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The Sharptooth

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Gentle Sharptooth

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^ It couldn't remain unconscious under the water surface for a very long time without loosing more than its consciousness. I think some people are speculating if there may be a connection between Redclaw and the original Sharptooth.
Personally I think that Sharptooth is really dead and there can be hardly a doubt that the makers of the original movie meant it to be dead (of course they were not expecting 12 sequels and a TV series based on their movie to be produced).
Certainly the original movie's Sharptooth was one of which one could have some real respect, unlike in case of some of those "childfriendly" versions of certain later movies. I do not think the difference is in the species of the sharpteeth though but more in the mind of the producers.
This however doesn't make too much sense as Mr. Grossvenor has proven that he CAN come up with decent Sharpteeth (LBT 6, 9) but he can also mess them up dreadfully (LBT 8, 10, 11, 12). Anyway, I guess I'm getting off topic referring to Sharpteeth other than the original, but for the sake of comparison it can hardly be avoided.

You gave me an idea. What if the water Sharptooth was drowned in became haunted by his ghost? It would be creepy if Littlefoot and the Gang had to revist the deep water in the Mysterious Beyond, and they saw the Ghost of Sharptooth who could never find rest in the land of the living nor the realm of the dead.