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The Legend of Avatar Aladdin

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My new Disney/animation/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover fanfic. It is mostly Disney characters, but others appear as well. Things are different from their films of origin. Will updated at my leisure.
Chapter 1

It was a grim day in the Earth Kingdom. After many decades of service, Avatar Mulan, the world's current avatar, was about to die. An earthbender by her position in the current Avatar cycle, she was very, very old now, far into her nineties. Her beloved husband, Li Shang, had already passed away a year earlier. However, he had given her several sons and daughters, a few of whom had become master earthbenders in their own right. Those children, in turn, had given Shang and Mulan several grandchildren. Mulan sighed. She was now confined to bed, no longer able to get out. Any attempt to do so caused unbearable pain in her joints. Her firstborn son, who had grown up to be a local earthbending master, smiled at his mother.

"Mother, it will be sad when you leave this world," he said.

Mulan smiled.

"Yes, but remember, at the moment I die, the world will gain a new avatar. He or she will be born in the Fire Nation," she said.

Mulan then proceeded to give a blessing to each of her sons, daughters and grandchildren. Then, in that instant, Mulan took her last breath, closed her eyes and died. It was done. Avatar Mulan, one of the most powerful avatars of this era, was dead. In the royal court of the Fire Nation, Esmeralda, wife and queen to Firelord Cassim, brought a new life into the world. She delivered a newborn boy. The new avatar had been born. Eagerly, she showed the newborn to his royal father.

"Your son, your majesty," she said, handing him to Cassim.

Cassim extended his hands and held his newborn son for the first time. Just as he had hoped, his eyes showed the "spark" that was said to indicate a firebender. Cassim was overjoyed.

"And we shall name him...Aladdin," the Firelord said proudly.

Esmeralda smiled.

"That is an excellent name for our little fire prince," she said.

It was then that another voice was heard.

"Congratulations, my brother," the voice.

Cassim turned to see his twin brother, Iroh, standing there. A general in the Fire Nation army and a master firebender, Iroh was eager to see his new nephew.

"Where is he?" he asked.

Cassim led him over to where Esmeralda held Aladdin. Iroh smiled proudly.

"You have a fine son, brother. What is his name?" he asked.

"Aladdin," Esmeralda replied.

Cassim nodded.

"He also has the spark of a firebender in his eyes," he added.

Iroh was delighted.

"May I hold him?" he asked.

Esmeralda carefully passed Aladdin into his uncle's arms. It was an amazing sight. Cassim, Esmeralda and Iroh were regarded as the greatest non-avatar firebenders in existence, and yet, they all held the infant with the utmost gentleness. In his uncle's arms, Aladdin followed every movement around him.

"I have a feeling that he will be a legend of Fire Nation history one day," Iroh said.

As the days passed, elaborate feasts and celebrations heralded the new heir to the Fire throne. However, unknown to all, Aladdin had an even greater destiny ahead of him.