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It all started with a group of trading ships. The ships started on Xerves, and in order to get to they're destination, Tellor IV, they had to pass by the planet Valzarex III. The Vulture-like Valzarens, upon being notified of the ships, sent a huge attack crusier to attack the peacefull trading convoy. They destroyed every ship without reason. When confronted about such a voilent attack, the said simply "They were flying in restricted airspace." The Xerveians, outraged as it is by the needless attack, were even more outraged by the fact that the Valzarens never declared the space around they're planet restricted. Valzarens then calmly stated that the lesser beings of the universe did not need to know of they're plans. They procceded to strike down several of not only the Xerveian leaders, but Tellorian, Kohlarian, Khorkhoi, and Vehkorellen leaders as well. Each of these planets declared war on the Valzarens.

Name: Veraal
Gender: Male
Race: Tellorian
Age: 13
Home Planet: Tellor IV
Occupation: Gunship Pilot
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, quick-witted, intelligent.
Coloration (Tellorian only): Black
Tellorian Species Description: Tellorians have an elongated skull, which has a crest growing off the back. The crest is longer in males then females. They have sharp teeth, and are omnivores. They are bipedal, and have a huminoid way of standing. Males have a triangular shape of body, wheras females are hourglass shaped. Male's tails split into three at the end, and female's tails split into two near the base. The are usually a shiny black color, but sometimes they can be blue or red. They lay eggs, being reptiles.

Playable Aliens that I've created:

Valzarens: These putrid, disgusting beings Resemble Terren (Earth) Vultures. They are Huminoid aside from the head, which are bald and bird-like. The artificialy rot flesh before eating it.

Xervians: This strange, small mammels have three legs, two arms, and four eyes. They have short jaws and skulls that are elongated backwards.

Kehlorians: Serpentine and naturally limbless, they use artifcial limbs. Otherwise, they look like large snakes.

Vehkorellen: These eight-limbed, winged beings are regarded as very strange by many other races. The are known to use huge warships.