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My Jurassic Park Fanfiction: Father and Son


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Greetings, I am currently writing a fanfic for Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. The story is that Owen Grady is Alan Grant's son, and travels with him through an alternate version of the JP universe. I currently have 50 chapters on, so for simplicity's sake I will combine 4 or 5 chapters into one post. Please let me know what you think. If you want to see the full version, go to
Owen Grady hadn't known his father until just a month ago, when his mother tragically died in a train crash, and he was sent to live with his father, Alan Grant, who had no idea he even had a son.
Since he got there, the relationship between him and his father was awkward to say the least, but atleast Alan tried to be a good father to his newly discovered son. But there was one thing about his dad that was cool; he was a paleontologist.
He always loved dinosaurs, specifically predators, like T-rex, and Raptors. To find out his dad loved dinosaurs as much as he had was a pleasent surprise, and allowed them to bond a little.
"And look at the half moon shaped bones on the wrist. No wonder these guys learned how to fly." Alan mused, pointing to a a radar image of a velociraptor skeleton. This earned a laugh from the group. "No seriously, now maybe dinosaurs have more in common with birds then they do with reptiles. Look at the pubic bone, turns backward just like a bird. Look at the vertebrae, full of air sacs and hollow just like a bird, and even the word raptor means, bird of prey."
"That doesn't look very scary!" A kid dismissed the dinosaur. "More like a six foot turkey."
Uh oh. Owen thought.
"Turkey. Now, just imagine yourself in the cretaceous period. You get your first look at this six foot turkey as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly bobbing his head. And you keep still because you think his sight is based on movement like T-rex; he'll lose you if you don't move. No, not Velociraptor!"
"You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes, not from the front, but from the side." Alan brought his two hands together in demonstration. "From the other two raptors, you didn't even know were there."
"Because Velociraptors are pack hunters, they use coordinated attack patterns, and he's now enforced the day." Alan pulled out a wicked claw from his pocket. "And he slashes at you with this; a six inch retractable claw like a razor, on the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, see, he slashes! Or here!"
"Oh Alan." Ellie groaned.
"Or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. See, you're alive when they start to eat you. So you might want to show a little respect."
"Okay." The kid said a bit nervously.
Alan smiled triumphantly and began to walk away. "Hey Alan, if you wanted to scare the kid you could have pulled a gun on him." Ellie commented. "Kids... You really want to have one of those?" Alan asked.
"I don't want that kid, but a breed of a child Doctor Grant could be intriguing." Ellie stated. "Honey what's so wrong with kids?"
"They're messy and expensive." Alan replied. "They smell."
"We do not!" Owen replied. "Some of them smell! Babies smell!" Alan retorted. Owen rolled his eyes, when Ellie turned to him. "It's okay, honey, he'll come around, don't worry." She consoled, trying to make Alan's son feel a little better.
Their thoughts were interrupted when a helicopter landed at the digsite.
It had turned out that the owner of the helicopter, John Hammond, had built some biological preserve as he called it, and wanted Alan, and Ellie to come down and visit it. He also invited Owen along as well, as he was part of the target audience of kids. Owen didn't like being called a kid, despite being almost 13.
As the helicopter flew over the pacific, they got to know the other passengers. One was an eccentric mathematician named Ian Malcolm, and the other was a lawyer named Donald Gennaro.
"So you two dig up...dig up dinosaurs?" Ian asked, trying to make conversation.
"We try to to." Alan sighed.
Apparently, Ian found this amusing, and began chuckling. "You'll have to get used to Doctor Malcolm, he suffers from a deplorable excessive personality. Especially for a mathematician." John stated.
"Chaotician! Chaotician, actually." Ian corrected. "Now John doesn't subscribe to Chaos, especially what it has to say about his little science project."
"I bring scientists, you bring a rockstar." Hammond laughed at Gennaro. Apparently the lawyer didn't find this very amusing. "There it is!" Hammond declared, and they began to fly over an island covered in tropical rainforest and mountains.
It was beautiful to say the least. "Now we drop pretty fast, so..." Hammond was cut off by a shake. "Yahoo!" He laughed. Owen was able to buckle up quickly, but his technoligically challenged dad failed to do so.
