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Mickey, Donald and Goofy : Treasure Island


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Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Peg Leg Pete as John Silver
The Beagle Boys as the Barbossa Bros
Scrooge McDuck as Captain Smollet
Horace Horsecollar as John Trelawny
Ludwig Von Drake as Bill Bones
Daisy Duck as Inn Ceeper

*I have never read Treasure island. The only thing i have seen close to it is Treasure planet and Muppet treasure Island.*

Treasure Island
Based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson

The fog engulfed the little village of Black Hill Cove as boats set sail and entered the port. A little inn called " The Admiral Hook" was one of the only places bustling with life as people left to go home. Many of them drunk and had trouble finding their way.
"So long Pal. Have a safe journey home." A voice said as the inn door was closed and bolted.
Three inn workers, Mickey, Donald and Goofy were doing their daily chores.
"Gawrsh!" Goofy said "Those fellas sure make a mess whilst they're here." as he cleaned up a broken beer mug.
Donald muttered to himself angrilly as he swept up the dirt and ash the customers had brought in on their shoes whilst Mickey collected up the dirty plates for washing.
"Ah Phooey !" Donald Shouted "Here we are working day in, day out at this old inn when we should be out at sea having adventures and fighting pirates."
A loud clank erupted from the kitchen as a pile of plates hit the floor and within a split second footsteps were heard from the room above.
"What is going on down there ?" a voice said as she got closer. Donald gave a gulp and quickly got back to sweeping. The inn mistress Daisy came down the wooden staircase in a bad mood.
"I said what is going on down here ?" she repeated peeved.
"Err. Sorry miss Daisy" a small voice said. It was Mickey "It was kinda slippery and i dropped the plates." He gave her a sheepish grin.
"Well keep it down please. I am very tired and need my beauty sleep. Tommorow's Sunday and you know what that means."
"Yes Miss Daisy" the three replied.
She turned and headed back upstairs. Her footsteps were heard walking along the corridor and a squeak as her bedroom door closed.
"Beauty sleep ?" Donald Laughed "She'd need to sleep a billion, trillion years." Goofy also laughed.
"Aww come on fellas. Miss Daisy has been really good to us over the last few years. Without her we'd have no job, no home and no food." Said Mickey.

The three of them got back to work but suddenly there was a loud banging on the inn door.
"Err sorry sir we're closed." Mickey said sheepishly.
"Open up" the voice said "It's me ! Billy Bones."
"Billy Bones" Mickey repeated "Oh my gosh. Come in Billy" As he unbolted the door.
Billy ran in quickly, out of breath and his face covered in sweat as Mickey helped him sit down.
"The pirates are coming !" Billy shouted " They're after me ! They want my map !"
Donald and Goofy looked at eachother concerned.
"Whoa now Billy. Calm down ! What do you mean map ?"
But before Billy could answer there was another heavy bang on the door.
"OPEN UP ! We know Billy Bones is in there !" a voice cackled.
"Oh No ! what are we gonna do Mick ?" Goofy asked nervously.
A rock came crashing through the window with a piece of paper attached to it with a big black spot scrawled on it. Outside what sounded like a 30 pirates started breaking the door down.
"THE BLACK SPOT" Billy screamed.
"Quick!" Mickey gasped. " Let's get Billy upstairs."
Mickey and Donald grabbed an arm each as Goofy grabbed his legs as the heaved him up the stairs. As they dragged him to an empty bedroom Daisy came out of her room armed with a rolling pin.
"Get back inside miss Daisy ! Pirates !" Goofy said.
"Pirates ? In my inn ? Why i'll show them !" Daisy said angrily as she rolled up her nightie sleeves and stormed downstairs.

