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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« on: July 01, 2017, 10:14:02 PM »
A little over ten years had passed since the defeat of Dragonstorm. Werner and Hans Donitz had helped the desert community reintegrate with the outside world. Werner had started a relationship with Pomson the daughter of the former head of the community Halsey. Werner walked outside into the sunlight and took a deep breath. “We sure have come a long way dad.”
“That we have Werner my boy.” Hans replied wiping the sweat off his brow.
“I hope the others are doing good.”
“Me too,  You miss them don’t you?”
“Yeah, of course I miss them. They’re like family.”
“I know.” Hans rubbed his temple groaning.
“You alright dad?” Werner asked.
“Yeah I just have a headache. It’s a shame about Shelton both of them I mean.” Hans held up the paper dated three months ago.
“Yeah.” Werner replied as he watched his father trudge back to his hut rubbing his forehead.
“Hey Werner.” Werner broke his gaze to see a velociraptor walk up to him.
“Hey Ev.” Werner said embracing the velociraptor “how you doing?”
“Good.” She took notice of hans’s absence. “Is Hans alright?”
“Yeah he just has a headache.” Werner took a sip from his canteen. “I was just thinking of some of my old friends.”
“Them again?” The raptor didn’t seem to appreciate what werner was thinking.
“Sorry Werner, you know how I think of them!”
“Revenge won’t solve anything.” Werner said sighing.
Pomson sighed. “You don’t think I know that? I...” a grumbling sound broke her train of thought.
“Perhaps we should get something to eat eh?” Werner suggested feeling the tension rising.
“I’d like that.” Pomson smiled as she and Werner walked off for the dining hall. “What do you think chef is making?”
“Smells like sausages.” Werner replied sniffing the air. “Chocolate cake, asparagus and fried potatoes.”
“Yep.” Pomson replied taking a sniff of the air. “Smells good.”
The couple made their way down the street toward the dining hall. Various community members were hard at work doing their daily tasks.
“Hans hat in letzter Zeit schon viel Kopfschmerzen.” Werner heard one of the community members say. (Hans has had a lot of headaches lately)
“Ich hoffe es ist nichts.” his compatriot replied
(I hope it's nothing.)
“Sein Sohn muss sich auch Sorgen machen?” the first one said.
(His son must also worry)
“Guter Punkt.” the second said.
(Good point)
“Uh...yes Evelyn?”
“You’ve been quite.”
“Sorry I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.”
“Maybe a rest in your hut would help?”
“Maybe later.” the two entered the open doored hall.
“Chef das Essen bereit??” Werner asked the chef.
(Chef the food ready?)
“Hast du die Glocke gehˆrt? Es ist noch nicht fertig!” Chef replied
(Did you hear the bell? It's not finished yet!)
ëWener don’t antagonize him” Pomson said laying her head on his shoulder.
“Sorry Evelyn.” Werner sighed. He still couldn’t shake the thought something was wrong. What had killed Oscar and Rudy? Could it have been something to do with the Einstein-Rosen bridge? Something else? Werner felt a palm on his shoulder.
“Werner? Are you alright?”
“No Evelyn, I’m not.” Werner sighed. “I’ve been thinking.”
“About what?”
“The Einstein-Rosen bridge. And… us.”
“I’ve been thinking that we’ve been dating for a few year now.”
“I...I’ve never had this feeling about anyone before.”
“I never thought I could feel that about someone else either.” Pomson replied.
Werner smiled and leaned into Pomson. Pomson took note and leaned in as well. The lips of the two met as chef chuckled as he got back to cooking. The two finally pulled back from each other. “I liked that.”
“You’re not alone. Werner when I’m with you… I still feel anger toward your friend James and Shelton but I also feel happier being with you..”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Werner smiled. “I feel happy with you too.” The sound of the dinner bell ringing cause Werner to look toward Chef.
“Jetzt ist das Essen fertig.” Chef said.
(Now the food is ready)
“Danke” Werner replied as the community entered the hall.
(Thank you)
Werner, Pomson and the rest of the community formed a line and proceeded to get their food.
“Wo ist Hans?” one of the community members asked.
(where is Hans?)
“Ruhen Er sagte, er habe Kopfschmerzen.” Werner replied taking a bite of the sausage.
(Resting He said he had a headache)
Pomson tore right into the sausage. “Chef always cooks something good.”
“Where's the doc?” Werner asked.
As if to answer the doctor’s assistant suddenly ran into the hall. “Werner, dein Vater, braucht dich schnell!” (Werner, your father, needs you fast!)
Werner dropped his fork and rushed out the door running for his father’s hut. Werner arrived to find the doctor by the door. “Doc! Wie geht es ihm?” Werner asked. (Doc! How is he?)
The doctor gave him a remorseful look.
“Es tut mir leid Werner. Es gab nichts, was ich tun konnte.”
(I'm sorry Werner. There was nothing I could do.)
“Nein! Nein! Es kann nicht sein! Vater!” Werner collapsed to the ground crying.
(No! No! It can not be! Father!)
Pomson rushed over having followed Werner doing what she could to comfort him in his time of need.

