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Age of Fire series by E E Knight


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Anyone else on this message board read this series? There's six books in all; the first three are the coming of age stories of three dragon siblings of a single clutch who for various reasons, all end up separated and living vastly different lives, and the later three detail the events that take place upon meeting each other once more as adults.

The earlier books are the better; they're longer and have way more detail - plus many thought the last two books...lacked something. A lot of creative effort has gone into the stories to come up with reasons for why dragons act the way they do - for example, a dragon hoards precious metals because they need to eat the stuff to replenish their  scales - and the books end up feeling a bit like Watership Down because it's written from the perspective of the dragon characters, who don't always share...human values, shall we say?

While the first book is great, I think my favourite of the lot is the third book; Dragon Outcast. To say why would give away too much, so here's the short version; it's like "I, Claudius" but with dragons.


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The Age of Fire series is awesome. I have the four of the books and hope to get the last two soon.

I haven't read all of them so I can't sum up the whole series, but so far they certainly haven't gone down much quality in my opinion(aside from the typos in book 5).

I like the first three books equally. The fourth comes in at a close second.

As for the dragon siblings, I don't have a favorite, all three are great characters.
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