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Top 10 favourite Characters


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I know who my top 5 are, but I don't have a set 10. 6 - 10 is basically in a draft form.

10. Ozzy and Strut: They JUST beat Ichy and Dil as of now. I like their contrasting personalities, and how determined Ozzy was. He was also quite witty when he sang. I like Strut more, however.

9. Hyp: Normally I don't like bullies, but I always like Hyp for some reason. I guess I liked how he was mean but obviously insecure, and then changed after he got into the Mysterious Beyond. I loved one of his final lines: "Because NOT sharing is for babies!" And also this line: "Flying rocks! AAAAAGH!"

8.Chomper: He is my favorite out of the Gang of 7, almost definitely. I loved Littlefoot and Petrie at first, but their characters started lacking for me after awhile. I am not quite sure why I like Chomper. One reason has to be because he's a sharptooth. :D I also like his personality.

7. Pterano: Undoubetedly a popular character, and the favored out of the flyer trio. When I was younger I didn't like Pterano because he was so arrogant and full of himself. (In fact, I remember watching the movie and actually thinking "I didn't like Pterano. I liked the other two.  :lol) But now that I'm older, I appreciate his depth as a character, and how he changed. Plus, I love antiheroes. They'e my favorite "type" of person in the world.

6. Ali:  My favorite kid in the series. I dunno, I like how sweet and innocent she is. I also love her song.

And now, my definite top five.

5. Grandma: I love her sweet, caring and fair personality.

4. Sierra and the Rainbowfaces: They ended up in a tie. Sierra I loved because he was so ruthless, uncaring and wouldn't mind some violence. He was also one of the only LBT villains I considered a real threat. The rainbowfaces are cool because they're outcasted, open-minded and mysterious.

3. Rinkus: I had a hard battle between him and my 2nd favorite. Rinkus and Sierra are claws down my favorite LBT villains. I love Rinkus because he appeared lowly and dumb, but was in reality clever and the puppetmaster of the flyer trio. He was also silly. "Then why are you hitting me?"  :lol

2. Littlefoot's mom: Who doesn't love her? She was so wise, caring and...well...she died! She died to save Littlefoot and Cera, and personally I think she has one of the most dramatic movie deaths of all time, what with the fight, the earthquake and her final words to Littlefoot. It's her death that I cry at the most in cinema history, even more than Mufasa from The Lion King.

Aaaaaaaaand favorite character of all time!

GRANDPA! I love Grandpa Longneck the most because he reminds me of my own grandfather completely. I love my grandfather very much so this is why I love Grandpa.


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Quote from: pokeplayer984,Sep 3 2007 on  02:33 PM
1. Cera: The tomboyish threehorn of the gang.  I love how these types of girls act so tough.  In fact, I love these kinds of girls so much that, if luck would have it, I might actually marry one someday.  Tomboyish girls stand out so much from other girls that I can't help but admire them.  It is VERY hard to beat a tomboyish girl in my book, and that will never change.

 :DD  I feel the same way about Cera shes my #1 Favorite as well shes does stand out with her tomboyish personality!


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10.  Littlefoot
9.  Spike-only character who never got on my nerves once.
8.  Petrie
7.  Guido-Funny.
6.  Tria-ideal LBT parent.
5.  Shorty-I like him a lot for some reason, especially when Elizaeth Daily played him.
4.  Ali-Favorite longneck, next to Shorty.
3.  Mama Sharptooth
2.  Papa Sharptooth-if I was a rex, I'd want them to be my parents.
1.  Chomper-Read my fanfics, need I say more why I like this sharptooth?  


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10. Ruby
Despite critisism from (some) people on this forum; I actually like Ruby. I think she's an interesting addition to the gang.

9. Ali
Before her not-so-great return in the series; she was great in the fourth movie.

8. Chomper
This character really has a lot going for him. He was a guest in two movies; and now he's part of the main cast in the TV series.

6. TIED: Bron and Pterano
There are two reasons I like both of these guys.
a. They're both directly related to the main characters (Littlefoot and Petrie)
b. For guest characters, they have a lot of backstory on each of them.