Billy was layed down on the bed. Exsausted they sat on the floor next to him. Billy coughed heavily.
"Mickey ?"
"Yeah Bill ?"
"Here Mickey. You and your friends take this map. I'm not going to be able to claim my treasure. Can you do it for me ? Make your ways west from here and go to Trelawny & Son ship builders yard. Show them the map and they'll give ya a ship." Billy Wheezed.
"Oh gosh Bill......but" Mickey stopped.                                                                                                                                                                                  Downstairs there was the sounds of pirates shouting and Daisy screaming at them as they howled in pain. Billy did not move. Mickey carefully rolled out the parchment and looked at the map. They gasped in excitement as mickey followed the dotted line with his finger to a small island marked with a big X. The noise downstairs brought them back to reality.
"C'mon guys. We gotta get outta here" Mickey shouted as they headed to the bedroom door.
 Opening it to find a group of pirates standing outside with their swords ready. They screamed and slammed it shut again, straining to push a wardrobe in front of the door.
"Quick ! Out the window ! It's our only hope." Goofy said.
As they opened it they looked down at the destruction below. Pirates lay on the floor knocked out with big bumps on their head. Daisy was seen caoming out the front door carrying two small pirates and throwing them onto the street. Mickey climbed out first and grabbed onto the lamp post outside the window and carefully edged down it followed by Goofy and Donald.
"C'mon Miss Daisy. We gotta go !" Mickey shouted over the noise.
"Don't worry about me lads. I'll be fine !" Daisy replied as she karate chopped a pirate on the head.

The three of them ran down the lane away from their hometown and journeyed west like Billy told them to.

The sun rose at dawn and Mickey, Donald and Goofy continued walking to their destination. Tired as they were they didn't stop till they reached the doors of the ship yard. They looked up at the large oak doors where they saw the words "Trelawny & Son Ship Builders Yard" in big gold letters. Mickey pounded the door knocker and they were greeted by a large trim man.

"How may i help you ?" he asked
"Er Yes. I'm Mickey Mouse and these are my pals Donald Duck and Goofy. We're here to meet Trelawny & Son."
"That is me. Do come in."
"Huh ?" Donald looked very confused.
"You're Trelawny & Son ?" Goofy asked.
"I am John Trelawny." He replied. "Now what is your business ?"
"Well you see Mr Trelawny." Mickey started "We got this map from Mr Billy Bones and.."
"Ah Poor fellow passed away last night." John said sadly.
"How did ya know that ?" asked Goofy
"Word gets around fast my friend."
"Well anyway Sir, he asked us to go and get the treasure for him and told us to come here. Will you help us ?" Mickey asked.
"Of course I shall. I have known Billy for some time. We shall get to work on the expedition immediatley."

Within a few days everything was prepared, the crew, supplies and a boat. Miceky, Donald and Goofy couldn't believe that all the adventures they dreamed about were going to come true.
"Wow guys, I can't believe that we're going to go on an adventure across the sea." Mickey said happily
"Yeah ! This is gonna be great.Woo-hoo !" Donald shouted.
Just then through the bustling crowd a very large man appeared carrying a barrel or rum on his broad shoulder.
"S'cuse me. I'm carrying something here !" He said shoving people aside.
"Wow is he with us ?" mickey asked. But Donald and Goofy weren't paying any attention. They were staring at his peg leg.
"Oh hi there shipmates." He said dropping the barrel down. " John Silver's the name. Who might you three be"
"Hi Mr Silver." Said Mickey. "I'm Mickey, This here are my pals Donald and Goofy."
"Well nice to me ya. See ya on the ship pals." Silver said picking up the barrel and taking it onto the ship.
"There's something i don't like 'bout that John Silver" Donald whispered.
"Now Donald, you shouldn't judge people cos they got a peg leg." Said Goofy
"It's not that Goofy." He replied. "I don't know what it is but i just don't like him."
"Well Boys, are we ready for our voyage ?" John Trelawny said.
"You bet Mr Trelawny." Mickey said happily.
"Please call me John. So what do you think of the ship ?"
"Aw She's sure is a beauty." Goofy said marveling the figurehead at the front.
"Yes isn't she ?" John replied proudly. "She's called 'the Minnieopolis'."

