grandma softly said. "And forced her brother to take the blame."

From screeching fury she went to calm disbelief in a matter of moments. "Longneck, what exactly is going on here? I do not know Leaf-eater, I do not know what was said back in the Valley whether it be between you and her or you and him."

"It's a long story…"
The Longneck sighed sadly.

"Considering we won't be going anywhere, you might as well tell me." Tyra nudged her gently. "Considering at least someone ought to know how it did get that far."

"Several know, it's just too bad that they cannot tell anymore."
The older female softly said. "And I know only a little."

"Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been better had I and Rec never decided to visit Chomper all those years ago."
Tyra groaned. "It certainly would have removed a lot of drama in our lives."

"And all of my life."
Grandma couldn't help but chuckle. "Make yourself comfortable, Tyra, and I'll tell you what I know."

"You better."
The Sharptooth gracefully sat down on the ground, her tail wrapping around her body. Opposite of her the Longneck did the same.

Above them the Bright Circle descended below the horizon. And far in the distance, long shadows rose from their owners, stretching to the burned out forest as if to grasp it.


"We can't just let her leave like that." Littlefoot looked at his grandfather in disbelief. "She is your mate! You nearly died when you lost her all those Cold Times ago!"

"She has killed someone, and not even in self-defense." Grandpa countered. "Even if I got her back, she would still be send away again as punishment for that. Getting her back will not change a thing."

"So you just are going to let her go?" The younger male demanded incredulously. "What kind of husband are you?"

"One who cannot keep losing his only love!" The old one turned around so fast his swinging tail smashed against a tree so hard it fell over. "I cannot keep losing her, Littlefoot. She knows that. It is why she left. To make it easier on the both of us."

They stared at each other. "I am going after her." Littlefoot stated.

"You won't." His grandfather coolly said. "You do not even know where she went and she has Tyra with her to keep her safe."

"And what happens when Tyra leaves her?" Littlefoot argued. "What then? She'll be all alone out there."

"Your grandmother is able to protect herself. You will not leave." The grandmother had authority outside of the Valley, the grandfather had it inside. To go against them was almost a crime in itself.

Littlefoot turned and walked away, glaring ahead as he did so.

To expect him to stay out of trouble and not help someone dear to him, however was the single most foolish notion one could have. It was just the question which would prevail.


"He hasn't moved." White Star told her father when he returned. "He is in shock and I can't snap him out of it."

"Well, that was to be expected."
Rec looked at the young Sharptooth curled up in the ground. He was staring straight out of the cave, his eyes not moving in the slightest. "One can't see something like that and shake it off."

"We did."
His daughter pointed out.

"We caused our own share of these… scenes… Your brother only ever helped bring down crippled or extremely sick Swimmers and the like. It cannot be compared: especially since he very nearly considers her his actual Grandmother, rather than just someone who goes by the name." Rec sighed as he tilted his head lightly to assess his son.

"So, what are we going to do about him?" White Star looked from her brother to her father. "We can't leave him like this."

"I am afraid that is all we can do."
Rec walked out of the cave and looked up at the darkening sky. "I am more worried about the Longneck and your mother."

"They're both capable of defending themselves."

"And one of them just killed for the first time."
Rec growled. "That cannot have gone over well and then your mother not only has to defend herself, but also a massive Longneck."

"Good point there…"
The pale-green Sharptooth had to admit.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
« Reply #31 on: August 24, 2019, 01:32:51 PM »
The two Longnecks came to an agreement: they would send out one of the flyers, but Littlefoot would stay in the valley. Pterano offered to go, stating that he still was quite adept at flying in the Mysterious Beyond. He left immediately after Rec told them the two females had most likely gone into the direction of the burnt forest.

At the burnt forest itself however, instinct seemed to tell Tyra to leave. When questioned she pointed to the horizon, where dark forms were approaching.

"A herd worth of Longnecks. Not exactly something a lone Sharptooth wants to encounter."
Tyra shuddered lightly. "You're really dinosaurs I can do without having to fight."

"I'll keep them from attacking you, should it be necessary."
Grandma smiled lightly, looking at the approaching herd. "This was most likely one of their stops. They probably don't know it burned down yet."

"I'll just go take a long walk."
Tyra countered. "Don't get eaten while I'm gone."

"I won't."
She watched the Sharptooth go and decided to meet the herd. Best to warn them before they got all the way here: whatever little ones there were with them did not need to see the destruction the fire had brought on the no doubt once lustrous forest.

