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Hunter and Colleen's Wedding

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For purposes of closure, I have decided to write one more story. This is from my remake canon and is dedicated to Nick22 and all the other great people I have met here. Read and comment, just be nice, as this is my last fic.
Hunter and Colleen's Wedding

It was a joyous day at Rovers HQ. Today, Hunter and Colleen, both now twenty-seven years old, were getting married. Hunter stood at the front of the chamber in his handsome suit, Exile at his side as the best man, while his long time girlfriend and fellow Rover Anya the American Eskimo stood nearby as Colleen's maid of honor. An elder Rover stood ready to perform the ceremony. Hunter was nervous.

"Get it together, Hunter," he told himself.

It was then that Colleen came in, brought down the aisle by the group's combat instructor, a middle-aged Alaskan malamute who was also a father-figure to Colleen. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, even more so than usual, at this moment. At this point in her life, Colleen was at the zenith of her beauty and fitness. Hunter smiled, trying to stay calm as the gorgeous collie took her place. The ceremony began. Then, the time came.

"Hunter, do you take Colleen as your lawfully wedded wife?" the elder asked.

Hunter nodded.

"I do," he said without hesitation.

The elder turned to Colleen.

"Colleen, do you take Hunter as your lawfully wedded husband?" he asked.

Colleen smiled.

"I do," she said.

"Then, with the powers granted me, I declare you two husband and wife. Hunter, you may now kiss the bride," he said.

Hunter didn't hesitate. He and Colleen kissed deeply as everyone clapped. From there, it was time for the reception and cake. At the party, Exile sang for the couple. Hunter smiled proudly.

"This is the best day of my life," he said.

Colleen looked at him flirtatiously.

"Indeed," she said.

The party was a success. Hunter and Colleen were ready to face the rest of their lives together. As the music wore on, the two shared their first dance.