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Oliver & Company Theater


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NYC 1988

Oliver & Company the move is beginning in a Tribeca cinema, as Dodger he freezes the movie with a remote control in the middle of te first song.

Rita that sit beside with Dodger says "Hey! What's going on!"

Dodger he says "I'm showing the audience what happened before the movie, so I rewind!"

The dog rewinds the movie, and we are back in the middle of the 80's.

NYC 1985

Rita she took a walk on Park Avenue one evening by herself, and it was a sunny summer day.

Suddenly was two Dobermann dogs coming out from the park, and one of them said "Hello! Some fine company tonight!"

The female dog she said "Let go of me! I'm not your type!"

As the dogs tried to attack Rita, was another dog showing up.

The dog he fought the villains, and they ran away at last.

One of the villain dogs said "Just you wait! Nobody must mess with us!"

Thereafter was Rita asking "And you are?"

The male dog he said "Hi, I'm Dodger and I lived once in a house on Fifth Avenue!"

Rita she said "And I'm Rita who was raised in Chinatown!"

Then was the two dogs following each other to a ghetto near World Trade Center, where they watched the city from above an abandoned building.

NYC 1988

Dodger he freezes the movie again, as the dog he says "It's not over yet! I show you the remains of our gang!"

NYC 1985

Rita and Dodger met with Tito, Einstein and Francis in New Jersey.

Tito came from Arizona, Einstein from Berlin and Francis from Cannes.

None of them knew about Sykes, Fagin, Oliver, Jenny, James and Georgette at that time.

Jenny and her parents, James and Georgette they lived in Las Vegas before they moved to New York City.

Sykes he had his warehouse on the harbour, where he lived with his two Doberrmann dogs.

The three villains was wanted everywhere in the states for robberies, kidnapping and assaults.

Fagin he was a poor man, who came to NYC without any money so he found a boat that none had used for a decade.