"I just hope they didn't have relatives there." She murmured, studying the herd as they neared.

She blinked in surprise at the one leading them. So familiar… As if she was looking at her younger self. They had seen her, the leader apparently having somewhat similar sentiments, because she stopped too.

"Mother?" She breathed, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

"Tora?" To honor her near equal looks to her mother's they had given her a name near equal to hers as well.

"Mom!" The younger female beamed, running forward to hug the older female. "Oh my heaven, we thought you had died long ago when we couldn't find you anywhere anymore."

"We pretty much thought the same." Her mother smiled warmly at her and looked up as a male left the rest of the herd. There were tears in his eyes. "Skye…" Her son… Her dear eldest…

The joy of the two children soon turned to horror when they studied their mother: she was alone and littered with scars. Where were their father and siblings? Her reaction at the question did nothing to allay their fears.

Grandma looked away, pained at the memory. "Your siblings were killed many Cold Times ago by Sharpteeth."

"And Dad?" She was almost afraid to hear the answer.

"He lives." Her mother assured her. "Not that far from here, actually." She gestured to where the Great Valley was.

"Really?" They followed her line of sight. "Well, good to know we were always so close and never noticed." The dark-blue male groaned. "But why are you out here alone?"

"I'm not out here alone." She assured him. "I thought it might be good to warn you when I saw your herd move towards the forest just behind that mountain-ridge."

"Oh?" He looked at the mountain-ridge. "Why is that?"

"It burned down recently." She looked up in surprise when a Longneck of the herd cried out in horror and grief.

"She asked her parents to be allowed to make a 'round' with us." Tora whispered. "We were just bringing her home."

"Oh dear…" Grandma answered, watching as several of the herd-members tried to console the young female.

"Seems we have a new addition to our herd." Skye whispered sadly.

"Speaking of additions, you have a nephew." His mother told them. "Your sister mated and had a son. He lives still."

They only smiled weakly in answer. "Makes you a triple grandmother." Tora swung her tail to two youngsters consoling the heart-broken female. "I became a mother too ten Cold Times ago."

The old female smiled warmly at that. They had a lot of catching up to do once everything calmed down some.


Tyra saw from a distance how the Longneck happily greeted some of the herd-members. She winced in sympathy when one of them started crying. It seemed someone had lost something in the fire.

Curiosity killed the hatchling and the Sharptooth walking up to the Longneck-herd in full view. Her red eyes narrowed as she studied the two flanking her friend. One of them looked exactly like her.

Grandma looked in her direction, smiling at her with tinge of sadness before turning to the other two and saying something.

She loved terrifying dinosaurs. Tyra grinned widely, something that earned her a playful glare from the Leafeater.

"Stop terrifying my children." The old female scolded.

"Children? Where did those come from?" Tyra chuckled, stopping at a respectful distance.

"Considering you have had a nest, I think you know." An upcoming laugh reverberated in the Longneck's voice.

"True." Tyra tilted her head lightly. "She looks like you."

The Longnecks talked among each other after that. Tyra just hoped the old female had enough pull on her children to convince them she was a 'good' Sharptooth. She hated having to run for her life.
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Re: Vengeance of Love
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"Why are you not with Dad?" Her daughter asked, as they moved away from the herd some. The Sharptooth stayed beside the Longneck, like some kind of guard.

"I left him." The old female did not look at her two children, instead studying their children – her grandchildren.

"But why?" Her son moved into her line of sight. "Why, Mom? Last time we saw you two you looked so much in love it almost made me jealous."

"That does not concern you." She answered him, her tail twitching in agitation. "I am going to convince Tyra to show you the way to the Valley, there you can eat and recover. Should we meet again, I will join your herd, but I cannot return to your father's side."

"You want to go out on your own?" They both exclaimed in unison. "Mother, have you gone mad or something like that?"

"No." She coldly stated, her heart breaking into a thousand pieces as she watched their despair and disbelief. "You should leave quickly, considering I doubt you have eaten in quite a while."

She turned away from them, to the Sharptooth and started to talk to her. Her children looked at each other helplessly as they regarded their mother.

"You got to be kidding me, Longneck. You are not your husband: you cannot defend yourself well enough to stay out here alone!" Tyra growled. "I cannot just leave you here and go play guide to some Longneck-herd. Just point them in the right direction, they'll find it."

"Before or after your family thinks one of them to be potential dinner."
Grandma looked from the young female that had lost her family to her own grandchildren. "Go with them, ensure that they reach the Valley safely."