(and please excuse if i did any of the German bits wrong was going by google translate for that. So if i got anything wrong please tell me.)

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 01:38:10 AM »
Ooooh more Darwin's Soldiers! I love Werner and Hans, and I'm excited to see a story that spends more time exploring their lives in the desert settlement; that society wasn't shown at all in Chasing Seconds before the main characters threw everything into chaos.

Speaking of which, anyone who isn't familiar with the Darwin's Soldiers canon should read the Darwin's Soldiers Wiki
the Darwin's Soldiers Wiki, and in particular Episode 5 of Chasing Seconds would help set the backstory to this story.

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 12:45:34 AM »
I should have the next part ready by next week.

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2017, 11:33:27 PM »
A couple of days had passed since Hans had died, Werner wasn’t getting much sleep because of it. His mind was racked with thoughts. What had caused his father to die so suddenly? He was waiting for a report from the doctor who was doing the autopsy. Pomson hadn’t left his side since then.

“Werner? You alright?” Pomson asked as a cool night breeze blew into the hut.

“No Evelyn, I’m not. I can’t help but think about the past lately.”

“You mean when you went through the Einstein-Rosen bridge?”

“Yeah… I find myself wondering if that’s what caused my dad…” Werner cut off as he sniffled the pain was still strong.

“Maybe… I’m upset my father didn’t get credit.”

“Evelyn, you know why he hasn’t.”

“It still doesn’t make it right!”

“Evelyn, I know you’re upset that my friends have gotten the credit.”


“Evelyn, you’re letting your emotions get to you. I don’t want you to become a monster.”

“I’m sorry.” Pomson sighed. “I just want to know that it was all worth it.”

“I know. The bridge is going to become a new form of transportation but…”

“But what?”

“Oscar died of a brain hemorrhage, Shelton died of a brain hemorrhage… I’m starting to think something might have happened to us when we used the bridge.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know Evelyn. But I have a feeling it’s not good.”

“Werner Kann ich mit Ihnen sprechen?” The doctor said walking in.
(Werner Can I talk to you?)

“Ja Doktor? Was hat mein Vater getˆtet?” Werner asked.
(Yes, doctor? What killed my father?)

“Eine Hirnblutung Ich werde ehrlich sein, wenn ich ¸berpr¸ft h‰tte, dass ich es niemals gesehen h‰tte.” the doctor replied handing Werner a copy of his notes. (A cerebral hemorrhage I'll be honest if I'd checked that I'd never seen it.)

“Danke Doktor.” Werner watched as the doctor left.
(Thank you doctor)

“A brain hemorrhage?”

“Yes Evelyn. I have some calls to make this is the third time I’m aware of this has happened. I need to make some calls.” Werner rushed out of his hut to the radio room but not before putting the papers in a briefcase.

“You’re not calling who I think you’re calling are you?” Pomson asked chasing after werner.

“Evelyn! I need my friends to help me find out what’s going on!”

“Werner! You can solve this by yourself!”

“Enough!” Werner sighed. “I can’t figure this out alone. Please play nice for me?”

