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Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: January 23, 2021, 01:55:21 AM »
mukua moaned into the kiss as she continue to feed Kitty, feeling the cats claws caress her breasts as they made out. Mukua ran her tongue over Kitty's and into her mouth, and fr the next 15 minutes , mukua fed kitty, and frenched and fondled her too.  chie  went up to Dixie, who was eating a piece of mouse lasanga. ' say.. um.. could you feed me like mukua is feeding kitty?' She asked>' sure, although i dont think thats food she;s passing her at the moment.' dixie smirked, as mukua ground against kitty, Dixie was getting a full view of her butt and tail and she liked what she saw.. " Give her some air Mukua ' Atrua laughed.  Mukua broke away and caught her breath. "Nice job Kitty' mukua said, breathing rather hard.

Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: January 20, 2021, 12:25:50 AM »
Semd an image of the suspect to me abnd i'l egin running down the lists of students to try and find a match ' Gordon said. '' once hes goes into the building, return to your base. School is starting there in about 30 minutes, and your bosss told us he'll be interviewing students there for jobs with your games today. Send me the images and I'll forward them to foresinics, see if we cant find a match."
Terry, max  and Dana were heaed to their first class ' which was Gotham history 101. Terry found the class incredibly dull, he really didnt need to know much about what Hamilton Hill did as mayor during his tenure. The late nights working for mr wayne diudnt help his sleep schedule either. " As class began he was soon asleep. woken only by a rough shake from the teacher ' McGinnis! is my teaching lesson worth so little of your time that you sleep through it ?' NO , mr west.. I.. ' Perhaps i should send a ' failure to perform file to your mother.. that would be.. your 10th such file , mandating an automatic month's detention. '

But as the teacher reached inside his coat for the file, and terry groaned in resignation,  the door opened, and Stripetail entered carrying a clipboard with names written on a paper " Forgive my intrusion Mr West, but I'm looking for a number of students in your class." Mr West turned and looked at Stripetail,. a broad surprise coming over his face ' A-are you the wizard running the games?' yes I am.' Stripetail said, and there was a series of hushed whispered among the gathered class, combined with quiet chuckles and laughter from the jocks. ' Every student had seen the promos for the games, and every kid at school could use an extra few thousand creds." I have 4 people from your class Mr West scheduled for the first batch of interviews .  In alphabetical order by first name - they are Chelsea Cunningham, Dana Tan. Maxine Gibson.. and lets see here... Terrence McGinnnis?." " thats Terry, um.. mr ..' Stripetail, lord Stripetail. " I was just about to discipline Mr McGinnis here for falling asleep in my class .. again ' the teacher said. " but if you have him scheduled for a meeting with you.. " the meeting wont be long, I assure you. 15 minutes at the most. Hopefully once they've sampled some of  the doughnuts, snacks and coffee I've brought with me, they'll finish the class stronger than they started. That would go especially for Mr McGinnis here, i think he might need a double cup... ' Stripetail chuckled as Chelsea, Dana and Max gathered their things and headed to the  door.  Terry soon followed carrying his bag  and inwardly breathing a huge sigh of relief ' automatic detention would tick his mother off to no end, and very likely cost him his job with Mr Wayne as detention ran until 10 each night." follow me please ' Stripetail said to the four of them. ' are you really a wizard?' Chelsea asked a haughty, snobbish voice. ' Yes i am Chelsea, and no, that doesnt mean I'm going to pull coins or diamonds out of your ear.  That is a mere trick, a sleight of hand. " Stripetail said as he headed down a hallway towards a conference room he had reserved for the meetings. " Your father is a art collector, correct?' Chelsea started." I. uh.. yeah , he is.. He and I don;t always get along though. My tastes are different from his. lets say' Chelsea said. " You're not the first teenage daughter to clash with her father, my dear, and you wont be the last ' Stripetail said. "Now lets see here. you wanted 10000 creds an hour to be part of Laffalympics cheer squad?"  geez Chelsea! 10000 creds an hour?' Terry gaped. ' Thats a ton of dough. " i have expensive tastes Terry, you know that.' Chelsea said. "Don;t get greedy Chelsea ' Dana scolded ' Yeah 10000 creds an hour is almost what they pay professional hockey players Chelsea. " Max said.  now now, kids.. enough banter. ' Stripetail said opening the confer5ence room door, revealing a conference table that was covered with a wide variety of snacks. doughnuts, muffins, hash browns and steaming cups of coffee were all laid out. "Please help yourselves." Stripetail bade them sit and grab some of the food, which they did. Max grabbed a trio of hash browns, Terry took some muffins, Chelsea doughnuts, and Dana took 1 of each. The coffee was rich and tasty.  "  i think discussing jobs over food and drinks works far better that simply sitting in a chair,  in front of someone at a desk reading through your resume and trying to pick you out from 50 other candidates, and trying to keep your emotions in check while they find out you had a 1457 on the exam. ; Thats a very low score ' Max said. ." yes, my dear I know. I'm a wizard after all. " Ok, then perform some magic for us.. like ., I don;t know..create a creds card for each of us.. with.. er,. how many creds  guys?' She asked around . " 5000 creds' Terry asked.' 20000" tan chimes in. ' no. 100000 creds " chelsea said. 100000 creds on a card  for someone your age would certainly raise a lot of eyebrows,  and would almost certainly get the police involved. So No on the creds card idea. " striopetail crossed his arms. ' how about... a nice large pizza' he gestured and an enormous pizza dropped onto the table. cheese welled up from a hole the crust. while pepperoni, sausage, peppers and olives floated in a sea of cheese. the four students all gaped at the huge pizza that had appeared from nowhere. ' Dan cautiously reached out a hand and took a slice and stripetail slid her a plate. she took a bite and made a murmuring sound ' wow.. this is good ' she said between bites.  Terry ., Chelsea and Max quickly grabbed slices and began eating.

