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The music of the series...

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Bruton the Iguanodon

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I feel like the tv series did everything in it's power to make sure it was a complete flop. The animation was even more abysmal then in the post movie 6 sequels, and the endings would a lot of the time be "everyone laughing" endings, and also at least once it ended with an "iris-out" ending :x  It also took away so many cool elements the sequels still had---the narrator, the opening outer space shots, and the music. Most of the beautiful orchestral score was replaced with cheesy, African sounding music that was sometimes suspenseful but nothing like the music of the films and nothing you wouldn't hear on "The Save-ums" (a lot of the score sounds like it would actually come from that show.  :huh: )

But I could forgive it all if they would just cut out the songs! Now that it's just a bunch of 21-minute episodes, they shouldn't need songs as a time filler. But they use them anyways, so between these and the cheesy things I mentioned in the above paragraph, it felt like something made by the people who made "PB&J Otter"  :x I mean, "Good times, good friends" actually sounds like something original written for PB&J Otter, and ended up being used instead here.

Even worse, most songs have the same tune, so instead of being their own distinctive song, they just blend together. Not even the worst kids shows I ever saw sank that low. You've got only a handful of acutall tunes, which are all reused in moments in which that mood is the same:

1. You've got the silly, obnoxious sounding tune that was used for "Oopseeps"  and which is clearly targeted towards littl-kid audiences :x
2. A tune used in times of anger or defiance ("We must be brave") that is clearly trying to mock hard rock, and isn't too badf in my opinion  
3. The soft, touching tune used for "Remembering" that mocks your typical pop ballad, and which is ok.  
4. They sing "Good times good friends" too much
5. ...and "Adventuring"
6. ...and even reuse the tunes of songs from the movies...
7. ...when they're not re-singing that exact song and ruining the original.

From wikipedia:


All of the songs sung in the TV series (with the exception of Adventuring, Friends for Dinner, Big Water, and The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur) are unnamed, and the names above are approximations.

They don't even have the decency to name these songs they're so poorly written.  <_<

Bruton the Iguanodon

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Oh yeah... and who could forget "I feel so happy"? :x


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Oh, don't get me started on the songs.  Just don't.

Many of the songs are just mediocre to terrible.  I think I can just barely make a top ten list out of what I feel to be at least decent.

Let's see... (Note: These are names I made myself.  They are not accurate in any way, shape or form.)

In no particular order...

"Big Mistake" from The Hidden Canyon

"Good to be Home" from The Hermit of Black Rock (To me, this feels like a parody of "I Feel So Happy".)

"Hide My Sky Color Stones" from Search for the Sky Color Stones.

"I Wish I Knew" from The Forbidden Friendship.

"It's Not Fair (Hatred for Ret)" from The Brave Longneck Scheme.

"My Way" from Stranger From the Mysterious Above.

"Please Be Quiet Now" from March of the Sand Creepers.

"Ruby's Remembering" from The Star Day Celebration.

"We Will Be Okay (Ducky & Chomper Version)" from Escape From the Mysterious Beyond.

Nope!  Can't even make a Top Ten list for me!  Darn it! -_-

aabicus (LettuceBacon&Tomato)

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"All hail the amazing Threehorn girl" is the only song I remember a year after having last watched the series (unless you count enough remakes of "Adventuring" and "I Feel So Happy" to fill their own 90-minute movie) so I guess that gets my vote for best song.

Definitely stretched reasonable bounds for the song:minute ratio though.