Author Topic: Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020  (Read 143 times)

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Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020
« on: February 01, 2020, 02:17:56 AM »
Hmmm... I could have sworn I had to do something today, but I can't seem to remember what that was.

Oh, that's right!  Thanks for the reminder, guys!  It's time for you two to have your special mont...

...alright.  I will get some eggs for you as well.  :rolleyes


In this topic please feel free to discuss Ozzy and Strut as characters, to share your own creations (fanfics or fanart), or to mention some of your favorite fanworks of others involving these characters.  For a full set of rules please see the 2020 Monthly Character Showcase topic but keep in mind that this is meant to be fun as opposed to any sort of contest.

I will go ahead and get the discussion started with the following questions:

1) How did your opinion of these two characters change over the course of the second film, if at all?

2) #TeamGreenFood or #TeamEgg?  We know where Ozzy and Strut stand on the issue, so how about you?  :bestsharptooth

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Re: Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2020, 05:35:53 AM »
1. For sure, this duo is quite the iconic spectacle in the franchise, despite only appearing once throughout the series. There was a time when I thought these two were rather great antagonistic force for the Gang to encounter, but now I find my original opinion to have changed after all these years. Despite the outward appearance and first impressions that they would be a force to be reckoned with after invading the Great Valley for a feast on the inhabitants offspring, their purpose in the story quickly started to fade into the background once Chomper’s predicament came to light.

Due to this reason, they ended up becoming basically comic relief for the audience in the midst of the conflict between the valley and Chomper’s parents. And let’s be honest, their obsession with the gang, and by extension, Littlefoot himself, was a rather poor decision from the producers to implement. Furthermore, the way their story arc was concluded left me extremely disappointed as I quite enjoyed them initially as a mischievous tandem in the movie, but sadly, that is all they ultimately were deemed worthy of instead of a bigger role that could have made them so much more interesting to follow.

2. Confession time, I probably would rather be a part of the #TeamEgg rather than the other one as while I like to eat my greens every now and then, I’m not exactly drawn to that sort of thing. :p


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Re: Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2020, 01:49:51 PM »
1. I find these two to be the most comedic villains of the franchise with Dil and itchy being a close second. When I first saw them I felt and still feel that these two would be comically enjoyable villains and they are, but I felt like they got sinister towards the end and the way they exited did feel anti-climatic. However I felt then and still feel that these two would be perfect reoccurring minor antagonists in the franchise espically in a possible second TV series of Land Before Time. I can just imagine them going on misadventures in parallel to he main gang.

2. I'd choose #TeamGreenFood as though I eat eggs, I find myself liking greens like spinach more tasty... And I have a soft spot for Strut, poor guy. I think he deserves a redemption arc of sorts.


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Re: Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2020, 11:00:20 AM »
Some short words about our eggstealers duo. :P

During first pair of watchings LBT2, I just saw them as some harmless clowns and din't take them seriously, not a single tiny drop of seriousness, so when Chomper's parents showed up, it was a relief. I looked at Rex's duo with gasps and tension.

But later, after I analyzed LBT characters, I realized two major things that made these characters unique and good in some terms.

First - they actually were first true villains LBT introduced us. They were not just some antagonistic force with some vague villainous intentions. Wearing that masks of clowns, they still break order  of the nature with 100% evil deeds - 100% intentions to murder someone beyond natural instincts and desires.

Second - well, they introduced us life of egg-stealers - first not-leafeaters in LBT who had major and speaking roles. Eggstealers in first LBT were silent antagonistic force, and well, maybe, it would be better if they remained silent, hah, but still, introducing Ozzy and Strut DID extend LBT universe in some terms. Actually, first sequel extendeed that many directions, and that's what I like. :)

So, in my honest opinion, their characters as "personality" are weak , I didn't like them very much (though I still do not dislike them so much so I hate them, no), but - their characters as "antagonistic force" are very good. Their type was something new, with big potential, and it made you think a lot about how LBT world is made.
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Re: Ozzy and Strut Showcase - February 2020
« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2020, 10:01:53 PM »
1) Ozzy and Strut behave like a dramatic theatre duo, imo. The vocal duo of Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen (will see them often in the sequels) strikes again. Ozzy's voice is sufficiently domineering and scheming (EGGS), and Strut's voice works very well for him as the submissive part of the duo, considering I believe it's similar to Paulsen's famous voice performance of Pinky.

I've made the argument before that antagonists from the Roy Allen Smith sequels are much more endearing, memorable, and fleshed out as characters in general compared to the Grosvenor sequels. They (mostly) aren't the standard instinctual sharptooth, raptors, T-rexes that tended to plague the later sequels. Eggstealers, sharpbeaks, bellydraggers, Hyp's gang... all interesting species. But even taking that into account, Ozzy and Strut are vastly different compared to what we've come to expect from LBT antagonists, especially in future. It's great that their theatrics are somewhat entertaining, as a good juxtaposition between them and most other antagonists is that since their diet is leaf-eaters, Ozzy tends to resort to threats and gets up close and personal with the gang, instead of just resulting a typical chase scene. Many of the gang's confrontation with Ozzy and Strut are verbal, and this is something I wish we got more of in the films, as it provides an interesting dynamic to root against the villain on a less superficial scale.

Though like Anagnos points out, the eggstealers pretty much play second fiddle to the Chomper situation. Once Chomper hatches, the threat of a baby sharptooth (at first), Chomper's parents, and even a volcanic eruption get in the way of their core rivalry with Littlefoot and the gang (LBT 3 kind of has this issue too). This is in contrast to how Ichy and Dil remain the sole driving antagonistic force against the gang throughout much of Journey Through the Mists, and that duo came off a bit more threatening in that regard. Adding to that, there was never a true final showdown with them with the gang, in contrast with most of the other antagonists in the series. From a pecking order standpoint, I think they might be one of the few antagonists bar the TV series to be legitimately scared of sharptooth since they weren't one themselves. And yes, it was a very anticlimactic finale.

So while I do like Ozzy and Strut's dynamic, the pacing could have done them better justice since they only sporadically appear in spurts and were never the focus after loosing the swimmer egg. They could have had a TV episode to wrap their arc up, and given that Chomper is the pivot that ties both the gang and eggstealers… I actually don't get why this never happened.

2) #TeamGreenFood :TreeStar :^^spike! This might sound weird to most, but I've loved vegetables ever since young! I eat most of my meals with a healthy helping of greens... sometimes more than one serving, too. I take Strut's side, definitely. :)
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