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Hello everyone!

For the month of April we have a new character showcase.  Please come say hello to Archie!  He came out of his cave, just for this!  The character showcase topic for this month can be found here.

We also have an exciting upgrade for the forum this month!  You can read more about that here.

Archie Showcase - April 2021


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In this topic please feel free to discuss Archie as a character, to share your own creations (fanfics or fanart) concerning this character, or to mention some of your favorite fanworks of others involving him.  For a full set of rules please see the 2021 Monthly Character Showcase topic but keep in mind that this is meant to be fun as opposed to any sort of contest.

I will go ahead and get the discussion started with the following questions:

1. As strong as Archie's flappy arms are, could he possibly lift the gang's plot armor?

2. On a more serious note, what are your general thoughts about Archie as a character?

Go ahead and check out my fanfictions, The Seven Hunters, Songs of the Hunters, and Menders Tale.


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 :rainbowwave Hi Archie. You had no point of being in the film. Or at least that's what other people say.
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