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An All Dogs African Adventure

Simba King Of Pride Rock

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It's a crossover of All Dogs go to Heaven and The Lion King, using my personal head-canon of TLK, by which I mean only the first film is in place, with the exception of the ending being altered to have the cub at the end be a young Vitani, which is all in the story. Things are quite different here regarding TLK, including a friendly hyena character.
An All Dogs African Adventure

Chapter 1

Charlie Barkin had never been happier. He was Sasha’s husband, and they had twelve puppies and their adoptive kitten son Oliver to love and cherish. Business was booming at the Flea Bite cafÈ, and, much to Sasha’s delight, Charlie hadn’t been called away on any missions by Annabelle in months. Charlie looked deep into Sasha’s gorgeous, shining emerald eyes as they watched over the proceedings at the cafÈ, Oliver and the pups, safely watched over in Charlie and Sasha’s chamber by Itchy’s girlfriend Bess, and smiled.

“This couldn’t get any better,” he said, leaning in and kissing Sasha’s head, his tail wagging madly.

Sasha couldn’t help smiling and wagging her own tail. As they enjoyed their day, they had no idea that things were going to change. All of a sudden, Annabelle appeared.

"Hello, Charlie," she said cheerfully.

Charlie wasn't exactly pleased to see her, as her appearance meant that he would be separated from Sasha and their family.

"Hey, Annabelle," Charlie replied irritably.

Annabelle was not offended. Not in the least. She knew that Charlie was thankful to her for allowing him to return to earth to be with Sasha, and it was also her that had allowed Sasha to bring all of their pups into the world. It was also her that had allowed them to rescue Oliver from Belladonna's cruel grasp. He just didn't like being away from his loved ones. She understood. She had been separated from three loved ones in her time. She sighed.

"Charlie, I have a mission for you," she said.

Charlie frowned.

"What now?" he asked.

Annabelle then smiled.

"I will keep this short. I need you and Itchy to go to east Africa and end a conflict between lion prides," she said.

Charlie narrowed his eyes.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Annabelle explained everything, including the leader of the conflict, Zira, a cruel, wicked lioness who had already killed her sister simply for choosing to enter a relationship with a rogue male outside the pride, thus orphaning the resulting female cub.

"How horrible," Sasha remarked.

Charlie was saddened, but knew that he had been given a mission, and he had to accomplish it. He proceeded to kiss and tell Sasha goodbye, who then went and summoned the kids, and Charlie proceeded to kiss them and say goodbye as well. He then turned to Itchy, who who was nearby.

"Come on, Itch. Let's get this over with," he said.

In that instant, Annabelle raised her paws and warped them to the Serengeti of east Africa.

Simba King Of Pride Rock

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Chapter 2

Annabelle's warp opened up and Charlie and Itchy emerged on to the vast, hot African savannah. Charlie turned to face Annabelle.

"All right, how about a miracle dog tag so that we can solve this instantly?" he said.

Annabelle laughed.

"No, not this time, Charlie. You will be the source of all the miracles on this mission. Now, you will head for this rock. It is called Pride Rock. There, you will find two lions named Simba and Nala," she said, displaying a portal showing both the lions and Pride Rock.

With that, she vanished. Charlie got up from his sitting position and began to walk. Itchy was right behind.

"Come on, Itchy. Let's get this done so I can get back to Sasha," he said.

Itchy followed his friend without a word. In the area called the outlands, Zira observed another lioness, her late sister's pretty niece, Hasar.

"HARDER! POUNCE HARDER!" she screamed at the top of her lungs

Hasar, a teenage lioness, sighed. She was tired. Her body ached. Her paws were bleeding from striking the rocks. Zira didn't care. She was going to mold her niece into a killer. Her mother, the sister Zira had killed, had only followed her into exile to support her. She was there when Zira took over the pride that they now led by killing the lioness who was previously in charge. Hasar had only barely grown into adolescence. She had never known a peaceful existence from the day her mother died to now.

"Aunt Zira, please..." she said.

Zira leaped down and closed the gap between them.

"You foolish, stupid girl! I told you to pounce harder, so do it! At this rate, you'll never be able to defeat Simba and his pride!" she shouted.

Hasar cowered a bit.

"Aunt Zira, you are taking this too far!" she said.

Zira's immediate reaction was a hard swat across the face. Thankfully, her claws weren't extended. Zira's fury toward Simba was the result of her belief that Simba had killed his wicked uncle, Scar. It was also due to Simba and Nala taking and adopting the only cub she had given Scar.

"Yes, Aunt Zira," she said, walking away to the rock pile, leaving bloody pawprints on the ground as she did so.

Zira sneered, feeling only disgust for her niece and her desire to stop.