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Top 10 favourite Characters


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10. Chomper
9. Real Sharptooth
8. Grandpa Longneck
7. Spike
6. Cera
5. Ducky
4. Petrie
3. Littlefoot's Mother
2. Rainbow Faces
1. Littlefoot


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6.Original Sharptooth


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1. Chomper
2. Littlefoot
3. The Sharptooth
4. Cera.
5. Sharpteeth (LBT 3)
6. Petrie
7. Ducky
8. Spike
9. Littlefoot's Mother
10. Bron


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I kinda lied on my original list, 'cause I was't sure of who I liked...bu tthis is more accurate  :P:
1. Pterano
One of the best good/evil characters, loves his nephew, accepts his 5-year punishment...could use a little background, which is my fanfic)
1 1/2  :p . Ptyra (my fancharacter)
Know she's got a story! No siblings (Ozzy and Strut saw to that), mom died, her dad's a lier, and is a little protective of her, then she's seprated from him in the earthshake, and whilst trying to find him, gets into fights of all kinds, becomes a migrater, and pretty soon is scar over scar  :( . But she's got a strong mind, and doesn't think of giving up her search. She's a pretty bold character
2. Petrie
Problems with grammar, but he's adorable!
3. Swooper
 :lol Silly old coot. He gets a laugh out of me in the cave! Introducing people who arn't there, forgetting who he's talking to  :lol:
4. Ducky
yep yep yep! She explains herself
5. Spike
Even though he hasn't spoken a word since 4 (in which he only screams "DUCKY!!!"), you always know how he feels
6. Guido
He's fun! He could have a little amnesia...I'd like to know abit more about him
7. Chomper
Friend-to-plant-eaters...talks...what a sweet little guy ^____^
8. Littlefoot
The accidental leader of the group, has had a tragic ordeal, finally met his dad...but his voice keeps changing! Tried to watch 13 but couldn't 'cause of how high his voice was!
9. Cera
Every group needs a tough tomboy  :p
10. Rainbow faces
Even though we've got the theory that they're aliens, they're pretty cool characters. I like the female's singing voice better than her speaking, but the male's cool all the way!


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1. guido
2. littlefoot
3. Ali
4. Cera
5. Petrie
6. Ducky
7. Spike
8. Tippy
9. Pterano
10. Loofah

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Hmmm... I never thought about this. it'll definitely include the original 5, and Chomper, but who else?

After much thought, here's my top 10:

1. Ducky-my favorite character from the start, I've loved her optimism, her catch phrase, and her species (Parasaurolophus, the swimmers!) I remember wishing that she'd eventually star in a movie, and then she did (#8), and I hated it! It was so sad seeing Spike and Ducky fall apart. Still, she's my #1 by a long shot.

2. the sailbacked lizard that keeps appearing in the opening intro of films- Alright, I know there's no proof that it's the same lizard each time, but wouldn't that be cool if it is? Whatever he's doing is always a visual metaphor for the opening dialogue, not to mention it usually ends with him barely escaping ingestion by some sharp-toothed scoundrel!  :wow

3. Cera-My favorite aspect about Cera is how she's incredibly self assured, and I like female characters who stand up for themelves. She's also the skeptic, bringing her toher firends back down to Earth whenever they spiral off on some emotion-induced path (like, let's just cross the gorge and see what happens, or, what if that newcomer guy is actually the Lone Dinosaur!?!?) Lots of times, I find myself seeing a hole in somebody's agrument, only for Cera to voice it on screen seconds later.

4. Littlefoot-the de facto leader and protagonist of the series, Littlefoot is the one that needs to take his friends opinions and ideas, and decide which hold water. He can't be overly believing like Ducky, overly critical like Cera, or overly mute like Spike  :D , he needs to be the happy median in btween. And, most of the time, he does it quite well.

5. Ali-The female equivlent of Littlefoot, Ali is just as nice and quick-thinking as he is, and a perfect foil for Cera. She also matures greatly in the course of her one movie debut, overcoming her xenophobia and holding her won specal place in the one adventure she went on. It also helped that Movie #4 is my 2nd favorite.

Movie #7 is my favorite, making the next character:

6. Pterano-One of the best crafted characters in the series, Pterano is one of the few anti-heroes the series sees; he tries to do what's best, but can't see past his own short-comings. He eventually redeems himself (Saving Fave Character Numero Uno from a very crushing death), and recieves something that, in my opinion, not enough villians recieve, a tangible punishment, in his case, banishment for 5 years (definitely foreshadowing a reappearance in the later movies). Add the British accent, and you've got a really awesome character.

7. Chomper-I wasn't sure about the placing of Petrie and Chomper, who should overshadow whom, and finally decided that Chomper was more likable than Petrie. A very brave character, who is willing to adapt to live with creatures he would normally hunt; a loyal character, remembering this friendship 3 movies later, and helping his friends survive on a strange Island, and the one protagonist with a very curious problem to overcome; his diet of meat. This will certainly cause problems in the future (though it's unlikely they wil be addresed in any film), and I'm curious as to how Chomper will overcome it.

8. Petrie-A lovable flyer, Petrie is seemingly less mature than the other main characters (even Spike has better grammar), yet still provides invaluble support in many situations (though if he wasn't the only one with wings I doubt he'd serve much usefullness at all). While watching the movies, I slowly picked up the Petrie/Ducky relationship, and was thrilled to find others commenting about it online. Despite the strange interspecies problem it would cause, the pairing in my idea sounds wonderful (the small ones do need to band together, especially with what they go through every movie). Still, he annoys me at times, which is why he's ranked so low.

