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I found the voice cast on wiki


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I do not object the singing in LBT while it is good. There are some songs which I find kind of cheesy, but most of them have a good right to exist and there are some which I would sorrowly miss, including songs from movies later than LBT 6 (e.g. "No one has to be alone" and "Bestest Friends").
Still I see why people differ in their opinion about the concept of singing dinosaurs. I remember when I first ever heard them singing in LBT I felt toenails curling up (figuratively speaking)  :lol


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I'm not fond of the singing parts myself either. I liked it for a while, but starting around the 6th movie I started getting tired of it.

Well, I'm glad you and I can agree upon that.  


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I stumbled across a Wikipedia article discussing Tria.  Within the article, was this sentence:
"Portrayer Camryn Manheim (XI)
Jessica Gee-George (TV series) "

Further proof of this can be seen Here.
It appears that Tria will be returning for the TV series, voiced by Jessica Gee-George.  Whether or not I will be especially happy with Tria as a main part of the series is debateable.  We shall see though! B)