5. Shorty
Shorty's cool because he's essentially what (see #2) in a Longneck form.  :lol

4. Petrie
Not only does he have a lot of funny moments; but for someone being so small, he has possibly the largest bravery.

3. Guido
He and Petrie make a great duo.

2. Cera
She acts like she's tough on the outside; but deep down inside she's really a softie. But there's more toughness to her, and I like that.

1. Littlefoot
He's my absolute favorite because in some ways he's what we want to be: Funny, brave, intelligent, have leadership.


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Ok, here's my new list for 2009.

10. Spike. He's always been a supporting character, yet is essential to the series.

9. Bron. Littlefoot's father, despite his confusing past, remains one of my favorite characters, mostly because of his caring demeanor and leading attitude.

8. Tria. After seeing 11 and her TV episodes, I've really begun to like Tria. She just seems so sweet and caring, even though she appeared a bit false at first, not to mention how well she goes with Cera and her father.

7. Littlefoot's grandparents. As Littlefoot's mentors, his grandparents do a supreme job of raising a good-willing, intelligent grandson. Although they are often embroiled in the frustratingly ineffective arguements of the Great Valley, they still provide love and example to their grandson.

6. Shorty. While he comes off as a brute in the beginning, Shorty shows he is a loyal friend and a great fighter. Although he's still a bit cocky in the TV series, he still is a well-meaning young longneck.

5. Ali. To me, Ali seems like Littlefoot's perfect female counterpart. At first she is shy and a bit racist, but soon learns to accept people for who they are. Ultimately, she seems like a great friend to have, and perhaps, somewhere down the road in LBT XXV or something, she and Littlefoot will finally get together.

4. Ducky. Sweet, kind, and thoughtful, Ducky is the angel of the GOF. She is often the damsel in distress, though at times she can take very drastic action. Also loyal and occasionally funny, Ducky is a critical component of the GOF.

3. Petrie. Petrie is obviously the comedy in the GOF. His grammar might put me off at times, but he's still really brave and loyal to his friends, even though he fails some of the time.

2. Cera. Cera's just awesome. Although she is prideful in the extreme, Cera is brave, sweet, and loyal, and has the muscle to back it up. She still has some trouble accepting new ideas, though eventually she comes around.

1. Littlefoot. The hero and leader of the gang of five, Littlefoot is the Luke Skywalker of the group. Smart, caring, and friendly, Littlefoot's everyone's best friend, although he's got some fight in him as well. Always well-intentioned, Littlefoot remains my favorite, perhaps because he's everything I'd like to be.

Bonus #11. Littlefoot's Mother. Although we never really got to know her, she is still a very memorable character, and is credited with the best LBT quote ever. "Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart." Rock on, Littlefoot's Mom!

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Here's my 2009 Top Ten List:

1.  Cera- She's a very sweet yet strong and independent female.  She's also outspoken and does not hesitate to stand up for those she cares about.

2.  Ducky- She loves the water, is sweet as can be, and is the "maternal" one of the Gang.  She keeps on smiling although life has not been that kind to her.

3.  Tria- I like her calm and pleasant demeanor.  She has taken Cera in as her own, which is very kind of her.

4.  Tricia- I like this character a lot so far.  She's a cutie and seems fond of her older sister.  I wish she would start talking and have her personality exposed.

5.  Littlefoot-  He's pretty much everything I'd like to find in that special guy someday.  He's a great example of a gentleman.  Sure, he gets arrogant at times, but he's a sweetheart otherwise.  He will make a great husband and father for sure :).

6.  Spike-  He's very quiet but pulls through for his friends in the end.  He's also loyal to his sister and protects her, even though he is her little brother.

7.  Petrie-  He can be opinionated, but he's also kind in spirit.  He's more slapstick than the others, which makes him quite funny.  

8.  Ali-  While she may come across as snotty and even racist at times, underneath it all, she's a sweetie.  She puts aside all racist feelings to save Cera in LBT IV, which shows her willingness to accept others' differences.  I'd like to see her again in the future, but not like how Universal did her dirty in the TV series <_<.