9.Spike- Spike is a really underdeveloped character, which is part of why I've ranked him rather low. His inability to speak has caused him to become little more than a taglong, albeit a taglong that provides transportation for the smaller ones of the group while Cera and Littlefoot are free to figure out problems up ahead. I really wish he'd show more emotions, diffucult as it is for silent protagonists to do so, but the well-developed other characters usually make up for their static counterpart.

10.Mr. Clubtail- While his status as a background character makes his no worthier than last place on my list, he still makes the cut, due to his continued apperances. other than relatives of the 5 main characters, few adults ever continue to make appearances in the LBT movies, and Mr. Clubtail is by far the most common of them. While his gluttony and grouchy attitude makes him little more than comic relief, he still partakes in most of the important events of the series, and emerges unscathed, not to mention he's usually the first to back Cera's dad up when he starts accusing people and heightning the conflict. I always look for him in the fringes of large scenes.

Sorry I wrote so much; it's hard to cut the writing down when you've put so much thought into it.

mcr mad

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1. ducky
2. petire
3. chomper
5. ruby
6. aley
7. cera
8. duckys mum
9. everone else :lol


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I wonder if it isn't bit too late, but...

1) Chomper;
2) Ruby;
3) Littlefoot;
4) Ducky;
5) Cera;
6) Petrie;
7) Moe;
8) Grandpa Longneck;
9) Guido;
10) Skitter from tinysaures.

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1. Cera
2. Ducky
3. Tricia
4. Tria
5. Guido
6. Littlefoot
7. Spike
8. Petrie
9. Chomper
10. Ruby


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1. Littlefoot: The leader, largest and wisest of the seven main characters.
2. Littlefoot's grandfather: The general voice of wisdom in most movies.
3. Cera: The second character in terms of importance to the series.
4. Petrie: The only flying character
5. Chomper: One of the few bilingual characters and potentially the most dangerous, when he grows up.
6. Ali: She COULD be important, if the directors and producers gave her a larger role.
7. Spike: There's not too much to say about him, but at least he doesn't say anything stupid.
8. Ducky: An important character since the first movie.
9. Cera's father: He's not as bad as he used to be, and is often an important character.
10.Littlefoot's mother: The only major named character to die in any of the films.

Runners up:

1. Tria: She's important to Cera's development, but not to the series as a whole. Her hedonism (her favorite place in the valley is a mud pool to relax in, rather than anything even remotely enlightened) is what prevents me from putting her on the top ten list.

2. Ruby: She speaks in tautologies and definitions, she isn't as smart as the people at universal have tried to sell her as, and although she is the fastest on her feet (petrie is probably the fastest overall), her hedonism (she was enjoying that mud a little TOO much in the second episode) and her lack of meaningful contributions to the main characters prevents me from putting her on the top ten list.

3. Mo: He appears too infrequently to make the top 10, but he's still a good character from a good movie and TV episode.


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My list has changed, as seeing the rest of the movies i haven't seen, i've found out about the new characters.

1. Littlefoot (I'm clearly a Littlefoot fanatic :lol )
2. Ali
3. Petrie
4. Chomper
5. Guido
6. Ducky
7. Spike
8. Pterano
9. Bron


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well this was hard i like all the Characters but it i were to pick i would say that i really like them all but my favorites are:
1. Chomper
2. Littlefoot
4. Guido
7.Chomper's parents
8. Littlefoot's mother and Littlefoot's father Bron.
9.Littlefoot's grand parents
10.the sharptooth in the first Land Before Time.

I have more favorites this is just 10 for now.  :)


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I completely edited everything! :P: :DD After soul searching and coming to terms as to why I don't like a certain character or like a certain character or just not caring about a certain character anymore, I completely edited the darn thing!
Fifth runner up:Loofah
Fourth runner up:"The Wise One"(from the 13th sequel)
Third runner up: Chomper
Second runner up: Ducky
First runner up: Hyp
6.Ruby-My all time favorite out of all the gurls. :)
5.Little Foot-After watching a few sequels I have grown to love this character again. Mostly because he's actually the most like me out of all of the characters.

It's funny actually, Little Foot used to be my FAVORITE character when I was a kid, but ever since the 7th sequel came out, Petrie became my favorite out of the "GOF" or "GOS" and now that I edited this...well...Pterano is officially my ultimate favorite character.


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1. Ducky
2. Petrie
3. Chumper
4. Ruby
5. Littlefoot
6. Cera
7. Spike
8. Pterano
9. Bron
10. Ali

Dark Pterano

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Here are my favorite top 10 character's.

1) Pterano

2) Ducky

3) Petrie

4) Chomper

5) Sierra

6) Littlefoot

7) Spike

8) Cera

9) Ali

10) Everyone else in LBT, movies/t.v. series.


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1) Littlefoot






7)Grandma and Granpa Longneck

8)Mr. Threehorn



If I knew we could use OCs, however, then Markus would be #1! :lol:


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well, i dont relly know all that many charicters, but ill still say my faveriots:
1. petrie
2. spike
3. petrano
4. guido
5. littlefoot
6. cera
7. bron
8. ducky
9. threehorn
10. chomper


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Here's my list:

1.  Littlefoot
2.  Petrie
3.  Grandpa Longneck
4.  Ducky
5.  Bron
6.  Cera
7.  Spike
8.  Doc
9.  the Rainbowfaces
10.  Pterano


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I like chomper, the original sharptooth, Tricia, Littlefoot, Duckie, spike and mister threehorn.


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Ok...I made a BIG update on mine :p if anyone is interested..looky here!