"I cannot just leave you out here."
Tyra repeated, despair filling her voice. "Tosa, this will be your dead."

"I lived a long and happy life, it's not that bad."
She hated being that good at lying. Now if she could convince herself, this would all be so much easier.


"Uncle, you see that?" Petri flew beside Pterano, scanning the Mysterious Beyond for Grandma Longneck and Tyra.

"Isn't that Tyra?" Pterano realized. "Who is she traveling with?"

"Not Ali's herd." His nephew answered, looking at the Longnecks walking after the Sharptooth.

"Nor Grandma Longneck." The older flyer realized with trepidation. "Oh, this can't be good." He descended into a steep decline, aiming for the Sharptooth.

She saw him and stopped walking so he could land in front of her, his nephew just behind him.

"Where Grandma Longneck?"
Petrie asked.

"She didn't want to return and told me to get this herd to the Valley." Tyra growled in obvious frustration. "It's being lead by some of her kids, if I got that properly." She gestured to the two in the lead.

Petrie gasped and then looked at his uncle as he quickly translated what Tyra had told him.

"How long was it since you left her?" Pterano demanded of the Longnecks.

"This morning." One of them answered. The old flyer looked up, calculating how far she could have gotten by now. Very far. Worse of all: too far.

"We'll go back to the Valley." He sighed in defeat.

"Uncle…" Petrie spoke up.

"We'll never be able to catch up with her by now." His uncle interrupted him. "Not if she does not want to be caught. Longnecks can move quite fast if they have no herd to consider."

"Can someone tell us why she wanted to leave in the first place?" A female looking almost exactly like Grandma Longneck asked.

"I think it's better if someone else tells you that." Pterano answered. "It's not my place to do so."

They set out for the Valley again, occasionally looking back to where they had come from. It had felt so wrong to leave her, but they could hardly have forced her to join them and had they stayed, they would have starved.

The young female that had lived in the forest walked along as if in a trance. She had not spoken since they had made a short walk through the forest. Even when they reached a burnt body that could only have come from a Longneck, she had not said a word.

Tyra in a few quick words told Petrie what had happened, who equally quickly updated his uncle.

"Shouldn't one of us fly ahead to warn the Valley, especially Grandpa and Littlefoot?" They were far above the herd, only within hearing-range of the Sharptooth, but aside from a few words here and there, she couldn't understand Leafeater, ensuring no one could overhear them.

"No. I doubt he'd believe us if we told him that instead of his wife, we found his children. Best to let them explain it themselves." Pterano looked down. "Though perhaps it would be wise to warn the Sharpteeth: I think several of these Longnecks would be a good snack, and I don't want to risk anything."

Petrie nodded, flying ahead as Pterano glided downward. "Petrie is warning the other Sharpteeth to let us pass." He told the herd.
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Re: Vengeance of Love
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The Longneck-herd made it through the mountains with relative ease, though a small bout of panic ensued when a massive Sharptooth appeared in front of them.

"That is Rec, her mate."
The bigger flyer told them. It did little to calm them, considering he was looking rather angry.

"Chomper is devastated." He ignored them, turning to his wife. "He hasn't spoken since then."

"Bloody Clubtail…"
She growled in answer. "I'll see what I can do later today, I promised Longneck to bring this herd to the Valley."

"Me no think Clubtail to blame."
Petrie pointed out softly and with pain in his voice.

"And that is why Grown-ups do the thinking."
Tyra coldly stated. "Do you think you can get him to the Valley?" She asked her mate. "I think I know what might help him."

Her mate's eyes narrowed as he regarded her intently, then he nodded and left. As she looked back at the flyer, he was also staring at her.

She looked away and started walking again, not caring if the herd followed her or not.

"What was that about?" White Star called down, standing high above the path her mother was walking.

"Later." The older female answered. "All in due time. Gather the Valley-residents."

She too disappeared, gracefully jogging into the direction of the Valley.

Tyra glanced back, seeing the herd only slowly start moving. "Petrie, for heaven's sake tell them that no one is going to eat Grandma's children and their herd-members here. I am getting impatient."

She started walking again, entering the Valley through one of the well-hidden valley-entrances without looking back once. She only stopped when she was halfway to the Valley-floor, where she looked up at the Bright Circle. It was descending already, meaning she had left Grandma for over half a day now.

"Damnit…" For a moment her frustration won it of her control and she wheeled on a young tree. A moment later one half of it was on the ground, bitten clean off. That had helped to calm her, but only a bit.

