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I used to think it was a girl. I used to the pink flyer in Pteranos' group was some creepy old lady flyer. Now I know they're both male?!!  :wow


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Since Tippy is addressed with male pronouns and words, I presume that the spiketail identifies as a male. He was voiced by Jeremy Suarez in movie VIII (aka Brother Bear’s Koda) and Cree Summer in his TV appearance (Lizzie, the Tinysaurus Cera befriended, as well as a zillion other roles) in a case of crossdressing voices. I would hope Tippy’s mother would be considerate enough to use the correct pronouns with the gender identity her child identifies as.

There isn’t that much to his character admittedly but his enthusiasm and friendliness are endearing. His mother must take good care of him to be so cheery and joyful. He and Spike getting into rough-and-tumble action is just adorable. There seems to be rarely anything more than simple good-nature behind his roughhousing tendencies. He can be oblivious and innocently insensitive sometimes, not noticing Ducky’s reactions to the pair of them becoming close. The TV episode did show he had some gumption and cleverness, sneaking away from her herd when they had a falling out with the valley and playing with Spike in some less populated places. When they found the green area, his first instinct is go tell the others about it but he had some misgivings about being the pair being found out. I don’t know if Spike helped them decide to go public or if Tippy did so on his own, but they were brave to come out in the open like that.

When Mr. Threehorn and the spiketail herd leader started arguing over who had dips on the green space, his tired expression of frustration and flouncing off with the gang was amusing. He tried to be cautious over the land bridge leading to the green space, but the ice was too slippery and they fell. But in the process of being saved, he seemed to get closer to Ducky, which is sweet. I think he’d appreciate Ducky’s cheerful and affectionate demeanor. I wonder if he’d become closer to other members of the gang in future visits or if he’d stick mostly with Spike and Ducky. He appears like someone who’d get along with most people no matter what.


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Here Tippy is male after translation. both in movie and TV episode.

That's good, but... at the same time, Ducky and Old One are turned into males in some movies and TV episode... -__-

(btw, English, why you're so hard and can't point on object's gender in verbs?
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who spent most of childhood thinking Tippy was a girl! :p

Aside from that bit of confusion, I didn't think Tippy was a bad character. He was a cute friend for Spike, which was all the plot really needed him to be. Sure, a little more development would've been nice, but he's still a little kid, probably considerably younger than the main gang, and another spiketail of few words at that.

(btw, English, why you're so hard and can't point on object's gender in verbs?

Heh, I remember how surprised I was when I first found out that other languages could do that. I bet it comes in handy to avoid confusions like this! :lol
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