"You connect the two straps together, like this." Owen mocked. Alan shot his son a glare, and simply tied the two straps together.
Within a minute, the helicopter had landed, and the group began to disembark onto a platform. They had landed behind a large waterfall. Owen got a good look at the island, and saw nothing but trees for miles around.
"This way, into these jeeps here." Hammond instructed. Ian, Alan, and Ellie got into one car, and Hammond, Grant, and Owen got in another. They began driving on a small dirt road towards what Hammond said was the visitor center.
As they drove, Gennaro turned back to Hammond. "And I can confirm the 50 miles of perimeter fencing are in place?"
"And the concrete moats, and the automated turrets, Donald dear boy relax! Try to enjoy yourself." Hammond replied. "Yeah Donald, relax." Owen repeated. Hammond smiled in amusement, while the lawyer shot him a glare.
"First off John, this is not a weekend excursion. This is a serious investigation into the stability of the island. Your investors who I represent are deeply concerned. Forty eight hours from now if they're not convinced, I'm not convinced, we'll shut you down John." Gennaro pointed out.
"In forty eight hours, I'll be accepting your apologies." Hammond laughed. Owen was surprised, what was with all this big talk about stability and perimeter fences, and concerned investors?
"Wait, wait, stop, stop, stop!" Hammond exclaimed suddenly.
Owen sat back to relax, when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something incredible. Something big. Something he never expected to see in his life. Something extinct.
A dinosaur.
An enormous, living, breathing dinosaur.
It came on great scaly legs, carrying its eighty ton body and 30 foot neck off the ground. Brachiosaurus, Owen deduced. His dad and Ellie had gotten out of the car to observe, and Owen joined them.
"25, 30 foot neck, Brachiosaurus." Hammond identified "How fast are they?" Alan asked. "We clocked the T-rex at 32 miles an hour." Hammond replied. "T-rex? You got a T-rex?!" Owen asked.
"We have a T-rex. Doctor Grant, my dear doctor sattler, and young Owen, welome to Jurassic Park!"
Owen, Alan, and Ellie turned, and saw a whole herd of Parasaurolophus and Brachiosaurus near a lake. It was amazing. "They're moving in herds. They do move in herds." Alan observed.
"How did you do this?" Owen asked.
"I'll show you."
"Welcome to the most advanced amusement park in the entire world. I'm not just talking about rides you know, everybody has rides. But we have made living bioligical attractions, so astounding that they'll capture the imagination of the entire planet."
They were in a large museum like facility, where a huge tyrannosaurus skeleton was attacking a sauropod. It was quite impressive. Above it was a banner that said 'When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth'.
"So what are you gonna do now?" Ian asked. "We're out of a job." He said a bit sadly. "Don't you mean extinct?" Ian asked, laughing a little. After a fairly boring video on how dinosaurs were made, the group visited the lab where the magic happens.
"Good day Henry." Hammond greeted an asian man. "Oh, good day sir." Henry Wu replied. While they were moving, Alan noticed the egg clutch nearby. "It's turning the eggs." Ellie observed, watching a machine turn the eggs to keep them warm.
Suddenly, one of them started to stir. "Oh, good, I was hoping they'd hatch soon!" Henry stated. "Henry, Henry, Henry why didn't you tell me? I insist on being here when they're born." Hammond declared.
Everyone's attention was focused on the little egg that stirred. A small squeaking sound was heard, and the eggshell started to crack. Hammond encouraged the little dinosaur hatching, while Owen and the others got to see the little creature hatching.
"They imprint on the first creature they come in contact with. I've been present for the birth of every single creature on this island." That provoked an arguement about if the animals would breed between Hammond and Malcolm, though Alan and Owen focused more on the hatchling.
As they observed it, however, they began to recongize features. A bird like body, with long arms and a long tail. But there was one thing that confirmed it, a tiny talon on its feet. Alan's face paled.
"What species is it?" He asked, dreading the answer. "Its a Velociraptor." Henry replied nonchalantly. "You bred raptors?" Alan asked. Owen was surprised by this, how could anyone think to breed these creatures, they were more dangerous then a t-rex.
Henry nodded slowly. Alan turned back to the creature in his palms, knowing it would one day become a super predator capable of ripping him to shreds.