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: January 19, 2021, 10:38:09 PM »
Stripetail's glider tore through the brush, heading towards the middle of the forest. in a small clearing there glowed a portal pulsing with black energy. as Stripetail approached an image of Young Spyro appeared the portal he was tied to a chair and gagged , much like Kovu had been.  but unlike Kovu who had appeared resigned to his fate, Skylands Spyro was vigorously moving around , trying to  free himself ' You have 12 minutes this time to free him, or he will die by magical poisoning. ' Mertavus' foul voice emanated from the portal. " Each world your time will be less. and the enemies will be more numerous. Better hurry seer."the portal closed,and stripetail brought up an image of young spyro on the console of his glider. ' he produced a rock from skylands that Young Spyro had given him as a gift, and put it into the tracking slot. an image of the area soon popped up and an purple dot appeared that appeared to be  a under a rock outcropping on the side of a hill ' estimated distance ' 147. 46 miles. eta at current speed. 7 minutes and 42 seconds ' the computer buzzed. ' " Hang on Spyro, I'km coming ' Stripetail said, and he took off, dodging large venus flytraps, and dodging huge black cats who took a swipe at his vehicle.
 Yes, all praise to the great ozai ' Sima nodded as Vushu came back caqrrying a tray ofv soda from the vending mackine ' Hope you all are thristy' the pantheress said , as Vitani entewrd' Thank the ancestors , she rushed over to hug her younger brother. " madam! the fongoisd nurse protested ' He is my brother !' Vitani said sharply. " he needs rest, madam ' the nurse retorted.' and we have a visiitor limit. please.. wait outside." Vitani sihghed and lerft the room. " Yes i was a burse ' Sima confiremned ' the last thing i helpe with was.. lets see a pair iof broken legs after a heavier sumo fell onto a smaller one during a match. It was .. not fun to look at, or fix."
You have va very vivid imagination ' Tigeress said approvingly. ' I get the feeling his fabntasy would involve eiother him kicking bad guy butt, or being trapped in a dumpling family. or kicking bad guy butt WHILE trapped in a dumping family while its filling up with dumplings.  Sounds like something from a movie. Also, that makes me hungry;' the wolfess laughed.
 we have board games ' luca said as she puled out a board game from Monster ' this one is called golem abd tthe hare. Object is  get more of one card, than the other. One tream gets to be the Hare the other the golem. if you get a card from the other sie, you lose 5 points, byt if you get one of yo8our side you gain 5 points. teeam with the most points at he end wins."

