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Camp Wars


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Around Camp Kidney’s camp fire area were the Bean Scouts of Prickly Pines. They had already finished having a marshmallow roast, much to the joy of an elephant named Raj. Now they were all in the middle of telling their own stories. Edward was in the middle of telling the tale of how he was a James Bond, or possibly Jason Bourne, spy saving the world from becoming a nuclear wasteland.

“…And right before I hit the abort launch button,” Edward narrated, “I just had to say, ëI hope you enjoy a fireworks show.’ I pressed the button, and the nuclear warheads were detonated in mid-air. And with that, in less than five minutes, I was a world wide hero. Yup, stopping a nuclear war, saving the President of the United States, and making sure that John Connor stays alive isn’t an easy job. The End.”

Edward then paused for his expected applause, “I know what you’re all thinking, ëEdward, that had to have been the greatest story ever told in the history of mankind!’ I’ll have that warm applause now…” There was still no applause, one of the Beans, Dave to be exact spoke up, “Uh, that story really didn’t have a plot to it.” His brother Ping Pong added, “Yeah, you just placed yourself in a seemingly impossible situation, and made yourself heroic. We didn’t have any inner conflict, love or loss, or foresight to retain any international merchandising rights.”

Edward stuttered, and then shouted out, “OH COME ON! AT LEAST IT WAS BETTER THAN THE DUNG TWINS! ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT WAS THEIR BORING TRIP TO THEIR AUNT’S!!” He grunted and passed the story stone to the scout sitting next to him; he sighed with disbelief and annoyance when he saw that it was Lazlo’s turn.

Lazlo, the perpetually happy monkey that he is, was so eager to tell the story he’s been working on for weeks. “Okay guys, this is actually based on a movie that Nina from Acorn Flats told me about. This is the story, of Star Wars. Let’s start with Part Four…”


A long time ago in a galaxy very similar to ours, but with more spaceships…

(Start playing the Star Wars intro theme)


Episode IV: A New Hope

It is a period of civil war, and basically a ton of events too long and boring to explain happened to get to right now. The Rebel Alliance has struck a huge blow to the evil Galactic Empire. They were not only able to steal the plans to the Death Star, a gigantic battle station capable of destroying an entire planet; but they were also able to put a red sock into the Emperor’s white load of laundry!

Furious over his now pink wardrobe, he has sent ships out across the galaxy in search of the plans the Rebels have stolen. The plans have been beamed onboard a Rebel Blockade Runner, led by the courageous, pink haired senator, Princess Leia Organa. Right now, the ship is being pursued by the impatient Darth Vader, desperate to gain back the plans that could seal the galaxy’s fate…

A/N: Cast:

Raj as Luke Skywalker

Patsy as Princess Leia

Lazlo as Han Solo

Samson as Chewbacca

Clam as R2-D2

Dave as C-3PO

Slinkman as Obi Wan Kenobi

Scoutmaster Lumpus as Darth Vader

Chef McMuesli as Grand Moff Tarkin

Various Minor Bean Scouts as the Rebels

Bear Scout as Greedo

Harold as Wedge Antilles (Red 2)

Now Review!!