Wanting to see these raptors, Alan and the group headed to the Raptor pen nearby. As they approached, they heard a loud screeching and growling from what could only be the full grown velociraptors in the pen.
"Dr. Grant I must insist we have lunch before we set out into the park, Alejandro our gourmet chef has prepared a wonderful dish, Chilean Sea Bass I believe-"
"What are they doing?" Owen asked, spotting a cow being lifted towards the pen. "Feeding them." Hammond replied casually.
Alan moved to the pen, hoping to see the spectacle that would follow. For what seemed like an eternity, the cow was lifted into the pen, making nervous sounds, as if sensing what was about to happen.
When it was landed, there was silence, then shrill screeching, and the plants in the pen shook with terrible fury. Roaring and screeching raged in the pen, and the group looked with muted horror.
My god... Owen thought, watching the frenzy. "They should all be destroyed." A voice spoke. The group turned to see Robert Muldoon, the park warden, approaching.
"This is Robert Muldoon, my Game Warden from Kenya, knows more about Raptors then anyone." Hammond introduced. Alan immediatley began asking questions on the raptors to the warden, who happily answered them.
Owen, meanwhile continued to look into the pen, before spotting one of the raptors looking up at him. It was spooky, looking into those cold yellow eyes, which reflected only one emotion: Hunger.
"How many are there?" Alan asked. "Six. We bred ten originally, but when the big one came in she took over and killed foiur of the smaller raptors. The three remaining, the little ones as we call them are much more docile. We were actually able to feed them by hand before the big one came." Muldoon replied.
"How intelligent?"
"Extremely intelligent, even problem solving intelligent. Especially the Big One. When she looks at you, you can see she's working things out. She had them attack the fences when the feeders came."
"The fences are electric aren't they?" Ellie asked. "Yes, but they never attacked the same place twice. They were testing the fences for weaknesses systematically. That's why we have to feed them like this. They remember." Muldoon continued.
A rattling sound indicated the crane bringing the cow holder back up. Well what was left of it anyway.
After the raptors, no one really felt like eating. Instead, they decided to set out into the park. But not before they were joined by Hammond's grandchildren. After meeting them, they got into the land cruisers, which would be giving the tour around the park.
Owen, the kids, and Gennaro got into the first jeep, while Alan, Ian, and Ellie got into the second jeep.
"So you're Dr. Grant's Son?" Tim, Hammond's grandson asked in surprise. "Yeah." Owen replied. "Cool, though I don't know why he thinks that dinosaurs evolved into birds, I heard that there was this, uh, meteor, that hit the earth, which-"
Owen stopped listening, instead, he was focusing on the gate they were approaching. On top was a picture of a T-rex skeleton, with the sign "Jurassic Park" below it. "We gonna hit that?" Lex, Hammond's granddaughter asked nervously.
They didn't and drove through the gate.
Soon, they were supposed to see their first dinosaur. But as they looked into the dense undergrowth, they didn't see a single Dilophosaurus, which, according to the tour guide, was supposed to be there.
However, there was nothing there. The most was a bit of growling, but that was it. No Dilophosaurus or anything dinosaur looking. "Man." Tim grumbled in frustration.
"Well, it says the next one is the T-rex, so I guess we'll see something better." Lex said. T-rex?! Owen thought in surprise. "T-rex?! Awesome!" Tim cried happily. Owen couldn't wait to see the big predator.
Well, if it was there.
Sadly, just as with the Dilophosaurus, the T-rex was a no show. So, with dissapointment, they continued.
That, was, until his dad jumped out of the car. Owen quickly followed. Apparently, Alan heard something. As they trekked through some tall grass, Owen could hear it to. Suddenly, they found a clearing, and a Triceratops lying on the ground.
"Woah." Owen breathed in wonder. "She's sick." Alan observed. Wow. Just wow.
Owen moved over, and slowly stroked the creature on its head. The Triceratops snorted in happiness. "This was my favorite when I was a kid." Alan murmured.
Ellie chuckled a little in happiness. Then she observed something in the creature's tongue. Apparently she began to recognize signs of some sort of poison. A little later, she saw some West Indian Lilac, and asked the scientist caring for the Trike, Gerry Harding, about them.
Meanwhile, Owen, Alan, and the kids continued to look with wonder at the triceratops.