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MLP The Epic Crusade


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Chapter 1

Both Princess Celestia and Luna faced Discord, as Ponyville had been transformed into the capital of chaos for over thousands years ago.

Princess Celestia and Luna was exhausted after the magic duel, and Discord was not easy to defeat but he got turned into stone at last.

"No! Just you wait until I will be free again." Discord he shouted to the princess.

Discord was turned into stone, and Ponyville was saved.

All citizens of Ponyville came out to ceebrate the two heroes, but they knew someday Discord would return decades later

But an old prophecy also told about The Mane Six, and they will take the fight against Discord again.

Chapter 2

"Thanks Princess Celestia." Apple Bloom said to the princess while they sat in the royal Canterlot library on a sunny summer day.

"And how did you get your Cutie Mark." Apple Bloom asked the princess.

"It's something my astronomers will hep you with explain one day, as you get older." Princess Celestia told the filly.

Then was Apple Bloom saying goodbye to the princess, and went home to Sweet Apple Acres.

Apple Bloom waited for days in school for her Cutie Marks, but none came up.

Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon was rude against Apple Bloom, and others with "blank flanks".

One night, was Apple Bloom waking up from a nightmare, and Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon was in it as she told Applejack that ran into the room.

"It was just a nightmare." Applejack told her sister.

So that day after school, was Applejack and Cherilee alone on the playground by the school on another sunny summerday.

" I know there is a cut cenera party soon where you can give your daughter a surprise at Cake." Cherilee told Applejack.

The next morning was Applejack so excited for the party. but she did not tell her sister about it.

Then was Applejack visiting Cake, as Pinkie Pie was there too and some of her other friends.