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I was surprised not to see a topic on this amazing series of novels.  Although I am not a fan of the prequels written by his son, I find that the novels written by Frank Herbert contain some of the best representations of political intrigue, conspiracy, and the eternal conflict between the forces promoting progress and stagnation that I have ever read.  The first novel was certainly an eye-opener for me when I read it during my early teens.

Neither the 1984 film or the SyFy television miniseries did the source material justice, although they are both interesting works in their own right.  In fact, it was the surreal nature of the David Lynch film that inspired me to read the book in the first place.

I was wondering if anyone else was a fan of the novel or its various incarnations in film, television, or video games?

Go ahead and check out my fanfictions, The Seven Hunters, Songs of the Hunters, and Menders Tale.


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I've read or listened to the audio book, of I think the first 4 books I think it was, and I saw the 1984 film a few times.


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Read the original, saw the 1984 film, and played Dune 2.