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Star Wars: Jedi Order
« on: December 23, 2006, 02:18:14 PM »

Two years after the
death of Desann and
his Reborn, a new threat
has appeared. A massive
assualt has struck at the
galactic capital, CORUSCANT.

Working with ROGUE
SQUADRON, the head
of the Jedi Academy,
sent a group of Jedi lead
by Jedi Master CAL
RASSEN to aid in the
planet's defense...........


The X-Wing's lasers flash, destroying a Tie Fighter. In the cockpit, a voice says "Hang in there Arfor." The voice belongs to Jedi Master Cal Rassen. The Jedi is familer enough the quadruple-winged fighter to pilot it in a large-scale conflict like this. A voice crackles into the Jedi's comlink. "We'll be able to make planetfall soon." "Good. We have to ensure the Senator's survival." Cal replies. He turns sharply as a Star Destroyer, it's bridge obliterated, descendes and smashes into a second Destroyer, breaking it in half.

Name: Cal Rassen
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Rank: Jedi Master
Saber Color: Blue
Saber Hilt: Strait, with sort of and X mark on it.
Personality: Calm, collected, but will be humorus on occasion.


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Star Wars: Jedi Order
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2007, 11:55:30 PM »
A voice crackled over a commlink.
"Lieutenant--CHHH--Squadron 4 has sustained severe casualities. We're--CHHH-- to check it out."
"Proceed, Green Leader," said a voice laced with a harsh accent. Its owner stared out of the eyeholes in his war mask.
Lieutenant Krakor stood at the bridge of one of the Republic Starships, surveying the battle occuring before him. He turned on the commlink again.
"Commander Rassen, do you read me, over?"


Name: Lieutenant Krakor

Age: 50

Species: Kaleesh (General Grievous' species)

Krakor was part of the Rebel Alliance before the fall of the Empire, and is now an officer in the New Republic. He is skilled at flying, and specializes in a special form of Kaleesh ground combat. His preferred weapon of choice: a Kaleesh scimitar that has a barbed hook at the end, that can be used to yank an opponent's weapon out of their hands, and it has many other uses. It is made from lightsaber resistant metal.
Though the Kaleesh are now almost extinct, Krakor still practices his species' customs, and he wears a Mumuu skull death mask everywhere he goes.
(General Grievous' face was a Mumuu skull war mask. Traditional war masks are painted with Karabbac blood.)
Here's an image of a traditional Kaleesh warlord.

Two hooked scimitars
5 sharp-edged boomerangs
1 throwing axe
blaster rifle(rarely used)
plasma detonator built into the hilt of both of his scimitars