“I don’t like this.” Pomson stated crossing her arms. “But we have no choice I see.” she conceded.

“Thank you.”  Werner entered the radio hut. Although he had his own radio it wasn’t powerful enough to send the message he need out.

“Ah, Werner need the radio?” A German shepard asked.

“Yes Max.” Max was one of the few residents who could speak both English and German and one of the few non human residents of the settlement. Werner and hans had been teaching the community to speak both. Though some who had lived there before were able to speak both most stuck to German.

“Go ahead.” Max left the hut while Werner sat down at the radio.

“Evelyn, could you get Emil to prep the longer range plane? We’ll need transport.”

“On it Werner.” Pomson left the hut leaving him to call his friends.

“Come on please don’t be busy James.” Werner muttered dialing the number.


James Zanasiu was at the office for the Einstein-Rosen bridge project working late. The project was officially to the public a new power source. The sound of his cell phone ringing broke his concentration.

“Hello? Werner how are you? it’s been a while.” he answered after seeing it was werner calling.

“I know James. How have you been?”

“Well got married had had two sons. It’s good to hear from you!”

“Yeah, good to hear from you too…”

“Werner? Is everything alright?”

“No. My father died last week.”

“Werner I’m so sorry.”

“James if you or Kerzach are available I...I need to talk to you.”

“I’ll see if I can make some time and I’ll see if Kerzach can be here too.”

“I should be arriving by the end of the week. I’ll also be bringing some company as well.”

“Oh? Who?”

“Well… I...I might have found the special someone for me. Just… don’t bring up Pelvandia in front of her.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ll explain when I get there.” Werner sighed. “And one more thing.”


“This won’t be like the old days taking down Dragonstorm. This will purely be a social visit.”

“Sharon would kill me if I did anything like that again.”

“I bet.” Werner chuckled. “I’ll see you when we get there later james.”

“Bye Werner.” James replied hanging his phone up.

“Planes almost ready to go Werner.”
“I’m coming.” Werner hung the phone up as Max walked back in.  “Thanks Max.”

“No problem. I know you haven’t heard from them in a while.”

“That’s true. But how did you know?”

“Werner I’m in charge of communications remember? I know when people outside the community is contacted.”

“You’re pretty smart Max.”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”

“Planes ready Werner.” Pomson leaned in the hut.

“Alright let’s get going Evelyn.” Werner left the hut and walked with Evelyn to the small airfield. The night wind started blowing kicking up some dust.

“Well. we’re in for a lot of dust later.” Werner and Pomson entered the plane an old Ju-52 the old paint scheme from its days as a Lufthansa airliner still covering the craft. Normally the plane was used to ferry supplies that were not found at the settlement but given the situation Werner arranged for the pilot to ferry him and pomson to where James was. Besides the old Ju-52 there was also a Fi-156 Storch for shorter flights and four Me-262’s the surviving planes that had attacked a Dragonstorm aircraft almost ten years earlier. As the plane took off Werner held the briefcase containing the settlement’s doctor’s notes on Hans’s death close. He had many suspicions on what killed his father, however there was one that he feared.

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2017, 01:34:35 AM »
Awesome! I love how we get to see more of life within the desert settlements and its inhabitants. I'm really excited to see James and possibly Kerzach appearing in the story, they're two of my favorite characters in Darwin's Soldiers.

Werner and Evelyn have a much more interesting relationship than the relatively boring one they had in Chasing Seconds. It's really interesting to see their personalities ping off each other as they discuss different topics and their opinions and attitudes towards them.

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #5 on: March 04, 2018, 11:33:24 PM »
Update will be coming soon. Work has just been slow on this fic.

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Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #6 on: March 05, 2018, 03:03:19 AM »
Awesome! :D Can't wait!

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Re: Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2018, 04:30:35 AM »
The sun just began to rise when the plane touched down in LA. Werner got up from his seat and stretched “Well it’s a fine morning out eh evelyn?”

“Yes, it really is.” Pomson responded with a smile.

“Come on then let’s get going.” Werner lead Pomson off the plane hitching a ride to the Airport lounge. “While we’re waiting how about we get a drink?”

