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Hypothetical Dinosaur scenario


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Hello, this is my first written story on this forum. This story, though more of a scenario,
will concern my visual ideas and concepts of how dinosaurs lived their lives when
they lived in the Mesozoic Era.
Now this story will be about a hypothetical fight between a T.rex and Triceratops, as
predator and prey. Keep in mind that I'll try to be as accurate as I can, since dinosaur
theories often change over time, and so I'll leave out several theories I believe, just in
First I will write half of the fight, then leave a sort of cliffhanger and wait for replies
to my story. I encourage those who reply to this story to write their own scenario of
the latter half of the fight and come up with their outcome. Then I will continue writing the latter half of the fight and reveal my outcome of the battle.

Here it is. Enjoy.

Off in the distance, a lone Tyrannosaurus is walking in a forest, searching for a meal.
As the carnivore walks on, it comes to a clearing, where the plains meet the forest. Seeing an open plain field with several large trees, T.rex looks in the distance, hoping to catch a sight of a large animal to prey on. Looking to its right, the predator doesn’t see anything except a couple of Pteranodons getting a drink from a small lake. Knowing that these were flying animals, and there was no way it could hide itself without the Pteranodons noticing, T.rex ignored them. He then looked straight, but saw nothing. He then turned to his left towards an open plain field and sees a Triceratops. Seeing no herd, he decides to take this opportinuity to get a meal.
If this was an Edmontosaurus, T.rex would charge and try to come close enough to fatally bite it. But since this was a Triceratops, T.rex needed a more thought out plan. It moved behind some trees that were opposite of the clearing, and peered out to look at the Triceratops, who by now had moved its position and was facing the T.rex’s left.                                                               Still needing more time to plan, T.rex walked some more distance until it was aligned with the Triceratops. This, coupled with that the Triceratops was facing away from the scheming predator, was T.rex’s chance.
The Triceratops then raised its head, catching a smell of something it feared. Just as the Triceratops sensed the scent of T.rex, T.rex charged. It kept its mouth closed, waiting until it got close enough to use its massive jaws on the hapless herbivore, or so as hapless as it seemed.
The Triceratops turned and faced the T.rex, keeping its ground and displaying its horns. This was a young adult Triceratops, who was healthy and showed no signs of injury or disease, and was certainly a match for the T.rex. Hesitating for a moment as it stopped some safe space from Triceratops, T.rex pondered on what to do. It studied the horned herbivore, looking for a weak spot. With its jaws open partly, T.rex looked over as it tried to discern a chance to attack and possibly fatally injure Triceratops. T.rex moved back a little as the Triceratops waved its horns and made noises for its herd to hear.
Finally, T.rex decides to lower its head and try to bite down on of the Triceratops’s front legs. Triceratops had raised its head slightly when it saw its enemy lunging forward and quickly Triceratops swung its head sideways in an attempt to counter-attack the predator.

I will reveal what happens as soon as I get a few responses. Until then, write if you think if either Triceratops or T.rex will win in the outcome.