"What did that tree do to you?"
Cera stood just a short distance away.

"It was close. Where is Grandpa?" The Sharptooth demanded, looking into the Valley again. One would expect a Longneck to stand out with all these open spaces, but no luck with that today.

"They are in the Rock Circle. Did Petrie and Pterano find you?" Cera looked into the sky, still empty.

"We found each other." Chomper's mother looked at her. "Get your parents to the Circle as well."

For a moment it looked like the Threehorn would argue, but something shut her off: the rumbling of an approaching herd. She jogged down the mountainside as the Longnecks entered.

"Tell them they can go eat where-ever they want, but that Grandpa is at the Rock-circle." Tyra looked at the young flyer and as he translated, her attention turned to the two children of Grandma Longneck.

The herd dispersed, but they, the two hatchlings and two others stayed behind, clearly waiting. She walked ahead of them, leading them through the thick forest on this side of the Valley. The residents looked up as they walked past, many noticing the resemblance between the Longneck-female and Grandma Longneck. No doubt there'd be rumors about that before the Bright Circle had gone to sleep. Petrie flew overhead while Pterano flew ahead, reaching the Rock Circle gliding on some currents.

Voices rose from ahead of her and even with her rather poor knowledge of Leafeater she could make out despair and disbelief in them. Then an angry one spoke up, one she recognized as the Threehorn immediately. Was that male ever not angry?

"Well, excuse me." Pterano countered angrily as she stepped inside. "What was I supposed to do? Hope I can overcome almost half a day head-start of someone who wants to be gone?"

"Enough." Grandpa cut them off. "It is too late anyway." It clearly hurt him to say those words, sadness written all over his countenance.

"Pretty much." A strange voice spoke up, strange and yet only a distant memory. "She was adamant in staying away."

The group looked at the entrance, where Tyra stood with several Longnecks. The dark-blue male had spoken, looking – no, staring – at Grandpa Longneck like he had never expected to see the other again.

"Skye…?" Grief was replaced by disbelief as the old male stepped forward, studying the other.

"Yes." Skye managed to choke out. "Yes, it is I."

"Not only he." The resemblance was striking, safe that she bore no scars. "Hello, father, it has been too long since we last saw you."

"Far too long…" He studied them intently. "I am sorry I cannot be happier about this."

"It's alright." They nodded slowly. "Though mom would not tell us what happened."

"She killed." Bron told them, looking at them with surprise in his eyes. Their reactions were expected and understandable. "And no one knows why."

"No one but I."
Tyra had listened to the translations given to her and now spoke up, her growls dragging all attention to her at once. The Sharpteeth rarely meddled in Valley-business, but when they did, the dinosaurs heeded their words. Now was no different.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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They turned to her as one, even the visitors.

"Grandma told me." She stated, looking over her shoulder briefly when her family arrived. "And I must say I cannot blame her."

"You're a Sharptooth, of course you don't."
Littlefoot translated what the young Clubtail had said. Tyra looked at them both, one with a sparkle of hope in his eyes, the other glaring with unconcealed hate.

"If we are going to look at descent when thinking about feelings now, then you should be jumping up and down in utter glee."
The female Sharptooth snarled at the hatchling. "So why don't you?"

Rec warned her in horror. She was really the last he had expected to speak in such a tone to a hatchling.

"It is true." She countered, looking over her shoulder at him.

"True or not, Grandpa would appreciate you changing your tone." Littlefoot told her after his grandfather had spoken up.

"Or what? Will he throw me out?"
Tyra chuckled. "Don't forget that the only Leafeater I listen to is currently walking the Mysterious Beyond because of a…" She hesitated, looking at the young hatchlings briefly. "Because of her killing someone who deserved it."

It was clear she had meant to say something else: something she just barely remembered was not for young ears.

"Get them out."
She said after a short silence. "Someone can later tell them what was told. I don't think I can keep this hatchling-friendly."

It was Cera who spoke up. "Alright, every hatchling with me." She ordered, looking at the young ones with their parents. "Now."

The Sharptooth waited until Cera was well away before she spoke again, turning to Hadria as she did so.

"Did you have many hatchlings a year?"
The answer was so out-of-place that Hadria was simply shocked into answering.

She nodded. "More than there seem to be here."

"And yet, only so few were there after the fire. Surely they did not all perish in the flames?"
Tyra's eyes narrowed as she regarded the Swimmer. While Grandma had been with her family, she had sought out the Fast Biters that still lived around the forest and asked them some questions.