“Sounds good to me I’m parched.” Pomson and werner approached the bar where the bartender was levitating some drinks to a small group.

“Two manhattans and a godfather.” The bartender said.  He turned his attention to Werner and Pomson. “What’ll you have?”

Werner squinted his eyes the face of the bartender familiar. “Joey?” Werner asked.

“Werner!’ How are you?” Joey said after a few moments recognizing Werner.

“Not so good Joey. My father just died.”

“Hans is dead? How? When?”

“He died a few days ago. It was a freak hemorrhage.”

“I’m sorry Werner.”

“Thanks. Evelyn what do you want?”

“I’ll have a whiskey cola.”

“Werner?” Joey asked.

“Same.” Werner replied scratching his ear sitting down Pomson sitting down next to him.

“So where’ve you been?”

“The settlement where my father had been living.”

“Oh. The ones who attacked Pelvandia?” Joey asked seemingly upset.

“Joey. My father and I are…” Werner realized what he said before taking a deep breath before continuing. “I’m now helping them adjust away from how they were. They have improved greatly since then.”
“I understand.” Joey said nodding his head.

“Yeah I’ve also found that special someone Joey.”

“Oh? Who is she if I may ask?”

“This beauty right here.” Werner gripped Pomson’s hand his fingers closing between her claws.

“Werner!” Pomson chuckled as she closed her claws gently around his hand.

At the table Joey had served a few of the people leaned in whispers to each other.
“We’re just waiting for James.”

“Been a long while since I saw him, wonder how he’s doing?”

“I assume well.”

“Well yes I am doing well.” a new voice replied.

Werner turned around to see James standing there. “James!” Werner chuckled before hugging his old friend.

“How you holding up werner?” James asked concerned

“I’m coping, Evelyn is helping me greatly.”Werner gestured to the raptor next to him.

“Hello evelyn.” James put his hand forward but evelyn just stared at it as if it was an insult.”

“Evelyn… you promised to behave.”

Evelyn sighed and shook james’s hand albeit hesitantly. “Can’t say I’m glad to be meeting you but I’m here only for Werner not to make friends with you.”


“I’m playing nice, mostly can you really blame me? It’s taking all I can to do this.”

“No I can’t.” Werner said after a few moments of silence.

“So Joey how have you been doing?” James asked breaking the ice.

“I’ve been doing well James.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Yeah,” James replied. “I got married and had a kid.”

“Congratulations James.”

“Yes… congratulations.” Pomson replied.

“When’s Krezach coming?”

“He should be here by late tonight he’s inbound as we speak.”

“Good maybe we can figure out what’s going on.”

“I hope so James. This is a curious case.”

“Indeed first Oscar then Rudy.”

“There has to be some connection.” Werner and Pomson finished their drinks.

“We should get going we’ll get a hotel.” Werner commented.

“Despite our history with hotels?” James pointed out.

“Heh, yeah.”

“I missed a lot. Wish I could’ve taken part with your adventures after pelvandia.” Joey noted. “But I was unable to.”

“Yeah you did miss a lot but it was a trying time for us all.”

“Yep.” James replied. “But we did save the world. Too bad our story can’t be told.”

“Yet.” Werner pointed out.

“Maybe in a few decades.”

“Very possible. But we should probably get going.”

“Yeah good point werner you look like you need the rest.”

“I’ll sleep when we find out what’s going on.”

“Werner. You need sleep got it?” Pomson

“Yes ma’am.” Werner replied sarcastically.

“Don’t give me sarcasm,” Pomson said in a warning tone.

“Sorry… I’m just on edge I wanna know what happened.”

“We all do Hans a friend to us all.” James said putting his hand on werner’s shoulder.

“I think that may be… one thing we can agree on.” Pomson said nodding her head.

“Wow you two are agreeing on something? Didn’t expect that.” Werner chuckled. He then turned to Joey, “say Joey, how did you gain your psionic abilities?”

“The scientists and I were surprised to.” Joey chuckled. “They hypothesized that it was due to the additional experiments after Pelvandia.”

“Makes sense I guess.”

“Thanks for the drinks Joey,” Werner said.

