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Pony in the Water sequel to Griffon the Brush-Off


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It was a month after the party for Gilda. Nopony had seen Gilda after she had left the party. Rainbow Dash relaxed by a lake by Ponyville one sunny summer day in August. The pegasus pony and her friends had nothing special to do. Rainbow Dash laid on a beach chair by the lake and read a Daring Do comic. But soon had Rainbow Dash heard a thing run fast by her.

"That could only be Pinkie Pie or some fast animal." Rainbow Dash told herself.

The pony thought she heard a pony shout in the quiet woods. Somepony were shouting for help. Rainbow Dash flew into the woods. There had Rainbow Dash been startled. A ghostly mare searched for her filly in the sunny woods.

"I am searching for my filly I had seen last time here one summer evening in the woods." the ghostly mare told Rainbow Dash.

"But I haven't seen any filly here." Rainbow Dash told the entity.

Rainbow Dash had not seen any ghosts as long as she been here as a filly on vacation. Soon had the entity went away. Rainbow Dash flew quickly back to the lake. But there had a another ghostly entity that looked like a filly suddenly been coming up from the water. That must had been the filly the other entity searched after. Rainbow Dash left that area qucikly and would not go back there. Later that day had Rainbow Dash found Granny Smith in the Ponyville market. The old mare knew much about Ponyville and the area's history. Rainbow Dash told what she had seen at the lake.

"I seen these entities too by that lake." Granny Smith told Rainbow Dash.

Granny Smith told the pegasus that for many years ago a mare and her son went into the Ponyville woods to bath one summer evening. None from Ponyville could find these two the next morning. A group of pegasus ponies from Cloudsdale who searched for the two lost ponies only found their ghostly remains instead in the dark forest they fled from.


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It's a good story so Far I liked what you wrote a lot. Keep up the good work