"We lost many to Fast Biters and other Sharpteeth." The newly arrived Swimmer couldn't keep a hint of accusation out of her words.

Those had not been the words of the Fast Biters, she faintly recalled. They had been adamant that with the powerful protection the Leafeaters exercised over their hatchlings they until the fire hardly even got close to most of the hatchlings. She had made sure they were not lying to her. Not to mention there would be no use to that at any rate.

"Do you know the plateau overlooking your forest?"
Tyra asked, deep in thought.

"It was the living-spot for the Clubtails that died here." Hadria told her. "What does this have to do with their deaths?"

"Just answer me."
Tyra sharply said. "I am beginning to get there. Where you ever up there?"

Hadria shook her head.

"You should have been."
The Sharptooth snarled at her. "You might have saved your hatchlings if you had."

"How come that?"
Rec interrupted his mate.

"There is a ravine up there, not very dangerous for a grown Dinosaur – about as deep as a Swimmer stands tall at their highest – but that was enough."
Tyra turned to look at him, all others fading as she talked to her mate, not even registering that Littlefoot was still translating what she said. "It was not very long either – perhaps a Longneck-neck? – but it will haunt me. There were bones, Rec, bones I know came from hatchlings."

She fell silent and shuddered. "I dare not make a count of the amount."

He coaxed, gently nuzzling her.

"They were broken. By a Clubtail." She looked at Hadria, remembering the Swimmer. "According to Grandma, that Clubtail's mate was not the father of her children. Instead he was her brother, taking the place of her mate for some reason. He covered for her. Even when she killed the hatchlings of your forest." She turned to her mate again. "And when she killed White Star Senior. He told Grandma before we found them and according to her, she confirmed it. She said that the Clubtail thought it the most normal thing in the world to kill other dinosaur's hatchlings so her own had better chances."

Rec hissed in horror and anger and not merely over what she revealed about his first mate's death.

He was the only one who made a sound. No one moved until Pterano took to the skies, flying in the direction of the burned-out forest at great speed.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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Pterano flew without pause to the burned-down forest. It was at the beginning of the night when he finally reached it, scanning the area for the plateau Tyra had mentioned. With all the trees burned down and the smoke dissipated, it was easily found.

When he returned to the Great Valley he could only nod, confirming the story of the Sharptooth.

This entire thing was starting to get complicated…

"Grandpa?" The old flyer touched down near the Longneck-nesting-site. "Can I speak to you for a moment?"

"Certainly." It was worrying how quickly he left the side of his just returned-children to walk with the Flyer. "What is it?"

"When I was at that forest, I saw Grandma." Pterano told him bluntly. "She had not left."

"Oh?" His voice should not be this even, Pterano thought as he mentally shuddered.

"Are you not going to her?" He inquired.

"She still killed, Pterano." Grandpa sighed in defeat. "Her reason does not change that."

"And letting her get killed is going to help?" The dark-brown flyer muttered. "She is too old to stay out there alone."

"She will join the herd of our children once they leave." The other walked away, deeper into the Valley. The conversation was over.


All the old ones had forgotten a simple thing however: Littlefoot and his friends were near impossible to keep in the Valley if they wanted out. And out he wanted right now.

The fact that they were nearly full-grown did not stop them from sneaking out. Chomper joined them, finally recovering from the shock of what he had seen.

All eight of them made their way to the forest, Shorty having overheard Pterano tell Grandpa that Grandma was still at the forest. Littlefoot was determined to reach her before she disappeared into the Mysterious Beyond.

None of them had noticed that White Star had seen them leave and was now entering the Valley to warn the grown-ups.

Their pace was fast, much faster than they could ever have kept up as hatchlings, but it still took them quite a while to get there.

"Wait." Chomper stopped them suddenly, breathing in deeply.

"What is it?" Ducky asked, his tense stance reducing her voice to a whisper.

"Fast Biters." He admitted in worry. "Several of them."

"What about Grandma?" Littlefoot looked at Petrie, the flyer climbing into the sky at the unspoken request.

"She down!" He called in horror after a few moments.

They gasped, running now. Chomper and Ducky were ahead of their friends, being much faster now than the others. His roar echoed in the stone under their feet and terrified cries of smaller predators answered. There was the sound of fleeing and then even the slow Leafeaters of the group could now see the massive Longneck on the ground. Ducky was standing at her neck, but Chomper had disappeared around a rise on his hunt of the Fast Biters.