9.  Mr. Threehorn-  I like how he is strong and a great fighter.  Although I found him to be too hard on Cera in the first few sequels, which explains why I did not like the dude, he has started to show his softer side, especially after Tria and Tricia came into the family.  He does have his funny moments, the funniest being when he fell out of the nest in LBT XII :lol.  

10.  Chomper-  He is very friendly, accepting of others, and loyal.  He also has funny lines throughout the TV series, especially how he says, "I hate to say it, but I'm getting hungry." and looks at Ducky :lol.


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I guess I'll do a 09 list too.(Maybe some day someone can make a topic about us listing our favorite all time LBT fan characters. Just a thought.)
BTW, my faves have changed a it. Not drastically, but still.

1. Sierra-I love his name, sometimes I wish I had that name too. (Since it's both a boy's and a girl's name) He's a tough/rouge guy that doesn't really give a darn about anyone or anything, except for himself. He does seem to actually like to be around Rinkus, even though he gives off this tough/bad a** exterior.

2. Pterano- He's one of the few reasons why I still like LBT.

3. Little Foot-I really like him in the movies, but not tv series. He was a favorite since childhood. Out all of the characters, he's the most like me. Minus his usual outgoing personality.

4. Rinkus-He's funny, looks like a wimp and tries to pass for being dim, but he's actually pretty smart. BTW has anyone ever noticed how feminine he looks? (don't answer that)

5. Petrie-I guess it's his voice that makes me put him in fifth place. I will always love this guy though.

6. Guido-He's me, or at least, my self-conscious me.

7. Hyp- He's my fave out of all of the bullies.

8. Ruby-Unfortunately, she's pretty much the only young female character I like. I don't mind Cera or Ducky as much as I used to, but I really can't see them in my faves at this point. :p

9. Mutt-A title I think that would be great for this guy is "Captain Obvious". xD

10. Grandma Longneck/Grandpa Longneck-Both in the same place because they are gentle, loving characters. :)

Bonus: Cera- 11th place in my list. xD She does have a few of my qualities and I do like that strong personality of hers. Just wish she wasn't so mean to certain dinos. :p


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wow, this wasen't easy

10. Petrie- u have to include the orginal five

9. Sharptooth (orginal)- the most badass sharptooth of 'em all

8. Chomper- who doesen't love chomper?

7. Ducky- yep, yep, yep

6. Shorty- haven't seen the tv episode where he comes back yet but I like him for pretty much the same reasons as my number 1

5. Spike- he rules, nuff said

4. Ali- always been a favorite of mine, and I'm still waiting for her return (i don't count the great long neck scheam, in my opionion that was some look alike long neck with the same name :x )

3. Littlefoot- favorite when i was a kid, but has been kicked back a couple places

2. Tricia- didn't even know who she was until a week ago, but how can u not love her?

1. Cera- the most complex character by far in my opinion, plus i have a really good friend who has even said herself that Cera could be her twin

And a little bonus down here:

Least favourite character:

Fake Ali- (see my #4 for who this is) an absolute insult to people like me who have been waiting for 14 years for Ali's return


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Mine would have to be..

1. The Sharptooth from the First movie
I always loved T-Rex.

2. Chomper
Look at him, he's so cute and all alone! Can i keep him?

3. Ozzy
eggs.. I still have that song in my head! I started to like him not long ago, watched movie 2 to many times.

4. Ducky
is my favorite of the five, i was very disturbed at what i read about the one who voiced her in movie 1(Judith Barsi)

5. Dil
I love Crocodiles! :D

6. Strut
Same reason as Ozzy..

7. Littlefoots Mother
Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.

8. Red Claw
I've never even seen the TV series, but hey, he's a T-rex.

9. Mama Sharptooth
10. Papa Sharptooth
Proof that Sharpteeth are loving parents! Well, most of them.. T-Rex! :D

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Um, I cannot list my top ten favorite characters, because only five of them are official characters. The other five are fan made, and reading another post here, I was informed that I should stick with the official characters, so I'll list the five of mine that are.

I'm not posting them in any order. Each of the characters has ample reasoning for me to be fond of them, so this list does not reflect preferences in any way. Perhaps if there is a thread made asking for fan made favorites, I can put mine there.

