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Inheritance Cycle Oneshots
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:16:05 AM »
Some of you may know this already, but I'm actually a pretty big fan of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.  While the series has its flaws, I still like it anyway.  I've written a number of Inheritance-theme fanfics including a number of short stories and I'd like to share them here.  These stories don't really follow established canon and are based more on an Inheritance RP I was in rather than the book themselves.  As such there will differences between these stories and the source material.

Story 1: The Last Stand

Natagath ran through the darkened forest as the sound of a battle raged overhead. Blood and dirt stained the elf's normally blond shoulder length hair. It was over. The Dragon Riders had been all but destroyed and now the few Riders that remained were being hunted down one by one. Separated from his dragon, the former Rider had no choice but to flee on foot. They had only just managed to flee from Vroengard with a small group of survivors and already, the Forsworn were nipping at their heels. Somewhere nearby, Natagath heard the scream of a dying dragon and saw said dragon tumbling from the sky and crash into the trees. Natagath realized that it wasn't his dragon, so he pressed on. He knew that Voxin, his amethyst dragon was somewhere close by, but he couldn't see her among the smoke and fire that was engulfing the forest around him.

Vox, where are you? he asked, reaching out telepathically to the partner-of-his-heart-and-mind.

I'm fine! They're falling behind! If we could make it a little further…

Voxin's words were interrupted as a large black dragon descended from above and tackled her in midair. Shruikan had arrived. Reacting fast, Voxin slipped from his grasp before he had a firm grip on her. For the moment it was just the two dragons facing off against one another. Despite Shruikan's size and strength, Voxin was a far older and more experienced fighter. She was easily able to hold her own against him, blocking or dodging all of his attacks.

It almost seems like a pity to kill such a pretty dragon! Shruikan gloated as the two dragons dueled.

We shall see about that! retorted the amethyst female.

Natagath realized that time had run out. If Shruikan had found them, that meant that Galbatorix wouldn't be far behind. He tried to plan his next move, but it was already too late.

"There's nowhere to run, elf." said a smooth, calm voice somewhere behind him.

Instinctively, Natagath reached for his sword and spun around, only to be hit with a stunning spell which knocked him off his feet. He found himself gazing up at Galbatorix. The deranged former Rider wore a tattered robe stained in the blood of his fallen enemies. Natagath recognized the white sword strapped to Galbatorix's belt as Islingr, the sword of Vrael, and immediately he knew what that meant. Natagath summoned what energy he could, but Galbatorix smirked and uttered a string of curses which shattered his protective barriers like glass. Natagath felt ten separate minds hammering against his own. They were the minds of fallen dragons that Galbatorix had enslaved in their eldunarya.

Sensing her Rider's peril, Voxin dived toward the forest below. She knew Shruikan would continue to pursue her and she was prepared this time. As Shruikan tackled her again, the amethyst dragon twisted around, grabbed one of the black dragons wings in her front paws, and twisted it. With a loud pop, she dislocated Shruikan's wing, causing him to release her. Shruikan tumbled from the sky, crashing nearby as Voxin landed about thirty feet away from where Galbatorix held her Rider.

Bearing her teeth, Vox snarled at the deranged former Rider. Instinctively, Galbatorix extended a hand to eliminate the dragon.

Natagath screamed in rage and lashed out with his mind again. Having been focused on the dragon, Galbatorix was caught off guard.

"Save yourself, Vox! Go!"

Confused, the amethyst dragon replied, No! Not without you!

"There's nothing you can do for me!" cried Natagath, struggling against Galbatorix and his enslaved eldunarya, his strength ebbing fast.

"It's no use, elf! Her eldunari will be mine one way or another!"  taunted Galbatorix, hammering at Natagath's crumbling mental defenses. "I had to watch my dragon die, and now you can do the same!"

Ignoring the traitor's words, Natagath said, "There is nothing more you can do for me, Voxin! But you don't have to die here tonight!"

"You're a fool, elf!" hissed Galbatorix. "It makes no difference whether she leave you behind or not! Your souls are interconnected!"

A sly grin appeared on the elf's face. "Not anymore!"

Galbatorix was taken aback by what happened next. Natagath chanted a spell that Galbatorix was unfamiliar with and a flash of blinding white light shot from the Gedw”y ignasia on Natagath's left hand. Voxin's eyes widened with shock.

Galbatorix immediately realized what had happened. Natagath had just performed one of the Dragon Riders' greatest taboos. He had broken the bond between himself and his dragon. They were now two independent beings.

"Voxin! Go now! Run!" Natagath screamed.  

Galbatorix bellowed with rage, balled his fist, and socked the elf squarely across the face, rendering him unconscious.

Still clutching Natagath's unconscious form with one hand, Galbatorix pointed at Voxin with his unoccupied hand and prepared to strike her down. Tears ran from the dragon's eyes as she spread her wings and started to back away. That was when their eyes met. Galbatorix had seen those same amethyst eyes and that same look of fear, pain, and impending doom before. They were the eyes of his beloved Jarnunvˆsk. She too, had brilliant amethyst scales, and the same devotion for her Rider. Only now did he fully see the resemblance between the two. Voxin could have easily passed for Jarnunvˆsk's twin. In fact, they could have come from the same clutch of eggs for all he knew. Galbatorix had the fatal spell on the tip of his tongue, but try as he might, he couldn't bring himself to utter the words. Even as Voxin took off into the night sky, flying toward the ocean, all he could do was watch until she disappeared from sight. Once the dragon was gone, Galbatorix dropped Natagath who fell limply to the ground, blood running from his broken nose.

Galbatorix felt Shruikan's mind touch his own as the black dragon limped beside him.