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: January 16, 2021, 10:00:29 PM »
well, there was a play that the mustache man got involved in in rogueport. for as good as he at frustrating dad, he not that bad of an actor. Flurrie had to give hiim lines and tell him where to stand and all that She said that there was more scenery chewing that at a goat convention ' Wendy chuckled.  koppie koo hit a screamer up the middle that drove in wendy from first pushing the girls lead to 7-5. diddy held them in check he rest of trhe inbning. i the 8th inning. Agumon Gabumon and plux webnt deep back -to back -to back, giving the boys a 8-7 lead. the girls rallied in the botto of the 8th as biyomon, elida and eris each singled to tie the game at 8. in the 9th the boys erupted for 5 runs, including a grand slam by Agumnon that drove in Diddy, junior and Stitch.  the girls were now down to their last out with Dixie kong at the plate trailing 13-10, with Wendy at third and Angel at first. "One more out! Stitch called out to Junior ' get a good pitch in!"

Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: January 16, 2021, 09:04:59 PM »
We hear you fairchild. help is en route. if you need to return to refuel/ theres a refueling station in te north of town, near  bypass 3' Gordon replied. ' eta on police support is 7 minutes. maintain perimeter and visual if possible. we'll try and get a match on Id."

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:59:57 PM »
flurrie swung at the pitch and hit a slow dribble up to third, and she took off, having no legs she floated as fast as she could down the first base line while Wendy Goombella, goombette and goombaria cheered ' cali and tessa were keeping track of runs hits and outs, so far the boys were up 3-1 in the 3rd inning, it was the bottom of the 3rd . the girls had scored when Wendy doubled in Koopie Koo. Agumon had homered driving in Diddy and Gabumon.   skylar and Su ling watched the play as home umpire and third base umpire respectively. Agumon was behind home plate as catcher , while Gabumon was trying to field the ball as it dribbled toward the third base line. " cover first Junior' the blue digimon called out. Stitch covered left field, Plux right field. Eris and Elida were getting gloves on in the girls dugout, waiting for their turn to bat. biyomon was counting up the number of pitches Wendy had thrown the previous inning- 24. angel was nursing a bump on her right knee from  running into biyomon trying to catch a ball hit by diddy the previous inning. the ball had dropped in for a double.

Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: January 12, 2021, 10:44:28 PM »
Mukua moved next to kitty and took a 4 mouse - kabob(the mice were tied to the stick, not run through with the stick. ) and eased the nice off the stick and into her mouth ' remember , like i told Dixie keep your mouth open otherwise i wont be able to pass the food to you.' Mukua smirked at the buxom showgirl and moved closer. ' grab onto me if you need to maintain your balance. '
 Buni and suma wre in line grabbing some food, as Cey entered followed by another tigeress which she introduced as Tura " Tura these are the girls i have been telling  you about.' she smirked. ' so you told them about the marathon posing session that lasted more than two weeks?" tura chuckled. " yes, I did." lets just say, we got very used to seeing each other's form . had to , given we were holding the pose for 15 days.' tura said putting her arm around Cey." Now lets see here. you must be dixie " She pointed to Dixie" yes, mam ' dixie said " Please no 'mam' You make me sound like a schoool marm.' Tura said as she went in limne. " mukua, right?' she said to the pantheress ' mukua nodded at Tura as she had the food in her mouth before facing Kitty " and you must be kitty. Dont want to interrupt feeding time. so i'll introduce myself to you in earnest later.
 Dehli and Nunbi entered and made their way to the line for snacks ' anyone have the prince's secret sauce? nunbi asked the girls in the tub. "its my particular favorite."

 i enjoy doing stuff for louie. he pays me in banana and nuts ' berry said. ' plus i'm more or less freee to do what i please as long as he doesnt have neeed of me." ' i often do, of course ' Louie chuckled.

Unfinished RP's / Re: Around the Folf
« on: January 11, 2021, 08:06:31 PM »
its HIS power kojurro.  doesnt matter what they do with testing it, its ultimately derived from something that belongs to someone else. it is essentially an invention - Riv having the power to teleport. if others want to use it- then they have to pay the inventor to use his creation- in this case, his power. now if they patent something that improves on previous work, thats another matter. devices that increase telephone call dustance and clarotry of calls for instance were patented outside the original patent.' Kora said. ' we're dealing with a hypothetical anyway. "

Unfinished RP's / Re: Around the Folf
« on: January 08, 2021, 11:51:00 PM »
millions? try trillions. imagine. being able to teleport from LA to new York city in a eyeblink. No more need for cars or planes, just enough cash to use a teleporter." Kora said . ' Riv could make himself extraordinarily wealthy, if he could make a profit from his power. teleportation has virtually limitless possibilities. in archeology, you could teleport finds from the field to the lab for testing in a blink. Imagine what Howard Carter and lord Carnavon could have done with this. it wouldnt have taken them nearly 9 years to find King Tut's  tomb."