“Anytime, feel free to come around sometime.”

“I’ll do my best.” Werner, Pomson and James walked off after Werner paid for the drinks.

“The hotel won’t be much hopefully it survives our stay.”

“Yeah, we never seem to really have a good history with hotels.” James commented. “But I’ll drop you off then I got to get back home.” 

“So how is Sharon?”

“She’s alright, she sends her regards.”

“Tell her thank you for me will you?”

“Will do.” As the trio entered James’s car and drove for the hotel Pomson had other thoughts on her mind. She still didn’t much like the fact that they were going to be working with the man who murdered her father, but she regarded it as a necessary evil. What worked for Werner worked for her.

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Re: Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #8 on: July 11, 2018, 05:11:50 AM »
Holy crap Joey's back!!! We haven't seen him since the first RP, right? That's seriously unexpected. Glad to see he's doing good though :D

That's so cool that Pomson and James finally got to meet, they never did in Chasing Seconds so it's great to finally see how they interact with each other.

Love the hotel joke, those didn't have a great track record in the RPs. Wonder if this one's gonna fare much better :P

Great chapter, as always!

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Re: Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #9 on: June 03, 2019, 02:41:40 AM »
James drove up to the hotel and parked his car. “Well here we are.” James got out of the car followed by Werner and Pomson.

“A very beautiful day. Werner you barely slept on the plane you should get some sleep,” Pomson noted.

“I’m not tired,” werner replied.


“Fine,” Werner sighed. “I’ll get some sleep. I expect you and James to play nice though.”

“I’ll behave if he does.”

“Evelyn, I mean it. The sooner we figure out what’s going on the sooner we can go home and you won’t have to see him again.” The trio walked into the office where there was a deer at the front desk.

“Two rooms with two beds each please,” Werner said.

“How long will you be staying?”

“Two to three weeks at least.”

“Alright I have you set for rooms 23 and 24 with the connecting dining area.” The Deer replied after typing on his keyboard. “That’ll be $98.99.”

“I’ve got this covered.” Werner said pulling out his wallet and giving the exact amount.”

“Thank you and have a nice night.” The deer set the keys on the counter Werner giving one to James and taking the other.

“You have a nice one too sir.” Werner replied. The trio walked to their rooms to set their bags down.

“I do hope we don’t have any fights ahead of us.” James commented “Given our history with hotels.”

“Heh, yeah.” Werner chuckled. “I’ve had enough fighting for one lifetime.”

“I sure hope you don’t get into any.” Pomson added. “I don’t want to have to patch you up after a fight you barely won.”

“Or get injured as many times as you have during our adventures.”

“I wasn’t THAT injured.” Werner bemoaned.

“I could bring up various examples of you being injured in Pelvandia.”  James commented.

“I get it I got injured a lot there.”

“You were so well known in the medical bay they knew your blood type by heart!”

“I never knew this.” Pomson interjected looking to Werner.

“I got better at not getting so injured after Pelvandia dear.”

“I should hope so.” Pomson replied. “I would hate to see you in such condition.”

“Hey, Evelyn I’ll be alright. We’ll find out what’s going on and we will go back to normal.”

“I hope so.” Pomson replied yawning.

“Yeah you need some sleep Werner.” James added.

“Good point.” Werner unlocked his door allowing pomson in first. “Good night James.”

“Night Werner.” James replied the two closing their doors at the same time.

About eight hours passed and Werner woke up alone in his room. He looked out to see James and Pomson in the connected dining area chatting. He couldn’t tell what they were chatting about bout it seemed friendly enough.  “You two having fun?” Werner walked to the table the two were at.

“Oh! You’re awake,” Pomson turned to face Werner.

“It’s going… well as well as it can,” James replied.

“Well did you wo figure anything out yet?”

“Not yet Werner, but when kerzach gets here it should speed up the process.”


“James could you get us something to eat?” Pomson asked.

“Sure, I could do that.” James walked to the door leaving through his room.
“Did you want to talk Evelyn?”
“No, but I’ve been thinking.”

“Us when are you going to pop the question?”

Werner blushed. “Well...uh… I’ve been waiting for the right time.”