They boarded the ship and it set sail at sunset, the sun made the sky turn a beautiful red in the horizon.
"This is it guys !" Mickey said excited. "We're off to sail the seven seas."
"Jeez i awful hungry." Goofy said. His stomache rumblng loudly."How about we go down to the kitchen and get some grub."
They made their way down and heard a voice singing loadly.
"Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a pirates life for Meeeeeeee!!!"
 It was Silver. Three other pirates sat at the side applauding his preformance. They wore the same colour clothes but were all different sizes.
"Ah me shipmates," He said greeting them " Glad you could drop by. Boys i'd like you to meet Mickey, Donald and Goofy. And i'd like you guys to meet The Barbossa Bros. Three of the finest crew members ya ever did see."
"But what happened to the rest of the crew ?" Goofy asked.
"Oh..well they we're on a big job see, and they had an accident and they're all too badly injured to come on a voyage." Silver replied.
"Great to meet ya" Mickey said. The Barbossa bros just mumbled.
"Erm Hey Mr Silver. Ya got any food we can eat." Goofy asked.
"Why of course, it wouldn't be a kitchen without it now would it ? Help yourself."
A whistle brew up above and someone shouted "Captain on deck."
"Well we better go and meet the captain. Nice to see you again Mr silver. C'mon guys, Lets go."
Up on deck Captain Smollet was inspecting the crew.
"So Trelawny, i see you got us a good ship shape crew." Smollet said happily. " And these must be the fellows who have the map."
"Why yes captain." Mickey said proudly.
"Well then lads, please come with me to my office as i need to talk to you privatley. Carry on men."

They entered the office and gasped at the wonder of all the pictures on the walls of some of the greatest sea pirates of all time.
"Now lads." Smollet said sitting down at his desk."Please take a seat."
"Well that's really nice of your Captain. What do you wan the see us about ? asked Mickey.
"Well you see lads i feel that the map should be kept in safe hands, so's not to lose it."
"But Captain ! The map is in safe hands with us."
"Yeah !" Donald retaliated.
"Now boys i'm not saying you can't look after it and all but in case of threat of pirates we don't want them to get their grubby little hands on it ow do we ?"
"Well no sir......I guess if you really think it's best." Mickey said sadly, handing over the map.
"Of course it will lad. I assure you no one will know how to get into my safe without the combination. Is there anything else you would like to ask ?"
"No Captain." They replied and left his office.

After many weeks of sailing they hadn't seen any land. Donald hanged over the side of the boat, his face pea green. Goofy mopped the decks whilst Mickey worked in the kitchen along side John Silver.
"Say now Mickey, what's wrong ?" John asked
"Well..." Mickey sighed "We've been at sea for weeks and we still havent hit dry land yet. This isn't really how pictured life at sea."
"Yeah this may be the downside of sea voyages. But it aint over yet. Say can i have a look at that map of yours......please."
"I aint got it with me. The captain insisted that it would be safer if he looked after it." Mickey said sadly
"Oh darn that Captain Smollet. He thinks he rules the waves." He stops and notices Mickey's shocked face. "...Well of course i don't hate the guy, but sometimes he just thinks he knows more than he actually does."
Suddenly Goofy came running down the stairs, tripped on the bottom one and landed on his face.
"Goofy ! You ok ?"
"Sure Mick, just came to tell you the news. We've found land!!"
"Yay !!" Mickey shouted as he ran up onto the top deck.
"Wow" Donald said happily.
"Alright men !" Smollet shouted "Everyone into the boat. Mickey, Donald and Goofy please come to my office. That is all."

Just as Mickey was going to go to Smollet's office, Silver called him over.
"Hey pal ! Can you give me a bit of help ?"
"Well i can't i gotta go to see the captain and.." Mickey replied.
"Aww but havin' one foot it aint easy to balance and carry stuff ya know. Come on. i just need a bit of help with this Barrel. We'll get as bit thirsty once we hit shore so we'll need a drink."
Mickey carefully edged up to the barrel and helped carry it over to the side of the ship. Silver jumped into the boat on the side.
"Ok pal, just pass it down 'ere." Silver said arms reaching out.
The Barbossa bros stood behind Mickey and he leaned over and with a quick push Mickey fell in the boat with the barrel. The bros snickered and jumped in too.
"Alright men lets go !" Silver shouted as he loosened the rope.
"Hey let me go !" Mickey shouted as he tried to fight back.
"Hey now pal. Just sit tight and we'll be on the shore in no time."
"But...but i need to see the captain." Mickey said.
"I'm the captain round here now sqeaky SO SIT DOWN AND SHUT YA YAP! Smollet can't help ya now."
"But why John ? Why ?" Mickey said disheartened

Meanwhile back on the ship Smollet opened his safe to find the map gone.
"Oh my goodness. the map has been stollen !" he shouted.
Goofy came running in waving his hands wildly.
"Mickey's gone !!!! That John Silver fella kidnapped him."
"And someone took the map too and i think i know who took it." Smollet said angrily
"But Captain ! Mickey would never steal." said Donald
"No not him. I mean silver. He's the one who stole the map !"
"But why would he do that ? Goofy asked.
Smollet sighed. " Well i knew he's never change but...."