The Welcome Center / Re: Seasons greetings from a skydragon
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:34:15 PM »
hi azure! welcome to the forum

The Welcome Center / Re: Hello, everyone! I have returned!
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:33:12 PM »
welcome back cyber!

Starday Wishes / Re: Happy starday AzureParagon
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:31:36 PM »
happy birthday to you.

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: January 01, 2021, 09:18:59 PM »
Sima, vushu and vitani soon entered the room. ' no more than 5 guests please' The Fongoid nurse said. ' hes a royal Vushu said . " siorry, royal or no, he needs quiet to assist in his healing. ' have a seat, we will bring you something to read to pass the time.. there are vending machines in the hall if you are thristy.' she said as she took kovus vitals and wrote in a clipboard. .
 slowly, stripetail's teaam spread over the planets, quietly taking out security and realigning the camera to show past fights.

Unfinished RP's / Re: Around the Folf
« on: December 28, 2020, 10:33:01 PM »
hello riven, I'm kora ' the kioness said with  a smile. ' looking around the facvility she saw everything from a stolen Tv broadcasting what lookee like a football game, to a pinball machine suitting near a pillar ' looks lke you refuygeess nicked more than afew things on the way out. I wager we'll be drinking coffee out of stolen  ' Sartoric rocks!" coffee mugs."
 at least its shelter' marita said brushing sand out of her fur. ' Just out of curiosity Yurei, how many of you are there? you didnt exactly do this with just the 2 of you, right ? I mean, you could, but it would take forever."
you guys have a fridge!' Marie said making her way towards a glowing fridge sitting between two pillars, opening it with anticipation. Her face fell as she beheld the paltry contents inside: a small collections of salads,  submarine sandwiches and root beer. "Soda it is then ' she sighed. , grabbing a bottle.
 Emma collapsed into a chair, and wiped sand off of her, creating a decent pile of sand at her feet. . the animals stood in the middle of the lot, just tossing their heads around, and taking the new abode in stride.

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: December 28, 2020, 01:17:45 PM »
stripetail charged forward, ducking slices and parying projectiles with his magic. some enemies he dispatched with lightning. others he simply magically threw them over cliffs or into ravines. stripetail carved throiugh the waves of enemies like a sword just come out of the forge. He tapped his wrist communicator , which glowed black ' he smiled inwardly, kovu still had his ring, with would help him locate him.  as Stripetail reached the top of a large hill he saw it. the transport was lodged in a  thicket on the side of a mountain.  Stripetail summoned hiss glider, and sped over the terrain running over enemies with no concern save getting to his imprisoned friend. The clock ticked under 10 minutes as stripetail reached the foot of the mountain. then shot up the side  brambles that surrounded the transport were burned away, clearing a path to the transport. stripetail stopped as a huge golem arose out of the ground in front of the ship. this was the big boss that fighters had to defeat to advance.  stripetail began pounding the golem with furry, knocking it back with ice and lightning. the golem caught fire and sunk to its knees before exploding into a shower of bone and bone chips. stripetail tore off the  shuttle door with a clenched gesture and climbed inside. Kovu was in a second room and his eyes widened as he saw Stripetail emter . he made small noises as stripetail began cutting him free. as stripetail got closer to get a better look at him,  he got a view of what Meratvius had done to him physically- Kovu had been badly beaten. .  The smell of burned hair and flesh permeated the room.   As he removed the magical gag, Kovu spat up blood.. " I thought i was going to die ' Kovu said weakly, his voice hoarse ' the things.. he did to me.." you're alive, my boy, and that is what matters. You will need time to recover , of course, both physically and mentally. ' he.. broke.. into my mind" Kovu began to sob, and stripetail patted him on the shoulder. "I will make him pay for how he treated you kovu.  You have my word.  Now come on. Lets get you back to the Spire. " he pressed his communicator again ' Kopa!' yes? the communicator glowed bright red. ' I  found him"there was a big sigh of relief on the other end  Thank the ancestors. Thank you Stripetail. I couldnt have faced my sister if we didnt get him back. " .I'm sending him to you now. take him to the medical wing for rest . Mertavius really worked him over . " I'll rip Mertavius' head off for this' Kopa growled. " With all due respect your majesty, You wouldnt get within 5 feet of Mertavius before he blasted you away with a spell. With rare exception, mortals cannot harm immortals. I have other prisoners to rescue, Kovu was just the first.'Kovu put his omniderate ring back on to his claw. he was skinny, and walked slowly. Stripetail cast a teleportius spell and Kovu vanished with a flash. "On to the next planet' Stripetail said and he teleported away.
_ " The Spire"
 Kopa and Kiara were waiting near the medical wing as Kovu teleported in. Kovu collapsed to the ground, and Kiara rushed to him. " I -I'm so sorry Kiara.. i missed your birthday.. and.. ' Kovu's apology was cut off as  Kiara kissed him passionately on the lips, as she pulled her mate into a embrace. " You're taking it easy  going forward' Kiara said to him after pulling away . Kopa came up to Kovu and hugged him. ' We missed you bro. Don't ever do that again. Come on . lets get you to a doctor. " I've healed his injuries.' came Stripetail's voice out of the rings. " Just let him rest and get him whatever he wants. let him.. feast like a lion.""I was known as the Scarred one' Kovu said, as Kopa helped him along.. ' I actually made some fans.." " Made a lot of dough selling colognes too.  A guy named Mac just sent a holovid telling us that you just sold your 1 billionth case.. apparently the arenas use them as weapons. Not exactly what we had in mind in selling them, but money is money' Kopa said ' 1 billion cases ?' Kovu said in a gasp . " yep.. you've made 235 billion bolts in sales' Kovu's mouth fell open. " By the ancestors thats a ton of dough. " Should be just enough to raise a few cubs with my sister' Kopa said as Kovu laughed. " and theres hazard pay coming your way too. Dragomalin is covering any expenses through their ' Prisoner rescue' program. "kopa added. "Can never have too much money, right?' Kovu said his mood greatly improved after his rescue and reunion with his family.

