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escape from the mysterious beyond


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Well this ep was easly the best so far. It didnt pull many punches in the danger front. At one ppoint on the rock ledge chomper tells ducky not to look as he fully expects thud to eat them. They huddle togather in fear of this. They relize that thud is stuck after a couple minutes. Ill let you all run with it and flesh out the synops and pros and cons. But in a way this episode was a bit closer to the original film than any ep or film before it imo. Except i think if this situation had happened in the first movie the dino kids would have finished thud off.

In the end chompers saving thud by partially freeing him does pay off. Thud is the first one to take off from the cave entrances where the kids are hiding. Leading the rest away. It is fully obvious he seen them there. But i guess he decided he owed chomper for saving his life and returned the favor.