"I knew the captain that owned this map many years ago." Silver said Proudly "That dastardly Billy Bones took it from his possesion after he died. For years we've been trying to track him down and get it back. Now i'm not gonna let Smollet do the exact same thing. That treasure belongs to us and finally we're going to get it. Whatever that Bones told ya it was all lies."
"Land ho Captain !" the shortest of the brothers said.
They tied to rope from the boat to the rock. and got their digging equipment out.
"Well here we are boys ! After so many years we can finally get our Captains treasure with this 'ere map."
Cheers of excitement were shouted.They followed the map to the treasure site.
"We're here ! Now get digging you four." Silver said throwing spades to Mickey and the three brothers.
They dug and dug until Mickey hit something that sounded like wood.
"H..hey ! I found something !" Mickey shouted happily.
 "Well come on boys get your back into it." Silver shouted excited.
The four of them strained the pull the chest up and the lid flew open revealing nothing but a few gold coins.
"What is this ?" The tallest barbossa bro said angrily "Some kind of joke Silver ???"
All was silent for a moment, Silver looked shocked, Mickey disappointed.
"We came all the way here for this ?" the smallest brother said.
The three brothers huddled together for a moment, whispering and nodding in agreement. They then turned to silver and handed him a piece of paper with the black spot on.
"The black spot ? THE BLACK SPOT ??" Silver repeated fuming.
Mickey tried to step back a bit and run away when suddenly he was grabbed over the mouth and pulled behind a rock. Mickey muffled shouts of protest were halted by the sight of familliar faces.
"Goofy ?" mickey Whispered "Donald, John, Captain ! How did you get here ? I thought we took the only boat there was."
"And that is why the Minnieopolis is so wonderful. It has a spare boat stored away for emergencies such as this and it was based on my fathers design." John said proudly."
"What are we sitting round here for lads ?" smollet said "we gotta get out of here and quickly Mickey, donald and Goofy take our boat. Me and john will get the other boat the pirates stole. Run along quickly."

Mickey and his friends quickly ran to their boat and headed back for the ship. Whilst John and Smollet needed to get the other boat without being seen.
The brothers were still fighting with Silver at the time.
"Hey it's Smollet !!" One of the brothers shouted. Smollet had to think quick to save their necks. Then he had an idea
"Er..Hey lads.....Isn't that Davy Jones's locker ?" He shouted pointing to a small cave in the large rocks.
The four of them ran into the cave whilst John and Smollet took the boat and kicked it off shore.  
"Wait a minute ! You numbskulls ! There ain't no Davy Jones's locker. It's just a myth !" Silver shouted madly. "Hey ! Get back here with our boat !"
"Good luck ya double crossing pirate." Smollet shouted back.

Back on the ship everyones hopes had been shattered.
"So after all we've been through we never got no treasure." Donald said sadly.
"Aww but come on fellas, we wanted adventure right ?" Goofy and Donald nodded "Well that's what we got. sure we may have nothing to show for it but....."
All was silent on the trip back to England. Goofy sat at the side fishing whilst Mickey sat in the kitchen by himself sobbing quitetly.
"Hey now lad." Smollet came to comfort him. " I know you're disappointed about the treasure but."
Smollet was interupted by Goofy shouting. "I GOT SOMETHING GUYS. AND IT'S BIG !!"
Everyone ran to help as Goofy tried to reel it in, on the end of the reel there was no fish but a chest. They heaved it onver onto the deck and stared at it in silence. Finally they started to break it open and a beautiful sight caught their eyes. All that treasure they were after was in a chest they weren't even looking for.
"That's a great coincidence." Goofy said laughing.
"We guys it may not have been the treasure we were looking for but it's just as good." Mickey said happily "Wait what's that !" A piece of paper was haging out underneath the coins. He carefully pulled it out, looked it and laughed. "Hey ! Its a....MAP !"
"What ??" Everyone shouted at once.
"Well now lads. Looks like our journey is not over yet." Smollet said laughing. "LET'S GO MEN !!!"

The End  

Or is it ?