"Grandma!" Littlefoot exclaimed, pushing his body to greater speed to reach the old Longneck as quickly as he could. He noted in relief that she was still breathing and that her wounds where minor.

"I think it's the bite." Ducky told him, looking down on the head of the female Longneck. A frown was on the face and she was obviously gritting her teeth. Her eyes were still closed, the pain too intense for her to register anything around her.

There was only one bite that would be capable of doing this: the one Rec had dealt her. Littlefoot looked over at the set of scars on his grandmother's shoulders.

"The Fast Biters hid in a cave." Chomper spoke up as he returned to them. "I am beginning to understand the other Sharpteeth's frustration with those things. How is she?"

"Not going to get up for a while." Cera mused in answer, looking around her. In silent agreement they took to resting around the old female, not saying anything.

"You think that that is the plateau your mother was talking about?" Ducky broke the silence after a while, pointing up a bit as she turned to the Sharptooth.

"Might be." He tilted his head, before looking around the burned-out remnants of the once lush forest. "Don't see any others, at least."

"I really want to see that ravine, but at the same time I really, really don't…" The Swimmer frowned as she looked up.

"Don't…" The groaned whisper made them all wheel around. Grandma Longneck had twisted her neck to look at the Swimmer.

"Grandma." Littlefoot was beside her head in a moment, nuzzling her gently. "How do you feel?"

"Like I always do after this." She rolled on her stomach with a groan. "Where did you come from?"

"I just had to see you." He admitted, looking away in embarrassment.

"Without telling the others, no doubt?" She chuckled weakly at their guilty looks. "Still the same, even after all these Cold Times."

"Shouldn't you be used to it by now?" Shorty nuzzled her as well, having come to love her as if she had been his grandmother by blood.

"Probably." She chuckled again. "How long have you been here?"

"Quarter of a day." Ruby guessed. "And we came none too soon. Fast Biters were already on you."

"Then indeed it was a close call." The voice was deeper than that of any of the youngsters and far older. Old Threehorn's mouth-corner twitched in faint amusement. He too remembered too well all the times where the young ones would just up and leave the Valley.

"Daddy!" Cera exclaimed, rising to her feet once more.

"You didn't think we'd notice you left? Again, I might add?" Ducky's mother followed the Threehorn, not even trying to hide her amusement at her children's antics. Tyra walked beside her and despite not understanding the words, understanding their meaning only too well.

But their eyes did not fall upon the Sharptooth walking beside her once-time prey, but rather the old Longneck walking forward and his reaction to the old female lying on the ground. There was none.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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"Leave us." He sharply ordered those around them. Neither of the old Longnecks spoke or even looked away as the other dinosaurs did his bidding.

Grandma looked at him as he sank through his legs beside her, resting his side gently against hers.

"I thought it for the best." She eventually spoke up.

"Perhaps…" He answered, looking at the ground in front of them. "But it certainly did not feel like it."

"We are entirely too old for this." She agreed with a weak chuckle and then sighed in defeat.

"Pretty much." Grandpa leaned his head against hers, closing his eyes. "You could have told me, though."

"And said what? 'yeah, I just killed a Clubtail because of something being said'?" She shook her head in exasperation. "You always expect me to tell you things that cannot be explained."

"I thought we agreed last time that I trusted you?" He countered.

"Forgive me if I did not think it would go so far as to accept me killing." She lifted her tail to whack him lightly.

"For you, I'd probably do that myself." He lovingly brushed his tongue against her cheek, noting with a hint of smugness he could still make her blush like that.

"But you weren't the one to do it." She couldn't help but point out.

"No, I wasn't." He agreed.

There was nothing more to be said between them. They had become mates when the two of them were still young and never had they had a true fight. The friends of their hatchling-days – most of whom were dead of old age by now – would tease them over their closeness. Neither had ever particularly cared about that, simply content and secure with the other.

And despite what she had said, Grandma was certain he'd probably forgive her for killing about anyone as long as she had a proper reason.

They looked at each other, each lost in the memories the other saw in front of their mental eyes too. And still they didn't say a word again.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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Side Story TIME

The young White Star proved to be like her mother not only in looks, but also in behavior. In the beginning it would send pain lacing through Rec's heart whenever he watched the hatchling play with Tyra. It should not be like this…

He watched quietly as White Star attempted to catch a flying buzzer, jumping up to try and snap her jaws closed around it. Tyra was drinking of the nearby Fast Water, ignoring the youngster frolicking around behind her. Or so he thought…

"White Star, you'll hurt yourself." The old female warned the hatchling who was making more dangerous jumps by the minute.