 Kopa guided Kovu to the medical wing where a bed was waiting. a fongoid nurse helped Kovu into a hospital gown and had him lie on a large bed" A holovision was turned to sports, as luck would have it the Pridelands was playing the Zany Island pride in football. The Pridelands was up 35-10, as Jasiri rushed for a big gain, her hyena smell made it difficult for anyone to tackle her.

Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: December 28, 2020, 12:10:12 PM »
atrua climbed into the tub with dixie carrying a plate full of food." take whatever you like girls. buni, suma, get in here and stop playing your game. Buni's up by 448 points anyway.' Chie grabbed some meat and Mukua picked up another hot dog this time slathered in green sauce. " And Mukua, you are still just lobbing the food into your partners mouth when you feed them. i thought i taught you better than that. You push it  in, and hold it until your partner can get their tongue on it. Come here, I'll show the girls the proper technique." Mukua blushed but came up next to Atrua."Atrua put a mouse into her mouth then leaned forwrd. atrua 's tongue shot out, the mouse firmly wrapped in it, and went deep into mukua's mouth. Atrua dropped the mouse onto Mukua's tongue and Mukua swallowed it, almost as a reflex. Atrua ran her tongue over mukuas as their lips locked together in a kiss, and Atrua squeezed mukuas breasts playfully.  After about 20 seconds, Atrua pulled away Mukuas tongue sliding out of her mouth. mukua then fed Atrua back, this time she was a bit more forceful than she had been with Dixie. " better, better. ' Atrua said approvingly" Don';t slack off on proper feeding Mukua, you'll develop bad habits otherwise. Is your boy toy janus to blame?' She laughed." boys just lob it in there like its a ball to a hoop. "
Dixie pulled a card off the table ' it was a menu list" well lets see '; we have.. 250 different kinds of sauces,. 80 different kinds of mouse., hambrger buns, stuffed mouse pizzas, they have .. loads of toppings. All you cam eat too.. we're going to have to be rolled out of here, arent we?" she laughed then saw the look of hunger mixed with joy on Kitty's face. ' go on , girl. grab what you like.
of course i'm good with this. Try Banana mint shake. its to die for ' Berry said.  the peppermint banana during the holidays is out of this world. in fact I'mm going to go make myself one." berry hopped out of the bed and headed to the kitchen ' Better make that 3 loves, I have a hankering for peppermint too ' Louie said.

