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Spyro Fan Characters


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I posted something similar to this a while back - Fan Characters based on the animated film "9" - which can be seen here.

Anyway, you've seen from my recent posts that I got into the Legend Of Spyro game series - mainly cause of seeing all the really good fan art and comics that had been drawn on DeviantArt - and a few days back I started toying with ideas for potential characters and settings. After writing the first two, I took a break, then came back and added some more to the mix! Have a read, and see what you think - maybe I should write something with them at some point!


Name: Amperon
Age Group: Adult (Deceased)
Gender: Male
Element: Electricity
Appearance: Faded yellow-gold scales. Wears a golden collar around his neck with two ceremonial banners hanging from either side - the sign of his rank.
Biography: Amperon was an elderly Dragon who served as Warfang's Master of the Historical Archives during Malefor's early years. In ancient times, the Historical Archives was a vast complex located on the edge of Warfang that was essentially an amalgamation of a Library and Museum, housing anything from texts of Draconic Lore to ancient artefacts - including a series of carvings from Tall Plains depicting "The Destroyer"; which had only recently been discovered and was the subject of great debate.
When Malefor came to Warfang in his youth, intent on learning all he could about the many Elements that made up the world, Amperon aided him with his research, only too eager to teach a young dragon that he believed could "build a better world" if he had control over all the Elements. Amperon staunchly believed that Malefor's colour had a deeper meaning to it; while the Guardians simply believed this was a sign that the Dragon had control over all Elements, Amperon thought that the colouring indicated the presence of another Element; one not yet discovered by Dragonkind.
As Malefor grew, he visited the Historical Archives repeatedly, initially debating with Amperon about how many Elements could exist, although in later years studying the historical texts in an attempt to discover the reason for his unique colouring, and why no other Dragons like him existed.
Upon reaching adulthood, Malefor asked Amperon about the significance of the carvings from Tall Plains depicting the "Destroyer", which was not detailed in the Archives, but Amperon was unable to help him. Unsatisfied, Malefor left Warfang in an attempt to discover more about the mysterious device. Details of this journey are not known, but they are believed to have led to Malefor's corruption. When he returned, he was a changed dragon, and it was not long before he was exiled, much to the horror of Amperon.
When Malefor launched an attack on Warfang many years later, he entered the Historical Archives with the intention of taking the Tall Plains artefacts, and destroying the rest. When Amperon confronted him and attempted to stop him, Malefor annihilated him with the very Element they had once theorised about - Convexity. Malefor's forces then ransacked the buildings and set them ablaze, destroying the complex.
Over time, the surviving Mole secretarial staff rescued what they could from the remains of the buildings, and established the Warfang Museum in a new location. The Historical Archives were briefly re-established in a building nearer the centre of Warfang, but over time the title was abandoned and it simply became known as the Dragon Library. The ruins of the original complex were left to the elements, but in time became set up as a Memorial Garden by a multitude of Earth Dragons.
Several Dragons have since claimed to have seen the forlorn spirit of Amperon walking through the gardens at night, moaning about his lost records. Amperon was known to have hoarded a private archive of his own, but the location of this he kept secret, and as such it was lost following his death.

Name: Kavler
Age Group: Young Adult/Adult
Gender: Male
Element: Unknown (See Below)
Appearance: Entire body covered with battle armour; only visible scales are charred black in places where the armour has cracked or fallen away. Several pieces of armour are rusted or melted. Moss grows amidst a few back armour plates.
Biography: Kavler was one of many dragons who fought alongside the Guardians when Cynder's forces began waging their attacks against the land. In the dying moments of one of the battles, when Cynder dove towards a weakened Terrador, Kavler attempted to hold her off, but Cynder knocked him from the sky with a blast of Dark Fire. Kavler was wearing heavy battle armour at the time, which took the brunt of the blast - this did not stop him from being injured; in several places the armour either melted to his scales or shattered and burnt his scales black.
Cynder then succeeded in capturing Terrador, and the battle quickly fell in her favour. Injured and fearing for his own life, Kavler fled into the nearby forests and hid in a cave until he was sure the fighting had ceased. When he finally emerged, he was overcome with guilt for what he saw as "abandoning" his comrades, and resolved to stay in the forests in a self imposed exile. Kavler initially neglected to remove his damaged armour in part due to the protection it still offered - in addition to this, he could not remove certain plates - but over time came to treat it as a part of his body.
Kavler managed to evade being discovered for many years, at the cost of being unaware of the emerging of a Purple Dragon to combat Cynder's forces - in fact, he only became aware that things had changed when the world began to break apart below his feet as a result of Malefor.
Kavler finally returned to Dragon Society some time after the defeat of Malefor. Having obtained injuries in the breaking up of the world, Kavler wandered through the forests searching for help, before finally collapsing near the Dragon Temple, where he was discovered by Cyril, who was watching over a new generation of dragonets playing outside the building.
Kavler was nursed back to health, and was eventually informed of what had happened while he was in hiding. Although he initially intended to return to his exile; still feeling guilt for his cowardly actions in the last battle, Terrador ultimately managed to convince him to stay, and eventually arranged a meeting between him and Cynder, to help them both forgive themselves for their past wrongs.
Unsure of what to do next with his life, Kavler currently considers himself in servitude of the Temple, and resides on the outskirts of the area, helping the Guardians care for the next generation - often entertaining the dragonets and playing along with them.
Out of a lingering guilt, Kavler has not used his Elemental skills since. Since he will not remove his shattered armour, the only Dragons who know his exact Element are those who knew him before the battle.