"But, Mo-hom…" The young one mewled, stopping her jumping to look at the massive Sharptooth approaching her.

"No arguing." Tyra chuckled as she nudged the pale-green female, nearly toppling her. "Why don't you look for some fuzzies in the greens?"

The young one made a face, but obeyed none the less while her 'mother' joined her father.

"Are you alright?" Tyra looked him over.

"Yes." He looked at her. "It just hurts that you…" He looked away, slightly ashamed at what he had been about to say.

"That I get to raise the kid that was supposed to be White Star's?" Tyra guessed correctly. "Yes, that hurts me too, but I much prefer this than to have her be dead alongside her siblings."

"I know." He groaned softly, ensuring his daughter would not hear him. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright." She assured him. "Just try to hide it better when White Star is around, she might notice and I really don't want to tell her THAT just yet."


In the end it was after several Cold Times – and a relocation of the family after the valley's Fast Water ran dry – that they told White Star that Tyra was not her actual mother and that her parents did not even love each other as more than friends.

She took it surprisingly well, all things considered. Meaning that she only ran off and did not scream at her parents.

Tyra followed her at a distance to ensure that she would not endanger herself while dealing with her conflicting emotions.

When the Bright Circle went to sleep neither had returned so Rec went out to search for them. His keen Sniffer easily made him pick up their trail.

He found them at the side of the Water Hole in their territory, with White Star curled up tightly at Tyra's side.

The older female was talking, the younger one listening with closed eyes. He crept closer, listening to the words. She was talking about the old White Star.

The stab in his heart was a lot less painful than he had imagined it to be.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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As was the way of Sharpteeth, after her first kill it was time for White Star to go out in the world alone.

"Remember to stay away from the Longnecks." Tyra reminded her again. "I don't want to see you crushed by one of those."

"Sure, mom…" The younger female managed to suppress her amused snicker. Despite there being no blood-relation between them, her mother was still like you'd expect a mother to be – safe that actual mothers would not whack their offspring with their tails or at least that's what White Star thought as she had to get back to her feet.

"Don't get cocky." Tyra swung her tail lightly again. "And do try not to get yourself killed."

"Definitely." White Star nuzzled the light-green female before turning to her father.

"What she said." He dryly told his daughter, earning himself a death-glare from the older female beside him.

"Seriously?" Tyra rolled her eyes. "You are terrible."

"That's just dad." White Star defended her father. It wasn't even so much of a lie: Rec still seemed to live in the past, clinging to her actual mother with something one could almost call desperation. And while he loved his daughter, the constant comparing her with her mother made him somewhat… cold in his interactions at times. Oh, how often did she not hear the infamous 'like your mother' come over his lips?

Tyra merely rolled her eyes again, licked White Star in farewell and walked away to go get a drink.

"So… What's up between the two of you?" White Star used the absence of her mother to ask a question that had bothered her for almost two Cold Times now.

"Should there be anything up?" Her father counter-asked.

"You've been staring at her when she's not looking." She answered. "And not like 'a friend'. What's up, Dad?"

He looked after the other female, not answering the question. He himself was not sure about what this all meant. "I don't know."

"You better figure it out." She warned him, swallowing the words she had wanted to say. "Bye, dad."

"Bye…" He answered, watching as she walked to the border of his territory. "Good luck…"

He followed the old female, finding her bathing in the pond. Instead of joining her, he stopped walking in the cover of the trees, regarding her form intently. What was up between them? The water ran down her sides in small rivulets, making her scales shine in the light of the setting Bright Circle.

He started lightly when she looked at him, having detected his presence. "She's gone then?"

He nodded in answer, walking up to the water's edge. The flash of grief in her red eyes startled him. She had really come to consider White Star as her own daughter.

"What are we going to do now?" She climbed out of the pool, shaking herself lightly as she looked at him with a tilted head. "We are no mates and the reason we stuck together is gone."

Why did that thought hurt him so much?


Convenience kept them together, a territory much easier held when there were two to defend it. Not to mention the Frozen Sky Sparkles were simply much too cold if you couldn't huddle up to someone to share body-warmth.

A sweet aroma filled the air, as it did each Cold Time: the scent of females waiting for a mate to fertilize that year's batch of eggs. It was something they had ignored, but considering White Star had gone Tyra decided that there would be no need for her to ignore it this time around.

