For the month of November we have a new character showcase.  Please warmly welcome Hyp, Mutt, and Nod as they show us why it is good to be big!  The character showcase topic for this month can be found here.

Also keep in mind that the forum fanfiction awards is now open.  If you have submitted stories to the fanfic awards then please feel cordially invited to submit your reviews.  The review topic and list of submitted stories can be found here.

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There are some RP's that are over a month old in the main RP section... if anybody wants to save these RP's from being moved to the Incomplete section, you may do so... I'll give this a week to let them continue if the participants wish to keep it alive

This thread will be stickied, and if any RP has had no posts in a month, they will be added to the list below for consideration.

Pending RP(s)
- a Time of Tragedy - Last Post: 30th November 2007 - 03:34 PM