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
« on: December 27, 2020, 03:18:09 AM »
pray, of course' Vushu said. ' both she and Sima wre carrying pictures of Kovu " they he;ld the pictures up to the light ' May   Ozai the merciful shield this prisoner from harm and may he carry him home to safety in his weighty arms " they intoned together. ' as part of the ceremony thge pictures were cast into the fire so that the image could become visible only to the divine. Sima thought back to a time early in her life on mawashii, where she  had few friends. she had prayed to ozai to send her a friend and build up on her confidence, and Ozai must have heard her because the very next day she had met Vushu for the first time, who had let her stay with her and from that their friendship blossomed.
 Vushu's memorty was of figting a huge 3200 pound boar on Mount Ringer, the kind that ran you over and asked questions later. She had prayed at a local shrine for strength , and her prayers must have been answered because she managed t o slay the born and bring his body backj to become burgers.
_ Kopa and kiara styopped at one of the 15 shrinews to pray, as instructed they ed picturs of Kovu out over the fames ' Come home safe' Kopa intoned as he burned the picytures. Kiara cried , tears running down her face as she burned the picture ." just come home " she whispered as the photo burned away in her claws.' We'll get him back Kiara. I promise ' Kopa sad. " and i;m smothering him with kisses and hugs.' Kiara said." more than usual?' kopa laughed.' hes not leaving my sight.. well, unless he;'s in the hospital or something, like Stripetail was." kiara said .
 as stripetail stepped on to the plains, there was a flash of lightning and Mertavius stood on a flinty outcropping over him. 'Welcome to dreadzone wizard! I do hope you can handle these ruffians, I actually have a wager on you with the Oxhead of Pragen 4. They bet me that you wouldnt survive 10 minutes in Dreadzone. Easiest wager i ever made. If you win- As I fully expect- their planet will belong to me and they will become my servants. lets us hope at least they are better at serving me than they are at gambling.." " wheres Kovu?' Stripetail said. ' If you are here then you must have him.  Where is he?' What, you dont have the rest of his family blundering around looking for him? Isn't that your normal forte , sending mortals to do an immortals job?' Mertavius sneered. " you know, if not for that blasted ring you gave him, i could have turned him into a nice rug and a pair of boots. Well, no matter, he did provide some entertainment at least, i went into his small mind and probed all the corners finding out every repressed memory , every fear that scurries around in that peach pit he calls a brain. here he is ' mertavius gestured and a magical image appear next to him. Kovu was tied claw and foot to a chair  inside what looked to be a space capsule. his mouth was securely covered with a glowing gag, and the lion looked exhausted and resigned to  his fate. " Anger flashed in Stripetail's eyes. " i have placed his capsule somewhere on this planet. your clock will start the moment I finish talking. You have precisely 15 minutes to find him, IF  you do not find him in 15 minutes a magical miasma  will start filtering into  that capsule a process that will take  about a minute. the miasma  will be fatal to him within 10 seconds once he breathes it in. ' a magical time appeared in the sky with a gesture from the green squirrel. ' another gesture dispelled the image of the imprisoned Kovu . " And of course, you're going to have to fight your way through all of Vox's goons in the meantime. You want any chance of saving your little lion friend, you're going to have to bring your real powers to the fold.  " You're deranged Mertavius. "Stripetail said coldly. " No, wizard, deranged would involve me slowly , painfully, mercilessly slicing him into  little pieces while he was still breathing,  and i made you magically watch the whole thing  ." Mertavius retorted. " and then you would have to break your precious rule about ' No  reviving the dead" He said mockingly. " Unless you want to have to bring his scattered , fragmented remains home to the Pridelands in a small box. I'm sure King Simba would LOVE that. and he;'d LOVE you after you told him what happened, that you let his son in law get pulverized. " Stripetail's face worked then his mouth was set in a thin line. ' Enough of the jibes Mertavius. Surely you have better things to do with your time then try and get me rattled? besides, you have  coin riding on me, although you havent lost a wager since that dragon race on Orgon 46..' mertavius' eyes  narrowed ' " It figures you would bring that up.. but now you're wasting tome. your clock is now ticking.. and the guards are closing in.. " meratvious vanised in a puff of smoke and a loud bugle call echoed through the area. A wave of armed warriors raced over the plains towards Stripetail,  their weapons and armor gleaming in the sun. this was a mix of mortal and zombie as exposed bones and eyesockets were visible.' the clock in tha air started ticking dowen. A glowing white shield appeared around Stripetail and his staff glowed bright white. " Hang on Kovu, i"m coming '  Stripetail said, before letting forth with a vicious blast of lightning.

