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A new ADGTH piece I worked on, showing a finale of sorts to the franchise. Also, in life, Charlie helped to reform Belladonna, so she is once more an angel here. Feel free to tell me where I can improve, just be polite about it. Enjoy!

Charlie and Sasha Barkin are now both extremely old. Charlie's time to die and go back to heaven is upon him. The elderly mutt laid in a dog bed, unable to get out of it. Any attempt to do so caused unbearable pain in his joints. Sasha had it a bit better, as she is still able to walk a bit, but not much. Nearby are all thirteen of their children, including Annabelle the younger, Lila and Katrina, their first pups, and Oliver, their adopted cat son. Charlie looked at them all.

"What's all the fuss? I've died before. This is just the third and final time," he said with a small laugh

Sasha licked her mate affectionately.

"Even death can't keep a good dog down," she said sweetly.

Charlie then turned to all of their children.

"Annabelle blessed your mother and I with all thirteen of you. Annabelle the younger, my firstborn puppy, heir to the Barkin legacy. Oliver, not a son by blood, but brought into our life from a world of hate..."

He continued on, describing each of them and what they meant to him.

"Dad, what happens next? Do you go back to heaven to become an angel again?" Annabelle the younger asked.

Charlie nodded. It was then time. He smiled at his entire family for the final time and took his final breath. Then, his eyes closed for the last time. It was over. Charlie Barkin was dead for the final time. Sasha broke into tears, as did their children. Sasha also died of old age. The moment she took her final breath and closed her eyes forever, her spirit left her body and was swept through a tunnel of multicolored lights. Finally, the lights faded and she was in a place in the sky. It was beautiful, made of gold and jewels and surrounded by fluffy white clouds. All around her were other dogs making their way toward a set of golden, pearl-encrusted gates. She joined them. Upon arrival, a horn sounded and the gates opened. Sasha entered with the other dogs. Her eyes went wide.

"This must be heaven," she said aloud.

"You are correct," a female voice said from behind her.

Sasha turned to see a beautiful, pink-furred Whippet standing there. She had angel's wings and wore a heavenly white robe. Sasha moved closer.

"Hello, Annabelle," she began.

Anabelle nodded.

"Welcome to heaven. Never again will you be sad, never again will you be sick, never again will you want for anything," she said.

At that instant, Sasha was granted angel's wings, a white robe and a halo of her own. She smiled at the Whippet.

"It's nice to see you again," she said.

Annabelle was aware of this, but was still touched. Suddenly, Charlie walked up behind Sasha, causing Annabelle to smile.

"Speaking of Charlie, someone wants to see you," she said before flying off to return to her duties as head angel.

Sasha turned to see Charlie. He was once again the younger German Shepherd/collie mix she had known when they first met.

"Hey there, good-looking," he began.

Sasha nuzzled him.

"Oh Charlie..." she said, so happy that she couldn't think of any other words.

Charlie brushed her cheek with his paw. As with him, Sasha was now young again. They would remain this way for all eternity now.

"You're young again. You look like you did when we first met," he told her.

The two of them then touched noses and walked off into heaven, ready to spend eternity together. Charlie turned to her, but, before he could speak, someone stepped in front of him. It was Belladonna. After Charlie and Sasha had redeemed her through great effort on their part and with help from Annabelle, she had gone up to heaven to become the powerful angel she had been so long ago.

"Hello," she said.

Sasha smiled.

"Hello, Belladonna," she replied.

Belladonna wasted no time in getting to the point.

"I wanted to inform you of something. I plan to go down to earth and offer a long apology to Oliver for how I treated him," she said.

Charlie and Sasha looked at each other.

"That might be a bit of an issue. He stated that he never wants to see you again," Charlie said.

Belladonna nodded.

"Of course. My treatment of him is one of my regrets from my life of wickedness, but it needs to be done. I will be back soon," she said.

When she vanished, they returned to Annabelle to ask for a viewing portal to see what would happen.