Why did you let her escape? inquired the black dragon.

"It doesn't matter. She won't get far." replied Galbatorix with a shaky voice. "I'll have one of the others finish her off."

And what of the Rider?

"Perhaps I can find some use for him." Galbatorix said flatly.

As for Voxin, she simply disappeared. Galbatorix would never learn what became of her. She was last seen flying toward the open sea. For years afterward, Galbatorix puzzled over the dragon's fate.

If she never returned to shore, she must have fallen into the sea and drowned. he kept telling himself, and yet he had the uneasy feeling that there was still a renegade dragon out there somewhere.

Whatever the dragon's fate, it would become one of the great mysteries of The Fall.

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Inheritance Cycle Oneshots
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2017, 02:17:19 PM »
So here's another one.  This is sort of an origin story for Saphira's mother, Vervada.  We know very little about her so I thought I'd give her a bit of back story.

She soared high above the churning sea. The sun shined through the broken clouds, causing her midnight blue scales to glitter. The dragoness flew among the massive mountains and canyons of clouds, using her tail as a rudder as she twisted and darted about in the air. All around her, the wind howled and the darkening sky seemed to close in. Vervada let out a defiant roar, staring at the threatening sky ahead.

I can't let anything stop me! the blue dragoness thought to herself.

Down below, massive waves rocked the seas. Vervada's adventure across the sea had taken a disastrous turn as she found herself flying right into the path of a hurricane. There was no place to land and the sea was too rough to try and float. Vervada knew she had no choice but to press onward.

Fear is your greatest enemy! If you let fear take hold, you shall surely die! she growled to herself. Those were the words her mentor, Raugmar the Black, had always told her.

Vervada flapped her wings, trying to steady herself as the turbulent wind tossed and buffeted her all about. She weaved between the massive clouds, banking and turning sharply.

I wish Iormungr were here. she thought to herself, missing her beloved mate.

Alas, she had embarked on this particular adventure alone. She had been exploring a massive, unknown landmass far to the west of Alagaesia along with Iormungr and his Rider. They had crossed the ocean together several times going to and from the mysterious land, but this time Vervada was making the trip alone. This time, she found herself flying alone across the sea with a massive hurricane bearing down upon her. Vervada looked up as the clouds began to obscure the sun overhead. She knew they were too high to fly above. There was nowhere to go but down. Angling her wings back, Vervada dived steeply toward the churning sea below. As the water rushed up at her, she leveled off, skimming the waves. The midnight blue dragoness pulled up just in time to avoid a large swell. Then the rain started. The rain came down in relentless torrents that pelted the lone dragon as she flew just above the turbulent water. Rain poured from her scales and gusts of wind threw her about.

Vervada let out another defiant roar, flapping her wings and pressing onward. She was a mighty dragon, far stronger than any storm! Lightning flashed across the sky overhead, briefly illuminating the world around Vervada, followed by a deafening crash of thunder. The dragoness growled, pressing onward. A massive wave loomed ahead, forcing the dragon to pull up sharply. The white crest of the swell touched her belly as she narrowly climbed above it. Nearby, a bolt of lightning struck the surface of the sea. Vervada panted, squinting her blue eyes as the wind increased, blowing large drops of rain into her face. For what seemed like an eternity, the blue dragoness fought her way through the shrieking winds and blinding rain. It was as if the heavens themselves were pouring down on her. Vervada snorted, blowing water from her nostrils that she had accidentally inhaled. The rain was so heavy that there were times she thought she could drown in midair. She turned her head to the side and gritted her teeth, struggling onward. Then suddenly, much to her surprise, Vervada broke through the rain and clouds and into the bright sunlight.

The only sound was that of her own exhausted breathing and panting as the dragoness gazed in awe at the sight that lay before her. She had found the eye of the storm. All around her, the black clouds swirled in a circle, leaving a patch of blue sky and sun overhead. There was no wind and no rain. Vervada climbed higher into the air and spread her wings, gliding and taking advantage of the calm to let her tired wings rest. She knew that soon she would have to face the rest of the hurricane. Vervada reluctantly flew to the opposite side of the eye wall and braced herself for what lay ahead. Then, with another defiant roar, the midnight blue dragoness plunged into the storm. Instantly, wind and rain buffeted and tossed her about. This time, however, the wind was blowing from the opposite direction.

I can use this to my advantage! She thought.

Vervada spread her wings like a sail and allowed the wind to push her along. All around her streaks of lightning forked across the sky. The crashes of thunder were almost constant. One bolt struck a little too close for comfort and Vervada felt a tingling sensation in her wings. She had had enough. With all the lightning, it was simply too dangerous to fly at high altitude. Angling her wings back, the dragoness dived for the sea again. Leveling out just above the water, something caught her eyes. Nearby, a funnel cloud touched down, forming a waterspout.

Great! Vervada growled, winging away from the howling, menacing waterspout.

She knew she would be pulled to her doom if she got too close. The dragoness pressed onward. She wasn't sure how much time passed but the with the wind at her back, the second half of the journey seemed to pass quicker. Gradually, the rain let up and the winds became calmer. The clouds lightened and the sun came back out as Vervada emerged from the other side of the hurricane. Far off in the distance, she could make out the green, rugged coastline of Alagaesia.

I'll be home by nightfall! She exclaimed excitedly to herself. And I'll have quite a story to tell Iormungr!

That was the day Vervada became a living legend among dragons everywhere. Her feat of flying through a hurricane demonstrated her strength and skill and earned her the unanimous respect of both bonded and wild dragons alike. That was the day she became known as the "Stormcleaver".