I have many reasons for liking each of these. Although I don't mind writing huge posts, some people just don't have the time to spend a long time reading one post, so I'll just put a small segment for each why I'm fond of them.

Littlefoot- Based off The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends, I saw a trait of Littlefoot that my father often uses in reference to me. Therefore, I feel more of a connection to this character. Littlefoot certainly seemed to obsess very much on helping others he just met. My father says that I spend way too much time doing things for people, often ones I barely know or just met. I did see myself in him during that movie.

Chomper- He is very innocent and seems to end up in situations that resulted from his lack of worldy experience. A good example is The Mysterious Tooth Crisis. He lost his tooth, something very normal for his kind, yet was afraid because he knew nothing about such things. It seems his parents sheltered him quite a bit. As I got older, and things happened to me, I would be afraid, even though all people go through changes as they mature. But never being told about them from my parents, and having been sheltered by them in life beyond comprehension, when I began to change, I really thought there was something wrong with me. I feel you, Chomper.

Ali- She is kind and loving, a real sweetheart. She tries so hard to be friends with others who seemed to reject her. In The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists, Cera made it clear that she wasn't fond of her at all- repeatedly. But that did not stop Ali from risking her life to save Cera's when the danger of Dil and Ichy was closing in. Friendship means the world to her, and so she tries anything to make new ones. Another character I can therefore relate to.

Ruby- Members here know I love unique ways of speaking. Ruby is very creative when she talks, although it flows from her naturally. I don't have to think of how I come across in posts and such; it's literally how I speak in real life. She tends to give things much thought before doing something, and planning is my life, much to the dismay of MMORPG players who just like to get in there and fight. Ah well. It takes all sorts.

Littlefoot's Mother- She's the tragic heroine of the The Land Before Time, if you ask me. Mothers who are kind, loving, slow to anger, patient, etcetera, aren't too hard to find in fiction, or even real life for that matter. Then to see her risk her life in a pretty hopeless situation from the very start to place an astounding wager- her life, which she lost- only to get the ultimate reward- the life of her child, which she kept- well, she has my utmost respect.

Well, I think those summaries give a basic idea on why I favor those characters. Again, I hope there will be, or perhaps unbeknownst to me there already is, a place where I can discuss my other five favorites, which are all original ones. Later!


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Here is my top 10:

10. Rainbow faces - they are mysteriously intelligent

9. Ozzy - love his song Eggs, sometimes he is so fumbling with Strut

8. Cera - I always love her when Ducky is laughing and she gets mad at her, or rather when she teach Ducky how to be angry... "Hmph!"

7. Littlefoot - he is a great leader, deliberate, benevolent and smart. What would the others do without him?

6. Tricia - she is just adorable, especially when she is paddling and waggling her little tail

5. Mo - "MÛÛÛka" (fun in hungarian), always happy

4. Petrie - he is worried many times, he is a real scary egg, always makes me smile

3. Ducky - she is endlessly cute, cautious, and affable. She holds the team together in hard times.

2. Ruby - She is a special member of the gang, she is intelligent, she expresses herself really creatively, although sometimes gets overly tangled up in what she wanna say. She thinks a lot, I like her mentality and her personality, I don't see why so many people dislike her.

1. Guido - He is always forget to use his wings, and those apprehensive eyes... He is my favorite character of all time!

Well, there are some more characters who haven't fit in my top ten list, but I also like Chomper, Ali, Ducky's mother, Littlefoot's grandparents and even Mr. Threehorn!

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3.Rainbow Idiots
6.Master Chief(Doc)
7.Long winded john(Grampa longneck)
8.Grumpy Young Gramps(Topsy)
9.Candy stealing abomination(Ali)


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Bigfoot? Master Chief? Candy stealing abomination? Did I miss something?


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Quote from: Malte279,Jul 19 2009 on  06:20 AM
Bigfoot? Master Chief? Candy stealing abomination? Did I miss something?
I think those are just nicknames Paradise Bird came up with.

