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Categorizing the episodes


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There appear to be three kinds of episodes in the series:

1.Sequals of sequals: Such as The Big Longneck Test being a sequal to movie number 10, or the recent episode with Doc and his "lady friend" being the sequal to movie number 6.

2.Filler/situation episodes: Nothing special, just episodes in which a situation is created (like the Log Rolling episode) and the characters react.

3.Redclaw/Series specific episodes: These seem to be episodes in which the plot elements specific to the TV series are addressed. The best example is probably the "Star-Day celebration", in which TV series elements rather than movie elements predominate. Another example would be the epsiode in which Chomper and Ducky are stuck on that isolated cliff.


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The Brave longneck scheme appears to be #1 of those 3 catergories and it appears that they have been doing sequels to several of the later sequels..
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