For the month of October we have a new character showcase.  Please warmly welcome the infamous trio as they finally make their debut on the forum! :thudstonk  :RedclawTerrified  The character showcase topic for this month can be found here.

We are also in the final stretch of the forum awards, with the appreciated member voting now in progress.  Feel free to cast your votes here.

Also keep in mind that the forum fanfiction awards will be opening up after the appreciated member voting has been completed.  If you are interested in participating then please submit the stories of yours you would like to nominate to me by PM.  Details can be found here.

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I am going to vote for jassy

She has been friendly and her fanart amd the colors look so wonderful in most of them

Good luck
 yep, yep, yep.
Thanks Abigail! I'm sure Jassy appreciates your vote, but I'm afraid I can't count it since you are not eligible to vote. Hopefully you can join in next year!


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Thanks mumbling i have been new to this and telling me