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Thoughts about LBT3: The Time of the Great Giving.


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I've recently rewatched this one, and honestly, I found the entire subplot with the blocked water source way, WAY more engaging than the bully subplot with Hyp, Mutt, and Nod, and honestly, I don't think either one ended up being as fleshed out and explored as they should have been.

I think I'd have liked "The Time of the Great Giving" to have focused more on the flood story and flesh out Daddy Tops and Cera's plotline more. A more nuanced look at the pros and cons of Topsy's hardline "YOU WILL WAIT YOUR TURN AND DRINK SPARINGLY, NO EXCEPTIONS!" vs. the more generous approach Littlefoot's Grandparents wanted to take.

Then the bullies could have been saved for a hypothetical film between "The Time of the Great Giving" and "The Valley of Mists" where they could be put in a story that didn't feel like it was competing with them for screentime dominance.