“As they say there’s no time like the present.”

“I haven’t even bought a ring yet!”

Pomson chuckled. “Okay, I’ll give you some more time, but I think you’re ready.”

“It’s not just a matter of the ring.”

“What else could it be?”

“My grandfather and his… shadow. Well… one of my grandfathers.”

“What about it?”

“My grandfather Rudolf Donitz… my dad’s dad.” Werner sighed. “Though, he’d be fine with you.”


“He was a member of the Waffen SS. He and his brothers fought in separate branches of Wermarcht. His youngest brother Walter fought in the Heer, his elder brother Friedrich fought in the Luftwaffe and his middle brother Joachim fought in the Kriegsmarine.”

“How many of them died in the war?”

“Friedrich and Joachim. Friedrich died in a Soviet POW camp after he was shot down behind their lines, while Joachim died on the Bismarck when it was sunk.”

“And what did they do at the end?”

“Walter fought under General Walter Wenck in the 12 Army trying to reach Berlin while Rudolf fought in Berlin itself. Walter surrendered to the Americans while Rudolf surrendered to the Russians”

“It doesn’t matter no matter what your ancestors did. I still care for you.”

“And I care for you Evelyn,” Werner replied. The two stood there for a few moments slowly drawing closer to each other.”

As their lips were about to touch the sound of a clearing throat interrupted them. “Do you two need to be alone for a moment?” James asked.

“No Evelyn and I were just… talking about my grandfathers.” Werner and Pomson reeled backwards.

“I see.”

“He was talking about what his grandfather's did in World War II.”

“Oh really? I have a story about mine he was a scientist like myself,” James said.  “In fact he worked worked on the atom bomb.”

“You never told me that!” Werner exclaimed. “Mine were all soldiers.”

“Well with how you helped with dragonstorm it seems you had some of their skill.”

“Well… not entirely.”

“Father really never talked about what his parents did. I don’t think he even knew what he did.”

“That’s a shame. Even though James and I fought against him it still would be nice to know what his father did during World War II.”

“You respect your foes. That’s very commendable.”

“Well Shakespeare did have some lines in his plays about that. Kinda why I made that experiment when I worked there. I wanted to find a way for his works to come back and maybe have some new ones.”

“And that’s why you brought that book when we went through the gate.”

“Yeah and then it failed by throwing us out.”

“Well I got a call Kerzach he just landed and is on his way here.”

“Good when he gets here the work can begin.”

“Yeah then we can see what’s going on.”

Werner started setting out papers on the table with James as Pomson watched.

Pomson took a bit of some of the food James had brought. “Not bad.”

“Thanks, I know it isn’t much but it’s what I could find.”

A knock on the door interrupted the moment. “Who could that be?” Werner wondered as he walked to the door opening it.

“Ah, Mr. Donitz.” A short balding man stood there in the doorway. “You’re a long way from the desert.”

Werner stood there in the door gritting his teeth it was already a bad enough time. “Agent Whittaker,” Werner replied with the utmost contempt. “How… lovely to see you again.”

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Re: Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #10 on: June 03, 2019, 03:12:39 AM »
Wow, this post was filled with lore! That’s awesome to learn so much about Werner’s family lineage. Beyond him and Hans, we’d never really learned anything about the Donitzes. I have a lot of wiki pages to create! (Loved the callback to Card of Ten and the jokes about Werner being an injury magnet in the first RP too)

I like the dynamic between the three main characters, and I’m really surprised by the interesting angle you’re taking Pomson. She’s really showing interest in Werner’s needs and she’s working hard to cooperate with James for Werner’s sake. By the time of Chasing Seconds, she’s lost all of that, so it looks like something’s going to happen between them. Overall her character has a lot more three-dimensionality than I’d ever written her.

Even Whittaker’s back! Can’t wait to see what he wants, but historically it’s never been good for the heroes. All in all, great chapter that was worth the wait!

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Re: Darwin's Soldiers: the Disease
« Reply #11 on: June 03, 2019, 03:25:33 AM »
Yeah I decided that Werner's family could use some more lore. and the jokes came naturally after I thought about it.