Author Topic: First Poem- Rock of my Eye  (Read 917 times)

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First Poem- Rock of my Eye
« on: May 02, 2017, 11:52:55 AM »
This is a little poem I made which I use rocks as a metaphor for
someone one loves. I am single, but this idea popped in my head and I had to write it.

To my loving and honest girl
Many say about the apple of one’s eye,
Where I say, you are the rock of my eye.
I have long admired the beauty of rocks
But I know you possess a quality,
A quality beyond the value of rocks
You are like the moss,
The moss that gathers on a stone,
A good helper, a true ally,
The one whom I love,
The one whom I share my life with,
And once we enter marriage,
We will be like two melted rocks,
Two rocks that turn into lava,
And join together in love.