Rec had gone out hunting just outside their territory, where abundant Sky Water had turned an arid area into a sea of grass. She had stayed, watching over the Water-hole and the surrounding lands.

Assuming he would not blame her for seeking a mate of her own, she called. Called with that deep and rumbling voice that was only used when wishing to cover great distances, just as she did now: to find a potential mate.

She would never know the shock that he felt when he heard her voice, the disbelief and horror when he remembered that although they had lived together for Cold Times, they were only friends. But she would know his determination to not lose her. On his daughter's insistence he had struggled to figure out what it was that had him staring at the light-green female the entire time.

Whatever it was, he knew he would never get to act on it if she went off with some other male.

The Swimmers looked up in horror and shock when they saw a massive Sharptooth suddenly rise to his feet and storm off like he was after his prey while starving. A female, having mated herself not a day beforehand, protectively rested her hand on her stomach as she watched him flatten the grass in his haste. It was quite a while until she had calmed enough to start eating the browning blades again.

Rec did not know then and neither of them would ever learn that in that short moment when he had looked over his shoulder at the meal he had lost and the meal had stared straight back at him that he had looked at someone he would later call a friend, for neither would recognize the other when they met again in a Valley far from this already dying field, brought together by their children – one barely conceived for a day, the other not even planned.


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Re: Vengeance of Love
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He still was too late: many Sharpteeth were following the herds of Leafeaters and one of them had decided to answer Tyra's call. With a strange pang of horror he watched the other male start courting her. It was unacceptable.

His own roar was no invitation: it was a warning. 'Get away, or face the consequences'

Tyra looked in surprise in his direction, having not expected him to interfere. The other male – a deep-brown in coloration – answered his roar with one of his own. Both approached the other at a jog, Tyra hanging behind as she watched the two of them measure each other up. Her eyes were demanding an explanation, but he ignored her for now. No one, absolutely no one, was taking another female he cared about again.

He mentally blinked, even as his eyes did not stray from the other and couldn't help but wonder where that had come from. It would explain his damn near heart-attack back there though.

Neither spoke, only roaring at the other. It was the stranger that made the first move, lunging forward. He was young, barely fully grown. But what he lacking in experience, he made up for in determination. Too bad for him his opponent was not only more experienced, but equally determined.

Rec wheeled out of the way, slapping his tail against the other's face. Both fought ferociously, determined to not back down before the other did.

On the sidelines Tyra was watching in horror and disbelief as they tore into each other. Fast Biters watched from the security of the forest, instinctively knowing that one or perhaps even both of the combatants would not leave this battle alive.

She shuddered at the look in Rec's eyes, one she had never seen before. She instinctively jumped back when he threw the other on the ground. She had not even known him capable of that, and now he was throwing the stranger around as if he was no more than a hatchling!

The downside was that the stranger did not want to be thrown around and reacted accordingly. She flinched as their battle continued, unable to stop the gasp from escaping her when Rec cruelly broke the other's neck.

"What was that about?" She demanded before the body of her once-suitor had even hit the ground.

"I killed him." He hissed as some of the wounds stung quite badly as he turned to face her.

"I got that, thank you very much." She snarled. "But why? Last time I checked we were friends at best. I am not yours, Rec, I am not a White Star-replacement."

That last bit hit him hard. "Did you perhaps consider that I would want Tyra?" He demanded in an equal tone, baring his teeth in frustration.

"Perhaps you should have mentioned something like that before I went into heat." She roared in answer, snapping at him. "Then perhaps I could have been yours already, you stupid moron!"

No one called him moron, no one. His tail hit her face with devastating force, knocking her over.

Her blood-red eyes widened in horror for a moment, before they narrowed as she hissed at him.

But the fact that she was not making a move to get up spoke volumes. He'd have to apologize to her later.


"And that is why a downed Sharptooth is still a dangerous Sharptooth." She smugly looked at him.

"And it's why you couldn't find anyone until now." He snapped back, nursing the new bruise she had given him. "A simple 'stop' would have worked too."

"You hit me." She countered.

"You called me a moron." He pointed out. "You know how I hate that."

"If you're going to hit me whenever I call you something, I'm going to look for someone else." She swung her tail at him lightly. "Did you at least bring dinner?"

"Sharptooth a la Rec." He pointed at the dead suitor. "Do you mind?"

"I'd have preferred Longneck." She chuckled, walking over.

"Sure, let me go kill a Longneck on my own. That'll work out great…" He dryly stated as he followed her over.