Anyways, I have an announcement to make on my list.  Petrie has officially lost his spot in the top 10.  I'm sorry, but I seriously can't take his grammar problem anymore.  For the longest time in Top Ten Favorite Characters lists, a villain will now make the list.  It is none other than...

The Original Sharptooth - This is the one main villain of the franchise that I love.  He is just downright scary.  He was introduced as a threat far better than any other LBT villain.  The one thing that really made him actually be a threat was how mercilessly he attacked Littlefoot's Mother.  I mean, seriously, he jumps right on top of her and then he bite and scratches her to the point where there is no doubt that she would bleed to death.  The producers kept out the blood scene just because they wanted to make it for kids, but we all still saw the huge bite mark on the back.  Yikes!  Also, seriously, he jumped right on top of her.  I'm surprised the spine wasn't severed right at that point.  He was more of a killer than any other LBT Villain out there, and that's why we love this villain.  On top of this, he comes back from the dead.  I mean, he actually survives a drop from a high cliff?  You would imagine a lot of broken bones at the very least and death at the most.  To only be stunned after falling off a cliff, that just shows how much of a threat he really was.  Not to mention he was taken out at the end pretty well.  I think drowning him was the only way to really get rid of him in the end.  It would be quite a shock if he survived that.  Still, he's a great villain and for these reasons and more, I place him at the number 10 spot now.  Sorry Petrie, but you've been beaten.


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1. Ducky (Surprise!)
2. Petrie
3. Bron (Only 'cause Kiefer Sutherland voiced him)
(I only have a top 3, couldn't put the rest in order)

These arn't in any order, but I tip my hat to them.
Ozzy & Strut
Icky & Dil
And Doc's pretty cool.

I don't know how many characters are in LBT, but I'm going to round it off to 10,000.

9.999. Shorty
10,000. Cera



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Oh my top ten?  I don't think I can go that high in my favourites, as I tend to appreciate most of the characters (evil or good) anyway.

However, I'll give it my best go:

1:Littlefoot.-  When I was a child, I had gone through a rough time and lived with my Grandparents for a couple of months during that time I was introduced to the Land Before Time and I could relate to Littlefoot in some ways with his experiences (not personality).  

2:Chomper- I hate to base characters of on how they look but he is just so adorable.:)


4:Grandpa Longneck.

5:Mr Thicknose.


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1. Ruby - they don't make a big deal of this, but she is the clash between two worlds. She is both a leaf eater and a meat eater, though she doesn't do it in front of the others.  She is also a child of the mysterious beyond which makes her as much of an ambassador to the Great Valley as she is a friend to the gang. Being an ambassador myself I can't help but admire her.

2. Guido - He woke up in the middle of nowhere with no clue who he is or what he eats. His appearence anywhere is ultra emphasized (I laughed when the gang effectively called in the cavalry as the entire valley witnessed him coming out of a random bush). He is capable of great things but like the ugly duckling he doesn't know what they are. The thing I like most about him however, is how he brings out character traits in Petrie beyond just casual fright. He is effectively the father that Petrie never had.

3. Ozzy and Strut
4. Shorty - He has the guts to go toe to toe with Cera, which is something the rest of the gang seems to lack. He also has qualities of a leader, but he seems to be more like a sergeant then a general - as in he needs someone above him to go to when he really gets in trouble.

5. Sky - The really good avatar that reminds me of my grade four teacher. It's a shame we couldn't get a character bio or at least an idea what kind of dinosaur he is. Up for that one Sky?

6. Ali - she had a good singing voice and is the only character that shatters Littlefoot's complextion. Something about her brings out traits in Littlefoot that develop his character and hence develops my liking of her.

7. Mo - hes got a cool voice. It's a shame that he wasn't in the series sooner.

8. Bron - He looks like a bigger version of Littlefoot, which is unique because I can honestly see him being as intelligent and brave as his son. We don't know too much about his character though - as in what traits he has that go beyond being a leader of a herd.

9. Chomper - who honestly doesn't like Chomper?

10. Umm...oh geeze...ah.... lets just keep this one open.


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Maybe you should split it into "Original Petrie" and "Sequel Petrie" John as his grammar wasn't so bad in the original release.  He knew how to use "I" back then. :p