Random Role Play / Re: Adventures In ToonWorld
« on: December 26, 2020, 07:02:37 PM »
theres lots pf variety" Atrua sad with a smile. ' some have bubbles that smell of flowers, others have rainbow foam that you soak in, theres even one that is filled with hot cocoa instead of water. we save that for the festive seasons,.' She grinned.,"because that tub is drunk empty within hours of being filled.
_ we definitely will give some of this to Arlene.' Dixie agreed. ' " she definitely could use the money more than us. Get her some nice clothes too, something to match her fur. There was a nice dreess in town that I;ll get for her a little later, the pink one with the red ruffles.
_ the girls entered the buff villa and headed towards the tubs. next to a large one stood a tray of food which was actually alive- mice chickens and fish. there was hot dog buns, brat buns hamburger buns, stations for making burgers and sandwiches." ' awesome! Its build your own meal day" Atrua beamed. "" we have the prey be alive because its easier than waiting a half hour for grilling. plus its like hunting in the jungle back in the day>"
" i bet you'll gorge on the mice kitty' dixie laughed. Mukua was quickly in line making herself a 'hot dog. " come join me Dixie' She grinned. " I'll show you a special way we feed each other during these meal days." Sure how do you do it, We each getan end?' Dixie said. "  No' Mukua grinned impishly. " We get really close to each other, i put some food in my mouth, wrap it in my tongue then pass it to you by sticking the food in your mouth. my tongue goes in there too but only as part of passing the food." Oh.. is that a local custom./' Dixie asked. ' yeah.Girls share with other girls, guys share with other guys, family shares with family and of coursed theres mixed company too." Dixie grabbed a plate and made herself a fish burger. then joined Mukua in the tub."Ok, we have mice for me and Fish for you.' Mukua said I'll share a mouse with you and you share a fish  with me. Since I'm teaching , I'lll go first.' Dixie leaned in and kissed Mukua on the lips catching her by surpise  after a couple seconds Dixies and Mukuas tongues came together inside Mukua's mouth,  and the pair french kissed  for about 30 seconds before mukua pulled away. "Dixie! dont jump the gun!' I hadnt gotten my food in yet.  " she said. ' sorry.' Dixie said,' go ahead" " alright, just keep your mouth as open as you can, otherwise this wont work.>'mukua put a mouse into her muth and wrapped her tongue around it. Mukua leaned in extending her tongue and the mouse over Dixies lips and into her mouth. Dixie quickly swallowed the food stuffing a bun into her mouth to wsh the food down. She passed the fish to Mukua next and mukua pulled away. ' not bad for the first time ' she said. " I'll teach Kitty next ."
Theres a lot of banana true' Louie grins. " theres also the berry shake. blueberrys are rare but delicious. put a wedge of coconut , and its delicious.

Unfinished RP's / Re: Around the Folf
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theres a ruin about a half  mile west of here/ theres enough intact sections to have a roof over our heads ' Kora said. " The quicker we get there the less sand we have to endure. " she looked up at the clouds which were slowly getting closer and rapidly turning darker. ' and I would suggest we pick up our speed . Sandstorms can be deadly if you get caught in them. "
 marita was trying to ride a double humped camel and was currently stuck between the 2 humps. ' I should have gotten a horse' She said.  Emma was riding a horse carefully, being inexperienced with riding,m she went at a slow pace.

Random Role Play / Re: Insane Cafe 4: The Insane Frontier
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we're been undercover the entire time Jing dear' tigerss chuckled. or have you forgotten the passes Utsa gave us? you;re a red panda, and i;m a dragoness.' hence the wings and claws." she chuckled. " this is.. shall we say discreet work, and dangerous work. talking to drunk guards ar 3 am at a small moonlet orbiting a green star isnt exactly my kind of easy job if you catch my meaning..' she chuckled. ' still , having you around helps a lot. you have so many ideas for your dates to come..and so many nicknames too. ' she laughed. ;'' there was one that involved a mountain stream, wasnt there? or was that a dream about you making out with him by a mountain  stream , or IN a mountain stream?
we're in lockdown as we;re going through a dangerous stretch of space. " Luca said ' Lots of large asteroids that could do a number in the ship if we arent careful.

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