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The Best Night Ever Sequel


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Welcome to my first fic.

I became a new brony this autumn , and I did not know where to start this boring wednesday night.

The Best Night Ever?

Yes, that was Princess Celestia she thought.

Even if the party ended with a wreck in the castel, did Celestia and her friends have the best night ever.

It was late at night, but the party went on till the morning light at the castle.

The ponies danced all night long, as a firework from Cloudsdale ended the party.

After the cleanup at the castle as the gala enderd, was the everyday returning for everypony until later.

Applejack she awoke the next day, as she had a nightmare who gave her a breakdown.

She visited Spike that day, and she told about the nightmare.

"That can't be Discord?" was Princess Celestia asking as she saw the letter from Spike.

"Applejack was lost in a maze, and that's how his nightmare ended" did Celestia say.

Rainbow Dash he had a nightmare too, as she made a letter too.

"I must save Cloudsdale no matter what!" was Princess Celestia saying by reading the letter from Rainbow Dash.

Princess Celestia she invited her friends up to her castle, as she thought they had a propechy together.

As both Applejack and Rainbow Dash had their breakdown earlier that day, was Princess Celestia taking them for a long walk that sunny day.

Princess Celestia she showed her friends around in the garden, where she told stories from her childhood at the castle.


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It's a good start I enjoyed reading it nice job.