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Anthro Star Wars

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I love anthro version of film, TV and video game characters. I love Star Wars. This was a natural combo. I use material that is now classed as non-canon by Disney, meaning the Expanded Universe, which I still, and always will, prefer to use over Disney's new canon.  Lastly, in the EU, there are certain alien races dubbed near-human, meaning humans were their ancestors. Because humans don't exist in this version, they are aliens in their own right. The story itself is a combo of Tales of the Jedi, Knights of the Old Republic, The Old Republic and the Darth Bane Trilogy. Enjoy and No critique. The first half of the story focuses on the fall of Shere Khan and Steele.
Anthro Star Wars

Chapter 1

Much time had passed since the infamous event now known to galactic history as the Great Sith War. The war had devastated the Republic and the Jedi order. The main aggressor, a powerful and arrogant panther named Exar Kun. He had been a Jedi, but, as had many before him, fallen to the dark side of the Force. Granted the title of Dark lord of the Sith by the ancient Sith Lord Tai Lung, he took another fallen Jedi, a wolf named Ulic Qel-Droma, as his apprentice and led his forces against the Jedi.

"We will win! On this day, the Jedi shall fall!" Exar Kun had said.

In the end, however, he had been defeated. Ulic, his Force powers stripped from him, wandered the galaxy as a broken exile, returning to the light once again. Many Jedi had died, and the order struggled to rebuild. Then came the Mandalorians. A group of nomadic warriors of various species, anthro and alien alike, they sought a challenge in the Republic. They attacked planets outside the Republic's sphere of influence, moving ever closer to the galactic core. The senate petitioned the Jedi council for aid, but, due to losing so many in the war, the council voted to wait and see how the threat panned out. The Republic and many other Jedi expressed disappointment. Then came the Jedi named Shere Khan. A suave tiger, Shere Khan, along with his malamute friend and fellow Jedi Steele, decided to rebel against the council. He began giving speeches to his fellow Jedi.

"The Jedi council has shown its weakness. They would rather stay safe here on Coruscant rather than take care of the duties of a Jedi. Therefore, it falls to us to lead the Republic army into battle!" he shouted to his audience.

Steele nodded.

"Follow us, and the Mandalorians will never know what hit them!" he added.

It was enough for the Jedi who listened to him to want to follow. They set out on Shere Khan and Steele's crusade. Meanwhile, on the desolate desert world of Korriban, birthplace of the Sith, a cloaked figure walked amongst the tombs of dead Sith lords, powerful dark side sorcerers capable of creating and doing the most horrid things, things beyond imagination. The figure pulled back its hood, revealing a red-eyed lioness with a small tear in her ear. No one knew anything about her except that she was a Force user who had turned to the dark side, declaring herself a Sith lord and taking the title Darth Traya. Her given name had been Zira.

"Finally, the Sith empire shall be mine!" she said menacingly.

She continued on her path toward the Sith academy started by Exar Kun during the Sith war.