Original DeviantArt Entry
I was musing about some random stuff and eventually I had several concept ideas for potential Spyro fan-characters. I figured plenty of people have made their own, so I thought I could give it a shot. These aren't finalised or anything; think of it as me just throwing a bunch of ideas out there to see how it looks - there's still something missing from both characters.

I didn't manage to work it into the bio, but I wanted the Historic Archives Complex to have a large Archway at its entrance with words on it in Draconic. When Malefor destroyed the Complex, the Arch crumbled, but a small part survived, and the letters have become jumbled so that they spell out "Spyro" in one place, or some other sort of prophetic word.

I think the main ideas I have for Amperon take place after his death; some time after DOTD, several Dragons encounter his spirit, and manage to convince him to reveal to them the location of his hoard. If he became a recurring character, he'd remain a spirit wandering the gardens, his presence only known to a few, and occasionally consulted by the few about subjects missing from the present libraries (perhaps linked to whatever chaotic events are going on in the story) which are still fresh in his mind from his tenure as Archival Master.

In case you're wondering, the two names come from;
Amperon: from Ampere, an electric current measurement unit; often shortened to "Amp", referring to him being an Electric Dragon.
Kavler: A simplification of Cavalier, referring to his role in the battles, and also a rearranging of Kevlar; a substance used to make bulletproof vests, and here referring to his armour.

Name: Ankine
Age Group: Adult (Deceased)
Gender: Male
Element: Ice
Appearance: Slightly dark blue coloured scales. Regal posture. Wears a jewel encrusted collar as sign of rank, along with a embroidered blanket over his back.
Biography: A sickly Dragon Elder of the Northern Reaches of the Dragon Realms, Ankine is mainly remembered as being Malefor's first victim on the Purple Dragon's path to corruption. The story was commonly retold in the early years; Malefor had been summoned to dispatch a group of attacking Apes, and after scattering them, he became hungry for power; demanded control of the North from Ankine, who died trying to stop him.
However, this was far from the truth. In reality, Ankine had been behind the attacks, in an attempt to start a war between the Apes and Dragons so that he could gain reinforcements to invade the Ape lands and subtly declare himself ruler of the entire North. Malefor figured this out soon after defeating the Ape Leader, Anatol, and confronted the Elder, who initially attempted to persuade Malefor to his way of thinking, but after Malefor ignored him, Ankine attempted to kill him with his Ice Breath.
Malefor weakened his attack with his own Fire Breath, which inadvertantly set fire to the ceremonial hangings in the Elder's home. Ankine had been ill since birth with respiratory problems, and the smoke from the flames caused him to choke to death. Malefor fled the North, fearing the others would judge him responsible, and for a while, the Elder was assumed to have died in an accident, although many thought he had been murdered.
Although Malefor was still innocent at this point, the Purple Dragon's descent into darkness began not long after this, as he grew disillusioned with the state of things in the world - it is believed that Ankine's lack of concern for the damage his war would cause added to Malefor's view of the world - and eventually discovered several mysterious artefacts relating to a mysterious machine called "The Destroyer".
By the time Malefor had become openly evil, the Elders came to the conclusion that he had murdered Ankine in cold blood, and this was added to the list of charges against him that led to his exile. It was not until many years later that a list of documents belonging to Ankine were discovered, revealing the extent of his scheme, causing the Elders to realise that Malefor hadn't been responsible. By this point, it was too late.

Name: Malander
Age Group: Adult
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Appearance: Normal red colouring, with some battle scars. Wears a Manweersmall hat.
Biography: Malander fought many battles against Malefor's forces over the years; first when Cynder's armies ravaged the land - losing his mate in the process - and again when Malefor was resurrected. In one of the final battles near Warfang, Malander sustained severe head injuries, and only survived as a result of his daughter - born in a clutch prior to the one destroyed during the attack on the Temple - finding his body and recruiting others to bring him back to Warfang.
When he first woke, Malander did not remember who he was, and did not recognise his friends and family. As he recovered, these memories slowly came back to him. Over the last few years, Malander recovered to the point where he is more or less the same Dragon he was before the battle, except for the fact that he is firmly convinced that he is a Manweersmall.
His family tried to cure him of this odd quirk for many years without success, and finally gave up and decided to embrace it. Malander now lives in Warfang with his daughter, Thanora, who is constantly by his side to make sure her "daddy" doesn't get into any mischief.

Original DeviantArt Entry
Basically, after writing the last one, I found I kept coming up with ideas for characters and writing down story concepts! Perhaps I should start writing a story to use them all in!

There's several ideas that I haven't really followed through on; like minor characters who were famous Dragon philosophers or playwrights or that sort of thing, or a character who had a complex plan to solve issues in Malefor's time, but who was inadvertantly killed when Warfang was attacked and a building fell on him. I think I'm rather enjoying toying with events leading up to Malefor's
corruption - there's a whole potential story to be told there; perhaps I should focus on this!

I also toyed with the idea of a blatant Mary-Sue character who was one of the Eggs in Spyro's clutch at the Temple and had all his powers and several different colours and etc, but who, through a stroke of bad luck, was one of the many killed. However, the spirit isn't satisfied with that, and constantly forces itself to be "reborn" by manipulating Spirit Gems; each time attempting to become the hero of the story, and failing miserably every time.

Character names come from:
Ankine: Rankine temperature measurment.
Malander: Modification of Salamander.
Thanora: Anagram of Athanor, an Alchemical Furnace.

Dunno if these are the exact names I want to use, or if Ankine's motivations or Malander's beliefs are quite the right things - I thought there should be an echo of the evil Malefor in Ankine, and the idea for Malander came out of an Asterix spinoff starring Dogmatix where they used Magic Potion to convince a dangerous Eagle that he was another creature entirely.